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Aisyiyah Movement

established in Yogyakarta on 27 Rajab 1426 H or 19

May 1917 only as a group of people gathering SAPA TRESNA Aisyiyah

Vision and mission

Vision Ideal Vision The existence of Islam and the realization of the actual Islamic society. Development of Vision strengthen and develop amar maruf nahi munkar to reach the madani society, the righteous Islamic one.

Mission To implant the religious conviction To increase the rate and the value of women To increase the quality and quantity of the Islamic preaching towards the Islamic teachings. To strengthen the faith and the religious service, and to improve the moral. To increase the education, to develop the culture, to broaden the knowledge and technology, and to encourage the research. To improve the economy and entrepreneurship

The member of Aisyiyah is not only come from

Muhammdiyah minimum age is 18 years old

Finance is come from the citizens donation or client. The finance sometime also come from the colecting

the coin or by rubbish donation (sodaqoh sampah). financed by its member contribution and any donation from other institution.

Aisyiyah Networks
cooperation with the government, LSM and also foreign institution like global fund for children

Aisyiyah Action
in the education aspect

in the economic aspect

in the health aspect cadre

The Development of Aisyiyah

create an education institution called FROBEL (TK

Aisyiyah) KOWANI becomee autonomy organization that spread all over Indonesia

Forward Challenge

data collection of amal usaha and do better in

making relation with the society struggle for better society life

Aisyiyah has made a difference for many Muslim

women by its emphasis on the importance of the mother's role as an educator, as well as on the need for women to be economically independent and to make decisions on their own

Based on the interview result, women role in

Indonesia is also important. Women also can be a leader in the social or political life. In political aspect, Aisyiyah is not too strong in influencing the government action and decision making.