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“He was born and grew up in Minnesota. Curious and inquisitive and perhaps autistic Somaliboy, who eagerly explores, investigates the misery of Somalia. To fi nd out more about theagony of the Somali famine, Addoon-Waaq makes contact with people of different religiousleaders.One day Addoon-Waaq organizes classmates to protest against starving Somali children andtheir mothers and they abstain from all kinds of food and drinking. The peaceful protest turnsout violent and Addoon-Waaq and his colleagues were placed electronic monitoring anklebracelets and remains in house arrest.To restore his useful life Addoon-Waaq takes a risk fi lled voyage, along with his parents toSomalia which is now under an Islamic rule. He happens to be one of many Somali speakingyouths trained in Kas Fiyow academy in Al-Jasiira, the new capital city of Somalia where heexperiences tremendous and very hardship training to defend his religion.This outstanding and sad story about a young Addoon-Waaq and his parents will undergoperplexing and anxious cultural shock. This is an enthralling and informative story andeverybody should read it.”This book is about the life of Somali youth living in West. It is about the art of Somali beliefs,behavior, Culture and way of thinking. It is also about the fragmentation and the arabizationof Somali society. You will discover the fi rst ever Somali female military general who leadsthe war against Wadaad-xume. Everybody should read and take advantage Addoon-Waaq’suncovering”
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