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A Copyright and Patent of a Gear Transfer Box and Roller Gears under GATT Copyright and (P)Patent by Anthony

J. Fejfar and Neothomism P.C. (PA) under GATT and American Law A Gear Transfer Box, described and copyrighted and patented herein, uses roller gears to achieve a mechanical advantage in horsepower inputted to horsepower outputted. For example, an electric motor which inputs 3 horsepower into the Gear Transfer Box, outputs 12 horsepower working torque using the Gear Transfer Box, as follows: The input shaft from the motor is coupled to a 3 inch diameter roller gear which turns a 2 inch roller gear which turns a shaft connected to another 2 inch roller gear, which turns another 3 inch roller gear, which turns the output shaft. The Roller Gear is a round spur type gear with no angle bevel, but instead the outer gear bevel is straight across the round roller gear.