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18 January 1952 S.

Mrs M.A
4TH Form
Lesson 3: Space Tourism (Part 1)
A* 1. Watch the video and comment on it.
2. Label the pictures and photos below.
Earth orbit zero gravity/weightlessness astronaut ISS (International Space Station)
rocket plane spaceport spaceship shuttle (taking off) satellite space walk space

2-------------------------------1 ----------------------------------








11------------------------12--------------------------------3. All these words can go after the word space except one, which can go in front. Which is the odd word out?
craft / race / station / travel / exploration / outer / flight / ship

B*Read the article then do the tasks below.

1. Tick () the correct alternative.
a) The text is:





b) The text is mainly about: i. Space exploration and the future of mankind.
ii. Space tourism; risks and rewards.
iii. Space tourism, a privilege just for the elite.

2. True or False. Justify your answers with precise details from the text.
a. Only some people love to visit space as revealed by an online survey. (prg1) T / F
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------b. Space flights costs will drop as technology improves. (prg2) T / F
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------c. You only have to be super rich to go to space. (prg3) T / F
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------d. Only in space one can experience zero gravity. (prg4) T / F
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------e. Two decades ahead, space fights will be as frequent as airplanes. (prg5) T / F

3. Complete the following table with the right cost.

A ten-day
vacation in

A flight of few
hours to space

Zero gravity



A flight to the
edge of space
on a Mig-25

4. Answer the following questions.

a- Who was the first space tourist?
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------b- Whats the other alternative, given by some experts,that can enable ordinary people to
go on a space trip?
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------5. Find words in the text:
-Having the same meaning as:
a. transportation charges (prg2) = --------------------------------------------b. physically sound; healthy (prg3) = --------------------------------------------- Having the opposite meaning of:
a- to increase (prg2) ------------------------------b- finally (prg2) ------------------------------6. Find in the text:
a. An utterance expressing probability---------------------------------------------------------------------------b. An utterance expressing possibility-----------------------------------------------------------------------------7. Express differently start as shown.
- a 10-day vacation a vacation-------------------------------------------------------------------- a two-night stay a stay -------------------------------------------------------------------* What do we call the underlined parts above? How are they made? Can you give other

C*Below are some predictions by a

major British telecommunications
company. Do you agree or disagree
with the predictions? Say what you
think about them.

A - Do you think therell be a hotel in

space by 2017?
B - Yes, its possible. But Im not going
to stay in it because itll be too

The text

Do you want to go into space? If you answered

"yes," then you're not alone. According to an
Internet survey, more than 70% of people want to
visit space for two weeks or less. Would you pay
$20 million for a 10-day vacation? That is what
Dennis Tito, a millionaire from the USA, did
when he became the first space tourist in April,
2001. Many would want to walk in space too, and
a few would want to stay in a hotel there.

Unfortunately, space tourism is only available

to the super rich. The high cost of a space
vacation makes it impossible for most people, but
several private companies believe that the cost
will soon come down. New technological developments should lower fares initially to about
$100,000, but the price could quickly drop to $10,000. Although this sounds high,
estimates indicate that at least half a million people each year would pay $50,000 for a
ticket to space. For example, tourists can expect to pay $200,000 or more just for a flight
lasting a few hours. The costs to stay in space for a day or longer would cost millions of
dollars. However, the days of a family vacation in space are probably very far away.


space tourism is the wrong term this trip would be more like an extreme
sport, with passengers experiencing weightlessness. Apart from being wealthy, passengers
will need to be physically and mentally fit, and will have to train for about a week first.
The future is still uncertain. Travel will be expensive, and consumer demand will be
limited in the early stages.


you don't want to wait for space hotels and cruise ships, Space Adventures offers
passengers zero-gravity flights for about $6,000. For about $13,000, you can ride a Russian
Mig-25*, flying 82,000 feet (24,994 m) up to the edge of space. These prices also include a
two-night stay in Moscow. Still too much money for your budget? Some, including Apollo
11 astronaut and ShareSpace Foundation chairman Buzz Aldrin, have proposed a spacetrip lottery system to give everyone a chance to go.


the beginning of the space race, the general public has said, "Isn't that great -when do I get to go?" Well, our chance might be closer than ever. Within the next 20 years,
space planes could be taking off for the Moon at the same frequency as airplanes flying
between New York and Los Angeles!
* Supersonic interceptor and reconnaissance aircraft.