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How To Get Rid Of Acne (2012-08-19 23:02) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
How To Prevent Acne (2012-08-19 23:03) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
What Triggers An Outbreak of Acne? (2012-08-19 23:03) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6
The Fastest Way To Get Rid Of Acne (2012-08-19 23:05) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6
How to remove Dark Circles (2012-08-20 22:27) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7
How to get rid of Blackheads (2012-08-20 22:39) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7
Home Remedies to Get Rid of Dandru (2012-08-20 22:49) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
How to get Youthful and Glowing Skin (2012-08-20 23:24) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10
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Chapter 1
1.1 August
How To Get Rid Of Acne (2012-08-19 23:02)
Want to know fastest way to get rid of acne?
In order to treat acne, we must rst know what actually causes it, so that it can be successfully prevented.
Then I will tell you scientically proven methods to reduce and even eliminate the most persistent acne
Three factors contribute to the formation of acne:
Overproduction of sebum
Build up of dead skin cells
Bacteria accumulating on the skin
Acne occurs when oil and dead skin cells block your hair follicles. Each follicle is connected to sebaceous
glands, which secrete sebum. Sebum is the waxy layer of grease on the surface of your skin. When your body
produces an excess amount of sebum and dead cells, the two can accumulate in the hair follicle and solidify
causing acne.
I will inform you of techniques that will enable you to help cure your acne!
How To Prevent Acne (2012-08-19 23:03)
The simplest way to get rid of acne is to prevent any occurring in the rst place. This means our main goal
is to reduce the amount of sebum produced.
Keep your pores clear by exfoliating regularly, followed by a product which will help peel away blackheads.
Look for medicated products containing resorcinol, salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide.
I recommend using a face scrub with micro-beads two or three times a week and use a special face wash for
blemish prone skin every day, but ensure you COMPLETELY wash all of the residue o! The best time to
wash your face is when you wake up and before you go to sleep.
Adding vitamin A to your diet with cod liver oil or in supplement form can reduce your acne - this is because
Vitamin A controls sebaceous gland activity and aects the quality of sebum. Take 10,000 IU of vitamin A
twice a day; for optimum results take 400 IU of vitamin E once a day as vitamin E aids in the uptake of
vitamin A.
Studies have shown that participants who had a diet supplemented with Glabridin experienced a reduction in
the amount of acne they suered from. This supplement acts as an anti-androgen which means it reduces the
eect hormones have on the sebaceous glands and aects the quality of sebum. Another bonus of Glabridin
is that it is an anti-inammatory. Glabridin is a supplement derived from licorice and can be found in most
larger health stores or online.
The use of sunlight as a cure for acne is still being debated. Some experts believe that it is benical as it
encourages peeling which clears blocked pores, however others say that there is a link between sun exposure
and rates of acne; this may be due to skin damage and a thicker later of skin forming which can block sebacous
glands. My advice would be to test it for yourself and see if sunlight in moderation helps or aggravates your
Avoiding popping your pimples as this can leave scars on the skin and can cause the area to become infected.
What Triggers An Outbreak of Acne? (2012-08-19 23:03)
The triggers are mainly hormonal reasons which is why we many of us get acne during puberty. Stress is
known to aggravate the skin because it increases levels of certain hormones such as cortisol. These hormones
then increase the amount of sebum our skin produces which then causes acne.
Theres no scientic basis to the idea that diet or particular foods make acne worse (for example, chocolate,
fatty or fried foods), although some people have allergies to certain types of food which can aggravate acne.
A study conducted by Harvard School of Public Health found a link between dairy consumption and acne,
therefore it may be helpful to limit your intake of milk. However it was believed that the hormones used in
milk production aected the particpants hormones which contributed to overactive sebaceous glands and that
it was not the milk itself.
Common triggers for acne include:
Exams, new relationships and other forms of stress
The time just before a period starts
Certain cosmetics and medicines
To reduce stress you should exercise 3 times a week (also sweat clears your pores) and ensure you take part
in an activity that relives stress and makes you happy, such as watching TV, listening to music or socialising.
The Fastest Way To Get Rid Of Acne (2012-08-19 23:05)
Many historians agree that before the 1900s there were no records of skin conditions such as acne. This
means that acne is a relatively new problem which must be as a result of our modern lifestyles.
Cosmetic products are useful for helping your blemishes, but unfortunately they arent a permanent solution
as they may not eradicate your acne and persistant zits may return. If you have tried acne clearing products
before and achieved no results, then I know a secret that will completely erardicate your acne very quickly.
After researching for natural acne solutions for many years I came across a new, clinically researched system
that was backed by an astounding amount of nutritional expertise. I read the guide thoroughly and as soon
as I began reading I knew that this was dierent from all of the other useless, garbage on the internet -
it contained scientically proven methods that had even managed to help people with severe acne. After
winning awards for its high success rate and with thousands of people praising the guide, I knew this was
nally the CURE to acne that we all needed! I noticed results within days and within a month my persistent
acne was completely gone. I was so happy and relieved!
How to remove Dark Circles (2012-08-20 22:27)
Stress, too much caeine, or a lack of sleep not only leave you in a bad mood, but also with a set of dark
circles and bags under your eyes. That blue and reddish coloring is an indicator of poor health, and even
though there are plenty of products promising to zap away those dark circles overnight, there are some natural
remedies to help you get back on track. If youre suering from that raccoon look after another late night,
take heed of these natural ways to remove those dark circles eectively:
1. Drink 8-10 glasses of water per day.
Yet another benet of that daily chug of h20 is dark circle reduction. If you cant break away from the
caeine habit, this is even more important. Water helps keep toxins out of your cells making them healthy
and vibrant. Youll also enjoy the side eect of healthier skin in the process. 2. Make sure youre getting
that multivitiman. B-vitamins, iron, and Vitamin E are essential for healthy skin. Your dark circles will
disappear after just a few days with a vitamin E boost. 3. Chamomile tea bags. Soak some chamomile
tea bags in hot water, then rinse in cool water to create an eye-pack. Just putting these on your eyes for
about 20 minutes will help reduce puness and can help diminish dark circles quickly. 4. Drink your OJ.
Vitamin C plays a signicant role in skin health, and if youre not getting enough of this vitamin in your
diet, youre limiting your chances that fresh glow each morning. Improve your diet with a vitamin-C infused
drink or supplement, or simply add a few oranges or grapefruit to your daily fruit intake. 5. Cool o with
cucumber. Sliced cucumber on your eyes isnt an old wives tale, and is still used at many high-end spas
and luxury facial treatments today. Just a couple of ice cold slices on your eyes will help reduce puness and
tighten and tone the undereye area. 6. Use Vitamin K-infused cream. Vitamin K helps to x broken
capillaries, and applying a thin layer once or twice per day can help you take care of this sensitive area with
ease. Look for organic products to avoid unnecessary chemicals and toxic ingredients. 7. Go salt-free. Too
much salt usually leads to uid-retention, which in turn can lead to puness under your eyes. While drinking
water will help you ush out toxins, reducing your salt intake will also do the trick. Youll notice a visible
change in just a day. Dark circles under the eyes are more prominent on aging skin since the area becomes so
delicate and thin. Improving skin tone with water, a healthy diet, and exercise can help reduce or diminish
dark circles naturally, but when those stressful times and late nights start to add up, just take care of the
problem with a natural remedy for long-term benets.
How to get rid of Blackheads (2012-08-20 22:39)
Blackheads are one of the biggest skin problems that most college-age women face. Ive gotten quite a few
emails asking about how to get rid of them, and I used to struggle with them myself!
Ive done tons of research, learning what those annoying little black dots are and how to get rid of them!
Although my boyfriends comment partially traumatized me, on the plus side, my skin is looking a lot better
now and blackheads are no longer an issue.
If you want to get rid of blackheads yourself, or just want to know how to keep them away, read on!
Tips for Getting Rid of Blackheads
Check your makeup The truth is, what you put on to cover blackheads up might actually be causing
more of them! If you wear lots of heavy foundation or use thick face creams, you could be contributing to the
problem with your products! In general, if you have a problem with greasy skin and clogged pores, consider
using as few products as you can. The fewer layers of stu that you put on your face, the better.
Lots of water & healthy eating Cliche, maybe, but its so true. What you put into your body shows
on the outside. Simple as that. If you eat lots of greasy crap, your skin is not going to look as good as it
would if you ate more veggies and drank more water.
Use BHA BHA stands for Beta Hydroxy Acid, which is an ex-foliant that removes the dead layer of
skin from your face. If youve ever seen a skincare product that contains salicylic acid, thats BHA. BHA is
important for getting rid of blackheads because it goes into your pores to clean out the excess oil and dead
skin cells that make up blackheads.
Do a clay mask once a week This is only for those of you with oily or combination skin. Dry skin,
obviously, needs all the oil it can get. Blackheads are partially caused by excess oil on your face, so if you
have greasy skin, a good quality clay mask will help sop up some of the grease and keep your pores clearer.
Using it once a week is enough you dont want to over-dry your skin, because this could lead to even more
Dont bother with a pore strip First of all, theyre basically useless for getting rid of anything thats
stuck deep in your pores. Second of all, they can actually damage your skin! I know these things look like
miracle products, but save your money because they arent really going to help.
Squeeze, but do it carefully! - This is one situation where picking your face may actually help instead of
making things worse. Dont take this as permission to pick at your face all you want! There is a right and a
wrong way to squeeze blackheads and its really important that you do it the right way.
First, wash your face with a gentle cleanser. Next, cover your face with a warm, wet cloth for 10 to 15
minutes. Pat your face dry, then wrap tissues around your ngers to prevent slippage. Use GENTLE pressure
to press down then up around the sides of the blackhead. If nothing happens after one or two tries, stop.
That means the blackhead isnt ready to come out yet. Whatever you do, dont pinch, use your nails or press
too hard. This can damage your skin and might even lead to scars!
See a dermatologist If all else fails, a derm can really help you out. They can prescribe things like
Retin-A, antibiotics or Accutane, which can all help with blackheads. Procedures like microdermabrasion are
also said to be eective, but I recommend trying the above steps rst because the problem can usually clear
itself up without these extreme treatments.
At the end of the day, blackheads are kind of an ongoing battle. For those of us who are prone to them, light
makeup, gentle cleansers and BHA treatments are necessary to get rid of them and keep them away. There
isnt any magical cure that will rid you of them forever, but taking good care of you skin on an ongoing basis
will work wonders.
Home Remedies to Get Rid of Dandru (2012-08-20 22:49)
Home remedies for dandru is a natural way to get rid of dandru, a common scalp disorder. A person looking
for dandru treatment can cure dandru at home with the aid of naturally available remedies. Dandru is
the result of excessive shedding of dead cells from the scalp. Dandru can be cause of hair loss, acne, pimples
and hair premature greying, so it should be treated before it gets severe and chronic. Treatment of Dandru
is necessary as it is embarrassing and creates self esteem problems. Dandru can be spread if you make use
of common comb, hairbrush, soap and towel. Getting rid of dandru is not as hard as perceived. Dandru
home remedies are natural and very eective. They can give you long term results keeping you away from
harsh chemicals and expensive hair care products. Here are some best ways to get rid of Dandru at home
with the assistance of home remedies: Yogurt and Black pepper as a anti dandru treatment
Yogurt reduces the intensity of scaling. Mix 2 teaspoon of black pepper powder in a cup of curd and blend
it thoroughly. Then rub this mixture into dandru aected scalp and after an hour, wash it with a mild
shampoo. Olive Oil Treatment for Dandru
You can get rid of dandru with the consistence use of olive oil. Olive oil is natural clarifying and moisturizing
agent. It is one of the most admired home remedies for dandru. A lukewarm oil treatment of olive oil can
help you to treat your dandru. Dont make the olive oil too hot. Apply the olive oil to the problem scalp in
circular motions before going to bed. Wash out your hair with a mild shampoo in the morning. Lemon juice
and Coconut oil
Blend together 1 tbsp. of lemon juice with 5 tbsp. of coconut oil. Apply to the scalp to get rid of dandru.
Lemon juice is a natural home remedy for dandru and will clear away akes from your scalp. There is a
myth that lemon juice can lead to hair graying. However this is not true. Leave this remedy on the scalp for
20 to 30 minutes and then wash with a shampoo. Vinegar to get rid of Dandru
Vinegar is extremely eective for the treatment of dandru as it is rich in potassium and enzymes which will
help to cure an itchy scalp and dandru. There are several ways you can make use of vinegar to prevent
dandru. You can massage apple cider vinegar into the dandru scalp 5 to 7 minutes. Apple cider vinegar
will help you to get rid of the dead skin cells, which are responsible in clogging the hair follicles and lead to
dandru akes. Another way to use vinegar to treat dandru is to mix a tbsp. of vinegar in your last mug of
water when you wash your hair. Baking Soda to remove dandru akes
This may be surprising, but true that Baking soda is potential to clear excess akes and claries the scalp
from dandru. You can add 1 tsp. of baking soda to a handful of shampoo and you will nd that it can
remove dandru akes even hiding in hair strands. Aloe Vera gel to cure dandru
Apply aloe Vera gel on the scalp to remove dandru. Leave on for 15 minutes. Aloe is a natural home remedy,
which claries and repairs damaged skin. It ghts dandru and let you get rid of dandru akes so the scalp
can heal. Apply Eggs to remove dandru
Beat 2 eggs to apply it on scalp and rinse it o with in one hour to get dandru free hair. Eggs help in the
treatment of dandru and falling hair. Egg acts as a good conditioner for dry hair giving them glow and
shine. Neem Leaves
Neem has the antiseptic property, which helps in getting rid of dandru. Apply neem leaves paste on your
scalp to ght dandru as it is a very eective home remedy. Neem leaves is successful in treating lice, treating
dandru and many other eruptions on the scalp. Warm Oil Massage on Scalp
Luke warm oil massage is considered as one of the best home remedy to get rid of dandru. Luke warm
almond oil, coconut oil, or olive oil is used to massage on scalp to prevent dandru. Leave it on scalp
overnight. Onion is a natural anti dandru solution
Apply the paste of onion into your scalp. Leave it on dandru skin for one hour. Wash thoroughly. This will
assist to get rid of dandru. Apply lemon juice to remove smell of onion from your hair. Fenugreek (Methi)
Seeds and Oil to get rid of dandru
Soak methi seeds in water for overnight and mash these fenugreek seeds in about half cup of warm coconut
or olive oil. Apply all over the scalp. Leave it on for two to three hours. This home remedy will helps to get
rid of dandru naturally at home. Besan and Curd to cure dandru naturally at home
Mix 4 tbsp. Chickpea Flour also known as besan in curd to make thick paste. Apply on the scalp and leave
it for an hour. You can few drops of lemon to get rid of oil of curd. This is a good home remedy to treat
dandru. Reetha is natural dandru treatment
Reetha, which is soap nut, is an ideal solution to get rid of dandru. You can use powder of reetha and make
a paste out of it. Apply for two hours and rinse it o. This way you can treat dandru at home. Apples to
get rid of Dandru
Apply 2 tbsp. of apple juice mix in water directly to the scalp. Apples have enzymes that eliminate dead skin
cells that further causes scalp akes. Leave this home remedy on the scalp 5 to 10 minutes before washing
your hair. Tea Tree Oil to treat dandru
Tea tree oil is a natural home remedy for dandru. Tea tree oil has natural antiseptic and antibiotic properties,
which make it best to get rid of dandru. You can apply tea tree oil directly to the scalp, or add few drops
to your regular shampoo. Lemon and Garlic to cure dandru
Mix 1 tbsp. of lemon juice with 2 tbsp. of garlic. Apply paste to the scalp. Lemon juice will help you to
get rid of akes. Garlic is a natural antibiotic and is best to kill the bacteria on the scalp. Leave this anti
dandru treatment on scalp for 20 to 30 minutes and then shampoo your hair. Beetroot leaves and Henna
Crush beetroot leaves in heena powder to make a paste. Apply this mixture to remove dandru. Snake gourd
is a home remedy to treat dandru
Juice of snake gourd should be rubbed on the scalp. This will help to get rid of dandru Aspirin as a home
remedy to treat dandru
Two aspirin dissolved in the shampoo can let you get rid of dandru. Aspirin helps to ght dandru.
Rosemary to get rid of dandru Mix vinegar in oil of rosemary leaves (squeeze them). Use this home remedy
for dandru. You can also apply mixture of rosemary oil and coconut oil to your scalp to treat dandru.
Dandru can be prevented by washing your hair regularly or at every alternate day. This can help you to get
rid of dandru. Choose a home remedy for dandru, which suits you and use it constantly to treat dandru.
How to get Youthful and Glowing Skin (2012-08-20 23:24)
The fascinating process of ageing is still a mystery, and until we nd unravel it, its vital that appropriate
external care is taken to preserve youthful skin, to delay the formation of lines and wrinkles. Heres what
you can do:
Protect your skin The daily use of moisturisers and sunscreens acts as a barrier between the skin and the
elements. The application of a sunscreen before stepping out in the sun helps to protect against UV rays.
Since the skin is exposed to external factors, it loses moisture through the day, which can me compensated for
with the regular use of a good moisturizer. Exfoliation Exfoliation with [1]scrubs is an integral part of skin
care. Masks help in the removal of dead cells, apart from other benets too, like improving blood circulation
to the skin surface, tightening the skin and keeping it soft, smooth and youthful. Cleansing Night time
cleansing helps to get rid of the pollutants that have settled on the skin during the day. Remove all make up
with a cleanser, rather than a soap. Apply a nourishing cream daily at night, after cleansing. Massage it
on the face, with outward and slightly upward movements. Wipe o with moist cotton wool before bedtime.
Vulnerable areas During your skin care routine, pay attention to particular areas of the skin, which begin to
show ageing signs earlier than other parts of the face or body. These include the neck, the area around the
eyes and the hands. The skin around the eyes is very thin and delicate. It can get easily pulled or stretched.
So, be gentle while removing make up and creams. Apply a cleansing gel around the eyes and wipe it o
with moist cotton wool. Then apply an outer eye cream and leave it on only for ten minutes. Wipe it o
with moist cotton wool. Apply cream and massage it on the skin around your neck, starting from the chin
and going downwards. Use both the hands, one hand following the other. The pressure should be applied
while going down towards the chin. The hands begin to show ageing signs earlier than most other parts of
the body. Protect them by wearing rubber gloves when you perform your washing chores. Massaging a cream
into the skin after your bath, or after household chores.
Home ingredients to get Glowing Skin (2012-08-20 23:26)
Scrub: Take one teaspoon oatmeal and one teaspoon ground almonds. Add curd. Apply on the face and rub
gently with circular movements. Then wash it o with water.
For dry skin, use only once a week.
For oily skin, use three or four times a week. Orange and lemon peels can also be dried, powdered and added
to scrubs. Vegetable mask: Boil carrots, cabbage and turnip in water. Strain, cool and keep the water. It
can be used to wash the face. Mash the vegetables into a pulp and apply as a nourishing face mask. Wash it
o with plain water after 20 minutes. Fruit mask for all skin types: Mash fruits like banana, apple, papaya
and orange and mix together and apply it on the face. They should be mashed or made into a pulp. Keep it
on for 20 to 30 minutes. Papaya is rich in enzymes and helps to cleanse dead skin cells. Banana tightens
the skin. Apple contains pectin and helps to cleanse the skin. Orange is rich in Vitamin C. It restores the
normal acid-alkaline balance. Mask for normal to dry skin: Mix half a teaspoon honey with the yolk of an
egg and one teaspoon dried milk powder. Mix into a paste and apply on the face. Remove after 20 minutes
with plain water. For the area around your eyes: Apply pure almond oil sparingly around eyes and massage
gently for one minute using only the ring nger. For puy eyes: Apply a compress of iced water or cold milk
directly over closed lids and leave for 15 to 20 minutes. For hands: Take 2 tablespoons granulated sugar and
add a few drops of oil and lemon juice just before application. Take it on the palms and rub hands together
till the sugar dissolves. Leave on for 10 minutes and wash o with water.
How to get Healthy Hair (2012-08-20 23:36)
Top 20 Tips to get Healthy Hair: 1 A well-balanced diet is the best way to keep your hair healthy and
strong. Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, nuts, brown rice, beans and pulses, and youll have tresses in
top condition in no time. 2 Use the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type. Pick a combo for
ne, greasy, dry or coloured hair, and stick to it! Theres a specialist product made to care especially for
you. 3 The sun, even during winter, has drying eects on your hair and can fade colour. Use products that
contain sunscreens and cover up in direct sunlight during the summer. 4 Massaging your scalp for a few
minutes each day will stimulate circulation and remove dead skin cells, helping to prevent dandru. 5 If you
have oily hair, rinse it with diluted, fresh lemon juice or cider vinegar for superb shine, and to eradicate
those greasy roots. 6 Shoulder-length hair is, on average, about two years old, so treat it like a piece of ne,
old lace. Avoid unnecessary brushing, combing or handling use soft bristles that ex in the brush. 7 Pay
careful attention to how you wash your tresses: rub shampoo into the palms of your hands and distribute
evenly, lather and repeat with half as much shampoo. Rinse and apply a matching conditioner mainly to the
ends and mid-lengths. 8 If you lead a busy life and dont have time to cook, supplement your diet with the
hair-building vitamins B6, B12, evening primrose oil, folic acid and a good multivitamin. 9 Help your hair to
reach its growth potential by eating well and getting lots of sleep. 10 Stress and negative emotions can play
a part in hair loss, aky scalp conditions and excess sebum (oil) production. Find time to relax and de-stress
for healthy locks. 11 Wash your locks with warm water. Hot water stimulates sebum production in the scalp
and can lead to greasiness. 12 Have regular trims. Any stylist will recommend you visit the salon every six
to eight weeks to zap split ends and encourage the hair to feel healthier. 13 Moving between cold and warm
environments during the winter is very stressful for your tresses. Replace lost moisture with a weekly deep
conditioner for improved shine. 14 Reduce the impact of heat styling with a good protector spray or balm.
Choose a non-greasy product that wont weigh your hair down. 15 Boost your colour, natural or dyed, with
a specialist shampoo and conditioner, followed by a colour shot or leave-in colour protector. 16 If youre keen
on swimming or the gym, you may need to wash every day. Use a gentle, moisturising shampoo and light
conditioner to prevent over-cleaning. 17 Deep cleanse your tresses weekly to remove any product build-up
and revitalise your colour. 18 Eliminate smoking, caeine and zzy drinks from your life it will make your
hair grow stronger and longer. 19 Seal the cuticle of your strands and boost shine with a blast of cool water
after nishing your cleansing regime. 20 If you live in a hard water area, dont over-lather a dying shampoo.
Instead, wash it out immediately and re-lather with more.
How to get rid of oily skin naturally (2012-08-20 23:47)
Many women and men nowadays experiences problems with oily skin and want to know how to get rid of oily
skin naturally and fast. Oily skin becomes a very frustrating issue when it causes acne, blackheads, blemishes,
zits, and other skin problems.
First of all, we should know that causes of oily skin are: hereditary problems and secretion of sebum in excess
quantities by oil glands. We cant eliminate the rst cause, but we can handle with the second cause using
few simple skin care tips and skin treatments.
Remove excess quantities of sebum
To get rid of oily skin we have to minimize the amount of unnecessary sebum on our skin. Sebum is natural
moisturizer and it help to protect our skin from aggressive environmental factors: high or low humidity,
extreme temperature, sand and dust. Oil glands produce it regularly and the only thing you should do is to
remove excess quantities of sebum twice a day: in the morning and before going to sleep. Also you can wash
your skin when you feel that it becomes too oily. But dont do it too frequently, because it can causes extra
sebum production. Use hot water to wash your face, because it removes oil much better than cold water.
Avoid using soap or a creamy cleanser to wash your face. Soap can overdry your skin and make it aky and
oily cleanser will leave too much oil on your skin.
Simple washing routine
Every night before you go to bed, wash your face using simple and highly eective technique: wash it with
hot water, then wash your face with cold water. Repeat it 5-7 times. It will boost blood circulation and clear
pores deeply.
After washing your face perform a face massage. Massaging forehead, cheeks, chin, nose, temples will open
pores. Then, wash your face again to clean opened pores.
Control your nutrition to get rid of oily skin
Further, in order to control production of oil by your skins pores, and to get rid of oily skin you should
control your nutrition. Our body use fats from food to produce skin oil and hormones. Dierent hormone
levels can boost or reduce production of oil. Try to add more vegetables and remove fatty foods from your
ration. Visit endocrinologist and dermatologist. They can consult you about proper nutrition. To keep proper
level of hormones you should try not to worry, reduce the level of stress and anxiety. Stress and cause rapid
change of hormones level and boost production of skin oil. Also you should maintain the level of water in
your body. Drink 2 liters of fresh water everyday to keep your metabolism on good level. It will help you to
get rid of oily skin naturally.
Use water-based skin care products
The next tip to get rid of oily skin is to use water-based skin care products. They dont contain oil, thats
why they are suitable for you if you have oily skin. Also avoid using alcohol-base toners. Alcohol cleans skin
very good, but it almost always overdry it. Find right oily skin cleanser and moisturizer for oily skin. Also
you can try to use skincare products based on glycolic acid. Glycolic acid is used as a natural skin exfoliant
and moisturizer. Its natural skin care product.
In conclusion I want to say, that there are dierent types of skin and there is no predetermined condition of
skin. It can changes aected by dierent inner or external factors. Oily skin treatment is not so dicult as
you cat think. Use recommendations youve found in this article and you will help your body to tune in the
production on skin oil and get rid of oily skin naturally.
How to get rid of Pimples with spot treatment (2012-08-20 23:58)
With acne troubling a lot of people today it truly is rather understandable why thousands of individuals
are in search of data on how to get rid of pimples quickly. With advancement in contemporary science and
technologies, a number of solutions enable you to in clearing your acne. A number of the solutions create
outcomes in a couple of days itself, even though other people take a bit longer. Here are some easy approaches
to get rid of pimples quick.
1. Spot treatment of pimples making use of over the counter goods containing salicylic acid or benzoyl
peroxide generate fantastic outcomes. You might need to experiment having a couple of merchandise to
obtain the item that works for you ideal. Some of these spot treatments may possibly be needed to be left
overnight. Be sure you dont overuse any of these merchandise. Overuse may possibly result in itchy skin
with akes coming out. Attempt and follow the usage directions that come with the item. If you would like
to go the natural way then tea tree oil is suppose to be as ecient as a benzoyl peroxide based item having a
ve % concentration.
2. One more gift from modern day technologies to get rid of pimples rapidly will be the zap device. These
devices kill the acne causing bacteria utilizing a high frequency existing. A modest electrode is run over your
pimples. You are going to not have any discomfort but just a tingle when the electrode is applied to your
pimples. Immediately after a couple of hours your acne would turn into signicantly smaller and practically
unnoticeable. Some of these zit zapper devices might be bought from your nearby drug shops. These are
easy to operate devices that function working with a battery. These two spot treatments really should allow
you to get rid of pimples in some days. Having a device like the zit zapper some of you could notice marked
improvement overnight itself.
The following are ve natural pimple treatments which will enable you to get rid of your stubborn pimple
Cucumber Cucumber has special cooling properties, which aid to soothe and calm the skin. It also assists
in ghting pimples by lowering inammation and swelling.
Aloe Vera Aloe Vera could be termed a miracle plant, due to the fact it doesnt only cure stubborn
pimples but also reduces acne scars. It reduces pimples inammation and swelling, and speeds ups the
skins healing method.
Charcoal Charcoal is pretty ecient within the treatment of stubborn pimples. As 1 of the vital
properties or ingredients of face mask, it assists to cure pimples by absorbing excess oil within the skin, which
is caused by excess production of sebum, a main factor in pimples breakouts. Green Tea Green Tea is
wealthy in antioxidants, which is vital in assisting the body to get rid of no cost radicals which are injurious
to wellness. It similarly assists in removing impurities from the body which can result or result in acne. It
also reduces inammation and assists the body to ght against infections.
Willow Bark Willow Bark, a loved ones of salicylic acid, is an additional natural pimple treatment that
works. Willow bark alleviates pains and discomforts occasioned or related to pimples. It also ghts against
skin infections and inammations.
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Acne Scars Treatment (2012-08-21 00:02)
If you want to get rid of these terrible acne scars highly eective acne scar treatment is available nowadays.
Having acne scars is almost everyones problem. From the age of adolescence till adult hood, acne scars are
visible to others. Normally simple medications can reduce acne to the minimum eects. Still some severe
cases have to undergo dierent procedures. From the past few decades many dierent state of the art acne
scars treatments have been developed.
Getting in touch with a skin specialist will be the rst best thing to do before any rash decision is taken.
That is because the skin type may or may not be able to withstand the eects of particular medications or
procedures. Normally, it is better to have simple medications then opting for the skin procedures. That is
because skin operation can result in paying heavy bills, and well the procedures are painful as well. Painful,
because the patient has to stay semi conscious and light anesthesia is used for this reason.
Explaining in further details the medical procedures used for doing acne scar treatmentrange from light
exposure to laser treatments. Namely there are ve dierent skin procedures that help to permanently
remove the acne scars. Depending upon the severity of the acne scars, skin specialists recommend the proper
procedures. There are many approaches to acne scars treatment, and selecting the best one is a dicult
As the new era of technology has arrived many changes are made in the medical industry as well. Dermabra-
sion for example is a cosmetic medical procedure which cuts o the damaged skin. In the past decades this
operation was done by electric sterilized sander. Now however laser makes the operation bloodless. This
procedure is considered to be the most used in average cases. Deep scars however are made less visible if not
completely healed. Acne scars treatments are becoming more modernized with the help of laser.
Another very useful acne scar treatment is the photo-therapy. In this procedure red and blue ultra violet
light of high concentration is exposed to acne aected area. It is said that it has a high success rate if used
daily. Again this depends upon the sensitivity of the skin, one has. It is said that phototherapy reduces the
acne problems to almost 60 percent. Still depending upon the severity of the scars any particular treatment
should be taken.
Further advancement in the phototherapy procedure is photo-dynamic therapy. Various dermatologists
around the world are still skeptical to this notion. Perhaps this is why it has not been advised too often.
Acne scars treatments have been improved in many dimensions namely the surgical instruments which were
used before have now been replaced by laser. In the past decades patients had to wait for months before they
were really recovered. Now with the help of many new studies the treatment has improved, so that minimum
time of recovery is required.
Laser surgery has become very common for patients suering with extreme acne problems. In some cases the
pores of the skin get blocked, and in others oils start to get blocked in the pores creating boils on the skin.
Through surgical lancing they can be easily drained out. This however comes in extreme cases and is found
to be quite rare. Depending directly on the type of the acne, certain procedures are to be taken because side
eects may become adverse.
There are some side eects to the top rated acne scars treatments as well. From dryness of the skin to skin
blackening, many things may come under the side eects. Scientists are still working on the laser procedures
that through laser other infections can also take place. That is why there are always restrictions to such
serious skin procedures.
Dermatologists specialize in the skin types and skin care. Their consultation will always be encouraged and
is benecial. Dermatologists normally encourage using medicines and improving diet controls. Diet of any
person is one of the most prominent reasons for having acne scars on the rst place. Perhaps this is why
dermatologists around the world encourage the practice of healthy food and water intake.
Medications for acne scars treatment range from herbal to antibiotics. Both of these medicines have high
success rates and low side eects comparing with skin procedures. The healing time may be longer but
they can provide lasting results and can be very economical. Aloe Vera is considered to be the best natural
medicine for acne. Its application is very simple: just cut a piece if aloe Vera split in half than apply the gel
inside on the acne aected area.
Aloe Vera has no side eect apart from slight dryness when applied to the face. When rinsed with water skin
gets very fresh and clean. Medicated soaps are another example of much used acne scars treatments. That is
perhaps because their application is very simple. They tend to provide good eects as well compared to the
antibiotics. However must be very careful not to try dierent treatments at once for that can create skin
sensitivity issue.
Lastly the best probable acne scar treatment can only be justied after consulting a good dermatologist.
This way good treatment can be obtained without much suering of any kind. It is suggested that the best
possible solution is to x the problem before a correction is to be made. This way, less time could be wasted.
That is why avoiding acne by keeping a good diet is the best acne scar treatment.
50 ways to get Fair Skin Naturally (2012-08-21 00:12)
All want to have a fair face, but only few are blessed to have a really fair complexion. But, do not let worry
dominate your mindscape. You do not have to splurge a lot of money in the beauty parlours to get fairer
skin or buy expensive fairness cream. The only thing you need to buy a good sunscreen (SPF 30+) before
stepping out of home, and when you are at home, it is necessary to wear sun block (SPF 15). You can get fair
skin at home by using the products which are available in your kitchen. Here are some tips for getting fair
skin at home, which must be used only when you use a good sun block. 1. Scrub a half of lemon on your face
daily to lighten your skin tone. Lemon is an excellent bleaching agent, and it is very helpful in ironing out
the blemishes of the face. Try this home remedy for getting fair skin at home. 2. Squeeze a juice of potato in
a bowl, and apply this on your skin to bleach your face. Your skins will get fair gradually after using this
home remedy . 3. Use tomato mashed tomato pulp on your skin to give a pinkish glow to your skin. Tomato
is very good for giving you fair skin tone . Home remedy of tomato also absorbs excess oil of your face to
treat open pores of your face. 4. Home remedy of lemon juice and honey in equal quantity and apply on
the skin to get fair skin. 5. Take half teaspoon of honey with a pinch of cinnamon; apply on your face to
get fair skin at home. 6. Apply cucumber juice with lemon juice to lighten your skin. This home remedy is
very useful for making oily skin fair. 7. Apply plain curd on your skin to get fair and soft skin. Curd is a
good source of zinc and lactic acid, both aid in lightening the skin tone.Curd is an excellent home remedy for
getting fair skin. 8. Apply coconut water to get fair and awless skin at home . This home remedy is helpful
in lightening the scar of chicken pox also. 9. Massage your skin with almond oil or olive oil to get fair and
soft skin, you can add a pinch of saron to get better results. You can use this home remedy for your small
babies at home also. 10. Mix 1 spoon of milk powder, 1 spoon of lemon juice and 1 spoon of almond oil.
Apply this concoction on your skin; leave it on for 15 minutes before washing o. This is an eective skin
lightening mask. This home remedy gives excellent results in getting fair skin at home. 11. Home remedy
of Cucumber juice mixed with honey is very useful for making dry skin fairer. 12. Apply egg white on face
twice a week to get fairer skin. Use this home remedy if you have to make your oily skin fair at home. 13.
Mix oatmeal, curd with tomato to make a face pack for getting fair skin at home. 14. Mash a tomato and
pour 4-5 drops of lemon juice, and apply this home remedy on your skin to get fair skin. 15. Mix papaya,
honey, milk and milk power, and apply this home remedy on your skin to get fairer face instantly. This
remedy is good for oily skin. 16. Apply sandalwood paste mixed with almond oil to get fair skin. This home
remedy is a good home facial for getting fair skin at home. 17. Soak up almonds in the raw milk overnight,
and grind it to apply on your skin. It is an excellent home remedy in giving you fairer skin tone. 18. Using
raw milk on your skin lightens your skin tone. You can use this remedy on your babies also to get fair skin.
19. Clean your face with raw milk in which a pinch of saron is added. Use this home remedy with cotton
pads daily to get fairer and clearer skin at home daily. 20. Use home remedy of fullers earth (multani mitti)
with sandal wood paste to get fair and glowing skin at home. 21. Take 2 table spoon gram our(besan) , 1
spoon of raw milk, 6 drops of lime juice with few drops of olive oil to make face pack to get fair skin. This
home remedy is good for all skin types. 22. Boil cumin seeds in water, and rinse your face with this water
to reveal fair and radiant skin. Use this home remedy for getting fair and radiant skin at home. 23. Apply
lentil (masoor daal) with milk or curd. This home remedy is very good face pack for getting fair face ,and
body. Use it daily to get results in 15 days. 24. Grind the dried orange peel and mix it with milk or curd to
l get fair skin tone. 25. Boil radish in the water and apply this water on the face to get fair skin at home.
26. Soak black gram (urad) with 4 almonds in the raw milk and grind it in the morning Apply this pack on
your skin to get excellent results to lighten your skin in few days if used daily. This home remedy is excellent
in getting fair skin at home. 27. Mix 2 spoon of mint juice with half spoon of lemon juice.Use this home
remedy on your skin to get fairer skin; this pack knocks out the whiteheads as well as exfoliates the skin.
28. Apply the juice of ripe pineapple to get fair skin naturally at home. 29. Mix cucumber pulp (grated)
with curd to apply on your skin, and see your skin gets fairer in few days.Try this home remedy for sure. 30.
Home remedy of Fullers earth (multani mitti) mixed with rose water to make it skin lightener for oily skin.
31. Mix watermelon with papaya to get makes a fairness face pack to get fair skin at home for oily skin. 32.
Grind chirongi (sunower seeds) which has been soaked up in milk overnight with few strands of saron to
get fairer skin. This remedy is best for very dark skinned people. Use this remedy to daily to make even
dusky complexion lighter. It will take time to improve your complexion if you have dark skin, but it will
work surely. So, have patience. You can trust this home remedy if if have really dusky tone, it will help you
in getting fair skin at home in few months or years. 33. Apply turmeric with honey and lemon to get fairer
skin. Do not use this if have dark skin. 34. You can use this excellent home remedy of liquorice with honey
to get fair skin. 35. Mix 1 egg yolk, 1 spoon of curd, 1 spoon of fullers earth, 1 spoon of honey to make a
face pack to make your skin fair as well as tightening the skin.This home remedy is helpful in getting fair
skin at home. 36. Take 2 spoon of sugar with juice of a lemon to scrub your face. Scrub your face till sugar
granules do not melt . Use it on your face, neck, elbows, legs to get fairer and softer skin. Do not do this if
you have pimples on your face as pimples will burst in the process of scrubbing. This home remedy is helpful
in getting you fair and smooth skin. 37. Use home remedy of lentil with rice after grinding to make it a skin
lightening scrub for your face. 38. Home remedy made by Mixing turmeric, cream (malai) and gram our to
exfoliate your face on the alternate day to get fairer skin. Exercise caution while using turmeric, as it will
give yellowish tinge to your face. 39. Spray rose water on the skin to get fair skin. 40. Breadcrumbs with
cream (malai), when applied daily make you fair. 41. Face pack of saron with cream( malai )makes you fair.
42. Malai with besan(gram our) is the best for dry skin, this home remedy will help you in getting you fair
skin. 43. Malai with curd works well in making you fairer. Try this home remedy to get creamy and fair skin
at home. 44. Home remedy of Curd with honey is a skin lightener. Use this home remedy for 15 days to
get fairer skin like never before. 45. Home remedy of Curd with lemon works good for giving you fair and
silky skin. 46. Curd with tomato will give you excellent result, if you use it before bedtime daily. Try this
home remedy for getting fair skin at home. 47. Coconut oil is helpful in giving you light skin. 48. Milk and
chapatti (bread) is very good fairness facial mask at home. Mash bread (chapatti) in milk to make a paste to
apply, see results in just 15 minutes after washing o. this home remedy helps you in getting you fair skin at
home. 49. Home remedy of Milk powder with honey makes your skin light and eases out ne lines of dry
skin. 50. Home remedy of Milk with honey will help in getting you fairer if you use it daily. Note -Wherever
the word milk has been used, it stands for raw milk.
Very eective Natural ways to get Fair Skin (2012-08-21 00:19)
Few very good masks to lighten the skin tone and add a glow to the complexion. continue to care your skin
is always important to maintain your skin and look fresh all the time.
Mix 1 table spoon of milk powder, 1 table spoon of honey, 1 table spoon of lemon juice, and table spoon
of almond oil. Apply on face and wash o after 10-15 minutes. This pack helps bring shine to the skin and
also removes tan.
You can do a fairness massage easily at the privacy of your home. Soak four almonds overnight. In the
morning remove their skin and grind them ne. Make a paste by adding one teaspoon of gram our, one
teaspoon of milk and four drops of limejuice. A regular massage with this paste will assure a long lasting
fairness to you.
For 15 days, apply a paste of gram our (besan), milk (2 teaspoon) and lime juice(3-4 drops) on face and
neck for 15 minutes and wash with water. You complexion should improve. Repeat every 2 weeks.
This is best home remedy for dark skin. Sandalwood is one of the most expensive, most exotic, and most
aromatic plants known to humans. Sandalwood has a use in treating most skin problems. It is a cooling agent,
stimulant, and blood purier. It protects skin from the suns rays, acts an anti-aging agent, and keeps skin
smooth and aromatic. Sandalwood is extremely eective on pimples, prickly heat, skin erruptions, itching,
rashes, spots, freckles, and swellings.
Mix oatmeal with yogurt and tomato juice and apply on the face. Wash it with cold water after 15 minutes.
Apply a mixture of 3-4 drops of lime juice and a grated tomato on face and neck for 15 minutes for 15
days. Wash with cold water. Mix almond, neem leaf , turmeric, sandlewood and poppy seeds. Blend this
mixture into a ne paste using milk . Apply this paste on face and allow it to dry. remove the dried mask by
massaging your face in circular motion and wash your face using luke warm water.
Wheat germ scrub:
1 tablespoon oatmeal powder
1 tablespoon wheat germ (powder)
1 tablespoon skimmed milk powder
1 teaspoon sandal wood powder.
This is a popular herb for dark skin. Rose oil is a cooling agent and is excellent for tired skin. It is a good
source of vitamins C and E. Rose oil has a very pleasant fragrance to it. It removes dead cells from the skin,
and provides relief from burns. It slows the aging process and balances the skins chemistry. Rose oil is used
for cleansing, toning, moisturizing, and nourishing of the skin.
Mash the cucmber with the skin still on to get the juice. You may then need to squeeze the juice out with
your hands. You can use lime juice with haldi and besan, and scrub your face with this to try and remove
the tan. However. simply applying lime juice and cucumber will help lighten skin over time.
Fair look, dry skin:
Apply a mixture of equal amounts of cucumber juice and honey on the face and whole body. Leave it for 15
minutes and wash o.
Fair look, oily skin:
Apply a mixture of equal amounts of lemon and cucumber juice on the face and whole body. Leave it for 15
minutes and wash o.
How to Apply Lip Gloss (2012-08-22 21:45)
For a sexy, youthful smile, use lip gloss. It produces a moist, healthy look. Combining shades and brushing it
on can bring out the artist in you. All day wear and lip plumping formulations can make your lip gloss worry
free and fun. Follow these simple and easy steps to apply lip gloss like an expert:
1. Prepare your lip surface. Use a colorless lip balm or conditioner. This will moisturize and smooth dry
spots, rough patches and cracks. Your lip gloss will glide on easily and adhere well.
2. Select the right color of lip gloss. For daytime wear, choose a color that is close to your natural lip color.
Try clear, nude or light shades of pink, mauve or lavender. Customize your color by mixing several shades
in the palm of your hand. For a night party you can use darker colors with added shimmer or glitter for a
sexier look.
3. Locate your lip brush. This is a pencil thin brush with a at end. The brush shape provides you with
good control for even coverage.
4. Dab your lip brush into your lip gloss and then onto the center of your upper lip. Use your lip brush to
paint the gloss from the center to the outer edges of your lip.
5. Apply more lip gloss to the lower lip. Move your lip brush slowly from one corner of the lower lip toward
the other to distribute the gloss evenly.
6. Using lip gloss to enhance the color of your lips and the overall eect of your makeup is an easy process to
learn. There are several tricks to applying lip gloss, so that it will not only improve your appearance, but
also ensure that you make the most of what lip gloss has to oer. Read on to discover the secrets of using lip
gloss to its full advantage.
7. Choose your gloss. Consider avor as well as color. Fruity glosses are not only gorgeous theyre also
delicious and fun!
8. Decide whether you want to wear your lip gloss over your lipstick. For a more natural look, wear lip gloss
without lipstick.
9. Apply a light layer of lip balm, to your lips. This light layer not only protects your lips against the
elements, but it also helps your lipstick and lip gloss last longer.
10. Dust your lips with a light dab of pressed powder. This will help your lip color and gloss last as long as
11. Always add some extra gloss to the center of the mouth to make your lips look fuller.
How to get rid of Wrinkles at home (2012-08-22 22:03)
Wrinkles generally are due to age, Stress and dry skin. You should always keep the areas around the eyes
mouth and nose and also the neck well cared for and moisturized.
Tip 1:
Take 1 tbsp of cold milk and add 3-4 drops of lime juice. Rub this paste well into the wrinkles before going
to sleep. The next morning wash with warm water and dry with a rough towel rmly. Once again rub in the
cream - in the direction opposite to the wrinkles. Wait for an hour and wash, avoid using soap.
Tip 2:
Rub the pulp of a ripe Papaya on the face and leave for an hour before washing.
This is a very good toner also.
Tip 3:
Rub almond oil on the wrinkles in upward strokes. Leave overnight and wash with warm water next morning.
Tip 4:
Cut open a Vitamin -E capsule, add tsp of glycerine and apply. Wash after 15- 20 minutes.
Tip 5:
Add tsp honey to 1 tsp rice powder. Smoothen the lines with this paste. Leave for an hour and wash.
Tip 6:
Mix 1 tsp honey with 1 tsp of milk cream. Apply well. Wash after 20 minutes.
Note: Treatment for wrinkles should be done everyday for a period of 30 - 40 days to have visible results.
How to Lighten a Tan (2012-08-22 23:55)
The skin gets a tan due to long periods of exposure to sunlight especially in Winter when the suns rays are
more direct. Any of the treatments given below should be done regularly for a week at least.
Wash the face and arms well. Mash some ripe strawberries and apply as a paste. Leave it on for 15-20
minutes. Tips 1:
Powder the kernel of a walnut and mix the powder with1 tbsp of milk. Apply and leave for 20 minutes.
Tips 2:
Honey 1 tsp with a few drops of vinegar applied for an hour.
Tips 3:
Soya beans our 1 tbsp with 1 tbsp of milk applied for an hour.
Tips 4:
Apply grated tomato pulp mixed with cucumber juice. 1 tbsp each. Wash after 20 minutes.
How to Reduce Open Pores (2012-08-22 23:58)
Any vegetable or fruit that has an astringent quality will help smoothen uneven skin texture and reduce open
pores. Tomato juice to which a few drops of lime juice has been added. Apply on open pores for 20 minutes.
Wash with cold water.
The juice or pulp of Pineapple and Peaches and Papaya are very good. Always wash your face with cold
water after steaming. In humid weather wash the face 2-3 times with cold water. If you have powdered
orange peel, use this in place of soap.
How to get Sparkling White Teeth Naturally (2012-08-23 00:03)
Do you think its possible to smile widely and be condent that your teeth are sparkling white? The answer
is Yes and without spending a fortune on dental cosmetics! What we need are ingredients, which are simple
to use and are easily available.
Rubbing the inside brous part of the peel, of a ripe banana, makes your teeth sparkle.
Juice of half a lemon when rubbed rmly but gently on the teeth removes yellow stains and tartar.
Half a teaspoon of baking soda to which a pinch of salt is added and rubbed on the teeth with a ngertip
shows excellent results.
Strawberries are very good for whitening teeth. They can be rubbed on the teeth in pureed form or cut into
halves and used.
For quick results dip your toothbrush in hydrogen peroxide and then gently brush the teeth.
Table salt may be used to rub stains o the teeth. Use ngertips for best results.
Use the inside of an orange peel to rub the teeth for good results.
Munching on crunchy fruits and vegetables like apples, carrots, cucumber, celery and parsley help in removing
stains on teeth.
Fizzy drinks peel away the tooth enamel due to the acids in them and make the teeth weak and yellowish.
Drugs like cocaine, ecstasy, etc, are not only bad for health but also have a telling aect on the teeth as they
restrict blood ow to the gums and cause extensive gum damage.
Smoking is also a major dont for dental health as well as for general health. Nicotine leaves a residue on
teeth causing yellowish stains on them.
Dark colored juices, like cranberry juice, leave stains on teeth due to the pigment and sugar they contain.
Drink such juices with a straw.
Black coee is also a culprit against sparkling, white teeth.
Tomato sauce and balsamic vinegar are said to cause staining of teeth.
Red wine is said to stain the teeth as well as wear away tooth enamel. It is easiest to swish some plain water
in the mouth while at parties.
It is better to drink green tea or herbal tea as black tea does cause some staining on the teeth.
How to get a Fairer Complexion (2012-08-23 00:24)
The masks mentioned below are very good to lighten the skin tone and add a glow to the complexion. They
must be followed for the specied time and inculcated as a daily routine.
Tip 1:
Soak 4 almonds overnight. Make a very ne paste with them, using milk to grind them.
Apply this paste on the neck and face before going to bed. Wash with cold water in the morning. Repeat
daily for 15 days, followed by twice a week.
Tip 2:
Take 1 tbsp of gram our and 2 tsp of raw milk and 2-3 drops of lime juice. Mix well and apply. Wash after
15 minutes. Repeat for 4 weeks and follow up with once a week.
Tip 3:
Grind a cup of mint leaves to a ne paste. Apply and leave for 20 minutes. Wash. Continue for 15 days.
Tip 4:
Grate a tomato. Add 2-3 drops of lime juice. Apply and wash after 20 minutes. Do this morning and evening
for 15 - 20 days. Apply well on the neck area also.
Tip 5:
Diluted Vinegar
Potato juice with 2-3 drops of lime juice.
Cucumber juice with 2-3 drops of lime juice.
Diluted lime juice.
How to Get Soft & Pinkish Lips Naturally (2012-08-23 00:26)
Healthy and pink lips are every girls dream. Texture and colour of your lips can reveal a lot about your
health and lifestyle. The trend of smoking, consuming alcohol and trying out dierent cosmetics on your
lips can make them look dark and unhealthy. When the face is beautiful, why detract the allure with dark,
chapped and dry lips. With a little bit of care, you can achieve pink, luscious and attractive lips, as you ever
Apply honey on lips at bedtime and massage with a soft brush next morning this will clear the entire dry
and scaly layer on the lips.
Take a handful of rose petals, add some cream and make paste and apply on the lips, you will see your lips
become soft and pink.
Half a teaspoon of olive oil, sugar and honey, mixed well and applied on lips will pinken and soften lips.
Grate some beet and squeeze out the juice. This applied on the lips will denitely give you soft, pink lips.
Coriander juice, carrot juice and mint juice are all benecial for soft and pink lips.
Slice a lime into half and apply on lips in a circular motion.
Apply the cream that is got from boiled milk, it moisturizes the lips and keeps them soft.
Two to three raspberries mixed with a spoon of aloe vera gel and a drop of honey is a great way to achieve
pink lips.
A mixture of glycerin and lime juice at a 1:1 ratio will signicantly lighten dark lips.
Regular use of Vaseline or petroleum jelly will keep the lips soft at all times.
How to remove Chewing Gum Stuck in Hair (2012-08-23 00:34)
For reasons only known to them, children at times have chewing gum stuck on their hair.
Apply some Honey on the gum, at times when an ice cube is rubbed it also helps to remove the sticky stu.
How to Get Sparkling Eyes (2012-08-23 00:36)
Sparkling, beautiful eyes are the best assets a woman can have. Do take time to cater to the special care
that eyes need regularly.
Eat enough of Vitamin A and C. Take special care in the choice of eye make-up. Dont use make-up that can
irritate and harm the eyes. Avoid spending too much time in smoky rooms and dont neglect a check-up on
a regular basis.
Tip 1:
Soak 1 tspn dry Gooseberry powder in a cup of water overnight. Strain this in the morning and add 1 cup of
plain water to this. Splash the eyes with this or wash them with the help of an eyecup.
Tip 2:
Dip a pad of cotton wool in some Rose water to which 2-3 drops of Castor oil is added. Place these soaked
pads on the eyelids and relax for 15-20 minutes.
Tip 3:
Splash the eyes with a weak tea solution, thoroughly strained and cooled.
Tip 4:
Cotton pads dipped in a cold tea solution and placed on the eyelids whilst relaxing.
How to get rid of dark elbows and knees (2012-08-23 01:04)
Tip 1:
Rub with limejuice, leave for10-15 minutes. Soak a towel in hot water and scrub rmly.
Tip 2:
Mix 1 tspn coconut oil with a tspn of limejuice. Apply and wash in the same way with a hot towel.
Rough Hands and Feet :
Tip 1:
Soak hands and feet in water to which corn our has been added. Soak for 5-10 minutes.
Tip 2:
Roast an onion, mash and make a paste. Apply on cracked heels. Wash after 20 minutes.Continue for a
month till the cracks heal.
Tip 3:
After a bath massage Mustard oil well into hands and feet. Wash with water and pat with a towel to dry.
Tip 4:
Add tspn Vinegar to a cup of curds. Massage feet and ankles well with this Wash after 5 minutes.
Tip 5:
For cracks in heels, mix Candle wax with Mustard oil. Heat and apply. Wear socks and leave overnight.
Calluses :
Crush 6 Aspirin tablets in 1cup of water with 1 tspn limejuice. Coat the calluses with this. Cover with a
warm towel. After 10 minutes scrub with a pumice stone and wash.
Weekly :
Once a week in a bucket of water add 2 tblspns of Vinegar and 1 tspn of limejuice. Add a gentle shampoo
and soak ands and feet for 10-15 minutes. Rub with a pumice stone and then have a bath.
How to get rid of Dark Under Arms (2012-08-23 05:40)
Tip 1:
Take 1 tspn of Cucumber juice, 1 tspn of Limejuice and a pinch of Turmeric powder. Apply and leave for 20
minutes before washing.
Tip 2:
Apply a paste of 1 tspn of Gram our, a pinch of Turmeric powder and 1 tspn of Sandalwood powder, some
limejuice and milk. Wash after 20 minutes.
Hair Conditioning Solutions (2012-08-23 05:44)
Tip 1:
1 cup Henna powder
cup Yogurt
1 tspn Coee powder
1 Egg
Mix all these together. Keep in an iron pot or vessel overnight. Apply enerously and leave for 1 hour. Wash
well. Tip 2:
Soak 1 tspn fenugreek seeds for 3-4 hours. Grind to a ne paste. Rub into the scalp and leave for 1 hour.
Tip 3:
Rub the scalp with 1 cup of whey Leave for an hour Rinse with fresh water.
Tip 4:
For a nal rinse after washing hair add 2 tspns Vinegar to 1 mug of water.
Tip 5:
Add 1 tspn of limejuice to 1 mug of water.
Tip 6:
Rinse with at Beer.
Tip 7:
1 Egg white beaten well. This is added to a mug of water. Wait for 5 minutes and rinse again with fresh
Tip 8:
Apply a paste of Spinach leaves before washing. Adds life to dull hair.
Top 10 Beauty Tips (2012-08-23 05:54)
1. Brushing Up
Make body brushing a part of your daily routine. Scrubbing out dirt and grime is the least of its advantages.
Body brushing tones and stimulates skin, helping with the natural drainage of the lymph glands. It also
helps combat cellulite. When brushing, work towards the heart, up from your legs and thighs, and down
from your neck. Oh, and remember, skin should be dry while body-brushing, so make sure you have a soft
brush - you dont want abrasions that are hard to explain! 2. Banana Rama
For a great homemade face softener, try this: mash a banana and apply it to your face. Leave on for ten
minutes and wash o with lukewarm water. Your face feels like satin. Plus, it puts those over ripe gooey
bananas to good use!
3. Pearly White
Ever looked in the mirror and felt that your teeth were going from white to o-white to yellow? Take a hard
look at your habits. The biggest culprits in the teeth-yellowing process are tobacco, coee, tea and red wine.
So if you must indulge, brush your teeth afterwards whenever possible, or at least rinse with water.
4. Shades Of Summer
A snazzy pair of sunglasses not only looks great, but also delays the onset of crows feet (wrinkles on the
sides of the eyes) which are accelerated by squinting in the sun.
5. Peaches And Cream
Great looks come with great skin, so get crackin on that epidermis. Dirt and oil blocks pores causing
blackheads and pimples, while dirt, grime and pollutants are drawn to oily skin like moths to a ame. So
wash your face as often as possible, and cleanse at least twice a day. 6. Instant Glow
So youve just reached home after a nerve-wrecking day at the oce and have to leave immediately for a
dinner party thrown by your husbands most revered business client. How to get that glow in a ash? You
could cheat and layer on the blusher, but a better option would be to try this: simply mix equal amounts of
lemon and honey, apply it to your face and wash o after ten minutes.
7. Luscious Locks
Nothing improves the quality of your hair better than getting a regular oil massage. Get it done at home
once a week if you have a husband or mother-in-law that dotes on you, or visit your neighbourhood parlour.
8. All Steamed Up
After applying oil wrap your hair in a steaming towel for twenty minutes. Give your hair this steaming
treatment at least once a month. Steaming hair after applying oil helps it soak deeper into the follicles.
9. Fun In The Sun
The suns warmth may make you feel good but its ultraviolet rays over time cause at best, dry wrinkly skin
and at worst, skin cancer. Dont step out without loading on that sunscreen. In the summers, avoid stepping
out between 12:00 to 2:00 when the sun is at its peak.
10. Water, Water Everywhere
You can never drink too much water. It ushes out your toxins and is great for the skin, liver and just about
every conceivable body organ! It keeps you cool and feeling fresh, reduces dehydration and rejuvenates your
body cells. Drink at least ten glasses of water in a day. Bottoms up!
How to make Herbal Products at Home (2012-08-23 05:58)
Down the ages, Indian women have used simple, eective home-made remedies to look after their skin.
Skin Cleanser:
Found in your own kitchen is a simple, chemical free cleanser good ol unboiled milk. All you need to do is dip
a piece of cotton wool in milk and wipe your face with it. It also cleans unseen dirt and goes down into your
pores. Another ne cleanser is almond oil, especially eective in protecting the delicate skin under the eyes.
Skin Moisturizer:
For normal skin care, you can take 1 cup of yogurt, 1 tablespoon orange juice and 1 tablespoon lemon juice
and mix it into a paste. Apply it on your face as a mask and keep it on for 15 minutes. Then clean it o
with a wet tissue watch your complexion glow. For dry skin, you could use a mixture of cooked oatmeal and
honey; it will not only help moisturize the skin but also acts as a good cleansing agent.
Skin Nourishment and Bleach:
For nourishing your face try a protein mask. You can prepare this mask by rst soaking 1 tablespoon urad
dal and 4 almonds in water overnight and then grinding them into a paste. You can then apply this protein
mask to your face and wash it o after half an hour. This exceptional protein mask will not only nourish the
skin but also bleach it.
Wrinkle Prevention and Softer Skin:
To prevent wrinkles and soften your skin, you could try pure castor oil; it is known to slow down the aging
process of the skin.
Skin Conditioner:
Another simple and excellent skin conditioner that can be made out of 1 tbsp. honey blended with 2 tbsp.
cream (of milk). Leave it on for a few minutes and wash it o. It works like magic.
Skin Blemishes:
For skin blemishes, you can try rubbing a raw potato on your face.
Sun-Protection Lotion:
Its summer time. Time to cool o. So lets wind up with a good home-made sun-protection lotion. Take
cucumber juice and equal amounts of glycerine and rose water and make a concoction. This should be
refrigerated. Try it, its really cool.
Beauty Treatment from Kitchen (2012-08-23 06:01)
1.Watermelon juice clears the skin of all its blemishes leaving it fresh and lovely. Grate a watermelon, squeeze
out the juice and apply it on your face for 15 minutes. Now wash it with hot water and then splash on cold
2. Fenugreek leaves (methi) cure pimples, blackheads, dryness and early appearance of wrinkles. Make a
paste of these leaves and apply it every night. Next morning, wash o with warm water. This improves your
3. Tea leaves and lemon juice helps prevent hair fall. They also lead to soft and shiny hair. You need to boil
the leaves in water and strain out the tea. Add a little lemon juice to this concoction and wash your hair
with it. Rinse your hair thoroughly.
4. Bengal gram our (besan) mixed with curd can be applied daily on your face and hair! It will not only
give you a glowing complexion, but also long and lustrous locks.
5. Orange juice is great for an instant glow. All you need to do is dip your ngers in the juice and pat your
cheeks, chin, neck and forehead. Wash o after ten minutes.
Your kitchen shelf has been secretly storing all these beauty secrets for years. It is up to you to discover more.
And when you do, dont forget to share them with us!
Home Remedies to get Soft Skin (2012-08-23 21:37)
Easy and inexpensive home remedies to bid adieu to dry skin and aunt super soft, baby skin
Discipline is the key
Having the latest miracle product on your shelf will not automatically soften your skin. You have to moisturise,
every day after your shower, every evening after your wash and then moisturise some more.
Keep a moisturiser handy
Opt for the products for very dry skin and massage them into your elbows knees ankles every morning and
evening. In fact ll in a few handy sized bottles and keep them in the car, in your oce and inside your purse
and use them at every opportunity you get.
Oil massages
Try an oil massage with almond oil, olive oil or even the more humble coconut oil before your shower, also
adding a few drops of oil to your bath water moisturises your skin and keeps de-hydration and dryness at bay.
Avoid very hot water
While in the shower, avoid very hot water as it is known to de-hydrate the skin and avoid harsh soaps and
shower gels that will dry out your skin.
Home remedy wonders
Home remedies like milk cream or ghee also work wonders especially on stubborn areas like knees, ankles and
elbows. You could also try home made fruit packs from bananas or papayas to moisturise your arms and legs.
A honey and rosewater combination is good for moisturising the face and neck too.
With home remedies, its a trial and error process. Moreover, it takes time for you to see the desired results.
So, have patience and be regular with your skin care regime for soft and supple skin.
Use Lemon as Beauty Product (2012-08-23 21:41)
Lemon is believed to be a wonder fruit which is the cure for a hundred ailments. Blessed with myriad
properties and high sources of vitamin C, this tiny citrus fruit is today the key to most beauty solutions.
Read on to know more about the benets of lemon.
Instead of your morning cuppa of coee, squeeze in some lime juice into a glass of warm water and top it with
honey. Now do a bottoms up and you are on your way to good health. Keep those zits away by repeating
the drink daily and for that healthy glow.
For those of you with oily skin, nothing works like the good old lemon. Get that greasy look o your face
by just rubbing the wonder fruit on the face and neck area. Lemon can also be used as a hair conditioner;
rubbing a few drops of the juice on your hair can also help in getting rid of dandru. Combine it with henna
for that lovely shine.
Apply lemon juice with milk or cream before your daily bath. Leave it for 15 minutes, wash it o and get a
good dose of beauty sleep to wake up to a fresh glowing day.
Lemon when combined with other vegetables and fruits has a potent eect on the skin. For a younger looking
and fairer skin, just combine lime juice with cucumber juice and sprinkle some turmeric powder. Leave it for
half an hour before washing it o.
At night before going to bed, add some lime juice and glycerin to a glass of boiled milk. Smoothen it all over
your face and catch up on your beauty sleep!
Beauty Importance of Vitamin C (2012-08-23 21:44)
A suitable acid
Vitamin C is ascorbic acid in its purest form. A water-soluble vitamin, it gets easily ushed out of the body, a
strong reason why it needs to be consumed regularly. While most fruits and vegetables contain this vitamin
in small amounts, Indian
gooseberry or amla is the best source, says Dr Jamuna Pai, cosmetic physician and founder, Blush Clinics.
Extremely benecial for the entire body, either take it orally or use it as a cosmetic for your skin. It is
available in your cosmetics in the form of L-ascorbic acid, ascorbyl palmitate, tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate and
magnesium ascorbyl phosphate.
The great beauty benefactor
Vitamin C cream gives you a youthful glow and a healthy complexion. It is a potent nutrient for your skin,
which can work in many ways. Take, for instance, the biggest evil, the damage caused to your skin by sunlight
and pollution. This results in the formation of free radicals that eat away the collagen of your skin, causing
A vitamin C-enriched cream reaches deep down to synthesise collagen, which supports skin structure and
gives it a taut appearance. And once you use it, youre sure to notice other benets, such as protection from
UV-A and UV-B rays, lightening of hyper-pigmentation and improvement of a variety of inammatory skin
conditions, says Dr Jaishree Sharad, medical director and cosmetic dermatologist, Skinniti, Mumbai. For
great tresses, get the vitamin from fruits and veggies or from synthetic supplements.
Vitamin C improves the absorption of iron, glucosamine and other nutrients needed for healthy hair growth.
Vitamin C in your beauty regime
Dont use vitamin C creams on aky or sensitive skin, says Dr Sharad. When selecting a cream or serum,
go for one that has at least 3 to 10 per cent of vitamin C in it. Lower concentrations dont work. Look out
for ingredients like ascorbic acid, L-ascorbic acid, ascorbyl palmitate, sodium ascorbyl phosphate, retinyl
ascorbate, tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate, and magnesium ascorbyl phosphate in a cream or serum.
Dr Sharad recommends serums like Flavo-C by Auriga, C E Ferulic by Skinceuticals, Active C by La Roche
Posay, Obagi Professional C serum and SkinMedica Vitamin C+ E Complex. When taking it as a supplement,
the recommended dosage is 1,000-2,000 mg per day. Any more can cause a tummy upset!
How to Deal with Dierent Kinds of Acne (2012-08-23 21:52)
There is nothing more frustrating than starting the day with a face full of pimples especially when your
teenage years are a distant memory.
But the state of your skin could be your bodys way of telling you that something more serious is going
on. In Chinese medicine, every part of the face is indicative of how well dierent organs of your body are
performing. So taking notice of where spots are appearing could be the answer to curing them. Forehead
According to Chinese medicine, this is the area of the face that shows how well your body is eliminating
toxins, so too much red meat, saturated fat and alcohol could be to blame.
Spots around the eyebrow area could signify stress. Another culprit could be your fringe.
Women use a lot of hair products and these, along with sweat, can build up in the fringe area and cause
spots on the forehead, says Dr Tabi Leslie, consultant dermatologist in Londons Harley Street.
Blitz those zits
Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and drink herbal teas and water. Cut down on meat and alcohol and
keep your hair clean and sweat-free.
Rashes and pimples on the cheeks can be a sign you are suering from contact dermatitis, a mild skin allergy
to skincare products, make-up, perfume or even contact lens solution.
Acne-like spots in this area could mean you have rosacea, a common skin complaint.
Symptoms include facial ushing, visible blood vessels and highly sensitive skin. Alternatively, if the spots
are aky, you might be suering from inammatory skin condition, seborrheic dermatitis. See your GP for a
Blitz those zits
Avoid the triggers for rosacea, including exposure to sunlight, alcohol, cold weather and spicy foods. Cutting
back on dairy products can also help combat acne. You could also try applying a barrier cream between your
skin and make-up.
Suerers of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) tend to get acne around the mouth and chin, so if you notice
any other symptoms of the condition see a GP.
These include excessive body hair, diculty conceiving, weight gain, irregular periods and hair loss. Alter-
natively, rash-like spots around the mouth, where the skin looks red and lumpy, could mean that you have
perioral dermatitis.
This is most often accompanied by a burning sensation and can be caused by moisturisers, make-up, sunscreens
and the use of -steroids on the skin.
Blitz those zits Consider changing your moisturiser and foundation. Anti-ageing creams often contain
retin-A, which can aggravate the skin. Cracks and blemishes around the mouth can also signify a vitamin
deciency, such as vitamin C or iron, says Dr Leslie, adding, A healthy diet is vital.
Dirty mobile phones can be to blame when it comes to spots on the jawline.
But, according to Chinese medicine, problems in this area show that the adrenal glands have gone into
overdrive, which could mean that stress is the root cause of your spots.
If you have persistent breakouts its worth seeing your dentist as this can also suggest problems with your
Blitz those zits Clean your mobile phone and try holding it slightly away from your face. Get a dental
These can be hormonal, according to Dr Leslie. I often see hormonal patients who report a break-out of
spots at certain times of the month, she says.
But strangely spots in this area can also be caused by an allergy to nail varnish. Women tend to touch their
chins a lot without realising, so they would never associate spots with the chemicals on their nails or hands.
Blitz those zits Sadly theres not much you can do about hormonal breakouts but you can try over the
counter remedies and specialist treatments. If the problem is bad, your GP should be able to suggest a
contraceptive pill that will help.
Few people realise that shampoos and conditioners can be common triggers for head, neck and jawline pimples.
The preservatives and perfumes in shampoos can be harsh and sometimes irritate the skin. I often come
across women whose skin problems are also caused by spraying perfume on the neckline, says Dr Leslie.
Blitz those zits If you have long hair, tie it back at night to avoid contact with the skin. Also, try to use
shampoos and conditioners that are free from chemicals.
If you have spots on your legs, the most common cause is folliculitus. This starts when hair follicles are
blocked by friction from clothing or shaving.
In most cases, the follicles are then infected. The pores on the legs can become blocked very easily, says Dr
Leslie. If you are prone to in-growing hairs and blocked pores after hair removal avoid over-moisturising.
Blitz those zits After hair removal its vital to exfoliate and moisturise to prevent dead skin trapping hair
under the surface and cause in-growing hairs. Bathe the aected area in antiseptic to avoid reinfection and if
the problem persists try another method of hair removal.
Sporty types often notice spots on their backs due to a build-up of sweat. Also, the friction caused by your
handbag or carrying a rucksack can block pores and cause spots and blemishes on your shoulders.
Blitz those zits Shower immediately after doing sports, preferably using an antiseptic shower gel, and
ensure that your handbag or rucksack isnt too heavy.
Natural Summer Remedies for Skin & Hair (2012-08-23 21:54)
If you have been out in the sun too long and are now dealing with the consequences, cucumber may be just
what the doctor ordered. Cucumbers contain natural coolant properties, and when applied directly to the
skin can help both in the reduction of pain, as well as increase the healing process of the damaged skin. For
best results when treating sunburn, put some cucumber slices on it as soon as possible. Cucumber is one of
the best cooling beauty products. It can be applied on the face, eyes and feet to reduce that heat-induced
greasy feeling, says Mahima Trivedi, spa manager, Club Renaissance Spa. To get rid of your tan, use a
cucumber face pack, this acts like a natural bleach.
> Even if your skin is very oily in summer, dont discontinue the use of sunscreen. Use a gel-based sunscreen
instead of your regular cream-based sunblock.
> Apply fresh, cooled cucumber paste to the skin and leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes.
> Wash your face at least two to three times a day.
> Use a scrub once in 10 days, depending on the sensitivity of your skin.
> Aloe vera gel is also an excellent coolant and moisturiser for oily skin.
> Rub your face with ice cubes to close your pores to reduce breakouts. Ice also soothes burnt skin.
> Cool your palms by lightly rubbing them with ice cubes. Lightly massage skin with a gel (combination to
oily skin) or cream (dry to normal skin).
> Use a mixture of honey, rosewater and lemon to get rid of a tan.
> A face pack of unboiled milk, turmeric and some lemon juice is eective for the face. You can also blend
gram our, lime juice and some curd to make a face pack.
> You can make herbal sunscreen at home by mixing sesame oil, almond oil and olive oil.
Get the Diwali Strain O Your Face! (2012-08-23 21:58)
Have all those ghee-laden laddoos, which you devoured during Diwali, manifested into malicious pimples?
Or perhaps the claustrophobic smoke from bursting re-crackers has left your skin and hair feeling dry and
lifeless. Heres how you can ght the Diwali strain and get your hair and skin to behave. Go on a detox
You are what you eat! So, if you are complaining of a king-size zit the culprits are the delectable spread of
Diwali sweets, snacks and whatever else that you happily stued into your mouth.
How to ght the accumulated grease in your gut and skin? Drink plenty of water and dig into seasonal fruits
like oranges and strawberries. These citrus fruits have powerful anti-oxidants that ght free radicals thereby
combating signs of ageing!
Go make-up free and that also includes removing nail polish! Let your skin breathe and instead of foundation,
concealer and compact, pile on sunscreen and moisturiser. If you experimented with fancy hairstyles, go easy
on hair sprays and tight up-dos.
Dry hair? Get the lustre back!
The change in the weather, air pollution and too much indulgence makes your hair lifeless but actively static.
Connect with your hair by giving it a nice warm oil massage.
Pamper your hair with an indulgent hair spa. But if you are apprehensive about the hair products used in
the salon, go with a homemade hair pack instead.
You might have to change your conditioner as the one that you used during summer may have lost it powers
by the time winter set in. You need a stronger conditioner to ght the dryness. Ask your trusted hair stylist
about the conditioners that are best for your hair in winter.
For supple feet
All that running around with the puja thaali, and without your slippers, have left your feet feeling rough and
screaming for some tender, love and care. You got your pedicure done just before Diwali so why rush to the
salon again?
Just get a pedicure done at home. Your feet will thank you for it and you wont burn a hole in your pocket.
Soft and happy hands
While your house looks squeaky clean - thanks to all the hard work you put in before, during and after Diwali
- your hands are in urgent need of your attention.
Moisturising will keep them soft but how about making them feel as clean as your freshly painted home?
Exfoliating is the key and if you combine a scrub with a moisturiser, the results will be miraculous.
Get that dewy glow
Post Diwali, two things can happen to your face - dry and lifeless or oily and pimply. You were so involved
with Diwali celebrations that your face took a beating. Thanks to all the make-up, it went unnoticed! Pump
in some circulation by regularly practicing a few facial exercises.
And if your eyes reect the exhaustion of celebrating too hard, get back the twinkle in your eyes with these
So there you have it - your beauty guide to help you get over Diwali and get ready for a rocking Christmas
and New Years!
How to Take Care of Your Skin During Holi (2012-08-23 22:01)
Holi is here! And while some of us plan to stay in spending quality time with friends and family, others plan
to step out and celebrate the festival in its truest of sense. While it is all about letting your hair down, come
to think of it, the colours can be harmful to your skin and hair. Here are some tips from Dr Mohan Thomas,
senior cosmetic surgeon Breach Candy hospital on how to take of your skin during Holi.
Traditionally, Holi was played with naturally made colours from owers and herbs. But with time, dyes have
replaced these natural ingredients. Harsh chemicals in these colours can cause itching and rashes, which can
lead to eczemas upon scratching. Dry skin leaves a lot of scope for these harmful chemicals as the skin layer
allows the colour to penetrate easily, says Dr Thomas.
Use natural, skin-friendly and herbal colors or the ones made by reputed companies using natural
Here are some tips to protect your skin:
Wear clothes that can cover maximum part of the body and apply a thick layer of a good quality moisturiser
or oil on your skin. Use more of red or pink colours, which can easily be taken o. Gaudy ones like purple,
green, yellow, orange have more harmful chemicals in them and should be avoided.
Hair is very prone to getting spoiled with these chemical colours. It can turn brittle and extremely dry if the
colours remain unwashed for long. Though no serious damage is caused in the roots or scalp, yet hair tends
to break. Apply a nice layer of oil to your hair before playing Holi and try to protect it with a cap or hat.
If some kind of irritation occurs, then immediately wash o colour from that part of body and apply a
soothing calamine lotion. Avoid sunlight if the skin is severely aected.
How to remove colour after playing Holi:
Cleaning the skin and hair after playing with colours is very important. Do not rub the skin vigorously with
soaps to wipe the face of gulal, instead opt for a cleanser. Follow this up with lots of moisturiser, specially
ones that are meant for sensitive skin.
Avoid using kerosene, petrol and spirits to remove stains, as they will make your skin dry.
Rejuvenate your skin with a scrub of soyabean our or gram our with milk. A mixture of sea salt, glycerine
and a few drops of aroma oil have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal eect and can take care of removing chemical
How to Get Back the Shine in Your Hair (2012-08-23 22:04)
If your hair is getting frizzier by the day and conditioning gives it only a temporary reprieve, the real culprit
could be keratin loss. Seasonal changes cause keratin in the hair to degenerate, says Dr Arvind Posval, hair
transplant surgeon. According to the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics: Hair starts growing from a bulb
lodged just under the skin. The root of a hair is made up of cells, which are bulging with keratin. There are
two types of keratin: I and II. These intertwine to form long coils, which accumulate in hair.
What causes keratin damage?
Hair quality depends on chemical bonds between keratins, and these bonds are easily broken by water or even
humidity. This is why wet hair should not be brushed. However, conditioners can smoothen and re-form these
bonds. Keratin is important for straight, glossy hair. Avani Shah, hairstylist, Mad-o-Wot, Mumbai, says,
Keratin loss is essentially protein loss. Keratin gets damaged due to extreme weather conditions, styling,
poor diet and hormonal changes. But it is possible to repair the damage.
Get back the shine
Though there are no food supplements or foods that specically target the growth of keratin, multivitamin
supplements do help. However, it is not possible to supplement keratin externally through shampoos or
sprays. At best, one can undergo a nanogen treatment, in which keratin is electrostatically bonded to the
hair, thus making it denser till the next wash. The good news is that there are some products available
today to restore shine and suppleness. Women with damaged hair can undergo keratin treatment at the
salon, followed by regular use of keratin-based shampoo and conditioner. A few keratin-based hair products
available in India are made by Cord, Keretec and Lasio. There is no side eect of these products. The market
for keratin hair products is quite new. But there havent been any side eects so far. Also, the products are
chemical-free and made from organic vegetables, so they can be safely used on damaged hair.
Some Beauty Tips for Men (2012-08-24 05:39)
Beautiful may not be a word that you associate with men easily. But it will be unfair to say that men do not
have to take care of their skin just as women do. A little maintenance will do well not only to the skin but
also to a mans self condence So here are some simple tips and tricks that will bless men with happy and
healthy skin.
Use sulphate free shampoo Men are more prone to balding than women. Dermatologists have said that
shampoos which contain sulphate will strip a mans scalp of hair faster than shampoos that dont contain
sulphate. Men can also use apple cider vinegar hair rinse to prevent premature balding. Hair washes enriched
with vitamin E are eective in maintaining the strength and texture of mens hair. It acts as a natural
Say no to smoking and alcohol Smoke and alcohol are two addictions that aect most men. Both work
in a way to dehydrate the skin as a result of which the skin ages prematurely and loses its natural shine.
Sunlight is harmful UV rays of the sun are harmful for mens skin too! Therefore stay away from direct
sunlight as much as possible. Remember to use a sunscreen not only on the face but also on the hands if you
have to travel out, else the texture of the skin becomes rough and scaly.
Trim your hair Some men may have extra hair on their face. If the eyebrow appears too bushy, trim the
extra hair from time to time. Sometimes you may have to trim the nostril hair too.
Keep nails clean Manicure is not a mans thing, we know! But there is no harm in cleaning your nails
regularly and trimming them to keep them in shape. Pay attention to the hand nails especially as it is the
hand that an onlooker will notice before the leg. Make sure that your nail cutter or nail knife are sharp and
clean too.
Keep teeth white Wouldnt you like to see pearl white teeth when someone is smiling? Clean white teeth
are one of the most important aspects of beauty. Use strawberry paste to brush teeth every once in a while.
Also stay away from excessive tea and coee to get that bright smile!
Watch your water intake There is no shortcut to looking good; it starts with a clean system. Drink at
least eight to ten glasses of water throughout the day. This will help to ush out all harmful toxins from the
body, helping the skin to breathe free and look young and glowing.
Home Remedies for Glowing Complexion (2012-08-25 04:41)
If you are feeling too broke to splurge on a facial at the salon, let Mother Nature come to the rescue.
All you need is to do is invest some time and eort once a week, and use the ingredients available in your
kitchen to concoct your own facial at home.
You can decide which facial to opt for, depending on your skin type and on the availability of the ingredients.
These facials can be done once a week, or before going for a party or for an occasion.
Note of caution: If your skin is sensitive to any natural product, it is advisable to consult a dermatologist
before using any of the given remedies.
Also, please wash your face before using any of these face packs.
Normal skin
Extract the juice of half an orange or tomato, mix with two teaspoons of curd. Lightly massage onto your
face in an upward direction. Let it dry. Then, wash your face with cold water and wipe dry. This will give
your skin a nice glow.
Rub the inner part of the skin of a papaya on your face. Let it dry. Then, wash your face with cold water
and wipe dry. This will give your skin a nice glow.
Whenever you cut a papaya to eat, save a small portion of the peel for this purpose. You can store the peel
in an airtight container for about two days in the fridge; however, it is preferable to use it fresh.
Grind 50 grams (around half a cup) of cabbage and extract the juice. Apply this on your face. After it dries,
wash with cool water and wipe dry. This helps tighten your skin and prevents wrinkles.
Grind one small carrot and squeeze the pulp to remove the juice. Apply the juice on your face and let it dry.
Then, wash with cold water and wipe your face dry. This helps to rejuvenate your skin.
Whenever eating an apple, do not discard the skin. Use it as a skin cleanser.
Just rub the inner side of the peel in an upward direction and let your face dry. Then, wash with cool water
and pat dry. This helps tighten your skin.
Take an ice cube and rub on your face. Then, pat dry. This helps to improve blood circulation and keeps
your skin healthy.
Variation: Boil some lemon grass in a small container of water and cool. Pour it in the ice tray and freeze.
Later, rub the ice cube on your face.
Beat the white of one egg and apply on your face in an upward direction. Once it dries, wash with cold water.
It helps tighten your skin and delays wrinkles.
Oily skin
Make a paste of 2 tbsp of wheat our using as much water as needed. Apply on your face in an upward
motion. Leave to dry. Then, wash with cool water and pat dry. This helps remove excess oil from your skin.
Mix two teaspoons of raw milk, around the same quantity of cucumber juice and few drops of lemon. With a
cotton ball, apply the solution on your face and leave to dry. Then, wash with water and pat dry.
Soak two to three teaspoons of methi (fenugreek) seeds overnight. Grind into a paste, then rub on your face.
Once it dries, wash with cool water.
The granular eect helps remove blackheads. Methi also helps remove excess oil from your skin.
The excess paste can be stored in the refrigerator but should be used within a week.
Soak two to three teaspoons of whole masoor dal (red gram) overnight. Grind into a paste and apply on your
face. Once it dries, wash your face with cold water and pat dry. It gives the same eect as methi.
The excess paste can be stored in the refrigerator but should be used within two days.
Grind half a cucumber and squeeze to remove the juice. Apply the juice on your face and leave to dry. Then
wash with water and pat dry.
It helps refresh and tighten your skin.
For dry skin
Mash half a ripe banana, add a teaspoon of honey and make a paste. Apply on your face. Once it dries,
wash with cold water and pat dry.
This acts as a moisturiser and helps in tighten your skin.
Soak khus khus (poppy seeds) overnight. Grind it with just enough milk to make a paste. Apply on your
face. Once it dries, wash with cold water.
The natural oil present in khus khus helps to moisturise your skin.
Just before boiling milk, remove two tablespoons. Massage it lightly on your face in an upward motion. Leave
to dry, then wash with water and pat dry.
This helps to keep your skin supple.
Variation: Add teaspoon of salt to the raw milk and follow the same process. However, avoid doing this if
you have pimples on your face.
Make a paste of 2-5 tablespoons of raw peanuts with milk. Add teaspoon of honey to it. Apply on your
face. Leave to dry. Then wash with cold water and pat dry.
The natural oils present in the peanuts help moisturise your skin.
Make a paste of one teaspoon of malai, a pinch of turmeric and four to ve drops of olive oil. Apply on your
face, leave to dry. Wash with cold water and pat dry.
Malai acts as a natural moisturiser and turmeric and olive oil helps rejuvenate your skin.
Combination skin
Mix 3-4 tablespoons of Multani mitti (Fullers Earth) with 8-10 ground pudina (mint) leaves. Freeze the pack
Keep outside for 10-15 minutes and then apply on your face. After 10-15 minutes, wash o and pat dry. It
helps in cooling and cleansing your skin.
Boil a handful of lemon grass leaves in one litre of water, until you get the aroma. Then, place in an ice tray
and freeze.
After returning home from work or an outing, rub a lemon grass ice cube all over your face. It cleanses the
dirt and grime accumulated in your skins pores and shuts them.
Whisk away black spots and pimples
Make a paste of either half a piece of nutmeg/ six to eight jamun seeds with water/ rose water. Apply on
your face. Leave to dry. Then, wash with cold water and pat dry.
Squeeze half a fresh lemon into one glass of freshly boiled milk. Leave for half and hour, then apply on your
face before retiring to bed.
Take 125 ml ( cup) of tomato juice and squeeze in half a lemon. Add ve to seven mashed mint leaves and
black salt to taste.
Drink this every morning and evening for at least one week. It will help detoxify the body.
It also helps to relieve constipation and worm infestation.
For blemishes
Rub a slice of lemon or the remains a squeezed lemon on your face. Allow it to remain overnight, then wash
with cold water. It will restore your skins softness and lend your complexion a glow.
Squeeze the juice of one lemon into one ripe tomato (in which a hole has been made). Rub the tomato on
your face. Leave to dry. Then, wash with water and pat dry.
Diet tips
Diet can play a major role in imparting glow and freshness to your skin, some of the tips that can help are:
Drink 15 to 20 glasses of water everyday.
Avoid eating to much of fried foods like vadas, samosa, chips, bhajias, etc. Stick to fresh vegetable salads or
fruit salads.
Depending on the seasonal availability, eat all types of fresh, green vegetables and all types of fresh, juicy
fruits (except for strawberries and mangoes; they are heaty and overconsumption can lead to acne).
Avoid consuming too much of heaty food like chillies, garlic, non-vegetarian items or dried fruits like dates.
Detoxify once a month by consuming fresh vegetables, fruits and liquids all day.
Skin Care Tips Specially for Teenagers (2012-08-28 05:01)
As teen girls, we know that we need to take care of our skin. However, its harder than it seems. Heres how
to have a good skin care regime for teenage girls!
When you wake up in the morning, wash your face. This will take away any sweat and oil that has built
up over the night. It will also wake you up a bit more as well as give you a shine-free face for the morning.
When washing your face, never use soap, unless is it specic soap for facewashing. This is a mistake that
many girls make. Normal soap that we use to wash our hands and body can irritate the pores on the face
and help acne and pimples get started! When washing your face, use a special facial cleanser or even just
water and a cloth, which will be enough to keep the loose skin, oil, and dirt to an acceptable level.
Dont worry about aggressively removing oil or other matter from the surface. Acne is a problem of excessive
oil production and clogs within pores, not a problem of surface obstruction of pores.
In the morning, after youve eaten breakfast and brushed your teeth, apply lip balm. This is important
especially if you have chapped lips, but even if you dont, its still a good idea, just to keep your lips looking
smooth and kissable.
Put on a bit of hand cream. If you have dry skin on your hands, put some hand cream on in the morning.
Just make sure that you dont put on too much, since it will make your hands oily and slippery.
During the school day, you dont need to worry about your face that much. If your face gets really oily, buy
some special tissues that remove excess oil on your face (available from Mary Kay as well as other companies).
Dont wash your face during the day! (More on that later)
Nightime is a crucial point for skin care, since its a window of opportunity to do so much to help your skin.
First, cleanse your skin. Buy a facial cleanser. They help remove dirt, oil, and other pore-blockers. Most
cleansers will both cleanse and exfoliateyour skin, which are two steps in the 5 Steps to great skin(more on
that later as well).
After cleansing, moisturize! For teenagers, this is something that can help you have beautiful skin if done
right, or give you loads of acne if done wrong. Make sure when youre buying a facial moisturizer, that...
Its actually a FACIAL moisturizer, and...
Its LIGHTWEIGHT. Lightweight means that its not heavy and oily, so it wont add to the oil on your skin
or clog your pores. This is very important!After that, apply some lip balm.
Then apply the lotions. If your legs are dry from shaving them, moisturize them. The moisturizer you buy
for your legs doesnt matter. Just dont use a lightweight moisturizer on them because it wont help. If your
hands are dry, this is a great time to apply LOTS and LOTS of hand cream, since it has hours and hours to
soak into your skin.
Voila! You have a great skin care regime! Repeat from step 1 to 8 everyday for great-looking skin!
Drink LOTS of water! Drink as much water as you can (youre supposed to have 8 glasses a day). Water will
leave your skin looking hydrated and rejuvenalized!
As mentioned above, follow the 5 Steps to Great Skin. These 5 steps are: CLEANSING, EXFOLIATING,
TONING, MOISTURIZING, and PROTECTING. Dermatologists have done studies that show that women
who follow these steps have beautiful, clear skin that STAYS clear.
Another thing mentioned above is not to wash your face more than 2 times a day. Many girls think that
washing your face dozens of times a day will take all the oil o of their faces and reduce pimples, but thats
actually not true! In fact, washing your face more than twice a day will dry out your skin, which will actually
cause it to produce MORE oil to make up for the lost oil. Washing your face more than twice a day actually
Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Eating healthy keeps your skin looking nice. The face-care instructions
should work for anyone susceptible to pimples, whether or not teenaged or a girl.
Make sure that youre not allergic to any of the products that you will be using on your face. If your skin is
sensitive, do a test run by putting a little bit of the product on one small part of your face to make sure that
you dont get a rash/irratation from it.
This skin regime may not work on everyones skin, depending on how oily/dry your face gets. Customize it
and make it your own. This article is only a basic guideline. Consult a dermatologist to get a custom-made
skin care regime for you.
An urban myth is that not wearing sunscreen on your face will help take away zits, since the sun will dry out
the oil. This is not true. It actually functions the same way as washing your face more than twice a day- you
will dry out your face, but in an eort to get back the lost oil, your face will produce extra oil. Also, not
wearing sunscreen can increase your chances (sometimes dramatically) or getting skin cancer (SO not worth
it just to take away a couple pimples). Make sure you wear sunscreen in the summer, just buy a lightweight
sunscreen for your face.
Keep in mind, your skin will not look like the picture posted to this article. Skin blemishes, acne, oil, and
dryness are all completely natural and normal. That photo is obviously a photomanipulation. Learn about
what suits you best, since everyones skin is dierent. The point of treating your skin is to keep it healthy by
keeping yourself healthy. Your skin will reect your health.
How to be a Classy Girl (2012-08-28 05:20)
Being classy is not about being stuck up, it is about having style and taking care to be polite to others and
to reect a genuine interest in them. As well as to be classy, is also about being condent in yourself and
happy with who you are. This article will teach you how to move through life with class and ease. When you
are done reading this article, you should know how to be classy, or: seless, generous, compassionate and
Choose your battles and choose your friends. Few battles are truly worth ghting. Stand up for those who
cannot stand up for themselves (mentally disabled, animals, children, etc.) Be wary of those who appear to
enjoy bickering. If someone is rude to you, either ignore him or her completely or, once you have calmed
down and are thinking clearly, explain how you perceived their actions and work towards a resolution. You
can also treat them politely while still maintaining your personal stance- be polite but make it clear without
being intentionally hurtful or nasty that you dont appreciate what they are doing. Never stoop to their level,
and do not be hasty to make judgments of other people. Surround yourself with positive, polite people who
encourage and live your classy, intelligent lifestyle.
Have a sense of style. Being in fashion is a must. Try to read more fashion magazines to learn what kinds
of clothing go well together and how to put together a classy outt. Be sure to create your own fashion
and have your own style, because its not right to wear something that isnt you. Its often better to have
a basic personal style than to always be chasing the latest fad look. Have good taste in clothing: Be
modest in clothing and avoid clothing of bad taste. Extremely low necklines, too short skirts, belly-bearing
tops and revealing clothing can make a girl look like she does not respect her body and herself. Shirts with
inappropriate sayings, logos or sexual innuendos can make a girl look like shes desperate for attention. Classy
ladies are not desperate for attention.Have good hygiene. Remember to always be clean: run a comb through
your hair, keep your nails dirt-free and neat, brush your teeth and bathe or shower. When spraying perfume,
be sure to use it sparingly. Excessive use of perfume isnt attractive and does not improve your hygiene,
despite popular belief. Being clean is important; being grubby isnt classy and isnt pleasing. Never have
greasy hair. It is gross and trashy.
Take care of your skin. Skin should be well-cared for and clear of imperfections. Wash your face everyday
and remember to wear sunscreen or shade hats. Try to give yourself a facial mask once a week.Never crack
your knuckles. Other people may nd the habit annoying or manly.
Speak calmly. This shows politeness. If you talk loudly, it will seem that youre desperate for attention.
Being loud in public isnt just obnoxious, it is also inconsiderate to the people around you. Listen to what
people have to say and always make eye contact.
Never slouch. Having good posture is an important, and rare, trait. It can also improve your overall health.
Behave. Its fun to attend a party, but leave immature and irresponsible behavior out of the equation. If
youre at a party, be sure to socialize, but speak calmly and dont monopolize all the attention. If you drink,
keep drinking minimal and in your tolerance level. Drunk ladies are not classy ladies. If you are underage,DO
Develop conversation skills. Classy ladies dont talk about sexual immorality and other trashy topics. Rather,
they may talk about intellectual topics (books, art, politics/current events) or fashion and travel.Increase your
vocabulary, and stay away from slang terms. Never swear or say racist, homophobic, or otherwise bigoted
comments. This will only make you appear ugly and rude.
Smile. Classy people are friendly people, those who always brighten their faces with a smile. Its an
inexpensive way to improve your looks. Be nice. If youre classy and want to be liked, you have to be nice.
Its much better to be liked by people, so being nice and treating others well certainly helps. Being snobby
isnt very classy, since it is an inherently rude quality, and classy people are not rude. Always be kind and
friendly to the people serving you (waiters, etc.). If you really want to know who is well brought up and
classy, look at how they treat those with a lower social status, rather than how they respond to their equals
or superiors.
Hair should be neat, clean, and simple. Loose waves with a hair band or even a ponytail are very appropriate
in todays society. Flips, Bobs and Shags are classic, versatile, easy to wear hairstyles for todays young
Take care of more than just your appearance. Parents will appreciate a girl who cares more about her
education and her work ethic than her nails. This will reect in how you are viewed by those in authority.
Be responsible. Classy girls leave their surroundings in a condition at least as good as they found them.
Unless they are in a restaurant with wait sta whose job it is to do the clearing up, classy people insist on
taking care of their own trash and baggage, not expecting others to pick up after them. And when others do
favors for them, while stuck-up or spoiled people assume its only to be expected and ignore others assistance,
truly classy people are quick to notice and to express their gratitude and their appreciation.
Be socially aware. You must be courteous, but do not bend over backwards to please others. If you do,
you may nd yourself being taken advantage of in the future. Limit your time and availability and draw
boundaries with others so that they are aware of your limits.
Choose your words wisely. The classy lady listens more than she speaks. Having a strong vocabulary is
important, but do not use a word unless you are certain of its meaning. Use words to express yourself
lucidly. Also, do not correct others when they use improper grammar. Dierences in background, family life,
and education cause people to speak dierently, and people often use slang for eect. More than this, it is
irritating and degrading to be corrected by a know-it-all
Know what youre talking about. Intelligence is key. You dont have to be a book worm to be intelligent and
you dont have to show o, but ignorance of current events is not becoming to a classy girl. Brush up on as
many subjects as possible, because it will make you seem well-informed.
Dont swear. Most people will agree that using swear words casually exhibits an inconsistent state of
character. You will be much more impressive and impacting toward others when you use curse words less
often, or remove them from your vocabulary entirely.
Be assertive, but not domineering. Avoid passive-aggressive thinking; this is likely to trip you up eventually.
Being calmly assertive demonstrates maturity, thoughtfulness, and condence. Class requires balance, and
assertiveness is a prime example of this concept.
Find the classic colors that work best with your complexion and eye color. For example:
Blue eyes: Orange (complementary), Dark Blue, Dark Purple Light Green, Grey, white, Black, Turquoise
(analogous) Blue-Purple (analogous),Dark Red. Colors to avoid are: bright red, lime green, hot pink, brown,
baby blue, any tints (colors visibly mixed with white)
Brown eyes: Any Pink, Charcoal, any very dark color, Yellow (it brings out undertones in the eyes, despite
its undignied reputation) Green (also, undertones). Colors to avoid: none, brown is neutral, and so goes
with everything.
Green eyes: Purple (it really does bring out the color of your eyes), Dark red (greens complimentary color),
dark blue, black, Brown, o-white. Colors to avoid: Grey, since it weighs down the natural tones in your iris,
muting the color. However, if your eyes are bright green or blue green, gray brings it out quite nicely. Yellow,
bright red (compliments can be jarring when both of the colors are vivid), bright white (too John Travolta),
orange, and green (which drowns out your eye color).
Black eyes: any color.
Skin Tones: Ruddy Complexion blue-toned/pink after exertion/freckled): Cool colors (blue, purple, green,
and all the analogous colors between them including Red-purple) Black, Grey. Colors to avoid: Yellow, and
the corresponding analogous colors, any red (sorry)and White. Wear dark orange or red-orange at your
discretion. Sallow (yellow toned/ tanning rather than freckling) any warm or neutral colors. Avoid yellow,
but golds can look nice if you are African-American or have a darker complexion, you can wear almost any
color. Golds are especially beautiful. If you have red hair: Golds, beiges, corals, purples, very dark or light
greens (just avoid the Christmas green color) dark blues.
Be intelligent. A classy girl should have good topics to talk about . So study about things that you nd
interesting and important for life. Read books and improve your vocabulary, and dont use the word like
all the time; its a sign of poor education and nervousness. People will admire you because youre smart
and have condence that may be very convenient to you. Value your virtues. If you have any good skill
or kind of talent, such as drawing, or dancing, singing or playing any musical instrument, do not hide it,
work it. Let people see how good you are by exposing your pictures, or maybe playing a musical instrument
in front of someone. If youre good at acting, look for a part in any play at theater. Tattoos and Body
Piercings- Appearances convey a strong message to others; you can be judged by an individual or right
before an event that will play a prominent role in your future (e.g. a prospective employer, acquiring a higher
position in a reputable company, etc.). Therefore, take careful consideration when deciding if it is a good
ideal for you to get visible tattoos or body piercings. Even though a persons outward appearance does not
automatically show his or her true inner qualities, appearances can reect how a person is willing to be
perceived by the world. Also keep in mind that although tattoos and piercings are individual expressions,
they can be permanent or dicult (even costly) to remove if you change your mind in the future. If you are
in doubt about how tattoos and piercings may impact you in the future, forget about getting them and nd
other ways to show self expression, such as creating works of art, poetry, hobbies, etc. Dont dye your hair
an unnatural color. Avoid also unnecessary piercings or getting tattooed. (If you choose to get a tattoo,
get something that is looked upon as beautiful or poetic, like Let it Be on the back of your neck. Dont get
the name of your favorite band, genitals, or things of that nature.) Smile. Its the most generous things you
can do.
You might be called a snob. Just ignore them; whoever says that just may be insecure, and envious that they
dont have class and values. Changing your behavior may feel unnatural. If it does, remind yourself that you
are a work in progress. A classy person is simply one who consistently exhibits classy behavior. Focus on
your behavior and attitude rather than your feelings. If you slip up, forgive yourself, apologize to anyone
who may have been hurt by your not-so-classy behavior, and continue on your way. Thats classy! Dont
be sassy. Being disrespectful of others is never classy.
Make an honest eort to make a dierence in someones life, regardless of their social status.
How to get Stunning Nails (2012-08-28 22:21)
1. Wash and dry your hands properly.
2. Using a double-sided emery board, le nails using a gentle stroke. Avoid corners of your nails. 3. Shape
your nails. The most popular shape is oval, but choose the one which suites your hand and nger.
4. To harden soft nails, soak in warm olive oil for about 20 minutes, on alternate days.
5. To clean stains from your nails, mix one tablespoon of lemon juice in a cup of water and soak your nails in
this liquid for a few minutes. Then, wash o with warm water and apply a hand moisturizer.
6. In case you wear nail polish, make sure to give your nails a break from time to time.
7. Whenever you wash your hands, make sure to dry the nails properly and apply a hand cream or lotion,
using it on the nails as well. This is because soap makes the nails dry and brittle.
8. If you have brittle nails, it is advisable to wear a nail polish, or at least the colorless base coat, as much as
you can.
9. Add shine to your nails by massaging coconut oil or warm castor oil on to them.
10. Dip a cotton-tipped swab in hydrogen peroxide to clean under the nails and whiten them.
11. Drink fresh carrot juice daily, this is high in calcium and phosphorus and is excellent for strengthening
12. If your nails are weak, splitting, or fragile etc, the problem may possibly be traced back to a poor water
How to get rid of Black Dark Lips (2012-08-29 05:16)
Long-term use of lipsticks especially lower-quality lip colors can permanently darken lips over time,
due to the harsh chemicals in the cosmetics. But there are some things you can do yourself to help lighten
dark lips and remove some of the staining that the makeup can cause.
Stop using the products. If you continue using the lipsticks that caused the problem in the rst place, youll
only make the darkening worse.
Try lime and honey. A mixture of lime juice, honey, and glycerine, applied regularly, could help lighten
dark lips. Youll need to apply it every day for several weeks before you see any positive eects.
Consider almonds, butter, and milk. After you wash your lips, apply almond milk, almond oil, or cream
made from milk, and let it stay on your lips for at least one hour. Continue using this treatment daily for
several weeks to lighten your lips.
Experiment with other natural ingredients. Some experts suggest beetroot, pomegranate, or coriander juice
to lighten lips. To make coriander juice, grind up some coriander leaves in a blender.
Moisturize your lips. Keeping your lips moisturized can help make them appear lighter. You can try
natural lip softeners like claried butter or over-the-counter products like Vaseline to help condition your lips
and lighten them. Apply either of these to your lips at night and as needed during the day to help moisturize
and protect them.
Use lemons. Lemon juice is well known for its skin-lightening abilities. You can make a paste of equal parts
lemon juice, graham our, yogurt, and honey, and rub it onto your lips. Leave the paste on your lips for a
half hour, then wash it o.
Keep your lips covered. Use sunscreen to protect your lips the sun can increase the amount of pigment
in your lips, making them even darker.
Limit your exposure to other potential skin darkeners. Cigarettes, coee, and tea do more than stain teeth
they can also darken lips. Give your lips a break from these potential stainers.
Consult a doctor. If these home remedies dont solve the problem, make an appointment with your
dermatologist or doctor. He or she can prescribe an intensive lightening cream or another treatment to help
lighten your dark lips and bring them back to a more natural color.
How to get Spotless Skin (2012-08-30 00:54)
When any woman begins to feel proud of the way she looks, she develops a lot of self condence and courage.
When she gets self conscious about her looks, she develops a complex and maintains a low prole.
When we think of beauty, the rst thing that comes to mind is how to get a spotless clear skin. So for all the
women who are looking for ways to get a clear skin, read on for some tips mentioned below.
Tips to get spotless skin:
With the following tips one can get rid of acne, whiteheads, blackheads and get a clear skin.
Well the rst tip to get spotless skin is to wash the face at least 2 times in a day. Use a gentle face cleanser
to clear the skin of dirt and oil which accumulates on the face. Use a face wash which suits your face type,
for instance dry skin, oily or normal skin.
Women who have an oily skin must start using a toner. And women who have dry or normal skin must avoid
using toners as they could make the skin dry. Moisturize the skin by using an oil free moisturizer. Do not
use a body lotion on the face and make sure to avoid heavy skin creams.
Every morning wash the face with lukewarm water and a face cleanser. Rub the face cleanser on the face in
a circular motion and leave it on for 30 seconds. After this wash with lukewarm water and pat it dry with a
cotton towel.
Always make sure to apply sunscreen moisturizer before going out in the sun since the UV rays emitted from
the sun are harmful and can damage the skin.
Do not poke the skin while trying to remove blackheads or white heads. This can cause bacteria to enter the
skin and make it more prone to pimples and scars.
In case of acne breakouts, use an acne cleanser and moisturizer which are quite easily available in drug stores.
However, in case of spot breakouts do not use acne cleaners as they could cause the skin to dry.
Make it a habit to remove any makeup prior to going to sleep. Dont sleep with the makeup on. First use
cold water to clean the face, then tone and apply a moisturizer.
Avoid the use of harsh chemicals on the face. Use very little make up. Exfoliate the skin with a home
Microdermabrasion kit at least once in every 2 or 3 days. Treat the skin with a mud mask once a week.
Make sure to drink at least 150 oz (12 to 15 glasses) of water each day. Water helps to keep the skin hydrated
and this in turn prevents skin from drying. It also ushes the toxins out from the body which in turn helps
to avoid pimples.
Exercising daily leads to sweating. Sweating in turn helps to clear the skin pores which improve the complex-
Consume lots of fruits and vegetables, since they contain lots of essential vitamins as well as minerals which
help to ght radicals and prevent wrinkles.
How to get rid of Cracked Heels (2012-08-31 21:33)
Beauty is not just about looking good but being healthy. This pertains to every part of your anatomy. From
head to toe, literally! When you make your next appearance at a party, watch the feet of all those beautiful
people you see. Do you see corns, callouses, chipped nails and skin growths? Ugh!
Feet maintenance is a part and parcel of your beauty treatment. Here are a few tips on how to make your
feet look as fresh as possible.
. To keep your feet smelling good and looking fresh dust some deodorizing talcum powder onto your feet
every morning.
. You need to exercise your feet. Walking is a good form of exercise for the feet.
. When you get back from a long day, soak your feet alternatively in hot and cold water. Add some salt to
this water.
. If your feet are itching, then apply some lemon juice and vinegar.
. Try massaging some onion juice between the toes. This will relieve itching and athletes foot.
. When shopping for shoes, comfort is the operative word. Ill-tting shoes which are too tight have really
high heels and pointed toes are largely responsible for the ill-health of your feet. Your shoes must support
the arch of your foot and also provide enough room to accommodate your toes.
Shoes trap energy around the feet, and that could be one of the reasons for feeling tired at the end of a long
day. So take them o whenever you can and give them as much air as possible. Barefoot walks help tone the
muscles of your feet, keeping them young and strong. An early morning barefoot walk on cool, dewy grass is
refreshing and invigorating for the entire system, not just your feet. It is also believed to have a very good
eect in improving eyesight. Do walk barefoot as much as possible to help the bone structure of your feet
function according to its natural shape.
A common problem in the winter months is cracked heels. Here are a few ways to combat the problem.
. Soak your heels in lukewarm water and use a pumice-stone to scrub o dead skin to smooth the heels or
use a foot scrub after soaking the feet in lukewarm water. Apply a deep moisturizing lotion or Vaseline and
put on the socks to cover it for sometime. This method will protect the feet from excessive dryness.
. You could also heat up some Coconut oil, add some wax into it and after cooling apply it onto your heels.
. Another solution is to melt paran wax and mix it well with little mustard oil. Apply on the aected area
of your heels. Wash it o in the morning. Do this for 10 or 15 days and see the dierence.
Beauty Solutions With Vodka (2012-08-31 21:39)
Vodka shots have been used to heat up the body in the cold weather. However, are you aware that it can
also be used to give your hair and skin beauty treatment? It is an eective way to spruce yourself up. It
eliminates bad odour and will keep you smelling fresh all day long. Vodka For Skin You have been told
time and again to use an astringent to tighten up the pores of your skin. Vodka is something that can be used
as an astringent. It not only tightens up the pores but also cleanses the grime and dust that accumulates on
skin. Tip - Use Vodka on the skin directly to cleanse it.
To give your skin a vodka shot, saturate a ball of cotton with vodka and apply on your skin. Do this twice a
day and watch the pores of your skin shrink and your skin glow with health.
Tip Use a coee lter to strain the liquid for a clear decoction. Adding a shot of vodka to your regular
shampoo not only makes it squeaky clean but also gives it a bounce. It is also know to stimulate hair follicles,
encouraging growth of new hair.
It is also an eective cure for dandru. Rinse your hair with a cup of Vodka seeped in 3 teaspoons of rosemary
that has been crushed and left overnight. Strain it the next morning and massage only the rosemary mixed
vodka on the scalp. Vodka For Feet
Smelly feet will no longer be a problem when you wash them with straight vodka. Alternatively, give yourself
a pedicure by soaking your feet in water to which a half a cup of vodka has been added. Tip Wash your
feet with vodka after a workout to keep them smelling fresh.
Vodka For Mouth
Next time you take a vodka shot, remember that it is also a good mouthwash. You can make your own
mouthwash at home by steeping 2 cups of vodka with 1/4th cup of cinnamon for a week in an airtight
container. Strain it after a week and add an equal quantity of warm water to it. It makes a good mouthwash.
Now when you have leftover vodka from a party, keep it aside and use it for your beauty treatments.
Natural Hair Treatment for Winter (2012-08-31 21:42)
When summer gives way to the cold weather, hair problems begin to set in. They can range from dry hair,
dull hair, split ends to dandru. It is not necessary for you to go through winter with these problems. With
a little time and eort, you can take care of your hair at home with homemade products. These products are
not only eective and inexpensive but when you make them at home, you know that only good ingredients
are used in it.
1.2 September
Beauty Tips for Eyes (2012-09-03 21:45)
Whether youre a brown eyed girl, bearing bright blues or a gem of a jade with emerald green peepers,
enhancing your natural color can make a world of dierence. Check out these easy make-up tips and check-in
to some serious eye contact!
How to get a Beautiful Neck (2012-09-04 21:37)
Neck skin is very thin and more prone to premature aging if neglected.We often look for our face beauty and
neglect neck which is the key to improve your physical looks and makes you more attractive.I will tell you
some very easy home tips for beautifying neck and making it very attractive .
1.Take half cup of rice and soak it in enough water for 2 hours. Now strain rice and grind it.Take 1 cup
yogurt and add rice paste in it .Mix it well.Scrub your neck gently with the mixture before bath and then
wash with warm water. This will hydrate your neck skin and will make it soft and clean. 2.Take a lime and
cut it into half.Take one spoon glycerin and massage neck with it. Now rub Lime on it for 15 minutes. Take
bath with warm water. You will notice fading of marks and aging spots on neck with the regular use of this
tip.It also clears the acne on neck.
3.Take one lemon juice and Two spoon rose water. Mix them and apply on neck with cotton as a conditioning
toner.It will clean pores and also detoxify neck skin. You will get charming neck .Whenever you apply this
toner on neck leave it for at least 10 minutes on skin.It also helps in bleaching of age spots.
4.Take one spoon honey and one spoon yogurt mix them and apply mixture on neck .Wash it after 15 minutes
.With the regular use of this tip you will see fading of lines on neck and also fresh skin.
5. Take a cup of corn our and add milk in it to make thick paste. Scrub your neck with this mixture. It will
exfoliate and reveals fresh skin. This is also good for acne and spots.
6.Take a cup og gram our and add one lemon juice in it.Now add water to make paste.Apply the paste on
neck and scrub neck for 15 minutes.This will removes dead skin and also lightens the pigmentation on neck
especially the back of neck .
7.Take a cup of milk. Apply it with cotton on neck and leave it for 20 minutes. This is also a bleaching
method of pregnancy and age spots on neck. It also softens the skin and reduces the ne lines.It is also an
excellent moisturizer.
8.Take rosemary essential oils 5 drops in olive oil of one spoon.Apply this oily mixture on neck for whole
night and take bath in morning with warm water.This will heals damaged skin and moisturize skin .
9.Take a cup of salt and scrub the wet skin.It will improves skin circulations and removes toxins.It is also a
good anti septic agent. Salt exfoliate skin and make it young.
10.Take a Vitamin E capsule and squeeze its content into one spoon of almond oil.This gold Vitamin E
mixture is very good for aged skin and acts as an anti oxidant to make skin young and soft.
11. Take a cup full of almond and grind them. Add milk to the almond powder to make paste.Scrub neck
with the paste for 15 minutes.It is very good for old skin and helps to moisten neck.It is rich in vitamin E
which strengthen the skin and make it strong against harsh tears. Makes skin soft and beautiful.
All of the above mentioned homemade mixtures are easy and readily available at home. These are best for
soft, young and hydrated skin. These method helps prevent signs of aging and repair damaged skin.
How to Get Rid of Acne With Apples in Three Days (2012-09-04 21:48)
This 3 Day plan to completely get rid of acne will blow you away with the results. If you are frustrated with
your acne and sick and tired of trying everything you can to make it go away, to no avail, then this article is
for you.
In this article, I will teach you a simple, free three day strategy to completely get rid of every last spot of
acne on your face. I have tried and tested it when I was 17 and it worked AMAZING. To this day I still
have perfect skin from having done this. The best part is that you dont have to order any special products.
I make no money o of anything I tell you to buy, because I suggest you buy it at your own local grocery
store. My entire purpose behind writing this article is just to share what worked for me and help others
regain their self condence that acne has taken away from them.
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What are Top Acne Remedies (2012-09-05 21:59)
There are literally hundreds of acne remedies out there, but as I learned back when I was still suering from
acne, not all of them work at all. In fact, a lot of them are utter scams of people just wanting to take your
money and give you a cheap product that doesnt do jack.
Thats why in this article, I will not try and sell a single thing. I will present to you only the acne remedies
that I myself have had the best success with and that can be done with simple products you probably already
have in your house. My goal is not to rip anyone o, unlike so many of the companies out there that made a
quick buck o of my misfortune in the past.
Must Avoid these Foods while suering from Acne / Pimple Problems (2012-09-06 23:41)
Diet and acne, many people say that foods dont aect acne, some people say it does. Well, they are both
right in my opinion. All depends how your body, your skin reacts to certain foods and what skin type you
have - if you dont have acne problem, foods may not cause you problems, but for those with acne problem,
certain foods can make it worst.
if you are reading this article I assume that you have acne problem, bigger or smaller, anyway it aects your
life some way and you are looking for solution. My advice is - you should care what you eat, you should
avoid certain foods, and you should have your eyes open and observe if your acne problem is getting worse
after eating certain foods - because each of us may react dierent and what we can do is to observe our own
bodies, simply to know our bodies like we know our favorite movie. Sounds strange? Believe me, so many of
us dont know own body, especially how certain foods aect it.
In my opinion, foods are so important in our life and if we can, we always should care what we eat to make
our internal systems stronger, its hard to see how internal organs look like, but if they work properly we will
be healthy. I want to give you an example about something you can see: if you want to build strong body, big
muscles and be simply strong man (or woman)! You have to exercise, practice, give your body muscles proper
stimulation, it will make your body stronger - adding special foods into that, your body will be stronger even
faster, because of proper nutrition. In acne battle is the same, just food is even more important. Its good to
use other treatments, like: proper cleansing, antibiotics and eective lotions - but without proper dietary
plan, they will not be as sucient as they could be - even if you will get rid of acne using antibiotics, it may
come back after a while if your diet is bad and you have to answer if you want to go for acne antibiotics
I guess you know that antibiotics always have some side eects. Read about the causes of acne and some
crucial rules to follow to get rid of acne (one of them is to avoid certain foods - there are four more rules
listed there).
Its great to start with restricted diet and after a while, when your acne problem is getting smaller, you can
try with foods that you removed from your menu, maybe it will not aect you - you will observe. There
always should be balance, between what to eat and what not to eat, sometimes we just like so much foods
we should avoid and we have to let go our restrictions, we shouldnt be to hard on ourselves with our diets
but its great to know what food causes what problems in our body and be able to accept cause and eect,
and most important, always smile on the way!
So lets go to the most important part, to the list of foods that may cause the acne problem:
List of foods you should remove from your acne diet:
Nuts - and products that are made with nuts: such as peanut butter
Chocolates - in any forms
Cola and other dark drinks - its ok to drink light colored sodas
Spicy foods - especially if you use sauces you buy in stores, homemade chilli sauce with fresh peppers are not
that bad.
Salty foods - like french fries, chips and other. If you want to eat salt, please use it while cooking
Pizza - oops!
Dairy products
Less sugar - it may cause problems, so consume less sweet products - I know its hard
Less fried foods - again something with less. So enjoy fried foods, but not all the time
Well, I hope you are not depressed now! In the list you can see less sugar and less fried foods - I would
recommend to remove sugar and fried foods for some days to see how your body reacts and then include a
bit if wanted.
Feel that there is nothing left to eat? Well its simply not true. I will give you in case the list of foods you
can eat and its the same long!
Stay with that list of foods to help acne problem:
Vegetables and fruits
Cereals and grains
Coee and tea
You may also try herbs for acne - but before using herbs its recommended to consult rst with doctor if you
should use certain herbs and for how long. Read about good vitamins for acne.
The Most Eective Tips to Remove Acne / Pimples (2012-09-07 00:37)
Spread Honey on your face with the back of a spoon, then lightly press and peel the spoon on and o your
face, then wash your face o (Do this before a shower, that way you can clean it o without getting anything
else wetter than your face), leaving your skin very clean and soft (the honey removes dirt, dead skin from
your face)
Avoid drinking too much alcohol (especially beer) and eating spicy food. These increase the level of heat
within, believed by the Chinese to be linked to acne. Salads, avocado etc will help.
Acne during Pregnancy - Tips (2012-09-07 21:50)
Is it common to be more prone to acne when youre pregnant?
Pregnancy can trigger acne or make existing adult acne worse. (On the other hand, some women with
acne-prone skin report a decrease in breakouts during pregnancy, so you never know.)
Higher levels of hormones called androgens are at least partly responsible for pregnancy breakouts because
they can prompt the sebaceous glands in your skin to get bigger and boost production of an oily substance
called sebum.
Tips for beautiful Hair (2012-09-10 21:54)
Do you think that there is any miracle product to make your hair more beautiful? No, unfortunately there is
not any miracle product. You must have much patience and above all you have to take really good care of
your hair.
Here are some tips:
Hot to get Perfect Eyebrows (2012-09-17 05:03)
Eyebrows are a natural frame for the eyes and should be in proportion to the face. Perfectly shaped eyebrows
will enhance the look of your eyes, your face and will accentuate your makeup while unruly eyebrows will
hide the beauty of your eyes.
1. Thread only from the underside of the brow in the direction that the hair grows. Dont thread from the
top of the brow as you increase the chance of taking out too much and losing the shape of the brow. You
may also want to thread any stray hairs between the brows.
2. If you nd your eyebrows are starting to thin use a brow color to ll them in using feather strokes, do not
draw on lines in place of eyebrows.
3. Brows should be the same color as your hair or a shade lighter.
4. Your brow should start right above the inner corner of your eye. To determine where the eyebrow should
start place a pencil against the nostril and line it up with the inner corner of your eye. Your eyebrow should
end at a diagonal with the outer corner of your eye. To determine this, place a pencil at the side of your nose
ending at the outer corner of your eye. The eyebrow should arch above the outer rim of the iris.
Be careful when you thread and if you are unsure go to a professional. Incorrect threading can ruin the look
of your eyebrows and after a certain time the eyebrow will not grow back. If you do use a professional, keep
regular appointments and dont let your eyebrows get too unruly between appointments. Or, after you have
had a professional do your eyebrows keep them in shape by using a Brow kit set.
Top 10 Beauty Tips for Working Women (2012-09-19 03:29)
A working woman is always busy with her personal, professional life and social life. At oce, she not only
handles challenging tasks but in house also she takes care of household work .This does not give them much
time to take care of themselves but she has to look neat and attractive at her workplace. Make Sunday as
your pampering day. Following three Rs - Rest, Relax and Rejuvenate- will not only make you beautiful and
attractive, but also make you lighter and brighter in body and spirit.
Moisturize your skin:
Most of the women dont get time to indulge themselves in the luxury of basic skin care. Just moisturize
your face every time you leave your home and use generous amount in between the work shifts also. Use a
moisturizer which has got vitamin E, olive oil or almond and also apply it before going to bed to make your
skin smooth and supple. Most women spent long time taking care of their face but one should also extend
time to take care of hands, arms, back and neck.
Detan yourself:
It really doesnt matter if you are working in an air conditioned organization or sweating outside. Skipping-
sunscreen lotion can make you a roasted turkey in no time. Also staying indoors will not help you as UV
rays from lights are there to penetrate your skin. So get smart and use sunscreen lotion every day according
to your skin type.
Most women wrongly assume that daily cleaning of face with soap will get rid of dirt, zits and pimples
.But these only open the pores of the skin. Use soap according to your skin type. If you have oily skin use
astringent after soap usage to remove residue of soap and dirt. For dry skin use rich moisturizer.
Proper hairstyle:
Go for hassle free hair. Prefer to have short hair as long hair is dicult to maintain, short hair can be cleaned
everyday and easy to give conditioning also. Set a proper hairstyle that suits your face.
Weekly facials:
A facial not only relaxes your body but also rejuvenates your skin. Opt for home made face packs.
Homemade manicure:
Scrub your nails to remove the dead cells and dirt. Use suitable hand cream and go for a transparent nail
polish to make your nails look healthy and clean.
Get time for foot relaxation: The feet have more than 7,000 sensory nerve endings that correlate to all the
organ systems in the body. A simple foot massages and reexology treatment will make the foot smooth.
Rub your feet to get rid of dirt, germs. Dampen your feet with foot cream and use foot spray to prevent foot
" Removing blackheads: Expose the face to steam just after exfoliation which is a good way to remove dead
" Last and not the least: Consume a healthy balanced diet to maintain a proper lifestyle and optimal health.
Reduce stress in your life. When you are under stress, skin is more prone to breakouts and other conditions.
Take vitamins especially vitamin A as it helps to produce health cell membranes which hold moisture and
give healthier looking skin.
The above mentioned tips will denitely be helpful for working women.
How to get beautiful Curved, Enhanced Breast (2012-09-26 21:40)
The breasts need to be pampered a little every day to keep their beautiful curved form. Because once they
say, nothing will put them back! So read these tips several times and ... use them!
The breasts are composed of fatty tissue, brous and glands surrounded by an envelope of skin placed on the
pectoral muscle: as they have no muscle, it ruser need to keep their round rm and elastic. Tip 1 - Choose
a good bra and wear it all day. As a teenager, it is important to support the chest by a bra well cut that
budget without chest compression.
Tip 2 - For the sport, it is advisable to wear a bra special sport. It can absorb shocks.
Tip 3 - Take cold showers on the chest. Heat is the enemy of the skin of your chest because it softens. So,
after your bath or shower every day do you spend the cold jet to tone the breasts and skin around it.
Tip 4 - Make scrubs soft breasts and dcollet to stimulate blood circulation and activate cell renewal.
Tip 5 - Make a soft massage in circular movements and ascending with a smooth cream or a bag of ice for
the most courageous.
Tip 6 - Make the sport regularly but avoid violent sports such as aerobics or running. The ideal is to swim
back to open the chest and the muscles of the bust.
Tip 7 - Eat foods rich in protein to feed muscles of the bust.
Tip 8 - sleep on their backs to avoid compressing your chest.
Tip 9 - Make the exercises throughout the day to join hands in front of the chest and shake for 10 seconds or
repeating O and X to stimulate the muscles of the neck.
Tip 10 - In the sun, protect your neck with a high sun index to prevent skin aging prematurely. Avoid
prolonged exposure.
Stay right pulls the shoulders back and keeps your chin up. The attitude you take to allow your chest to be
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