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- Tom Stonier CT TT TTT Cg Le and Meaningy) i WINN 9959 vy Springer Tom Stonier Information and Meaning An Evolutionary Perspective 6 Springer Apologia Much of the material covered in this book draws on the work of thousands of scholars and researchers. In covering an interdisci- plinary set of topics such as the evolution of information, of in- telligence and of meaning, a single author, labouring in the wilds of western Massachusetts, is bound to be remiss in covering all the relevant literature. Actually, the problem has been two-fold. On the one hand, my residence (to which I have happily retired) has no university li- brary within an easy drive. Nor, am I able, as a matter of course, to seek out my fellow academics for advice and in-depth discus- sions. However, that has been the lesser of two problems. More serious has been the flood of information which has come to overwhelm me in the form of journal subscriptions, book clubs, the Internet and the occasional attendance at conferences. The inspiration for this apologia has been the discovery (as I was meeting the deadline of sending off this manuscript to the publisher) of piles of books, journals, reprints and folders of per- sonal notes, all stacked carefully to be used for writing this book, but left unused. It is not as though I had not read the material. In many instances, I had done so most laboriously, taking copious notes and making summaries. Unfortunately, the writing of this book was started a good many years ago, and in the meantime, under the flood of new information, much of what was valuable became misplaced and even forgotten. Iblush as I rediscover this material. I make my apologies to those scholars and researchers of whose work, in my ignorance, I was not aware. But even more so, I beg charity from my friends and col- leagues of whose work I was aware: who sent me reprints, corre- sponded with me, gave advice, alerted me to other important works, and yet, somehow, fell in between the cracks of my intellectual net. Tom Stonier 1 January 1997