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General Information Instructor: Lesson: Structure and Components of PC Time: 1 hour

Course: Computers 1: Hardware1000 Unit: Next Lesson: Hardware Components Detailed notes of all components essential to PC Safety Notes: Risk of electric shock, user should always unplug power supply before opening case, or connecting/disconnecting cables at rear of machine Lesson Focus Learning Goal: Identify the structure and basic components of a desktop system Specific Learning Goals: 1. Identify key components of a desktop system 2. Identify components by outlining briefly the definitions of each part 3. Identify internal pieces (practical) 4. Compose a basic diagram of inside pieces, along with definitions included Rationale: Students will become familiar with the inside components of a desktop system. They will begin to explain how each piece works by provided definitions. They will than work hands on with the inside components, while being supervised. A diagram to efficiently describe the internal workings of a PC will then be completed along with definitions provided. Required Materials Handouts: Wiki example regarding personal computer hardware Possible video at end of class if time permits (5 mins) Presentation Materials: Board drawing Board demonstration and naming of components Resource: Personal Computer Hardware at Basic Hardware Glossary at Learn what components are inside your PC Technology: Computer tower Casing will be removed to reveal internal components Lesson Outline Guiding Questions: 1. What is a PC? 2. What are components that make up a system? (external, internal) 3. Define/Describe components discussed 4. What does a system look like internally?

5. What should my diagram be comprised of? Focusing Event: On a whiteboard/chalk board, split the board into two components and write Internal on one side and External on the other. Get the students one by one to give you a component of a PC, whether it be internal or external. When the list is comprised, draw on the board (roughly) what a PC contains. Monitor, keyboard, mouse, printer, tower. Lesson Activities: 1. Lecture-Demonstration: T uses board to see what the Ss know about basic components of PC system, as mentioned above Ss participate by contributing their input on internal/external PC components, while T write on board 2. Pair Work: Ss will be paired with a partner to take casing off of PC Ss will quiz each other on components, take notes, draw diagrams 3. Class Discussion: After Ss put casing back on PC, T will ask if there are any questions T will also inquire if in the beginning while on the board, if we missed any components 4. Individual Work: Ss will complete definitions of 5 internal components, 5 external components on their own, and memorize for quiz Ss will hand in definitions next class Lesson Closure: Show glossary webpage on Hardware components Show youtube video if there is sufficient time Challenge students to pick 5 internal, 5 external components, include picture and reference to what component do for memorization (quiz) Opportunity for Independent Practice: 1. Identify definitions/functionality of components written on board (required) 2. Students will than identify 5 components on quiz in next class Related Evaluation: Definitions will be handed in during the start of the next class, quiz will commence once all assignments have been handed in.