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Dumbest Time Physicist on Campus Dr Sean Carroll By: Joe Nahhas; joenahhas1958@yahoo.


DR Sean Carroll is another dumb ass physicist with PHD that John Hendricks uses to promote his criminal activities on "Discovery" communications and John Hendricks crime is promoting "science fraud"

DR Sean Henry not only knows nothing about time but he is an all American idiot of time and he is just another toy of "science channel" in JOHN Hendricks "discovery" communications chairman pocket. The surface are of a sphere is S = 4 r2 The surface area velocity S' = 8 r v; v = velocity V = r/t; t = time S' = 8 r v = 8 r2/t
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Humans live on a sphere and in astronomical measurements they measure r2/t And discard Earth's radius compared to distant objects or miss re2/t

The error becomes 8 r2/t = re2/t

Or distance measurement error of r = re/ (8 )

Humans live on a sphere and use human clock 24 hours Ts = 86400 seconds But Earth has its own clock Te= 86164.09724 seconds

Or time measurement error of (Ts - Te)

And space time error is

C = (Ts - Te) re/ (8 ) = 299792458

"All Time" person of the century called C light velocity

I never knew what a dumb ass till I listened to "professor"
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