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Vimsamsa Trines in natal chart tell us the spiritual bent of a person. 12th house or KE sh ows us the way.

Jiwanmuktamsa shows the nature of the diety. How to attain siddh i is seen from vimsamsa/upasanamsa or D20. Prastara Astakvargha of Saturn tells us what will be the stumbling blocks in achieving sadhana. There is no stright f orward way to learn Sidhhi. It's a big topic in itself. Yes, but it's not Siddhamsa D24, it is Vimsamsa D20. The D20 chart is read just l ike D24 but emphasis is Ketu ( Karaka for Moksha) and Saturn's Astakvargha( Repl ace every reference in D24 from education->moksha). In essence please look into BAV of Saturn and then right click on D20 chart and click PAV of Saturn. You wil l see the names of planets who are contributing to BAV of Saturn( highlighted- w here SA is placed in chart) and these are the planets which will be obstructing the native from spirituality. e.g if you see VE you know obstruction is coming f rom woman, if you see SU then obstruction is coming from father and ego etc.... 12th house from ASC denotes end of all bonds in this life. Navmasa is also called dharmamsa. The postion of atmakarka in navmasa chart is karkamsa and 12th from karkamsa is jiwanmuktamsa. This is where you get your ishta devta. SU is your atmakaraka and also jiwanmuktamsa, which makes SUN as your Ishta Devt a( Lord Shiva ). You have jupitor in trines( sun also well placed ) in vimsamsa which shows there will be devine support available .