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College of DuPage Adult Fast Track: Transition to a New Model

(As of 4-25-11)

Andrea Andi Liedtke, Coordinator 630-942-2778 Judith Judi Hayes, Administrative Assistant 630-942-3875 Nancy Keller, Administrative Assistant 630-942-4811

Beginning with the second eight weeks of the Fall 2009 semester, the College formally began the transition into a new and expanded Adult Fast Track (AFT) model with changes designed to enhance access, academic integrity, and choice of programs, convenience, scheduling, and affordability. The elimination of a cohort format was one of the most notable changes that occurred. Students are now able to enter the program at the start of any 8-week session throughout the entirety of the year. And if, for whatever reason, they must take a break from their studies, they can reenter the program at any time. (Note: Students who entered AFT as part of a cohort continued to have access to the courses they needed to complete their degrees at COD.) New AFT eligibility criteria were also implemented, i.e. students were required to:

1. Be 21 years of age or older 2. Have a minimum of 12 college-level semester credits earned 3. Hold cumulative GPA of at least 2.5 (4.0 scale)
(Extant AFT cohort students were made exempt from meeting new admission requirements.

Note: eligibility criteria changed significantly as of 11/15/10 when the earned credit hour and cumulative GPA requirements were eliminated. Thereafter, students needed only meet age criteria.

The new AFT model became fully operational in Spring 2010 and featured: 1. An elimination of the current $15 fee charged per AFT course section. 2. An expansion of the AFT Program onto the Glen Ellyn and Naperville Regional Centers. (AFT classes were still offered in Westmont.) Note: Some AFT classes are now offered at the Addison Regional Center, as well. 3. The addition of an Associate in Applied Science (AAS) Management track. Note: A Supervision Certificate was subsequently added to AFT offerings. 4. A greatly expanded selection of core general education courses. 5. Courses that begin and end on uniform dates the first and second eight week sessions of fall and spring semesters. 6. An adjusted summer schedule that allows AFT students to enroll in classes in two, nonoverlapping classes sessions. Note: The Colleges summer calendar changed in 2012. It was decided that the AFT program would observe that calendar and therefore, effective with summer 2012, only one eight-week AFT summer session is available. 7. Courses consisting of one four-hour class session per week (evenings or Saturday mornings) for the entire eight weeks, supplemented with assignments and communications via Blackboard. 8. The opportunity for students enrolled in traditional COD programs to cross over and take AFT courses if they meet the admission requirements.

9. Self-enrollment capability for current or returning COD students whom Datatel

recognizes as having met AFT criteria.