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Risk assessment

Producer: TEK music group. Production details: Music Video ; Superstar Dreams

Risk Tripping over equipment

Weather problems

People not turning out

Details of risk Actresses or crew could trip over equipment when filming The weather such as heavy rain could ruin the equipment and costumes. Crew members and actress may not turn up

Solutions Remind everyone to take care. Check weather before recording and make sure you have an umbrella Tell them time, date and its important to turn up and to call a week earlier before shoot if they really cant make it to find an alternative earlier. Have an alternative costumes in case of problems with the original Check before and go through the lyrics before shooting Make sure that the locations are available in time to fit our shooting schedule. Bringing extra batteries and take care whilst filming and be extra careful with equipment

Person Responsible Edna




Lyrics for lip sync


Costumes not being available at the time of shooting or costumes damages e.g rips I could forget the lyrics or other actress could also forget their lyrics Location could be in use when we want to film






Equipment could be miss handled and cause injury to another or stop equipment from working. Battery could also die whilst filming Actor/actress could change hair style or move costumes e.g. taking off scarf.


Ask them if they are planning to change their clothing.