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Method of Preparation

Description of Final Product

Use/s Common Uses: -for mouth sores -antibiotic -local anaesthetic -antifungal -anatcid -reduce infllamation


Container -Held in the mouth then spit out - swallow if esophageal involvement -If mixed with any alcohol can cause stinging


Magic Mouthwash

White Label


Compound Orange Spirit

Simple Solution

Clear colorless liquid with peppermint odor Clear Bright Green Solution with Peppermint scent Clear colorless solution; very strong odor Dark brown to Reddish brown solution Clear colourless to yellow solution Translucent Jellylike


Peppermint Spirit


Aromatic 24 Ammonia Spirit 25 Iodine Tincture

Simple Solution

-Carminative, -flavored vehicle, - diluent for aqueous internal preparation -Carminative -Antispasmodic -Flavorant -Respiratory stimulant -inhalant -Antiseptic -Disinfectant -Counterirritant -Rubefacient -Local Anaesthetic -Protectant -Emollient -Pill excipient

White label

Narrow, Amber

White label Red label Red label Red label Red label

Narrow, amber

Narrow, amber

Simple Solution

Narrow, amber

Camphor and 26 Soap Liniment Starch Glycerite

Agitation w/o aid of heat -Fusion -Sand bath

Narrow,amber Wide, Flint (suppository bottle) -also Substitute for oily fatty base


Czarina Daos 2GPH

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28 Chalk Mixture

Simple Hydration -Dry gum (4:2:1) -Wet gum (4:2:1) -Bottle/Forbes (2:2:1 or 3:2:1) -Situ method (1:1) -Chemical Reaction

-Antacid -Antidiarreheal activity

White label

Narrow, Flint

-Only for Local absorption AcaciaEmulsifying agent


Mineral Oil Emulsion

Brown slightly viscous liquid

-Laxative, - Induces Bowel Movement

White label

Wide, amber

Ratio: Oil:H20:EA

Aluminum 30 Hydroxide Gel

Liquid with suspended white gel Clear, Pink solution

Antacid neutralizes acidic enzymes

White label

Wide, amber Bentonite MagmaSuspending agent

Calamine 31 Lotion



Red Label

Narrow mouth, amber

Czarina Daos 2GPH

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