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Answer - RSLogix 5000 : Converting a Project to a previous version

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RSLogix 5000 : Converting a Project to a previous version

Converting RSLogix 5000 project to a previous version Reverting an RSLOGIX 5000 project to an earlier revision Can I import a V16 program into V15 of RSLogix5000?

RSLogix 5000 projects can be easily converted forward to a newer version, however there is no direct method to convert backwards. This is because new features, functionality, communication and I/O modules, plus some new controller types could render the project incomplete. When a project is converted forward there is a backup of the old version saved on your hard drive. The backup file will have the same name but a different file extension. The backup file extension is not .ACD which is what RSLogix 5000 names the projects. You can display all files types when opening a project to see the old file. Then use Windows explorer to rename the file and set the file type back to .ACD. The old revision will then be available to use. The steps below can be used as guidelines for attempting to convert back if changes were made in a newer version of RSLogix 5000. Keep in mind there is no guarantee the project will successfully revert. Note: Logix5000 Controllers Import/Export Manual (Publication 1756-RM084L-EN-P) states there is no support for backwards compatibility for export operations. (Appendix B, page 222) This means manual clean-up and modification would be necessary.

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Method 1: Using two different sessions of RSLogix 5000, copy and Paste routines and UDTs from one to the other, then export / import tags and descriptions. 1). The method is pretty much self explainitory using the Windows clickboard to handle copy / paste commands.

2). RSLogix 5000 v13 and greater feature the ability to export/import rungs to library format. (.L5X files) This may also aid in the ability to reuse code between versions.
Method 2: Save as L5K format, modify L5K in text editor and attempt to re-import into a previous release. NOTES: 1. Remove any source protection before continuing. 2. Delete any saved "Quick Watch" windows before continuing. The following is an example of reverting a ControlLogix version 15 project back to ControlLogix version 13. 1). Open the v15 ACD file with RSLogix 5000 software and 'SAVE AS' selecting the L5K format. Then close the ACD.

2). Once the L5K file is created, use the Windows Explorer to browse to its location on the hard drive. Then double click the L5K file and it will open up with a text editor such as NOTEPAD. 3). The L5K file contains at least three details requiring change. (example below) Import Export version: IE_VER := 2.x; (IE Versions are v19=2.10, v18=2.9, v17=2.8, v16 = 2.7, v15 = 2.6, v14 = 2.5, v13 = 2.4, <see table below>) Controller Major version: Major := x, Module Local Major version: Major := x, 9/28/2011

Answer - RSLogix 5000 : Converting a Project to a previous version

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4). After performing the edits, save these L5K changes with NOTEPAD. 5). Use RSLogix 5000 software to select File > Open in order to import the modified L5K file. Once the L5K file is selected, click on OK. Another prompt will ask to [Save Imported Project As] in order to create a new ACD file. Give this ACD file a new name to prevent overwriting the original. Then use the version selection box to choose the version specified earlier within NOTEPAD.

6). Click Import, and RSLogix 5000 should read the information into the previous version. There is a chance users may experience the following Error 754-80042B08 Invalid Type.

7). If so, these errors are usually caused when NOTEPAD saves the L5K file using a unsupported encoding mode such as UTF-8.

8). Reopen the L5K file back in NOTEPAD and SAVE AS using the same name, but this time make sure the encoding is ANSI formatted. Now repeat the Import procedure as in step 4.

9). This time around the import should be successful. This example of converting v15 to v13 will alert to the user of 3 warnings of new features that version 15 contained, but are unavailable in version 13. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Importing C:\Rockwell Software\RSLogix 5000\Projects\Version_15_project.L5K into Version_13_project.ACD... Creating module: Local Creating program: MainProgram Creating routine: MainRoutine Creating task: MainTask Warning: Line 56: An error occurred while setting attribute TERMINATIONCHARS of ASCII ASCII (Signed value overflow.) Warning: Line 56: An error occurred while setting attribute SerialNumber of Controller Version_15_project (This property can not be set.) Warning: Line 56: An error occurred while setting attribute MatchProjectToController of Controller Version_15_project (Couldn't be found.) Complete - 0 error(s), 3 warning(s) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------10). Warnings are OK and you may continue. If Errors were detected in the L5K file, then it's up to the user to go back into the L5K file with NOTEPAD and correct or remove the problems found. Below is an example of a 1756-L61 r15 controller attempting to revert back to RSLogix 5000 v11. This controller was introduced with version 12, so the import into version 11 cannot be performed. 9/28/2011

Answer - RSLogix 5000 : Converting a Project to a previous version

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-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Importing C:\Rockwell Software\RSLogix 5000\Projects\Version_15_project.L5K into Version_11_project.ACD... Error: Line 21: The processor type in the import file is not supported. Complete - 1 error(s), 0 warning(s) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------11). If errors were detected about syntax, I/O or communciaton module format, then it is up to the user to go back into the L5K file with NOTEPAD and correct or remove the problems found. NOTEPAD has a GOTO feature, under Edit menu, to take you to the line number in which the error was found. Sometimes it might be necessary to a create test project, in the previous release, that contains the problem module. Then it can be saved into L5K format so the user has a template of how the previous verison expects to read the data.

RSLogix 5000 Version 19.xx 18.xx 17.xx 16.xx 15.xx 14.xx 13.xx 12.xx 11.xx 10.xx 9.00 5.02 2.xx, 6.xx, 7.xx, 8.xx 1.21, 1.23 1.10, 1.11

Import Export Version 2.10 2.9 2.8 2.7 2.6 2.5 2.4 2.3 2.2 2.1 2.0 1.2 1.1 1.0 0.4

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