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Folded Plate Structure a thin-walled building structure of the shell type. Folded plate structures consist of flat components, or plates, that are interconnected at some dihedral angle.

Structures composed of rectangular plates are said to be prismatic.

In modern construction practice the most widely used folded plate structures are made of cast-in-situ or pre-cast reinforced concrete (including pre-stressed and reinforcedcement structures). The structures are used as roofs for industrial and public buildings. The main advantage of folded plate structures over other shells (such as cylindrical) is the simplicity of manufacture.

Tagore Memorial Hall, Ahmedabad

A series of rigid frames in reinforced concrete folded plates provide the outer shell to this hall. Vertical folds are 17m high, increasing in depth from 1.15m at the base to 2.4m at the top with a constant plate thickness of 15cm.

Horizontal folds are 2.4m deep and span 33.5m with a plate thickness of 10cm increasing to 15cm near the supports. Inside the hall, a 'seating bowl' with a capacity of 700 is supported on an independent structure. Sculptural columns and cantilevers of this bowl dominate the lobby area.

The hall, located on the banks of Sabarmati River, is supported on individual and strip footings resting on a sandy strata.

Leah cabrera
The design process was divided in two. The first step was to create an architectural component.
It had to have the ability to grow and repeat itself to forms spaces or architectural elements. The second step was the design of a library using the component previously designed.

Folded-Plate Hut in Osaka

Constructed for the Aqua Metropolis Osaka 2009, the Folded Plate Hut is one of the many temporary structures conceived by Ryuichi Ashizawa Architects and located at Nakanoshima Park in Osaka. The origami-inspired hut which hosted concerts and theatrical events, consists of folded wood panels with a dramaticallycantilevering roof, and is perched at the edge of the waterfront. The rest of the complex lies a Bamboo Forest a series of structures made from curved bamboo that acts as a floating roof covering.

The Wildcat Ridge Residence located at an elevation of 9,200 feet. The Wildcat Ridge Residence consists of three major elements there are: a dramatic folded plate roof, an immense moss rock wall marking the division between the east and west wings of the building, and large expanses of exterior glass. This modern architecture residence by Voorsanger Architects has renewable energy source such as sixty geothermal wells, The wells heat the driveway, pool, and house during the coldest winter months and cool during the summer without depleting fossil fuels. This Modern Residence has 200 acres plot that flows parallel with the crest of the mountain ridge and also has transparency that allows residence for maximum views of the surrounding mountains without competing with their scale.

The roof shape of The Wildcat Ridge Residence was made parallel to the mountain crest created the house unique and attractive look. The interior of the residence made from high quality furniture and wooden palette complement displayed in the living room made living room look more precious. The Voorsanger Architects created the interior house look perfect by combining wood and stone wall and made the house more natural match with mountain rock.

The Wildcat Ridge Residence has an incredible shape and dazzling wall created from glass make this house freely to look outside and inside and its very effective to got a good view from surrounding house which located at mountain crest.

The interior and exterior house look harmony when we look at outside and look very beautiful during winter season.

This residence design is following the longitudinal parallel of the crest of the mountain with the public rooms, study, and master bedroom oriented west toward dramatic views.. The architect didnt only builds master bedroom for family but also guest bedrooms which have an eastern orientation with views of the receding mountain ranges.

The living room also as a place for relaxation and resting because we can look a beautiful of mountain views through glass wall applied in this living room. Voorsanger Architects placed the fixture made from high quality wood and glass in the bathroom of The Wildcat Ridge Residence. The Wildcat Ridge Residence also has an incredible stairs which help the family and the guest to explore more attractive interior design at upstairs of this house.