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About Si-Ware Systems:

Si-Ware Systems (SWS) is an independent fabless semiconductor company providing a wide spectrum of product design and development solutions, custom ASIC development and standard products. SWS leverages its highly talented teams in MEMS design and development as well as Analog/Mixed-Signal and Radio Frequency (RF) Integrated Circuits (ICs) to provide highly innovative solutions and products in different areas ranging from PLL based timing circuits, sensor interfaces, frequency synthesis, data converters, RF front-ends, and MEMS-based sensor systems. Currently, the MEMS division has the following opening:

Job Title: MEMS Design Engineer Division: MEMS Division Job Responsibilities:
Going through a complete MEMS development flow: System level design and parameter/specifications extraction. Modeling through analytical and numerical techniques including FEM techniques. Layout using various layout tools. Involvement in MEMS fabrication processes. Characterization and testing of fabricated MEMS systems. Interface with electronic controlling circuits.

BSc degree in Electrical Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering or Mechanical Engineering with minimum grade Very Good. Basic knowledge of microelectronics fabrication technology. Basic knowledge in using general-purpose laboratory equipment. Basic knowledge of MEMS Design and fabrication is a plus. Strong analytical, problem solving abilities and self-learning ability. Team work orientation, networking, and effective verbal and written communication skills, and have tendency towards new ideas and innovation. Excellent documentation skills. Excellent command of English language.
Potential candidates are welcome to forward their resumes with an email subject [MEMS Candidate] to