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Tracking Salary Investigation

Algebra 2: Married Math

Directions: Complete this investigation in your notes. All team members should complete the investigation. Place completed investigation in binder. Salary Information: Trevis recently got accepted at his local university. At his orientation, he was told that he must choose between three different payment options for tuition. He will be paying $15,800 tuition and housing this year. Here are his options: Option 1: Bi-weekly payments Trevis splits his payments evenly making payments every two weeks Option 2: Monthly payments Trevis splits his payments evenly making payments each month Option 3: Semester pay Trevis slips his payments evenly making payments twice throughout the year. Trevis would like to see what each of these payment plan looks like throughout the course of a year. He also wants the ability to be able to determine his year-to-date expenses for any amount of weeks, months, etc. With your group, complete the following problems in your notebook to provide Trevis with the correct information regarding his payments. Complete these problems FOR EACH OPTION! 1. 2. 3. 4. Create a table of values that displays his expenses throughout the year. Create a graph representing his payment plan. Write a function that represents each payment plan. Write a recommendation with support for which plan Trevis should choose.