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CE105 DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSING ASSIGNMENT 1 Instructors: Phan Quoc Huy ( Nguyen Dang Nhan (


Deadline: 11.59PM Sunday 21 Oct, 2012 Guide: Students are expected to submit MATLAB code and report the results in form of either MS Word or PDF format. All is zipped in a single file as [StudentID].zip. Send email to instructors with title [CE105-AS1] [StudentID]. For example, the student with ID 12345 should send the file named and the email title should be [CE105-AS1] 12345 1.1 Let x(n) {2, 1, 5, 6, 4, 10, 8} . Generate and plot the samples (use the stem function) of the following sequences. a) b) c) d) e)

x1 (n) 3x(n 2) x(n 4) 2 x(n) x2 (n) 5x(5 n) 4 x(n 4) 3x(n)

x3 (n) x(n 4) x(n 1) x(2 n) x(n) x4 (n) 2e 0.5n x(n) cos(0.1n) x(n 2), - 10 n 10
x5 (n) nx(n k )
k 1 5

Some initial MATLAB functions are provided at 1.2 Determine whether the following systems are stable, causal, linear, and time-invariant. a) T1 [ x(n)] b) T2 [ x(n)]

x(k )
k 0
n 10 k n 10

x(k )

c) T3 [ x(n)] x(n) 1.3 For the two sequences below verify the commutation property x1 (n) x2 (n) x2 (n) x1 (n) using the conv_m function.

x1 (n) n[u(n 10) u(n 20)]

x2 (n) cos(0.1n)[u(n) u(n 30)]
conv_m MATLAB function is provided at