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Published by: Dewi Wahyuningsih on Oct 26, 2012
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Nama : Dewi Wahyuningsih Kelas 1 No : 06 : XII Unggulan


Rain is the falling of water drops from atmosphere to earth’s surface in the form of liquid, solid or gas. The occurance process of rain is begun by condensation process namely the phenomenom of change of water vapor to be water drop. Those water drops fly in air and gather becomes larger and heavier form. Collection of water drops in air is called cloud. Cloud in atmosphere keeps increasing, smooth water drops change to be large water drops and finally fall to earth in the form of rain. The amount of rain water that falls to earth’s surface is called rainfall. The amount of rainfall is measured by using rainfall measuring device that is called ombrometer. How is method to measure rainfall?. When it is raining we put measuring glass that has cylindrical shape in open field, after rain is finished we will see the amount of water inside of it. The height of water in the vessel means the height of puddle of rain water in that region. If the rain water does not infiltrate,flow and evaporate, that is the record principleof rainfall.

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