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Production of Warping and Sizing machine:

Production per month : 70mpm X 60 X 22 hrs X 25 days = 2310000 Meters If we do only job work then cost per meter of the warping and sizing will be BDT30-40. Then total revenue per month will be 2310000X 30 = BDT 69300000. If we calculate 70% of the above then it will be BDT 48510000 Total revenue for a year will be BDT 41580000X 12= BDT 582120000. Investment cost of the Basic Machines (It may vary): Sectional Warping machine USD 180,000. Sizing machine USD 400000. Total Basic machine USD 580,000 =BDT 580,000X 82 = BDT 47560000. We can see the Break even of the basic machines will be easily done if we can do one month job work. Factory Building, utilities and other infrastructure: Although it will be ready but the cost will be add on with the total investment of the project. Manpower for the production: It can be calculated based on your existing machines. Marketing: Total marketing will be followed by me . But I need your help when it will be necessary.