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How to Report Reckless Driving on Fort Irwin Road

The definition of "Reckless driving" refers to operating a motor vehicle in a way that may cause damage to surrounding property, vehicles; endanger the driver, passengers and others nearby. Speeding, swerving between lanes, failure to stop at intersections, tailgating, driving under the influence, and aggressive driving can all fall under the title of reckless driving. Reporting a reckless driver can help prevent an accident due to the driver's behavior.

If you experience the above, please call the Fort Irwin Police Department at 760-380-4444 to make a report.


1. Take note of as many details of the vehicle as you can when you see reckless driving. Look at the license plate and try to get the license plate number and state that issued the license plate. Additional information such as the make and model of the car as well as the vehicle color should be noted as well.

2. Look around the surrounding area for the nearest intersection or mile marker. This can aid in helping law enforcement track down the vehicle near its last-known location.

3. Call the Ft Irwin Police Department at 760-380-4444 and give the dispatcher the above information. Do not call 911 unless an accident occurred or the reckless driver is putting themselves or others in immediate danger. You can also call the operator and asked to be connected to the California Highway Patrol or nearest police station.

Tips & Warnings

Have a passenger call the police station to report reckless or pull over to do it yourself as it is illegal in California to use a cell phone when driving. Never try to pursue the vehicle or confront the driver of the vehicle. Get as much of the plate number and vehicle detail as possible without putting yourself or others in danger.