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CE 616: Structural Dynamics Home Work #5 (Due on Tuesday (19/10) in the class)

Problem 1:

ut u p


A uniform rigid mass ( total mass m) is supported on two spring and subjected to dynamic forces (p t and p) as shown in the figure. Formulate the equations of motion w.r.t the two DOF (ut and u) . Adopt influence coefficient method to derive mass, stiffness matrix and load vector.



L/2 Problem -2: 2m Formulate the equations of motion for free vibrations for the cantilever frame shown. The frame is massless with lumped masses at the two nodes as shown. Assume the flexural rigidity to be EI for both elements and the axial deformations are ignored. Hint: It is will be easier to construct flexibility matrix using influence coeeficients

L/2 m u1 u2

Problem 3: a) Determine the consistent mass matrix and stiffness matrix for the planar frame shown in the figure by ignoring the axial deformation of the beams and columns. Hence, write down the equations of motions in matrix form. b) Using lumped mass assumption, re-derive the mass matrix. c) Use the static condensation procedure to write down the equations of motion in matrix form for translational degrees of freedom Assume flexural rigidity = EI , distributed mass = m, and length = L for all beams and columns. Adopt influence coefficient method



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Problem 4. Figure 4 shows a uniform slab supported on four columns rigidly attached to the slab and clamped at the base. The slab has a total mass m and is rigid in plane and out of plane. Each column is assumed to be circular in cross-section, and its second moment of cross-sectional area about any diametrical axis is noted. With the DOFs selected as u x, uy and u at the center of the slab, and using influence coefficients: (a) formulate the mass and stiffness matrices in terms of m and the stiffness k=12EI/h3 of the smaller column. Ignore the effect of column rotation about its own axis. (b) Formulate the equations of motion for ground motion in (i) the x-direction (ii) the y-direction

Figure 4