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Outline Method Statement For Projects


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Introduction Project Management Key Dependencies Project Mobilisation Project Task Schedule Design Development and Approval Electrical Installation and Testing Pre Commissioning Commissioning O and M Manuals Demonstration Witnessing and Hand-over Training

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The proposal of this outline method statement is to describe all of the major activities and methods proposed in carrying out the works pertaining to this project. It is not intended that this method statement shall be incorporated into or forms part of the Trade Contract. This document will be enhanced and supplemented as the project progresses. AND Group is an international company carrying out installation contracts across many countries. The procedures of our business are documented in our quality procedures and are approved by the ISO 9001: 2000 certification 2.0 Project Management

Project Organisation It is intended that the project organisation shall consist of the following personnel: Project Manager. Installation Supervisors. Commissioning Engineers. Design Engineers HSE Officer The project manager will be the principle point of contact through the duration of the project and through the team will be responsible for: Progress of the works. Safety of the works. Drawings and information that is required to ensure the progress of the project. Procurement of material to meet the site requirement. Provide full liaison and support to the client and the other Trade Contractors. Resource Management in line with the planned progress. Financial Review of Documentation Issued. Production of Control Points Schedules. Production of System Graphics. Production of Description of Operation. Issue for Approval. Control Software.

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a) Progress of the works. The project manager will monitor, record and document the progress of each aspect of the works from information provided by the project team and from this information determine the status of the overall works in relation to the project as a whole. The project manager will ensure that adequate resources are available in order to maintain sufficient progress in every aspect of the works. Detailed site records will be maintained on site. Formal reports will be made available to the employer on labour levels if required, deliveries to site, summary details of labour, staff, and visitors. b) Safety of the works. The project manager will ensure that all works are carried out in accordance with the site HSE requirements. Toolbox talks will be held on a regular basis and will cover a topic relevant to the current works. Regular visits will be made from Head office (where possible) to ensure compliance with the Site particular requirements and also with AND Groups own code of practise for carrying out works away from Company premises. All employees are tasked with making sure that they take reasonable care of their own health and safety. All sub contractors will be expected to adhere to the AND Groups standards and procedures. c) Drawing and information items required ensuring progress. The project manager in association with the design engineer and the installation supervisor will document and monitor all requests for information for the works. d) Procurement of material to meet the site requirement. The project manager will place, document and monitor progress on all orders for materials. The project materials procurement schedule will be updated on a daily or weekly basis as necessary.

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e) Provide full liaison and support to other Trade Contractors. The project manager will attend regular meetings with the Employer and other Contractors as necessary to ensure that all matters of co-ordination are satisfactorily resolved to avoid any undue impact upon the programme of works. f) Resource Management in line with the planned progress. The project manager will ensure resources are made available as indicated in advance by the ongoing monitoring of the contract programme. g) Financial The project manager will be assisted by a contract variation engineer who will ensure that valuations are submitted in line with the agreed valuation dates and will seek to assist wherever necessary to gain an agreement to a value for certification. The project engineer will respond to instructions and ensure that agreement to any time or cost implication is reached such that at any point in time the projected final account sum will be substantially agreed.

h) Review of Documentation Issued. The project manager shall review all information/documentation issued by the subcontractors. This shall include all specifications, drawings and schedules. i) Production of Control Points Schedules. The Commission Engineer will review the design information and create a point schedule for approval, which shall incorporate the following requirements: Points shall be assigned to the control units for inputs and outputs. The quantity of points and functions shall be based on the specification narratives and associated schedules therein.

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Production of System Graphics. When a full database of all system points has been produced the commissioning engineer shall commence production of the system graphics (if required). These shall be produced in accordance with building layouts and schematics, construction drawings and any manufacturer literature issued. The graphics shall form detailed schematics showing all sensors etc. Once the graphic has been produced each item shall be dynamically linked with its associated point. The completed graphic shall be tested at this stage to ensure that it is functionally correct.

k) Production of Description of Operation. The description of operation for each part or sub system shall be produced. This shall describe the operation of the systems and shall also describe interaction with any other systems. l) Issue for Approval. The package of information shall include a print schedule incorporating all system points entered into the system and a copy of the description of operation. m) Cause and Effect. On receipt of full written approval of the information issued, the complete package of information shall be passed to a AND Group systems engineer who shall write the cause and effect programmes in accordance with the description of operation.

CDM (Construction, Design and Manufacture) Regulations In accordance with the CDM regulations AND Group will: Co-operate with the Employer so far, as is necessary to comply with the relevant statutory provisions, site rules and the HSE plan. Provide the Employer with all information which might affect the safety of anyone involved or affected by the project or which might require a review of the HSE plan. Comply with the rules applicable to the HSE plan. Ensure that before work is allowed to commence the following information has been given to each of his employees and sub contractors: a) The name of the Planning Supervisor: b) The name of the Employer: c) The contents of the health and safety plan, or such parts that are Relevant to our works, and made aware of any health and safety issues appertaining to our works.
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Once on site AND Group will continually monitor on site safety. Attend the on site safety meetings.

Material Handling Materials will be co-ordinated through the Stores manger. a) Electronic Equipment: An AND Group representative will be sent to the site location/offices, to coincide with the agreed offloading slots. Equipment supplied by AND Group plc is anticipated to be stored in a safe environment probably in the site management accommodation. b) Installation Equipment: These will be delivered direct from ANDs supplier to coincide with the agreed offloading slots. It is acknowledged that space for materials on site may be limited and therefore smaller quantity regular deliveries will be made.

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Rubbish Removal Rubbish will be cleared away at regular intervals. All staff will be briefed in the importance of this requirement, particularly from a safety perspective.

Snagging Project Closeout The installation works will be continuously checked by our Installation Supervisor to check that they conform to specified and statutory standards. In addition as each zone / area is completed it will be thoroughly snagged and offered to the construction manager for acceptance. This approach will ensure that at the end of the project the amount of snagging is minimal and will allow the witnessing and demonstration phase of the project to continue unhindered. In the event of snagged items being raised then these will be attended to as soon as practically possible.

Key Dependencies The electrical installation progress will be governed in time and sequence by the availability of areas, and those responsible for installing the equipment that may require interfacing to. a) Before installation can begin the following requirements should be met Co-ordinated drawings issued to/by AND Group Approval of system containment routes attained Unhindered access to all associated areas b) Before commissioning can begin the following requirements should be met Power available Unhindered access to all associated areas

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Project Mobilisation As soon as AND Group are advised that the contract has been successfully awarded to them, the Project Team will be brought together with the Bid Team to hand-over the project and to plan the site set up. Necessary procurement of site office accommodation will be made if required, and connection to telecoms and power will be requested if required. All principal sub contractors will be notified that a sub contract order is about to be placed. The factory/warehouse and supplies will also be advised of the impending product demand. During this pre-site period the Bid Team will remain heavily involved in the project to ensure that the design concept is fully understood and to address any subsequent questions. Several members of the bid team will continue to have a proactive roll in the project right through to completion. This illuminates unnecessary internal co-ordination problems. The main aim of the team will be to set up the site office and become fully functional within a matter of days and to ensure that all key personnel have been given full safety inductions.

Design Development & Approval The design engineer in co-operation with the project manager will begin the task of firming up the design information and will raise necessary Request For Information Forms to enable the preparation of schedules and other ancillary equipment. Wiring diagrams will be produced to an agreed schedule to allow adequate time for manufacture and delivery to site. These drawings will be submitted for approval and subject to amendment for comments will form the detail that the equipment is configured to. There will be a cycle to allow for the update and re-submission of documents in accordance with any comments made by the client.

Electrical Installation & Testing

a) Design and Approval A detailed survey will be made to establish the cable routes of the system. Cable routes will be made to avoid where possible all other systems. From the survey, the issued drawings will be marked up detailing all containment routes and proposed materials and equipment to be installed for approval. The containment system and support brackets will be installed in accordance with the Health and Safety Policy using plant and equipment to suit the application. AND or electrical contractor will implement the marked up drawings detailing all cable containment routes into the co-ordinated drawings, unless previously agreed during the tender period, in which case we will require the co-ordinated drawing on disc in the Auto CAD format ten days from the approval date. Liaison will be made with the employer and main parties regarding site procedures.
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Consultations will be carried out with employer and main parties to produce a programme of work to coincide with the main programme. The issue of our approved marked up drawings together with our programme will be made before site work can proceed. Actual commencement of the installation works would be agreed with the employer and main parties, which would also depend on the working areas being made available. Before commencement of the installation, the final positioning of all field equipment would need to be established with the employer and main parties. These would also be in line with the approved co-ordinated drawings. b) Installation All works will be carried out in accordance with: Client Specification Current Edition of the I.E.E (Institution of Electrical Engineers)Regulations All works/operations will be carried out in accordance with all proven methods and industry standards. All due care shall be taken to comply with the relevant safety procedures to ensure the highest degree of safety is maintained at all times.

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Where applicable, all manufactures equipment handbooks and manuals will be utilised and filed on site to aid all installations works and testing. All application will be carried out in co-operation with other trades working in the same areas, therefore installation risk would be minimised. Cables will be installed in the cable trunking and conduits in the appropriate areas as detailed on the approved drawing. c) Testing On completion of the cable carrier, conduit and wiring installation, all of the cables will be tested for their insulation, and continuity in accordance with BS5839 part 1. This will include earth leakage, core to core resistance and certified before the connection of any equipment and final connection to the main supply can commence. All documentation will be issued to the electrical contractor.

Pre Commissioning All works will conform to the standards set out. The entire system will be systematically checked to establish the suitability for commissioning. The control panels would initially have been tested off site and both would have been offered for approval to the client. The commissioning and/or projects engineer shall inspect each area/floor with the installation contractor or sub-contractor to verify that the installation works are completed.

Commissioning Prior to commencement of our commissioning activities, we shall require the following: a) Power, permanent or temporary, to system panels and associated items of equipment not fed from the panels.

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Field Installation-Wiring Item Systems field installation. Action Visual check- General layout/ Routes. Cable carrier Conduit installation. Glands. Cable routes. Cable types. Cable rating/ Specification. Conformance to I.E.E. Regulations e.g. Space Factor. Earth bonding. Earth loop impedance. Inspection and testingConformance with I.E.E. Regulations and issue of Test Certificate.

General Inspection. Configuration of systems. . System communications. Input/Output terminations. System power supplies.

Visual check - Fitting/Layout/Location. Visual check - Set-up configuration. Visual check - Loop / Data highway connections. Visual check - All associated cables/wiring, Visual check - Connections/polarity/wiring, voltage checks.

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Item Operational check.

Action Full operational check on fully programmed systems. Visual check - Device type/ Specification. General fitting of device. Device location Labelling. Cable identification. Power supply requirements. Cable connections to device. Connections to Interface Panel. Connections to input/output terminals. Resistance check- Continuity of field wiring. Voltage/Current reading check-

Field devices.

All sensors.

Final Commissioning After completion of the commissioning, AND or the Electrical Contractor has completed all other related commissioning, then the Commissioning Engineer will: a) b) c) d) e) Test The Application Programs Set And Check All Alarm Inhibits Check All Graphics Check The Trend and Alarm Functions Set Up Passwords

Throughout this process, detailed records of findings and settings will be made.


O&M Manuals The design data, descriptions of operation, outstation configuration sheets etc. will form a significant proportion of the O & M manual which will be supplemented with test documentation. O&M manuals are treated as an ongoing requirement and will be fully completed in the specified format and submitted two weeks after handover, although a draft copy can be issued sooner if requested.

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Demonstration Witnessing & Hand-over In conjunction with the commissioning engineer the entire system will be offered for demonstration. However, if repetition on a of number systems occurs, it may be possible for the witnessing parties to only to test in detail the first system. During the period of demonstration AND Group will provide free usage of up to 2 hand held radios. a) Audit of cabling and hardware installation b) Demonstration that sensors and devices are correctly connected and addressed c) Demonstration of the physical and logical integrity of the system d) Demonstration of sensor actions e) Demonstration of all control actions f) Demonstration of successful system commissioning g) Demonstration of graphics

Training If required within the specification, formal training course will be held at the AND Group factory which will cover: a) Introduction to the system. b) Setting-up alarms and alarm levels. c) System Operation

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