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RATIONALE To create a therapeutic relationship between nurse and patient.

EVALUATION After 8 hours of nursing interventions, the client has verbalized relief of anxiety.

SUBJECTIVE: Lagi kong naiisip na mabubulag na talaga ako habang buhay at ninenerbyos ako. Ngayon pa lang ay mahirap na, pano pa kaya kung matuluyan na ang mga mata ko as verbalized by the client. OBJECTIVE: Sleeping pattern: Day 1: 6 hours of interrupted sleep Day 2 : 3 hours of sleep Day 3 : 5-6 hours interrupted sleep. DIAGNOSIS: Anxiety related to threat to permanent visual impairment as evidenced by Sleeping pattern

Within 8 hours of nursing interventions, the patient will verbalize relief of anxiety.

Assist patient to reduce present level of anxiety by: Providing reassurance and comfort. (Stay with person, don't make demands or request any decisions, speak slowly and calmly, attend to physical symptoms and describe symptoms) Teach client alternate strategies to handle anxiety (Exercise, crafts, music therapy, stress management class, support groups) Discuss concise reasons on why he fears being blind. Establish short term goals on each reason Initiate teachings and referrals as indicated.

To decrease use of drug assistance.

In order to identify and solve each problem To allay anxiety piece by piece. For collaborative interventions