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Owner: The name of Agora is entwined with the glory of the Agoras Marketing policy to create a better Environment

for Consumers. Late A.c Abdur Rahim the founder of Rahim Afrooz is Founded Agora in 2000 and very early success comes from This Business.

Suppliers: Different types of product comes from Different Suppliers Beverages Products Comes from directly Manufacturer Company. Cosmetics Items comes from Foreign country like Malaysia, France, German. Dairy product, Meat, Fish, Fruits, Vegetable, Are directly comes from The producer. Other types of product they just collect From the company and sell.

Buyers: Agora is basically Dhaka based super shop Currently there are four Agora outlets at Gulshan, Dhanmondi, Moghbazar and Mirpur in Dhaka so this Particular area is the Target Market of Agora. Middle and Higher class people are the main customer of Agora. Competitors: Now many competitors come to super shop Business They are tried To Give best service to their customer Almas/Meena Bazar/Shpno/ Nandan/Mega shop/Pacific/Pick And pay are The competitors of Agora.