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2012 End of Year Achievement Report

Including achievement against Pekerau School Expectations in Reading, Writing & Mathematics

Name: Cullen whiteman Other Achievements: Art Exhibition, Athletics Attendance: Poor



Excellent Seldom Sometimes

Good Usually Achieves Consistently

Works independently

Seldom Sometimes Usually Achieves Consistently

Is well organised and manages time effectively Accepts challenges Takes pride in completing tasks to the best of their ability Completes homework regularly to a high standard Listens and follows instructions Follows class and school rules


Works and plays well with others Accepts responsibility for own behaviour Has a positive attitude to learning Displays confidence Is courteous and respectful Demonstrates leadership qualities
Teachers Comments: Cullen is a very bright

Principal Comments: Cullen has made excellent progress in all areas of his schooling this year. I look forward to this continuing next year. Well done Cullen. J Cubitt Principal

boy who enjoys being challenged in his work and thinking. Cullen enjoys taking leadership roles on and will be a very good leader in 2013. Cullen is a social student who is learning how to manage his time more productively. He has formed very strong friendships and responds well with his peers in group and whole class discussions. Cullen has made very good progress in all areas of his learning and has developed an extensive Eportfolio sharing his learning and showing the growth in his learning this year. Cullen accepts constructive advice and is willing to make changes accordingly. He also knows he needs to work on presentation of his work in 2013. I look forward to helping Cullen develop as a leader of Room 5 next year.

Teacher name: Ginny Mitchell Teacher Signature:

Assessment Results: (from E portfolio) Cullen is reading well above his chronological age. He has very good comprehension and reads a range of genres. Cullen has begun to read between the lines to gain deeper meaning from the text and is able to share his opinion regarding the texts features.

How You Can Help at Home: Encourage reading for enjoyment. Visit the library regularly. Read to your child and listen to them read.

Assessment Results: (from E portfolio)
Cullen has excellent ideas which he chooses to write about and adds interesting details to some of it to enhance the piece of writing. Cullen has begun putting his ideas into an order and is beginning to paragraph each sequence of event. As a year 4 Cullen will be expected to write more and include more descriptive language as well as frame his writing more succinctly.

How You Can Help at Home:

Have writing equipment available for your child. Get your child to write about some special events or letters to relatives.

Assessment Results: (from E portfolio) Cullen is in the top Maths group and has proven he deserves to be in this group. He has very good basic facts and times tables knowledge and is able to use a range of strategies to solve maths problems.

Effort/Attitude Key: Consistently applies him/herself = 4 Usually applies him/herself = 3 him/herself = 2 Seldom applies him/herself = 1

How You Can Help at Home: Take your child shopping and get them to add up what things will cost. Play maths games in the car. Practise Times tables with them.
Sometimes applies