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Adani Televisions

-Satheesh -Sanajy

Kumar K V Roll No 12 K Srivastava Roll 37 Ramani Roll 26 Thomas Roll 36

-Mahendar -Tharun -Subratho

Battacharjee Roll 12

STRENGHTHS Reasonable market share Growth in TV industry Good Distribution Channel Strong in BWTV Sales Growing Demand for CTV OPPORTUNITIES Demand for BWTV BWTV demand to stay on short term basis. Emerging demand of CTV Good retailer network.

WEAKNESS Declining Sales of BWTV Poor Penetration in CTV Small Market share for CTV Strained on Working Capital

THREAT Entry of New major Players in CTV Switch of Indian Consumers to CTV. Lesser Market Share in CTV Lesser Direct Retailers.

Adany TVs: Short and Long Term Positioning

Leverage BWTV Dealers: Carry BWTVs in Short Term and gradually move them to carry CTVs in Long Term.

Market Positioning

Retailers Stocking CTVs: 900->6000->15000 Retailers Stocking BWTVs: 2000->7000->1000

Market Targeting

Sales Profile: Till 199551% CTVs; 49% BWTVs 1996-1998: 40% CTVs ; 60% BWTVs Estimated based on Industry Averages 1999: 70% CTVs, 30% BWTVs 1. Define Market bases based on the Product i.e. CTVs and BWTVs

Market Segmentation

Action Plan Proposed


Corporate Level

Targets On CTVS & BWTV S Separately Based On An Ansoff Matrix. Target Aggressive Marketing Plan On CTVs

At Field level
Develop Distribution Channel Of CTV.

Improve On Retailership Of CTV Promote Converting

BWTV Retailers Into CTVs