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ANDRUS Hosts International Food Fest, Local Businesses Support Event on August 14th WHAT: Today, the children

at ANDRUS will be holding an International Food Fest. Across campus there will be over 150 faculty members and children, learning about the different nations of our world. Local businesses are providing the food and beverage. Andrus provides support and treatment for 2500 children throughout Westchester suffering from emotional illness and trauma, along with their families. The agency offers prevention, assessment, educational, treatment and research programs that help children and families achieve healthy, stable lives. Andrus has grown from its origins as an orphanage into a premier non-profit mental health and social service provider and resource for Westchester. Tuesday, August 14th, 12:40 PM to 1:30 PM ANDRUS 1156 North Broadway Yonkers, NY 10701



CONTACT: Juliana Wynohradnyk, Thompson & Bender, (914) 762-1900 x 24 Stephen Seward, Andrus, (914) 965-3700 x1086