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Isaac Newton's public E-mail to Prince Charles of Wales

By first physicist Joe Nahhas;

Greetings: My name is Joe Nahhas founder of real time physics and astronomy

E-mail: Hang Nobel. Physics is based on self evident physical definitions

like distance, time, velocity, acceleration, momentum, force, energy, etc. Newton's physics is based on physics definitions and can never be wrong
My equations were solved in real numbers for 350 years and the complex numbers solution of my equations deletes everything that came after me and toilet flushes all Nobel physics and astronomy and Einstein's head down the toilet first

1- Newton's Equations solution in real numbers is Newton's physics 2 - Newton's Equations solution in complex numbers is Newton's physics mapped into real time. Real time physics solution of Newton's physics is a visual of Newton's physics or Newton's physics + visual artifacts or human perception of Newton's physics "Nobel" called that quantum physics 3 - Newton's Equations solution in complex numbers Minus Newton's Equations solution in real numbers Equals Visual artifacts or Newtown's relativistic physics when crudely approximated = Einstein's stupidity of space - time physics Page 1

Visual or quantum mechanics is 10th century Arabs physicists well documented physics. For example distance physics definition is r0 and r0 visual: Is: r = r0 e ( + ) t = visual distance = Nobel quantum physics distance Take my equation and change distance r0 by visual distance r = r0 e ( + ) t And you can toilet flush Nobel "professors" and advance science 1001 years Subtract distance r0 from r or calculate (r - r0) = relativistic distance = visual artifact = Einstein. Another example is angular velocity visual is ' = '0 e - 2 ( + ) t

112 Years of Nobel science in its entirety is a description of visual artifacts that had been known since 10th century including E = mc2
Check Nobel science claims (Below) and see Newton's magic and hang Nobel 1- Mercury's perihelion 2 - Light bending 3 - Energy E = mc2 and E = h 4 - Interplanetary telecommunications or Shapiro time delays 4 - Global positioning system or GPS 6 - Dark Energy 7 - Apsidal motion 8 - Gravity probe B 9 - Saturn rotational period 10 - Pioneer anomaly 11- Light constant velocity 12 - Black holes 13 - Newtonian derivation of Hubble's constant /joenahhas All rights reserved