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Luke will appeal to the teenage audience as he is largely known for his role of Freddie in season 3-4 Attracting the younger female audience and also being a strong male character will help bring them in to see our film. Luke has also appeared on TV shows such as Miranda and Casualty.

He will be playing out leading male

Ewan is a well known British actor who will appeal to older audiences. Especially the older female audience who have enjoyed his work before. This in turn is more likely to bring in the male audience as they take their girlfriends/wives out for the night. He has recently appeared in Salmon Fishing in the Yemen and The Impossible. He is also well known for his part in Mounlin Rouge.

Playing the part of Lukes mentor

Like Luke Freya is well known to teenagers through a newer series of skins. She is likely to appeal to the young male audience for her looks but as a strong character she may also appeal to the female audience as well like a role model. She is also appearing in Not another Happy Ending

She will be playing our romantic counterpart and leading female.

Even on a small budget a well put together trailer would bring in a lot of profit if it is able to grab the audiences interest making them curious. Also because we have a well known Director (Who was created the

opening ceremony to the olympics) people who enjoyed his work may feel
compelled to see how he deals with a film setting. Along with our writers who are both well known BBC writers for Doctor Who and Sherlock Holmes I think a lot of interest for this film

will be able to be produced.