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The World of Underground Mining

The Mining Method

Coal Conventional (About 6%) Continuous (About 43%) Longwall Mining (About 51%) Metal and Industrial Minerals Room and Pillar (About 65%) Sublevel Open Stoping Shrinkage Stoping Cut and Fill Systems Sublevel Caving Block Caving

Continuous Miner for Room & Pillar Mining

Plan View of Longwall Mining

Long Wall Mining at Maple Creek

Typical Room & Pillar Stope for Metal or Stone Mining

Room & Pillar Stoping on Incline

Atlas Copco L2C Drill Face Jumbo

Elphinstone 2900 LHD Unit

Tamrocks Supra 0012H 80 Ton Truck

Tamrocks 0012R 50 Ton Ramp Truck

Sublevel Open Stoping

Tamrocks Data-Solo Long Hole Drill

VCR Open Stoping

Ingersol-Rand DTH(ITH) Drill Jumbo

Shrinkage Stoping

Trolley or Diesel Locomotives Move the Ore from Draw Points

Overhand Cut & Fill Stoping

MCI LT-210 1-cu yd LHD

Lucky Friday Undercut & Fill

Lucky Friday Undercut & Fill Stoping

Underhand Dritft and Fill Stoping

Undercut Drift and Fill Mining at Carlin

Transverse Roadheader Mines The Stopes at Carlin

Underhand Bench and Fill Mining, Jerrit Canyon

Sublevel Caving at Kiruna LKAB

Sublevel Caving at Kiruna LKAB

Atlas Copco Simba Long Hole Drill

Block Caving -Manual Grizzlies

Block CavingTrackless Development

Block Caving at El Teniente, Chile

DUX 45 Ton Underground Articulated Truck

DUX 27-Ton Rear Dump Articulated Truck