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Fabulous Front Cover Comparison with finished Ancillary front cover

This Particular issue of Fabulous magazine was the main inspiration for my ancillary front cover. I used it as a guideline and created a rough flat-plan based on it, allowing me to construct my final front cover in an organised way. I replicated its colour scheme, cover line and background, as well as adding features not displayed on this front cover such as a button. I chose to use this issue of Fabulous magazine as my model front cover as the colour scheme works extremely well with the character I am trying to portray through Amelia. This front cover also covers most conventions of a magazine front cover, the only thing which is missing is a button, which I added to my ancillary front cover despite the fact that there isnt one on this Fabulous front cover. I made some minor changes when creating my final front cover such as a larger masthead and features that are placed in different locations of the page than those shown on the flat-plan.