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Company Profile Mitra Hijau Div. AMDAL

Company Profile Mitra Hijau Div. AMDAL

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Company Profile


Reliable & Care

Company Profile


PT. Mitra Hijau Indonesia, formerly known as Achmad & Associates is engineering and management consultant. PT. Mitra Hijau Indonesia provides specialty consulting services in environmental, Civil and Architects (Urban Planning) as well as environmental management and standarization. We are always supported by experts in their respective fields.

Recognizing the importance of sustainable development to society and the quest for sustainability has become a development problem, PT. Mitra Hijau Indonesia is dedicated to provide professional advice on sustainable environmental aspects from early planning and design stages all the way through to the construction and operational phases of the development. PT. Mitra Hijau Indonesia has committed to provide the best services in preparation of EIA documents, All Fields of Consultancy, Auditing and Training about Environmental Management System, Health and Safety, Quality Control, Food Safety, etc. Honor and pride for us when the our best work can satisfy many people, as a form of our appreciation to execute the mandate and the trust of consumers professionally .

EIA & Environmental Services Division

com 6. 01.achmad-associates.Company Profile Company Data 1. ST.co. WebSite 7.D/436.2/2010 188.9-606.025. SIUP 13. SH . Company Name 2. TDP 14. Telp/Fax 5.4/460/436.6.9/2006 : 503/5176. Furoiddun Nais.9/2006 : Bank JATIM Surabaya Basuki Rahmad a/c 0011. E – mail : PT. Company Address 3. Notarial Deed : www.198449 Bank BCA Surabaya KCP Pucang Anom a/c 0640443707 15. 14939/3578/082 : 1266/ASKONI/13/06/09 : 188. NPWP 9.5.A/436.525. IUJK : 02.2/2010 12. Workshop Address 4.No. 08117309424 / 081539277855 Company Name Here .000 : ASKONI no. 30 : (031) 8710986 : aa_enviro@yahoo. Bank : 503/4862.177/Medokan Ayu IIID No. KTA 10.com : .com / furoiddun@gmail. February 16th 2006. SH .id / cansa_2003@yahoo. Mitra Hijau Indonesia : Perumahan Galaxy Bumi Permai Blok N3/1 Surabaya : Medokan Asri Tengah No. No.6. Iwan Saleh Irawan. No. 6. 18.5.4/459/436. SH No. SBU 11. March 1st 2010 Syaiful Rachman. Contact Person : M. SH 8. March 19th 2012 Maria Baroroh. April 10th 2012 Maria Baroroh. MT Hp. 53.

AgusSlamet. By the support of EIA assessor who have competence and certified.Sc  000227/SKPA/LSK-INTAKINDO/VIII/2010 2.Company Profile Certificate & Competency Our company has many experience in preparing EIA documents and other environmental documents. M. Era Paul Yanurin  000224/SKPA/LSK-INTAKINDO/VIII/2010 2. Ir. and we already certified by the Ministry of Environment by numbered 0036/LPJ/AMDAL-1/LRK/KLH. we provide the best in every project that has been entrusted to us. NassaArfiantinosa. Ir. SyaifulLukman  000225/SKPA/LSK-INTAKINDO/VIII/2010 . Ir. Experts Team Here's a list the EIA Drafting Team of PT. ST  000221/SKPA/LSK-INTAKINDO/VIII/2010 Team Members 1. Mitra Hijau Indonesia has certified competence Team Leader 1.

Company Profile EIA Overview In accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of Environment No. Environmental Management Plan (RKL) It is a document that contains effort to prevent. 08 / 2006 on Guidelines for writing of EIA. It is an effort to monitor environmental component affected a high priority impact consequence of the business plan. Environmental Impact Assessment (ANDAL) It is an accurate and profound study of a high priority impact from an business plan. control and mitigate negative impact of environmental and enhance the positive impacts from an business plan. content of the EIA document is as follows: Terms Of Reference (Kerangka Acuan ANDAL) It is a scope of the environmental impact assessment study which the result of the scoping process agreed by the initiator / authors EIA and EIA commission. Environmental Monitoring Plan (RPL) Adalah upaya pemantauan komponen lingkungan hidup yang terkena dampak besar dan penting akibat dari rencana usaha dan atau kegiatan. .

Environmental Management Plan. Assessment & Recommendations . Environmental impact assassment. Baseline Environmental Conditions To determine the environmental baseline necessary to do some sampling. Terms Of Reference Report Preparation and Presentation 3. Environmental Monitoring Plan Report Preparation and Presentation 6. that is:    Mass media publication Public and related institution announcement Focus Group Discussion 2.Company Profile Phases Activities of EIA 1. such as :  Sampling and Analysis of Air Quality and Noise  Sampling and Analysis of exhaust gas quality  Sampling and Analysis of surface water quality  Sampling and Analysis of water quality  Sampling and Analysis of soil 4. Collecting Social Data Information 5. Socialization / Public Consultation Socialization activities carried out in several ways.

Gunawan Dian Jaya Steel  PT. Mitra Hijau Indonesia formerly known as Achmad & Associates have collaborated with many companies and government agencies engaged in various fields of activity. Masrur & Sons  PT.Company Profile Partnership PT. Susanti Megah Cold Storage Industry  PT. Perkebunan Nusantara X (Persero). PP London Sumatra Indonesia Tbk Paper Industry  PT. Semen Gresik (Persero) Tbk  PT. Some of our partners as below: Cement Industry  PT. Semesta Jati Indah  CV. Bahtera Abadi Gas Steel Industry  PT. Gasuma Federal Indonesia  PT.agro  PT. Seng Fong Moulding Perkasa  PT. Suparma Tbk Cooking Oil Industry  PT. QL Hasil Laut Otomotif Industry  PT. Semen Bosowa Banyuwangi Plantation Company  PT. WILMAR Nabati Indonesia Oil and Gas Industry  PT. Srikandi Diamond Indah Motor . Logam Abadi Salt Industry  PT. Hasil Karya  PT. Sumber Makmur  PT.

Pemuda Central Investindo  PT. GRAMEDIA Tbk  PT. Graha Pena Jawa Pos  PT. Central Asia Investment  PT. Lancar Sampoerna Lestari  Apartemen Petra Square  PT. Hero Supermarket Tbk  PT. Grand Sea Master  Pemerintah Kota Bontang RSUD Taman Husada  Satker Pengembangan Penyehatan Lingkungan Permukiman PU Cipta Karya . Diparanu Rucita  PT. Jo  PT. Industrial Wira Jatim  PT. Menara Bumi Sejahtera  PT. Win Win Reality Center  PT. Benoa Nusantara  PT. Tidar Megah Development  PT. Gala Bumi Perkasa.Company Profile Property  PT.

we usually found ourselves taking up the role of coordination among different components of the team with a view to improve overall environmental performance by capturing the benefits of multiple systems designed to work effectively together.Company Profile Enclosure Supported by experts who are reliable and care. Moreover. recognizing the need for collaborative effort to integrate environmental analysis between all disciplines in the sustainable process. Thank You Regards PT. on time and in accordance with existing guidelines and reference. and certified by the Ministry of the Environment. Mitra Hijau Indonesia . we will provide reliable service. The following represents a partial listing of recently completed/ongoing projects in which comprehensive sustainable design consultancy services in support of the Certification have been performed for various development projects.

Company Profile Work experience .

Marga Bhakti Sari Sejahtera 2006-2007 No. Kabupaten Sidoarjo Kota Sidoarjo Partnership PT Masrur & Son 2 CV Cahaya Purnama PT Hasil Karya 3 Krian. Susanti Megah 2 Basuki Rahmad. GramediaTbk. PT. Project Name Project Location Kalianak Surabaya Partnership 1 AMDAL PT. Kabupaten Sidoarjo Tol Surabaya Gempol 4 PT Wichem 5 UKL . Mayjend. Bhakti Tamara PT.UPL Pembangunan Rest Area Tol Surabaya . Gunawan Dian Jaya Steel PT.Company Profile 2004-2005 No.Gempol PT. Sungkono Surabaya Margomulyo Surabaya Ngagel Surabaya PT. Surabaya Sumurwelut Surabaya Jl.UPL PT Wichem (Pabrik Lem) Project Location Waru. Benoa Nusantara 6 AMDAL Mall Central Point . Project Name 1 UKL .UPL CV Cahya Purnama (Pabrik Genteng) AMDAL PT Hasil Karya (Pabrik Logam) UKL .UPL PT Masrur & Son (Pabrik Logam) UKL . Win-Win Reality Center 3 AMDAL Perumahan Royal Residence 4 AMDAL & Kajian Drainase Kawasan Superblok Ciputra World 5 AMDAL Industri Baja PT. Susanti Megah (Pabrik Garam) AMDAL Gramedia Expo PT. Kabupaten Sidoarjo Taman.

KAJIAN DRAINASE Kawasan Gedung Perkantoran & Perdagangan Penyusunan AMDAL dan Kajian DrainaseKawasan Pembangunan Surabaya "Times Square" Karang Pilang 7 Jl. Kertajaya Indah Timur Surabaya 8 Jl. Tidar Megah Developmen PT. Surabaya 4 Jl. Hero Supermarket Tbk PT. Tidar. ANDALALIN & Kajian Drainase Giant Hypermarket Project Location Jl. ANDALALIN. Grand Sea Master 6 DPPL Kawasan Karang Pilang Industrial Estate Penyusunan AMDAL. Pemuda Central Investindo - 2 UKL . Surabaya 3 AMDAL TRILLIUM " OFFICE & RESIDENCE" Andalalin & Kajian Drainase Trillium Office & Residence AMDAL Pembangunan Rusunami Cosmo Park Andalalin & Kajian Drainase Rusunami Cosmo Park Jl. Surabaya 5 Jl. Pemuda . Industrial Wira Jatim PT. 1 Project Name AMDAL . Lancar Sampoerna Lestari PT.Company Profile 2007-2008 No. Tidar. Graha Pena JawaPos PT. Surabaya PT. Diponegoro Surabaya Partnership PT. Ahmad Yani. Mayjen Sungkono .UPL Pembangunan Gedung Basket DBL Jl.

Gundih No. Surabaya PT. Nginden .Company Profile 2008-2009 No. 8 Surabaya Partnership 1 AMDAL. Raya Darmo Permai III Jl. Project Name Project Location Jl. Sinar Matahari Cipta Guna 2 Kajian Drainase Kawasan Pembangunan Rusunami Surabaya Jl. ANDALALIN. Surya Bumimegah Sejahtera 3 Dokumen Upaya Pengelolaan dan Pemantauan Lingkungan Hidup (UKL-UPL) Restoran "Tokyo" Bratang AMDAL & Kajian Drainase Kawasan Pembangunan Apartemen Petra Square Restoran "Tokyo" 4 Surabaya Apartemen Petra Square . KAJIAN DRAINASE Kawasan Pembangunan Pusat Grosir "Pasar Dupak" PT.

Semen Gresik (Persero) Tbk PT. Jo PT. Tbk 11 Surabaya 12 Sidoarjo PT. Petrus 8 Surabaya `9 Surabaya Bpk. Central Asia Investment PT.Company Profile 2009-2010 No. Rajawali Tanjungsari 5 Surabaya 6 Surabaya 7 Surabaya PT. Project Name Project Location Lamongan Partnership 1 AMDAL Pembangunan Industri Cold Storage Desa BrondongLamongan Amdal Pembangunan Apartemen Petra Square PT. Rajawali Tanjungsari . RKL dan RPL Dokumen Upaya Pengelolaan dan Pemantauan Lingkungan Hidup (UKL-UPL) Restoran Dokumen Upaya Pengelolaan dan Pemantauan Lingkungan Hidup (UKL-UPL) Industri Dokumen UKL – UPL Pembangunan Gedung sekretariat DPRD Jatim Dokumen Evaluasi Lingkungan Hidup (DELH) PT. Tejacipta Rekasarana PT. Petrus 10 Surabaya PT. Diparanu Rucitra 3 Amdal dan Kajian Drainase Pasar Turi Surabaya Pasar Turi Surabaya Banyuwangi 4 Dokumen UKL-UPL untk kegiatan pengantongan semen danDermaga PTS AMDAL Reklamasi dan Pengembangan Wilayah Kenjeran Kajian Drainase Kawasan Pembangunan PerumahanSukolilo Dian Regency Konsultan Penyusunan Laporan AMDAL. Suparma. Gala Bumi Perkasa. QL HasilLaut 2 Surabaya Apartemen Petra Square PT. Win-Win Reality Center Bpk. Suparma. Tbk Review Dokumen(UKL-UPL) PT.

Gasuma Federal Indonesia Penyusunan Dokumen UKL-UPL untuk Keg. Tuban PT. Gasuma Federal Indonesia 7 JawaTimur Satker Pengembangan Penyehatan Lingkungan Permukiman PU CiptaKarya . Persampahan Banyuwangi PT. Semen Gresik (Persero) Tbk 6 Kec. PP London Sumatra Indonesia Tbk 3 Sorong – Papua PT. Project Name Project Location Partnership 1 AMDAL Pelabuhan Perikanan Pantai (PPP) Muncar Banyuwangi Pembuatan Dokumen Evaluasi Lingkungan (DELH) di Perkebunan Coklat dan Kopi Treblasala serta unit pengolahannya Jasa Konsultan Dampak Lingkungan Studi UKL dan UPL Packing Plant Sorong Banyuwangi KLH Banyuwangi 2 Banyuwangi PT. Sooko Kab. Semen Gresik (Persero) Tbk 5 Banyuwangi PT.Company Profile 2010-2011 No. Semen Gresik (Persero) Tbk 4 Penyesuaian Dokumen UKL UPL dan Penyusunan Laporan Pelaksanaan UKL UPL Tahap I (Periode Oktober 2010 s/d Maret 2011) Kegiatan Pengantongan Semen dan Dermaga PT SG di Banyuwangi Laporan Pelaksanaan UKL UPL Tahap II (Periode April 2011 s/d September 2011) Kegiatan Pengantongan Semen danDermaga PT SG di Banyuwangi Pelaporan Pelaksanaan UKL-UPL Proyek MSFGU PT.

Company Profile No. SumberMakmur 11 Tuban PT. Drainase di JawaTimur Penyusunan AMDAL. Toeloengredjo 13 Jombang PT. Menara Bumi Sejahtera 9 Jl. Seng Fong Moulding Perkasa Project Location JawaTimur Partnership Satker Pengembangan Penyehatan Lingkungan Permukiman PU CiptaKarya PT. Srikandi Diamond Indah Motors 12 Pare-Kediri PT. Perkebunan Nusantara X (Persero) RS. ANDAL LALIN. Sumber Makmur Penyusunan Dokumen UKL-UPL Rencana Pembangunan Showroom &Bengkel Mobil Mitsubishi Penyusunan dokumen UKLUPL RS PT. Mayjen Sungkono Surabaya 10 Jombang PT. Kajian Drainase Kawasan Skyline Towers – Office &Condotel Penyusunan Dokumen Evaluasi Lingkungan Hidup (DELH) IndustriLogam (Peleburan Aluminium PT. 8 Project Name Penyusunan Dokumen UKL-UPL untuk Keg. Seng Fong Moulding Perkasa . Perkebunan Nusantara X (Persero) Toeloengredjo Penyusunan Dokumen Review UKL-UPL PT.

Win Win Realty Centre PT. Pelindo III (Persero) PT. Bahtera Abadi Gas CV. Logam Abadi 4 Banyuwangi 5 Tuban 6 Jombang 7 AMDALPenambangan Pasir Besi Jember PT. Packing Plant dan Jetty PT. Semen BosowaBanyuwangi Penyusunan Dokumen UKL-UPL Industri pengolahan Gas LPG AMDAL Industri Pengecoran Logam LokasiProyek Jombang Rekanan PT. SemestaJati Indah Penyusunan DELH Gedung Perkantoran Graha Pacific Pelaporan Pelaksanaan RKLRPL Superblock Ciputra World Penyusunan AMDAL Cement Mill. Imperial Timor Property PT. New Golden Jember International PT. Palm Kernel dan Power Plant AMDAL Pembangunan dan Pengoperasian Kawasan Industri Tuban Kajian Pengelolaan Lingkungan Kegiatan Dredging Pelabuhan Tanjung Perak ADDENDUM AMDAL Superblock “Ciputra World” UKL – UPL Kegiatan Tangki Timbun Pelaporan RKL – RPL Pabrik Semen. Semen Bosowa Banyuwangi PT. Win Win Realty Center PT. Wilmar Nabati Indonesia PT. Kawasan Industri Gresik PT. 1 NamaProyek/Pekerjaan Penyusunan Dokumen Review UKL-UPL PT. Djabesmen 2 Surabaya 3 Surabaya PT. Tambang & Pelabuhan Kupang 9 Balikpapan 10 Tuban 11 Surabaya 12 Surabaya 13 Jakarta & Cilegon 14 Tuban & Gresik . SemestaJati Indah PT. Semen Gresik (Persero) Tbk 8 AMDAL Kota Mandiri Terpadu “Imperial World” AMDAL Industri Pengolahan Kelapa Sawit.Company Profile 2011-2012 No. Sari Agrotama Persada PT.

Company Profile No.Kalbar 20 21 AMDAL Pembangunan dan Pengoperasian Terminal LPG dan Dermaga AMDAL Pembangunan Kantong Penahan Lumpur Kali Gendol Banyuwangi Sleman-Yogyakarta 22 23 24 Penyusunan dokumen UKL UPL Instalasi Pengolahan Air Limbah Terpadu Industri Perikanan Muncar Penyusunan Dokumen UKL UPL Workshop dan Gudang PT. Bliss Group Kota Baru – Kalimantan Selatan 25 26 27 Penyusunan Dokumen UKL UPL Percetakan PT. Misi Mulia Petronusa Balai Besar Wilayah Sungai Serayu Opak Kementrian Pekerjaan Umum Kementrian Lingkungan Hidup 16 Jombang 17 Kupang-NTT 18 Kediri 19 AMDAL Jalan Perbatasan Indonesia di Kalimantan Barat Sintang . Puri Panca Pujibangun Dinas Perhubungan Kota Surabaya PT. Kediri LokasiProyek Banyuwangi Rekanan PT. Imperial Timor Property Pemerintah Kabupaten Kediri Kementrian Pekerjaan Umum. Puri Panca Pujibangun Penyusunan Dokumen UKL UPL Terminal Dukuh Kupang Surabaya AMDAL Pembangunan dan Pengoperasian Ponorogo City Centre Surabaya Surabaya Ponorogo . Semen Gresik (Persero) Tbk Pemerintah Kabupaten Jombang PT. Direktorat Perhubungan Laut PT. Direktorat Bina Marga PT. Bama Bumi Sentosa Kementrian Perhubungan. Bama Bumi Sentosa Penyusunan Dokumen UKL UPL Pelabuhan di Kota Baru Banyuwangi Gresik PT. 15 NamaProyek/Pekerjaan Pelaporan UKL UPL Cement Packing Plant Banyuwangi AMDAL Kawasan Industri Jombang AMDAL Pembangunan dan Pengoperasian Kota Mandiri Terpadu Imperial World AMDAL RSUD Kab.

Company Profile .

Company Profile .

Company Profile .

Company Profile .

Company Profile .

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