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Ma'ruf Cahyono: Drives The PCA  To Achieve WTP Every Year
Ma'ruf Cahyono: Drives The PCA  To Achieve WTP Every Year
Ma'ruf Cahyono: Drives The PCA  To Achieve WTP Every Year
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Ma'ruf Cahyono: Drives The PCA To Achieve WTP Every Year

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BILINGUAL VERSION.  Available in English in Indonesian.

Semi biography about a cute man, said a fan of korean drama he is Namja, comes from a small town in Java, simple from the past and remains simple to his current position. A smile is always sunk adorning her baby face and the gaze of her eyes that radiate intelligence.

Bambang Sadono, senior journalist and Chairman of Local Parliament in Central Java  2009-2014 period, referred to Ma'ruf Cahyono as a 'thinker', among others.     

"Ma'ruf  is known  as   a thinker  because  before  becoming  Secretary  General,  he  had been  the  Head of Public Relations Bureau and long  served  as head of PCA assessment  center," bambang  wrote.              

Ma'ruf Cahyono, as wrote Bambang,  was awarded the  satyalancana  Wira  Karya  honoured  by  the  President in 2017  for  contributing a lot to support the performance  of     mpr. One of  them,  the idea of the establishment of the Mpr  Assessment  Institute  as  a  constitutional  laboratory in charge of giving  considerations  related to the assessment  of the statesystem.   Ma'ruf  also  actively  encouraged the structuring of the Indonesian constitutional  system.              

During his time as Secretary  General of  mpr,  Ma'ruf  Cahyono is considered to have  scored  achievements  and raised the value of  Bureaucratic  Reform  setjen  MPR. This  can be seen  from  the appreciation  and  appreciation received by  the Secretariat General  of  MPR.  In September 2019,  the Secretariat  General of PCA  received  the    Qualified    Fair Without Exception or  WTP award from the Ministry of  Finance  for  five  consecutive years  (2014-2018)  without  pause. At  the  same time,   Setjen  MPR also  received  BMN Award,  which is an award  in  the management  of State Property (BMN).           

 In February  2020, the Secretariat General of  MPR  received  appreciation  from  BPKP  for    reaching  maturity  level 3  in the Government  Internal  Control System  (SPIP). Maturity in question  is  the    responsibility of the relevant agencies,   in  the implementation of  running  SPIP  effectively    and  quality.            

Ma'ruf Cahyono  is also  one  of  the  figures  of  73  outstanding   figures given obsession media group (year  2018). Then in    2019, Obsession Media Group  awarded The Best Bureaucrat Awards.            

All of this  shows  Ma'ruf  Cahyono  not  only  as an 'official  thinker'  but  also  an  inspiring  and  collaborative leader  for  the  country.

Ma'ruf       Cahyono  worked  tirelessly.    Happy  in     work,  he  calls it  work  is  as  worship,  Ma'ruf  Cahyono  timeless   even work  until late at  night. Wherever  assigned  and  placed,  Ma'ruf  Cahyono  always wanted to  drive  change.            


Semi biografi tentang seorang lelaki imut, kata penggemar drakor ia adalah Namja, berasal dari kota kecil di Jawa, sederhana sedari dahulu dan tetap sederhana hingga pada kedudukannya saat ini. Senyum selalu tersungging  menghiasi wajahnya yang baby face dan tatapan matanya yang memancarkan kecerdasan.
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Tanggal rilis29 Apr 2021
Ma'ruf Cahyono: Drives The PCA  To Achieve WTP Every Year
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    Ma'ruf Cahyono - Tiga Sekawan




    Drives The PCA To Achieve WTP Every Year

    Publisher: Bookrix GmbH & Co.KG

    ISBN; 978 3 7487 8147 9

    28 April 2021



    Abreviation : 

    MP.R same with People COnsultative Assembly

    WTP, imilar with Fair Without Exception

    BSSN, Head of State Cyber and Password Agency


    Every year  during the leadership of  Ma'ruf  Cahyono  as  Secretary  General of  the MPR,  the institution  that  serves the institution  of representatives of the people  is  always  making  sweet   achievements.   The  management of the budget  always  reaches the predicate  Fair  Without  Exceptions.

    The authors know  the figure of  Ma'ruf  Cahyono  as the boss. Beside he placed himself as an ananda( son ) to the three of us. As an  ananda,  because of his relatively  young age.  In  his   young age his leadership  adjusted the pace of  modernization so that  his steps  far  exceeded.

    That's probably  none  other  than  Ma'ruf,  whose first name happens to be the same as    the    current vice  president,   Ma'ruf  Amin. Ma'ruf  Cahyono  as  a  name is said to  be  interpreted  as The Light of Goodness.

    The first kindness that the  author    and  other senior  colleagues   feel  is  a  subtle  behavior  and  never    offends and  hurts.  Smiles  and    manners  developed  from his cute  face  like  a  Korean  man in korean  dramas nowdays.

    Second,  he  always  sought a peaceful  path  for  all  parties. There  is nothing  in  his  attitude  and  nature of quiet peaceful and warm. He  treats  people who are hostile to him, people who  don't  like  him  with  kindness. In fact,  he  indulged  in people who had been  opposite.

    In line with  that,  the authors  prefers  to  call  Maruf  Cahyono  as a Namja,  a  handsome and  brave man  in the Korean fever  dictionary.  

    Third,  many  people  know  and  know  Ma'ruf  is  a  scholar. He  likes  books. He  wrote  quite a lot of  books even though  he was ashamed to publish them. Why  shame?   Perhaps  because  he  fears his book to be a best seller  outweighs  the people he serves.

    As a scholar    formally   demonstrated  by his academic  degree  achieved

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