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ARISTOTLE'S ARGUMENT FOR THE EXISTENCE OF THE UNMOVED MOVER We read about the first mover in the second

half of the Metaphysics Lambda. In the first instance Aristotle says that it is not possible for motion and time to dissapear and not to be continuous. There has to be such a origin and principle whose essence is a real act. These essences cannot be potentially, because it would mean also not to be.1 They have to be actually which on the other hand means without matter (hl).2 Later Aristotle particularizes that there has to exist something that causes motion and is eternal. It is something that moves without being moved.3 Aristotle call it the first principle. At the same time there has to be the principle of all which also has to belong to the field of immovable. And even the number of principles is not infinite, therefore there is a certain last principle which Aristoteles identifies with the first principle (mover). Aristotle calls the first mover God. He is the most blessed one. God is a real activity, which is also its life. He is absolutely perfect being and he contains continuous and eternal persistency.4 The main quality of the first mover is that it is separated from the sensible things, does not have a magnitude (and matter) and is in its act continuously. 5 Godlike being is only actuality itself, therefore is not liable to any change or action.6 The most important quality of the first mover is intellect. Intellect itself belongs especially to God, it is constantly acting intellect that thinks only which is not liable to change and is in most extent honorable. Godlike intellect thinks only itself. If it thought something else it would be

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a plurality as its thinking was consequent. And if it did not think anything it would be as it were asleep7. Therefore the first mover is thinking.8 To be thinking and to be thought is identified in God9. Because God is something indivisible (everything that does not have matter is indivisible)10 and continuous.

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