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Wow in the World: The How and Wow of the Human Body: From Your Tongue to Your Toes and All the Guts in Between

Wow in the World: The How and Wow of the Human Body: From Your Tongue to Your Toes and All the Guts in Between

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Wow in the World: The How and Wow of the Human Body: From Your Tongue to Your Toes and All the Guts in Between

4/5 (7 peringkat)
426 pages
1 hour
Mar 2, 2021


A #1 New York Times Bestseller!

Based on their #1 kids podcast, Wow in the World, hosts Mindy Thomas and Guy Raz take readers on a hilarious, fact-filled, and highly illustrated journey through the human body—covering everything from our toes to our tongues to our brains and our lungs!

WHY in the world do I have a belly button?
And WHAT in the world does it do?
WHEN in the world will my nose stop growing?
And HOW in the world does my pee keep flowing?

The human body is a fascinating piece of machinery. It's full of mystery, and wonder, and WOW. And it turns out, every single human on the planet has one! Join Mindy Thomas and Guy Raz, hosts of the mega-popular Wow in the World podcast, as they take you on a fact-filled adventure from your toes and your tongues to your brain and your lungs.

Featuring hilarious illustrations and filled with facts, jokes, photos, quizzes, and Wow-To experiments, The How and Wow of the Human Body has everything you need to better understand your own walking, talking, barfing, breathing, pooping body of WOW!
Mar 2, 2021

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MINDY THOMAS has been living out her childhood radio dreams for almost two decades by creating radio and audio programs for kids. She’s the cocreator, cohost, and head writer of the award-winning Wow in the World and Two Whats?! and a Wow! podcasts. She is also a Gracie award-winning host of the Absolutely Mindy Show. Mindy believes that childhood thrives at the intersection of imagination and curiosity and finds that her best work does too. She lives in northern Virginia with her husband and two kids, and has no plans of ever growing up.

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Wow in the World - Mindy Thomas

title page


Title Page





The Head

Eyes: The One-Way Windows of the Face

Nose: Let’s Get Nosey

Ears: Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

Mouth: The Biggest Hole in the Human Head

Bonus Body: Baby Body Parts

The Brain

Belly Buttons

From the Outside In

Skin: It’s What Keeps Your Insides In!

Sweat: Eww! What’s That Smell?

Nails: Nailed It!

Hair: The Long and Short of It

Bonus Body: Body Parts You (Probably) Don’t Need

How We Move

Bones: There Is a Skeleton Living Inside You!

Muscles: Turning Your Body into a Tyrannosaurus FLEX!

Bonus Body: The Armpits

Pump It Up, Go with the Flow

Heart: It Lubs You!

Blood: Not as Gross When It’s Inside Your Body

Lungs: [More Than] Just a Couple of Ol’ Windbags

Urinary System: Pee-Pee Power!

Bonus Body: Body Part Awards


Digestion: Taking a Ride Down the Digestive Slide

Poop: The Scoop on Poop

The Gas Station: Tooting Your Own Horn

Bonus Body: Human Body Hacks

The Immune System

The Reproductive System

The Circle of Life: Let’s Explore!

Puberty: Whaterty?

Bonus Body: The Butt

A Thank-You Letter to Your Body


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About the Authors

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To our Wowzers all over the world . . . this is for you. —MT & GR

To my wife, Donya, and my family, thank you for all your amazing support. —JT

Copyright © 2021 by Tinkercast, LLC

All rights reserved. For information about permission to reproduce selections from this book, write to trade.permissions@hmhco.com or to Permissions, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company, 3 Park Avenue, 19th Floor, New York, New York 10016.


The illustrations in this book were done digitally in Photoshop.

Cover illustration © 2021 by Jack Teagle

Cover design by Mary Claire Cruz

Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data is available.

ISBN: 978-0-358-30663-4 (paper over board)

ISBN: 978-0-358-51299-8 (signed edition)

eISBN 978-0-358-30934-5


Diagram of a body’s features. An arrow pointing to the brain has advanced smart technology with alarms! An arrow points to a battery pack in the brain saying automatic overnight recharge. An arrow pointing to the arm is internal frame that’s built to last. An arrow pointing to the chest has antivirus software. An arrow pointing to the stomach says a built-in waste management system. An arrow pointing to the butt says comfortable seating. An arrow pointing to the skin says a waterproof exterior



Seeking some serious wow in your world? Well, look no further than your own body! For you are a walking, talking, barfing, breathing, pooping body of wow! Your body is a custom-built piece of mobile machinery with a lifetime guarantee!* (*Length of lifetimes may vary.)

In these pages, we will take you on a top-to-bottom tour of your insides and your outsides, exploring how in the world your body works for you.

Now, before we get started, here are a few dos and don’ts for experiencing this book:

DO read it out of order. Some books are meant to be read from front to back. This is not one of them. (Dip into the parts that grab your attention—unless of course everything interests you, in which case start on page one and keep going!)

DO spill the beans to friends and family about what you discover in these pages. You will be filled with new and interesting wows, and if you don’t share them, you might explode.*

(*That is a big fat lie.)

DO grab a shovel and do some serious digging if you want to learn more about a particular body part. There is lots more to discover. If we included every bit of information about every single bit of your body, this book would weigh more than a bus! With a train on top!

DON’T hand this book to a baby. BABIES. EAT. BOOKS.

DON’T barf all over this book when you get to the gross parts. And there are lots of gross parts. You are gross. And so are we. And so is your grandma. Being gross is part of what makes us human.

DON’T use this book to kill a bug. Bugs have bodies too.

That’s it! Enjoy! And know that we love your guts.

Mindy and Guy

The Head

Let’s Start at the Top


The One-Way Windows of the Face


Let’s Get Nosey


Hear Ye, Hear Ye!


The Biggest Hole in the Human Head


The One-Way Windows of the Face

For sighted people, the eyes are one of the most important organs of the human body. These slimy Ping-Pong balls are largely responsible for helping you understand and interpret the world around you—using more than two million moving parts and eye muscles that move more than a hundred thousand times a day! And thanks to your eyes, you have the ability to appreciate the colors of a rainbow, enjoy a smile from someone you love, or even watch out for dog poop on the sidewalk before you step in it. Your eyes are literally always looking out for you. Thanks, eyes!

How in the World Do Eyes Work?!

Have you ever noticed how difficult it is to see in the dark? Of course you have! But do you know why? (Uhh . . .) We’ll tell you! It’s because our eyes are powered by light. When we look at an object, light reflects or bounces off that object and enters the eye. Once that light works its way to the retina in the back of your eye, the retina turns it into signals that your brain can understand.

A diagram of an eye, showing the pupil, cornea, iris, lens, retina, and optic nerve

Putting the EYE in TEAM

Let’s meet the different parts of the eye and learn a little bit about how they all work together to help you see!


Hey all! Iris here. I’m the beautiful colored part of your eye, and believe it or not, I am basically all muscle! I’m also a total control freak! It’s my very important job to pick and choose the exact amount of light that’s allowed to enter the lens through ol’ Pupil. It’s easy—I just grow and shrink, and light bends to my will. And not to toot my own horn (okay, I’m totally tootin’ here!), but it’s because of me that you can see in different amounts of light! If it’s sunny outside, I grow extra big and put the brakes on the amount of light I allow in. And when you go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, I get real small, opening the gates up wide to let whatever light is out there come in. In other words, eye am super loyal and there for you day or night!


Um . . . hello, my name is Cornea and I am here to protect and serve. You probably don’t even notice I’m here. I’m just a thick, clear, protective layer guarding your eye from all the junk that tries to get in there. If you protect me by not sticking garbage in your eye, you can rest assured that I will always protect you. And by you, I mean your eyeball, and that’s pretty much it.


Hi, hi! Pupil here! Some people call me PeeOOP and some call me Poopil, but I prefer to be called by my given name, Pupil. I am that little black dot in the middle of your eye. Can you even imagine what your eye would look like without me?! Try it right now—IMAGINE IT! NOW STOP IMAGINING IT! Creepy, right? My job is to let the light in to hit the back part of your eye, called Retina. (Shout-out to Retinaaaa!) Retina and I work together like a projector and a movie screen. Like a projector, the light that comes through me is focused by Lens (you’ll meet Lens next), and then it’s projected onto Retina just like a movie screen! Okay, Lens, you’re up!


Hello, my name is Lens, and like Pupil said, it’s my job to keep things focused. And by things, I

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  • (5/5)
    This is really cute and informative, and I really liked the art style of it. I think it's definitely one we'll want to explore in depth together in our homeschool, and my daughter seemed to enjoy it as much as she enjoys the podcast! There's quite a few facts for each area of the body being discussed, but not huge blocks of text with too much going on for the elementary set. The reproduction chapter is not as in depth as I was expecting based off other reviews, it only mentions that the two types of reproductive cells need to meet to create an embryo on it's way to becoming a baby, which is definitely in line with what my 2nd grader already knows.
  • (1/5)
    I originally found this for my autistic 10 year old to get her more interested in the human body portion of her 4th grade online science class. However, after she got about 2 pages in she thought it was so hilarious and she began to want to read it out loud to her 6 end 8 year old sisters. Normally I can’t get my child to read ANYTHING that doesn’t involve diary of a wimpy kid or Minecraft so this book has been amazing. The first day she sat down and read 43 pages. She kept about that right and had the ENTIRE book finished in 10 days and had retained most if not all of it! I cannot recommend this book enough for kids who struggle with typical informative books like my child does. All three of my kids were laughing throughout the entire book and they now want a hard copy that I am definitely going to buy. Thanks so much for taking the time to write this awesome book! You rock!