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Bob and the Universe

Bob and the Universe

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Bob and the Universe

41 pages
36 minutes
Mar 8, 2021


Bob always uses his friend, the Universe, to help him when he has difficult situations to deal with in his life. He is full of confidence in his friend, giving it the time and patience needed to come up with the answers. However, Bob's biggest challenge is dealing with the loss of his dear wife, Doris, and coping with living alone. Although it is not easy, Bob still places his trust in the Universe in overcoming these obstacles.  

Mar 8, 2021

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Bob and the Universe - Martin Mellett


Chapter 1

Bob’s Friend

Bob’s friend is the Universe. Its capabilities are beyond belief and it is bigger than anyone can imagine. Yet it is with Bob every day of his life and, as he becomes older, it becomes even closer to him.

The Universe has helped Bob in all kinds of difficult situations throughout his life. If he doesn’t know what to do, which happens to everybody, even the cleverest of people from time to time, he hands over to the Universe for assistance. After a while, sometimes a day, or maybe a week or two, the Universe will always come back to Bob with an answer. And the more he uses it, the more it helps him.

For example, when Bob was working, he was made redundant from one of the factories where he’d worked in maintenance. His wife, Doris, got very distraught as they still had their mortgage to pay. But Bob took it all in his stride, knowing that something would turn up. There was a new management team at his work who were disrupting the workers, so Bob thought he was lucky, in a way, to get out of it.

For the first few weeks after his redundancy, Bob sorted out their financial affairs and paid off some of their debts with the redundancy money. Doris kept saying, ‘What will we do if you don’t get another job as you’re not getting any younger?’ But Bob just smiled at her with a twinkle in his eye, knowing that his friend, the Universe, would look after them.

Bob kept some of the money from his redundancy to treat Doris, and they went on a canal barge holiday for a few days, which she had been wanting to do for a long time. They had a lovely holiday. The sun was beaming down on them as they went up and down the Oxford Canal, taking in all of the scenery.

Not long after they had come back, Bob was sitting in his chair doing his crossword in the daily newspaper and was stuck on a word. There was always one, or maybe two, that flummoxed him. Doris would know he was struggling with a clue as he sat there with his pencil in his mouth, and she’d ask him what it was this time as she went past.

‘It’s ok I’ve got it,’ he’d say, knowing full well he hadn’t, as he took hold of his pencil again. But this time he had, and he wrote the letters GARDEN CENTRE in the spaces to complete the crossword.

He folded up the newspaper, got out of his chair, grabbed his cap and car keys and said to Doris, ‘Won’t be long, love.’

‘Where are you going?’

But he was gone, and Doris carried on getting the clothes out of the washing machine to hang on the line as she thought to herself, ‘I bet he’s going on another mission,’ as he did now and again when he’d get the sudden urge.

The next week, Bob started

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