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‘JKEMENTERIAN PENDIDIKAN MALAYSIA MINISTRY OF EDUCATION OF MALAYSIA HURAIAN SUKATAN PELAJARAN KURIKULUM BERSEPADU SEKOLAH RENDAH ‘CURRICULUM SPECIFICATIONS BAHASA INGGERIS ENGLISH LANGUAGE SEKOLAH KEBANGSAAN TAHUN 6 YEAR 6 2004 CCurdoulum Specifications for English Year 6 SK 2, OBJECTIVES FOR YEAR6 SK By tho ond of Year 6 SK, learners should be able to: “Tak ite about their hiend sand family confdonty and expross concems about growing up: Sing eongs, root simple poome and tel ekmple stort Give directions and instructions as well as folow directions and instructions; ‘Ask questions for information and answer questons relovanty Read and understand sknple toxts; Readland understand simple etries and give an opinion onthe story: ‘Wate simple messages, Istiors, descriptions, stories, and ‘Show an awareness of moral values and love towards the nation. ‘Curriculum Speccatlons for English Year 68K ‘THEMES AND TOPICS “The suggested contexts for teaching in Year Gare fisted below. A word list of the more common words in the English ‘These are broad arses from which topics can be dravm for language has been provided and teachers are to use activiies and comprehension texts 60 that loamers can read, the words from this ist to teach the topics. These words talk, and write, When explaining these contexts In greater can be recycled and used in different contexts and detail, teachers should have In mind the language level and topics. Where necessary, a limited number of words abilty of theieleamers. In edeltion, moral values and sovic- can be added in order to deal with the context or topic ‘uitural rules aleo form an Important part of ths content for meaningfully. classroom activites 1, World of Self, Family and Friends = Feeling proud of oneself, one's family and one's fiends, {leeings of so-asteem) - Probloms of growing up ~ @9. sibling fvary, poorinfuencs, time management 2. World of Stories + fe stotlas about people (2.9. famous people, wel-known poopie inthe vilage) + Stories about dreams that come true 4. World ot Knowtedge (informahon) Nature: animals, pans (0.9. Neyo, saving the plants and annals) - Historical places andor landmarks inthe country