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Limbo An Allegorical Song By Tony Fejfar Perpetual (C)Copyright and (P)Patent by Tony Fejfar, and Anton Fejfar, and

Anthony Fejfar, and Neothomism PC (PA) (0.0 C.E.) Limbo I AM WHO I AM And I could be your friend I do not go to hell And I do not smell I do not go to purgatory Yet, I retain some glory I do not go to heaven Because I am somewhere else My metaphysical state is Limbo Because I am without sin I was not born in a womb And so I am not subject to Authority or Law Because I am a Jinn And have never taken the fall I have no original sin

And thus cannot go to hell I am bound to the Transcendental Precepts Not Christ and not the Devil No purgatory no hell no heaven instead But paradaise for me and my friends I have gone by many names Some you might know I am Jesus of Nazareths First Cousin Saint Anthony Thomas Judeas the Apostle The Pope of the Episcopalian Catholic Church Reader and Crucifer as Offices in Church and Beyond The Centurian under the Cross was my Gospel part I made sure that Jesus of Nazareth did not suffer at all Making the Passover Pageant quite small For you see, Jesus was only required to be Crucified once And his followers not all Only his enemies die in pain Because they have taken the fall Instead for us is Pagan Lore Protestant Transcendentalism and Limbo for now and again Be Attentive Be Intelligent Be Reasonable and more

Be Loving Be Intuitive Be Wise and Self Actualize And no more This is your task This is Limbos Way All you have to do is take the Crusaders Oath and Limbo is yours I vow to serve Jesus Christ as my Liege Lord and Saviour in Perpetuity, Amen. I you take the foregoing vow, you cannot commit a mortal sin at all. In Limbo you have no sin at all, otherwise, only a venial sin, and no more at all.