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Vol 36, Issue No. 842
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Suman Bajpai

Lesley D. Biswas Dr Rummy Agarwal

M. Shamsur Rabb Khan
M Shamsur Rabb Khan
Sheela Ramakrishnan 32
Puja Sharma

130 THE
Subhra Mazumdar TANTALISING
103 THE MIRACULOUS Dr Parveen Parkash Sudha Hariharan TROUSSEAU
Golden Reejsinghani Our Correspondent

Our Correspondent COOKERY
Our Correspondent
42 ● Chicken Spinach
and Peas Quiche Chicken
and peas
the oven
bake the
you could

s, take
for 10 minutefilling and
pie crust it

then pour to cool slightly

down cheese


out and Allow it cutter
bake again. Use a pizza
in the oven.
in slices.
and serve

● Vegetable Pies BLE PIES

you will
have to

Dr Geetanjali Shetty
pie crust: portio ns
For the maida . are small crust into
of bread crumbsa the pie with the

Upside Down
250 gm resemble the dish

of butter fingers to water to
form ingly. Line
150 gm enough the accord and keep aside. the
salt to taste Add just dough .
Divide Mix all
out the
pastry filling : well.
filling: stiff pliable5 portions. Roll is For the r and mix in a
For the d spinac
h leaves
dough into tti’ which ents togethe ents

gr ea t
into a ‘chapa d ingredi the liquid ingredi
1 cup choppe dough or the grease add

size than Add all then slowly
or peas that you bowl and

R el ish
bigger in no lumps

pie dishes e mixing to ensure

Cheese Cake
1 cup flour r
small sized use. This is becaus filling into
tsp of baking powde to the the maida this

to taste are going to cover . form.
Divide have chosen
the crust of pies you mixtur e half
pepper you want baking dishes number
1 cup cream the pie or are bigger or Pour the pastry

w Year
cheese sides of to make. h each of the
3/4 cup of grated pie dishes pie you to
If your only big way throug keep in an oven

in the Ne
salt to taste to bake
you want one dish. If the
cases and degree C for

D mix in at 160 has

Dark Bottomed
METHO flour, salt, and could use mixture

bake the
Sift the with your or until golden
and mix minutes a light
set and which
the butter risen, is The one look
a time when D and colour.
Winter is your
METHO flour, salt, ajwain your
Sift the and mix
brown in
you are
using spinac h will
peas one
you can allow than the
. as
in the butter le bread crumbs much darker baked . Serve
form a
taste buds
resemb is
fingers to water to once it


enough the al pies.
Add just Roll out is
the treat they dough . individu

stiff pliable a ‘chapatti’ which d
Pies, DOWN
dough or the grease
S: bigger in
size than
are going
that you you want the
to use.
puddings, thing crust:
For the maida
pie dish
is becau se of the pie CHEES E
t every of This
cover the
just abou DIENTS:

Cauliflower in Mint
300 gm butter crust to the dish

and of melted dish. Line INGRE – grated
140 gm seeds –
looks good 1/2 tsp carom
or baking and keep aside.
Heat 200 gm
of paneer ground to a
of sugar

more the pastry e the filling: 120 gm
tastes even the salt to taste
filling: –
To prepar the chicken pieces
fry two powder on powde
with For the chicken the oil and to taste for about to 1/4 tsp of cinnam
heavenly dients 11/2 cups
of cooked or cut into adding saltRemo ve and coolin a 150 gm
of hung
curd in 1/2
e soaked
touch of ingre g the
into strands
shredded minute s. of gelatin for 10

Topped with Poppy

rature . rest of 21/2 tsp warm water
durin small pieces room tempe and add the cup of luke
available hs. So 2 tsp of
peas mixing bowl
ents for
the filling
in the
Pour minutes
winter mont begin 1 cup shelled
h cut into
small the ingredi and stir gently. ed
and 1 cup spinac mixing bowl e into the prepar


let’s party by pieces this mixturbake in a pre

at 180 C
le pies ● January
(First) 2009

the new year

eggs s Era
3 beaten crust and minutes
Vegetab Woman’

g of milk for 20-25 set. If you
our dinin 50 ml oven is
adorning 50 ml of
bi carb or until
the mixture to be a nice
tasty and s of sodi
want the
pie crust
tables with
3 pinche cheese
1/2 cup grated
colourful salt to taste

D. P. S. Kohli
By Roma

● Savoury Canopies
● Sweet Canopies
50 THE LOVE MESSAGES ● Cheese Tarts ● Desi Tandoorie
Neelam Chandra ● Winter Vegetables in Basil Chicken Sandwich
Peppery Roast Mutton ● Pasta with Olives and
Archana Sengar ● Drumstick Flowers
● Fish in Saffron Sauce and ● Brinjals Winter Style
Fresh Garlic ● Grilled Capers

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t is now more than one month since the carnage of he two anti-terrorism bills, Unlawful Activities
Mumbai took place courtesy terrorist intrusion (Prevention) Amendment Bill, 2008 and the other
through sea route into our commercial capital. Of one to set up a National Investigation Agency
the 10 terrorists, who carried out the attack, only one (NIA), that were passed by the Lok Sabha in the wake
Ajmal Amir Kasab could be caught alive. He is of the Mumbai terrorist attacks will help the government
presently in the custody of Mumbai Police. overhaul the security scenario in the country. The idea
During the interrogation, he has confessed his of a Central agency to investigate terrorism and related
Pakistani roots and declares himself a resident of offences has been mooted by many committees and
Faridkot. But the Pakistani Government is shamelessly experts. In fact, a federal agency on the style of the NIA
denying this fact. Even the head of Pakistan’s Ministry is long overdue.
of Internal Affairs, Rehman Malik refuses to accept The Bill gives the NIA the jurisdiction to investigate
Kasab as a Pakistani. According to him, there is no offences under a clutch of legislations such as the
person of this name in the entire database of his Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, the Atomic Energy
ministry. Act, and the Anti-Hijacking Act. To fast track the
Such an importunate stance proves criminal justice delivery system, the Bill
only two things. Either the entire envisages the setting up of special courts.
bureaucracy of Pakistan is banking upon The Bill will give the Centre the power
plain fallacy or the nation is not to suo motto direct the NIA to investigate
developed enough to maintain an certain offences; it also obliges the State
accurate database of its citizens. As for governments to assist the Agency in
the second possibility, it is also well investigating them. As the Centre would
known that Pakistan is a failed state or at be entering an area that hitherto was the
least heading towards this status sooner preserve of the States, it is important that
or later. So it will be only a fallacy to the NIA is employed in a manner that is in
expect that the nation would prepare and keeping with the sensitivities of the State
maintain an accurate database of all of police.
her citizens. Hence, minister’s statement At the same time, it is important not to
appears more like an excuse than a solid become over-anxious about the possible
explanation. encroachment of the States’ powers as
Meanwhile, American investigation agency, FBI, the NIA is meant to investigate only a narrowly defined
which started its probe into Mumbai attack in the list of crimes.
beginning of December, has pointed towards another While an independent body of judicial experts would
secret agency, besides notorious ISI, for having a be set up to review cases under the Unlawful Activities
proactive role in the attacks. (Prevention) law before granting sanction for
Undoubtedly, terrorism has become an eternal prosecution, the government needs to strike a balance
problem in this region. And solely Pakistan is to be between the requirements of law and security agencies,
blamed for this nuisance. Although there is presently a and principles of natural justice, reasonableness, fair
civilian government holding the reigns in Pakistan too, trial and human rights.
yet the entire world knows that such governments there Though the agency would be set up under the
are weak and work on the mercy of orthodox Muslim Centre, it was laid down clearly that law and order was
forces and the military. Present government is no primarily the domain of the States.
exception either. The fact of the matter is that the NIA should be kept
Indian Government, on the other hand, is showing away from political interference and control to fulfil the
superb restraint despite all the pressures from Hindu purpose for which it is being created.
orthodox forces. Apparently, our Government is aware As advancements in technology, communications,
that once the war is declared, it will have an escalating and transport have lent a new dimension to terrorism, it
effect and will not end easily or early. Then possibility is time to fight this dreaded menace collectively
of China entering the fray cannot be ruled out. So the by the nation. While improving intelligence and policing,
best way is to compel Pakistan to destroy terrorist the fellow countrymen also need to be actively
camps running in that region of Kashmir that it vigilant.
continues to occupy illegally. write to: We

Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009 9

How different
communities celebrate the
same day.
By Lesley D. Biswas



New Year’s Day

ew Year is the time for the

family, friends and
celebrations in our country
and, while we are familiar
with extravagant
decorations, feasting and
partying being the flavour of
these celebrations, people
around the world have their
own unique and amusing
ways of celebrating this occasion.
While these colourful celebrations
might differ from culture to culture
they often symbolise the same
objective to bring good luck! It’s
New Year’s Day around the
world: Contrary to the popular belief
that New Year’s Day has always FIRST TO CELEBRATE
been celebrated on the first January,
actually there was a time when the NEW YEAR’S DAY
Christians were confused about WERE THE
which day to celebrate New Year’s
Day and in the middle ages they ANCIENT
twice changed the dates of New BABYLONIANS. IT
Year, once to 25th December and
then to the 25th March. Finally, it was IS SAID THAT THE
Pope Gregory XIII who revised the
Julian calendar and New Year’s Day
returned to be celebrated on the First TOOK PLACE
of January.
Arbitrarily, even today, many ABOUT 4000
cultures have stuck to their own days YEARS AGO AND
on which they celebrate the advent
of the New Year. Like the Jews THE TRADITION OF
celebrate New Year in September or
early October; for the Hindu
community New Year is celebrated YEAR RESOLUTIONS
as the festival of lights, (Diwali) that
falls on a different date each year;
similarly for Muslims who follow the THEM WHEN THEY
Gregorian calendar their New Year’s
Day also varies. In Thailand the RESOLVED TO
interesting to note how the world celebrations are held on 13 April and RETURN
celebrates New Year’s Day is very in Venezuela 31st December is New
different from when these Year’s Day. BORROWED FARM
celebrations actually began almost
4000 years ago. Meaning of New
Year’s Day traditions:
The first celebrations: Amongst Just like the dates,
the first to celebrate New Year’s Day amazingly even the
were the ancient Babylonians. It is traditions and customs
said that the first celebration took that are a significant part
place about 4000 years ago and the of New Year’s Day
tradition of making New Year celebrations are also
Resolutions started with them when unique and go on to
they resolved to return borrowed farm display the individual
equipment. cultures around the
The tradition of exchanging gifts world. Amongst them,
started in 153 BC with the Romans some are also amusing
giving one another gifts of branches like the Mexican tradition
of sacred trees which got replaced of wearing red
by gold-covered coins and nuts underwear specially by
imprinted with pictures of Janus (the women to find love in the
God of gates, doors and beginnings) new year or the German
on them. Other ancient communities tradition of leaving a bit
who also used gifts were the of food on their plate
Persians who gifted eggs as a until midnight on New
symbol of productivity; the Celtic Year’s Eve in a way to
priest who gifted the people branches ensure that their larder
of Mistletoe; and English husbands remains stacked in the
who gifted their wives ‘pin money’ to coming year, and
buy pins and other articles on New Denmark’s strange
Year’s Day. practice of littering their

12 Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009

the first day of the year. So, many the symbol of a circle meaning
IS THE SYMBOL OF A people do strange things on New coming full circle in the new year.
Year’s Day hoping to influence lady The people of Portugal, Spain and
CIRCLE MEANING luck. Like the Japanese who believe Venezuela eat 12 grapes at midnight
COMING FULL CIRCLE that if they laugh on New Year’s Day, to ensure that the next 12 months are
the whole year will be filled with happy ones.
IN THE NEW YEAR. happiness or in Venezuela people Many countries celebrate New
believe that wearing yellow year’s Day with parades like the
underwear will ensure good luck Junkanoo parade in the Bahamas;
friend’s doors with broken dishes through the year. the four-day parade in Nepal; the
collected over the year. The Koreans, however, prefer to Greek parade where people carry
remember their fighters on New figures of apples, ships and stars;
Importance of traditions: Year’s Day and organise a ceremony and the children’s parade in Syria
Traditions have come to play a as a mark of respect to 33 fighters and Lebanon.
significant part in the New Year’s who laid down their lives for the Auld Lang Syne is a song sung in
celebrations because it has come to restoration of Korea. A bell is rung many English-speaking countries at
be believed that one could affect the 33 times for each martyr. Another the stroke of midnight on New year’s
luck they would encounter through popular Korean belief is that watching Eve and it is sung in America to
the coming year by what they do on the sunrise and making a wish on this welcome the New Year. The song
auspicious day will make their wish means ‘the good old days’ and was
come true. written in 1741 by Robert Burns. In
The people of Austria, Poland and London, crowds gather in Trafalgar
Belgium also observe this day as the Square and Piccadilly Circus to hear
eve of Saint Sylvester by greeting the chimes of the Big Ben
each other with kisses at midnight. announcing the arrival of the New
The children in Belgium write letters Year.
on decorative paper to their parents Moving away from differences and
and godparents which they read out coming to the similarities, in most
to them. In Hungary effigies of ‘Jack cultures, people wear new clothes,
Straw’ who represents evil and feast on good food, greet one
misfortune, are burnt to get rid of bad another and those family members
luck. who are away for work come back
Some foods are also thought to home to enjoy this day together.
influence luck, and eating these There are grand displays of fireworks
foods like black-eyed peas, cabbage and lots of noise created by horns,
and rice, are considered lucky. And bells and guns firing. People make
the Dutch believe that donuts are New Year Revolutions in the hope of
lucky as they are ring-shape which is a new beginning and a better life. We

14 Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009

A modern
concept for living
together as couple
which is devoid
of marital sanction,
legal or religious.
By M Shamsur Rabb Khan

he Maharashtra Govern -

ment's proposal to amend
section 125 of the Code of
Criminal Procedure (CrPC)
to protect the interests of a
woman in a live-in relation-
ship has opened up a new
chapter in human relations in
India. In January 2008, the
Supreme Court observed
that long-term live-in relationships
should be acknowledged as legalised
marriages. A Supreme Court bench
headed by Justice Arijit Pasayat
declared that children born out of
such a relationship will no more be
called illegitimate. Considering the
plight of children born out of
unmarried couple and the rising
number of orphans in the country, would be a one-year period or more
this is a healthy observation. or less is still to be decided. The
more pertinent question is whether
Legal justification: In the on- the amended law will impact the
going social reform in the Indian marriage system in this country, or
social milieu, a live-in relationship, whether it will harm monogamy or
which has always been seen by encourage polygamy. Let us see an
people as illicit, illegal and unethical, example. A Madhya Pradesh High
has finally been given the green light. Court judgement in 1985 dealt with
Some hailed it as a progressive step, the case of a woman Loli, who had
while others showed discontent and lived for several years with one
discomfort. But let us first consider Radhika Singh. They lived together
the legal sanction. The amendment, and produced five daughters and a
as sought by the Maharashtra son. Upon desertion, Loli filed a case.
Government and which has drawn The trial court dismissed the case
from the recommendations made in filed by Radhika Singh's sister-in-law
the Malimath Committee on Reforms stating that Loli should not have
of the Criminal Justice System, 2003, property rights as she was just a
needs the Central Government’s ‘mistress’. The court also contended
approval to become a legislation. The that Loli had started living with
legislation, if amended, provides for Radhika Singh even when her first
claims for maintenance by a woman husband was alive and, therefore, relationship is a new arrival involving
who is living with a man as in a there could not be a presumption of a young, working men and women,
marriage if she is dumped by her valid marriage. But the appellate who love to live together in a single
partner. court set aside the trial court's order room or flat and behave like partners
This legal sanction, as its and the Madhya Pradesh High Court in marriage. Though instances of
supporters such claim, would provide upheld the appellate court’s illicit relationship are abundant in
security to a woman along with judgement. India, it has been
making man more accountable for his exclusive to the old kings
behaviour and treatment of her. What is a live-in and feudal lords, who
Besides, the law would see to it that relationship?: The term were habituated to
no man goes scot free after using a live-in relationship is a keeping a large bevy of
woman for a time. The Malimath modern, urban concept women in their palaces,
Committee report says: "The man for living together of a the arrival of modern
should not be allowed to take man and woman outside times negated this trend
advantage of his own illegal acts. marital sanction – legal and called it the
Law should not be insensitive to the or religious. It is a living exploitation of women.
suffering of such women." Therefore, arrangement in which an For example, in
the committee has suggested that the unmarried couple lives THE TERM Gujarat, Maitri Karaar or
definition of the word 'wife' in section together in a long-term LIVE-IN 'friendship contract', Nata
125 should be amended so as to relationship that seems Pratha in Rajasthan and
include a woman who was living with like a marriage. Such a
RELATIONSHIP Madhya Pradesh, has
the man as his wife for a reasonably couple seeks to enjoy IS A MODERN, long been practised
long period, during the subsistence close association, have URBAN whereby a man and a
of the first marriage. sex, and live in a house. CONCEPT FOR woman entered into
Although there is a provision for The basic intention is to voluntarily “marriage.”
the maintenance of an illegitimate test their compatibility LIVING However, it prescribed
child, a woman in a live-in before they commit to a TOGETHER OF that the woman would
relationship has no rights equal to legal union. In western A MAN AND exercise no claim on the
what a wife would enjoy. The countries, as per the man during or after the
proposed amendment, hence, would estimate between 1970
WOMAN relationship beyond
redefine the word 'wife' to include the and 1990, the number of OUTSIDE 'friendship'. Interestingly,
woman who was living like a wife for couples living together MARITAL the man in such
a reasonably long period. outside of marriage SANCTION – relationships was always
However, the question of decision quadrupled from married while the woman
on ‘period’ is a big hurdle as the 523,000 to nearly three LEGAL OR was single. Hence, she
government has not specified what million. RELIGIOUS. knew that she could
this period should be. Whether it In India a live-in never marry, but enjoy a

18 Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009

physical relationship with a man. Changing social set up: Modern research reveals that the institution
In the tribal belts of Jharkhand and life-style has changed the social set- of marriage induces the habit of
Orissa, there is a custom of wife up in which new types of human sharing among spouses who not only
selection on makar sakranti night. relations are being discovered. share their material belongings, they
Amidst celebrations, boys and girls Today, people in metros – mostly also try to be part of every aspect of
assemble under a banyan tree, single, working and financially each other's life through smooth and
choose their partners, live there for independent – are choosing to live rough times. The concept of risk
three days and, at the end, if they together without marriage. The fact sharing between individuals in a non-
find themselves compatible, take the that they are choosing to live without marital relationship was found to be
bride home. If not, both of them go marriage usually means that they almost negligible. In India, live-in
back to their respective homes and have chosen to defy society and, if a couples are still comparatively rare
wait for the next year. However, the relationship like this breaks up, it is except for a few cases in the metros
Saif Ali Khan-Preity Zinta starrer most likely that the woman will be in since Indian social upbringing and
Bollywood hit movie Salaam dire straits. But the question is ethos stops young boys and girls
Namaste has perhaps added whether this will impact the moral from initiating live-in relationship,
sanction to the live-in relationship fabric of society. Or, in adopting those who live in away from their
while the Karan Johar-directed Kabhi modernity, are we trying to forget our home towns do love to create such
Alwida Na Kehna showed man- tradition? A live-in relationship relationship. From the rich and upper
woman anguish to establish an out- certainly seems to have some class to the middle and upper middle
of marriage relationship. advantages over marriage for classes, young men and women are
women, especially with a new study perhaps seemingly ready to go
OPPOSITION TO SUCH A finding that live-in boyfriends do a lot ahead with live-in relationships.
more housework than married men. Virginity, sanctity, religious sanctions,
MOVE IS BOUND TO life-long bonds, etc., seem words of
COME IN A COUNTRY What the research study says? the past for those who advocate
WHERE THE INSTITUTION A research study, “Effects of individual freedom and rights.
OF MARRIAGE IS Union Type on Division of Household
Labour – Do Cohabiting Men Really Opposition to the Move
CONSIDERED A SACRED, Perform More Housework?” carried Opposition to such a move is
LIFE-LONG RELATIONSHIP, out at the George Mason University, bound to come in a country where
RATHER THAN A which was based on a questionnaire the institution of marriage is
sent to 17,636 people in 28 countries, considered a sacred, life-long
MATERIALISTIC UNION OF found that married men tend to help relationship, rather than a
TWO PEOPLE WHICH IS around the house less than live-in materialistic union of two people
BORNE OUT OF THE boyfriends. According to study co- which is borne out of the onslaught of
author, sociologist Shannon Davis, liberalisation and globalisation. A
ONSLAUGHT OF the key finding of the study, political party even termed live-in
LIBERALISATION AND published in the Journal of Family relationships as anti-Hindu.
GLOBALISATION. Issues (28 June 2007) suggests that Moreover, according to the Hindu
marriage changes the division of Marriage Act, 1955, there is no
labour. provision for a second wife among
However, another research at the Hindus. Hence, enabling the mistress
University of Warwick, UK, claims to get the status of a legally-married
married men and women derive wife in all matters, including a share
satisfaction from their spouses’ in property, inheritance, and
happiness unlike those people who maintenance, is contrary to the Act.
live together without marriage. Nick Critics of live-in relationships rate
Powdthavee, who carried out the it as an act of escapism from
study, looked into the lives of responsibility, or a selfish motive
9,704 married individuals and based on personal enjoyment.
found a married person is However, a great many advocates of
significantly happier in life it may find it more comfortable to
if his or her partner is have a relationship without the
leading a cheerful sanctity of marriage. A whole lot of
life. He found no sign of debate on various aspects involved
such an effect on in living in urgently required before
couples who are the government gives it the nod for
cohabiting. The legislation. We
Another New Year! It’s the thought
that goes into your gifts that matters – not
the cash. By Dr Rumy Agarwal
y children have outgrown down the chimney with a sack full of

Santa Claus. It’s a pity gifts on his back which he gives away
really, cos such childhood cheerily to everyone. But they still do
beliefs make the world believe in gifts, don’t they ? Like hell
seem less cruel than it is; they do! Be it any occasion or – for
and since the reality check that matter, no occasion – if children
comes sooner than we’d can smell gifts in the air, they’ll be in
like it to, we tend to wish line anyway! Another New Year is
that our children could here…well... “What better way”—
hold on to their magical they’ll urge you —“to kick start it than
world, insulated against harsh by handing over a gift or two?” And
realities, for as long as possible. But, parents being parents, you relent —
well, everything happens when it has just to put a smile on those beloved
to, and children have to grow up. But faces.
do they really? As I, too, pondered on what to buy
Okay, so they no longer believe for my sons so that they could usher
that a plump, cherubic old man with a in the first of the next 365 days on a
snowy beard and red togs slides hopeful note, I couldn’t help harking
back to my childhood when gift-giving
was a different ball game altogether.
Huge shopping malls hadn’t invaded
the cities then, the consumer market
hadn’t burgeoned the way it has in
recent years and blatant
commercialisation hadn’t converted
every human gesture, every festival, most expensive one you could buy
into a media circus. Those were the from a store cos it had more of YOU
days when giving a gift was more in it, we were told.
from the heart and its value was not Conversely, we were also urged
in the price tag alone. to see the spirit behind the gift, the
Things are very different today. warmth of the giver’s thoughts rather
With such a variety of gifts at our than the cost. That is what makes a
disposal, we don’t need to give our gift worthwhile – and this knowledge
grey cells much of a workout in is in itself a gift, one which I’d like to
planning the right gift (but, hey, give my children. Hey, Abhishek and
wasn’t half the fun in planning the Abhinav, this is the first of your most
gift? But that’s another story). So we valuable, non-material gifts from me
just buy something off the shelf, get it for the coming year – the knowledge
attractively packaged and gift it to that the value of a gift lies in how
someone – very convenient, very much of yourself – your heart, your
time-saving. Nothing wrong in that if thoughts and your labour – you have
the gift-giving is more of a social put into it.
norm or compulsion. But when you Another precious gift that I’d like to beginning, a fresh start. I wish to
wish to give a gift cos you truly love give you for life is the gift of a social gift you the wisdom to be able to
someone, I think you need to put a conscience. Both of you are kind- learn from your mistakes in the past
little more heart into it. hearted I know, so how about using year, benefit from all your
the New Year to show some of that experiences and be able to look
GREETINGS CARDS innate kindness to people less
privileged than, you? There is so
forward to new experiences and
new joys with a heart filled with
SENSE OF FULFILMENT much stuff lying around the house hope and faith. Having learnt from
When in school, we were which you have outgrown or no the past, put it behind you and
encouraged to draw our own longer need – clothes, toys, shoes, move on to newer horizons.
greetings cards and give small books, etc. These are things which Last of all, my sons, you have
handmade gifts to our family and you have already enjoyed; so how me. I may not exactly be what you’d
friends – it was a very engaging about reliving those joys by gifting have asked Santa Claus for, but I
exercise and thoughts and ideas flew them to inmates of hospitals or am the one person who loves you
free and fast; the giver felt a sense of orphanages? Trust me, sons, the joy more than anyone else in the world;
fulfilment and the receiver had the joy you will get by seeing the smiles on your happiness makes mine
of knowing that someone cared their faces will not compare to any manifold and your sadness rips my
enough to actually make something you’ve known: the joy of giving heart to pieces. Your successes put
exclusively for him/her. That card/gift surpasses all other pleasures. me on cloud nine, your setbacks
was infinitely more valuable than the Every New Year heralds a new make my heart ache. I not only
The children apply their innovative ideas in making the handmade greetings cards, wiped your tears but mine too when
which is essence gives them the sense of fulfillment. you grazed your knees; I clapped
the loudest when you won prizes; I
still have every single greetings
card you gave me; I will be there
for you in your happiness when you
achieve a coveted goal or even
when you have your first crush. I
will also be right behind you should
your hearts ever break. So, sons,
here I am, gifting myself – my heart,
my love, my attention and my time
– to you for the New Year and
always. Those are my gifts to you,
Abhishek and Abhinav.
P.S. Okay, okay, I’m not a
cheapskate, guys — I’ll also get you
that CD and that jacket and
that…oh dear, I’ve forgotten...but
why should I worry? You’ll not forget
to remind me, I know for sure. We

24 Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009


Our romantic
candle-light dinner
It is an excellent plan to celebrate wedding anniversary. By D.P.S. Kohli

t was our 40th wedding anniversary and our took us to our third-floor room overlooking a garden
children had arranged a get-together for our and the swimming pool. She opened the room and
close relations and friends. Obviously, this my wife said, “WOW — a candle-light dinner for
party was to be held on our wedding day. On me!” My friend — the assistant manager, had set up
this occasion, I wanted to do something a special table for two with imported crockery and
different than the usual party and exchange of silver cutlery. A bottle of champagne deeply
gifts. embedded in the ice cubes was cooling itself snugly
I had heard so much about romantic candle-light in an ice bucket. Four large candles were
dinners, so I decided to arrange a candle-light strategically placed at the four corners of the table.
dinner on the anniversary eve. This was the The room had been decorated with unusual
first time I was going to do so and didn’t flowers like orchids, tulips and, of course,
want anything to go wrong. For some time, red roses.
I had been keenly observing such candle- My wife My wife took in all this and flashed her
light dinners in TV serials and films. So I took in all million-dollar smile, and I was beaming at
decided to keep it a secret till the last my achievement. I had also arranged for a
this and DVD player and brought along a few CDs
I had taken a yearly membership of one flashed her of some romantic ghazals of Ghulam Ali
of the five-star hotels who offer 50 per cent million- and Jagjit Singh.
discount on food plus a complimentary stay dollar smile, I put on the first CD of Jagjit Singh and
and breakfast for one night. The assistant out came the ghazal “Nazar nazar se mila
manager of this hotel had become a friend,
and I was kar.” That set the mood for our romantic
so I consulted him to book a room for one beaming at evening. I took out the chilled champagne
night and arrange for a special candle-light my bottle (provided free by the hotel on our
dinner. When I told my wife about our one- achievement. wedding anniversary) and asked my wife
night stay in a five-star hotel, she was quite to hold it while I took off the seal. I wanted
excited. However, I didn’t tell her about the the cork to pop out and touch the ceiling,
candle-light dinner. as seen in films, so I shook the bottle a
She excitedly put on her party sari and an couple of times and loosened the cork.
expensive pashmina shawl, as it was winter, and

packed her overnight bag. Off we went to the hotel he cork did pop up and touched the ceiling but
where we had booked a room. The assistant I had never bargained to spill half a bottle on
manager met us at the reception and we completed the clothes of my wife. The million-dollar smile
the check-in formalities. The assistant manager took on her face turned into a frown and she said, “Can’t
me aside and confirmed that everything was taken you do even one thing properly? You have spoiled
care of. my expensive sari and my pashmina shawl”. I
The room service-in-charge — a young lady — sheepishly offered, “I will buy you an even better

26 Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009

sari and shawl tomorrow.” And this was just the “Darling, I have bought a solitaire diamond ring as
beginning. a wedding present for you.” These words brought a
Our hostess lit all the candles and switched off the smile back on her face as it does to most of the
lights. I poured the bubbly in the two flutes lying on women. I put my hand in the inner pocket of the coat
the table and gave one to my wife. We said, “To where I had kept it the other day after purchasing it
our 40th wedding anniversary and our first romantic from the jeweller.
candle-light dinner,” clinked our glasses and took a It was not there. I looked into all the other pockets
sip. Right on cue, a waiter knocked on the door. I but could not find it. I was mumbling, “I had kept it
opened the door and in came a tray laden with here,” again and again till my wife suddenly
three types kebabs. The smell was very appetising laughed and said, “My forgetful darling, you
as their restaurant was famous for their kebabs. changed your clothes before coming over here and
must have forgotten to retrieve the diamond ring.” I

was looking forward to starting with the heaved a sigh of relief, in the background, the
mouth-watering Kakori kebabs when my wife singer Ghulam Ali was singing “Itna toota hun ke
looked at the kebabs and dropped a bomb. chhoone se bikhar jaonga (I am so broken that if
She asked, “Have you forgotten that I don’t take you touch me I will disintegrate)” — it explained my
non-vegetarian food on Thursdays”? “My state of mind. Fortunately, the elusive smile
goodness!” How could I forget that it was Thursday? reappeared on my wife and I felt relieved. Slowly
Anyway, I ordered some vegetarian snacks for my and steadily, the ice cold champagne, the warmth of
wife and waited till they came. By that time, the the room, the blooming flowers, the perfumed
kebabs were as cold as the look on the face of my candles — or the mix of all of them — started acting
wife. She was feeling very uncomfortable in the wet on our mood and both of us felt relaxed and in a
sari. The romance seemed to be slipping out of our cheerful mood.
hands. Soon, my wife suddenly said, “Let us go home
The only change of clothes was a night suit she and I change my clothes, it will take only 20 minutes
had brought to sleep in. Obviously, she could not as our home is so near. You don’t expect me to wear
get into the night suit at this time of the evening. To these clothes tomorrow also as we are to check out
make amends, I played my trump card and said, after breakfast tomorrow.” It was a very sensible

Dining in the midst of

candle lights ambience
to celebrate the
wedding anniversary,
is out of the box idea.
suggestion and I immediately ordered our car to be extinguish the candles and switch on the lights. Now
brought to the porch. all that was left was the dinner. The variety of
The car was waiting when we reached the porch, desserts I had ordered once again lived up the
with my wife taking full precaution lest anybody see atmosphere. Two waiters came and cleaned the
the soiled clothes. It was only a five-minute drive and table.
we were home in no time. We rang the doorbell, Thereafter, we were enjoying each other’s
waited for some time, but nobody came to open the company and clinging to the bright and lively
door. We had not taken the key of the main door as moments of our life while under the spell of Ghulam
our son and his family had no plans to go out. We Ali’s ghazals. It was getting late and we were
waited for 15 minutes before making a phone call thinking of going to sleep. We slipped on our night
on my son’s mobile. His first words were, “Happy suits and called my friend to send the housekeeper
wedding anniversary eve, we hope you are having to collect the soiled sari and shawl. Within minutes
a nice time.” I hurriedly told him to come back home the housekeeper knocked on the door and I handed
as soon as possible. He said they could not, as they over the clothes to be dry-cleaned. The housekeeper
were out to see a film and would be home only after had sprinkled rose petals on our bed in order to
midnight. recreate our wedding day. My wife said, “It looks so
silly sleeping on those rose petals.” She picked up

n annoyed frown appeared on the face of my all the rose petals and threw them in the dustbin. We
wife. We had no option but to go back to our had a very sound sleep on the silken bed sheets in
hotel room. On reaching the lobby, I asked my the heated room and the soft scent of the flowers
wife to go to the room as I had a small around us as well as the intoxicating
matter to attend to. I met my friend the perfume worn by my wife.
assistant manager and told him our Thereafter, we Suddenly, there was a knock on the door
predicament. He said, “My dear friend, were enjoying and I wondered who it could it be at this
you are staying in a five-star hotel, this is a each other’s hour. Reluctantly, I had to get up and open
very small problem which will be sorted out company and the door — it was the housekeeper holding
in no time. After you finish your dinner, just clinging to the my wife’s sari and shawl smelling of being
give me a call, our housekeeper will collect bright and dry-cleaned recently. I said, “How could
the soiled clothes, get them dry-cleaned you deliver the clothes at this time of the
and deliver them to you in the morning.”
lively night? The housekeeper was taken aback
This piece of news cheered up my wife and moments of and said, “It is 9 in the morning, sir and I
the romantic atmosphere was back with a our life while thought your wife might like to change
bang. under the before breakfast.” I looked at the clock in
There was still some ice-cold spell of the room and it was 9 in the morning. We
champagne in the ice bucket; the perfumed Ghulam Ali’s had never slept that long before.
candles were still burning willingly, a ghazals. I tendered my apology to the housekeeper
heady mixture of scent from the galaxy of who gave a meaningful look at the still
flowers combined with the cosy temperature of the sleeping figure of my wife, closed the door softly
room took its toll and we were back with a and went away.
vengeance to relive our old memories. By now my

wife had shed her inhibitions, forgotten the soiled e freshened ourselves up and went down to
clothes the restaurant to enjoy the buffet breakfast,
and the vegetarian snacks and was now in a which was included in the package, before
naughty mood. going home. We reached home and were
We enjoyed our drinks and were waiting for our welcomed by our children with shouts of “A very
vegetarian dinner talking about all that happened happy anniversary, dear mom and dad” and all of
during our 40 years of marriage and memories them hugged us. We went to our bedroom and the
sweet and sour. The appetising aroma of so many of first thing my wife said, “Show me the diamond
the dishes, some common and some uncommon, ring.” I replied, “Which ring?” She said, “The
made us feel hungry. Two waiters laid out the dishes diamond ring you forgot to take with you to the
and we started to eat. hotel.” “I am sorry but that was only to take your
The next words from my wife took my breadth mind away from the soiled sari and to change your
away. She said, “Don’t you think it is a little too mood.”
dark, one can hardly distinguish between a piece of She gave me a very dirty look — which I truly
potato and cheese, please turn on the lights and deserved. Will I ever arrange another candle-light
extinguish the candles.” I had no option except to dinner? Your guess is as good as mine. We

30 Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009

our dreams of having the

near perfect ‘enviable’ body
are on the verge of
becoming a reality, as
scientists have come up
with the formula for the
sexiest woman. To reach
the conclusion, the
researchers investigated
hundreds of theories about
what men find attractive. The study
found that most guys like girls with
big breasts and blonde hair.
However, in the new book, “Do
Gentlemen Really Prefer Blondes?”
American journalist Jena Pincott has
uncovered a series of factors that are
crucial in mating game. The first
being the waist-to-height ratio. The

Ways to deal with your figure-
problem. By Dr Parveen Parkash
smaller the waist and curvier the
hips, the more attractive a woman
looks at first glance, according to the
expert. Add to that a perfectly
symmetrical face and a near-perfect
female is ready. Not all beautiful
faces are symmetrical, not all
symmetrical faces are beautiful. But
symmetry does play a role in the
game of attraction.
It is still the breasts and blonde
hair that catch a man’s eye the most,
the study found. Jena explains:
“Breasts are an advertisement of
age, health and good genes, which
is why anthropologists think they’re
crucial to sexual selection in cultures
that don’t eroticise the chest any
more than the face.” Curvy women
have been admired for their sensual
It is thought that voices are slightly
higher pitched on high fertility days.
figures. But a new study has found SHOWN THE
that ladies with large hips and small
waists are cleverer too, than those
Find your way to a slim and
curvy body: Thin is in, and being
with apple-shaped bodies. overweight is out. It is a fact that DANCERS MAKE
According to international
researchers, women with an hour-
every woman dreams of having an
hour-glass figure but most overweight
glass figure are not only intelligent, women take too long to take matters CYCLE PEAK AND
they also give birth to brighter
children. The fat around fuller hips
in their own hands, as they feel that ANOTHER STUDY
losing weight is very difficult and,
and thighs holds higher levels of therefore, not an option for them. RATED A WOMAN’S
omega-3 fatty acids which are Also, the reality is that, between WALK MOST SEXY TO
essential for the growth of the brain managing a house, doing household
during pregnancy. The scientists at chores, looking after the children and MEN WHEN SHE IS
universities of Pittsburg and husband, many women feel that it is OVULATING.
California came to the conclusion impossible to find time for
after analysing data from a study of themselves. away from problem areas with great
16,000 women and girls, which Even experts have discovered that shoes, sun-glasses or cool
collected details of their body gaining and losing weight is a accessories, says fashion designer
measurements and their scores in complicated process and involve Shona Joy.
cognitive tests. The team found that more than just diet and exercise. ● Avoid large prints. Large body
those women with a greater Some people get hungrier sooner shapes should wear small, all-over
difference between the waist and than others; some fill up quickly, prints with a dark background to
hips scored significantly higher on the some binge and others are disguise any lumps and bumps.
tests, as did their children — possibly emotional eaters. Losing ● It’s amazing what a difference
a result of higher levels of omega-3 weight does not wearing the right underwear makes
fatty acids on the hips. always mean rigorous to the look of your outerwear. Form-
Further, hormones make women exercise and strict diet fitting underwear can shave off
tempting and more appealing during control. You’ve got a starry inches and help you go down a
ovulation. A new research has occasion coming up whole size in appearance.
revealed that a woman’s voice is shortly and feeling Further, get an expert bra
most attractive to a man when she is less than svelte fitting. Regular bra fittings
ovulating. Australian experts say the and want to shave off mean you’ll always be
find is further proof that women the kilos, pronto. Don’t supported regardless of
become ‘different’ at this point in their think of punishing your boob’s natural
menstrual cycle as they come under sessions at the fluctuations.
the effect of sex hormones. During gym. So what you ● Choose outfits
ovulation their oestrogen is at the do? Nothing, all it that emphasise your
peak. Along with this women also takes is some clever favourite features. For
experience a sudden surge of the styling. example, if you have a
male hormone testosterone, which great face and
adds an aggressive edge to their Get your hands on decolletage but you aren’t
already sex-receptive mood. innovative ways to fake so happy with your
Research has shown the female your weight waistline, go for an off-the-
lap dancers make more during their ● Wear black, black, shoulder tee. This will draw
cycle peak and another study rated a black says US fashion eyes away from your
woman’s walk most sexy to men editor Sarah Bonett. Katrina waist.
when she is ovulating. In research, Kaif swears by its slimming ● Use objects you’re holding
Nathan Pipitone and Gordon Gallup power. to your advantage, by placing them
of the State University of New York ● If you have a large bust in front of areas you’d prefer to
tested the cycle’s effect on voice and hips, choose a V-neck dress hide. If you’re big in hips,
attractiveness and found the with a skinny belt around the carry a clutch. Or, if you want
women’s voices to be most attractive waist. The belt attracts attention to balance out a large bust,
if they were recorded during the peak to the midriff, as does the V, carry a shoulder bag that sits
fertility period of the menstrual cycle, says fashion designer Wayne on your waist.
and less attractive if they were Cooper. ● If you’re bigger on
recorded during non-fertility periods. ● Draw people’s eyes the bottom half, avoid light

34 Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009

shades in pants, skirts and shorts; published in the Journal of
stick to darker shades. If you have Psychosomatic Medicine, concluded
great legs but are bigger around the that obese adults were up to twice as
waist, a shorter A-line dress is likely to suffer from depression,
flattering. anxiety and other mental health
l Make friends with fake tan. A conditions as normal weight adults.
darker skin tone gives a slimmer Furthermore, people with big bellies
silhouette. Concentrate on your are more likely to get Alzheimer’s and
problem areas — think tummy, thigh other forms of dementia. A big belly
and bottom. If you don’t have time for is bad for careers too, as overweight
a tanner to develop, mix equal parts youngsters are viewed more
of liquid bronzer with your body negatively in the workplace than
moisturiser and apply to any exposed those who are of average weight.
part. Latest research is turning
conventional thinking on dieting and
Reserve weight faking for party losing weight on its head. Tummy talk
purposes only: Weight faking is an has become lip talk globally and
instant measure and is good for party more and more research is being
purposes only. Don’t underscore the developed for fighting flab.
severity of a growing girth problem.
Recent research has unearthed the Employ penetrating laser to kill
fact there is no way to fat cells: In liposuction, a surgeon
successfully fight flab as waistline is the best pokes holes in the skin, inserts a
certain hormonal factors in OBESE way for any metal cannula and sucks out fat. It
the human body work physician to know
against weight loss. This
WOMEN WHO your health. has risks of infection and scarring.
However, Dr Anderson, professor of
makes shedding weight an CARRY MOST Dermatology at Harvard Medical
uphill task.
When people say walk
OF THEIR EXTRA thicker If your body is
around the
School, has created a laser that can
kill fat cells without harming the skin.
an extra mile every day FAT AROUND abdomen, here are With the free-electron laser, light
and going up and down the
stairs counts, sounds easy
THEIR diseases to watch
out for: A big belly
goes through the skin into the fat
layer, either killing or decreasing the
to lose weight. But as STOMACH ARE can put you at higher amount of fat, which is then absorbed
sobering statics show, it is
more easily said than
70 PER CENT risk of poly-cystic
ovarian disease,
by the body.

done. Most people with MORE LIKELY TO mess up your Get the directions from
growing girth will, in the DEVELOP periods and cause pedometer: An article in the recent
end, be unable to facial hair growth and issue of the Journal of the American
overcome biology and lose BREAST, COLON infertility. If you have Medical Association highlights a far
much weight unless some AND excessive fat around less invasive commitment device for
big changes occur in body. your belly, you can weight loss, the pedometer, which
More and more PANCREATIC be insulin-resistant. records the distance a person covers
waistline-linked health CANCER. According to the by foot. With a pedometer, you know
problems are now finding latest study, women how many steps you should be taking
their way into many homes. whose peak weight is around their in a day. Knowing this shows pretty
According to Cuilin Zhang, a waists instead on their buttocks and wondrous results. The use of a
researcher at the National Institute of thighs face an increased risk of dying pedometer is associated with a
Child Health and Development at prematurely. Clinicians associate significant increase in physical
Harvard, abdominal fat exposes high body weight with conditions like activity and a significant decrease in
nearby organs to potentially toxic diabetes and heart disease. body mass index (BMI) and blood
chemicals produced by the fat. Fat A lot of people are not aware of pressure.
that collects on buttocks and thighs links between body weight and
may be less harmful because it is far cancer. Obese women who carry Dance to keep bulges away:
from the liver, pancreas and other most of their extra fat around their Fitness may be serious business, but
crucial organs. The greater the stomach are 70 per cent more likely who said that getting fit has to be a
proportion of abdominal fat, the to develop breast, colon and rigorous punishment? For all those
greater is the risk for chronic pancreatic cancer. A health survey of who dread the routine, it’s time to pull
degenerative diseases. Your Americans, results of which were up your socks and jump on the dance

36 Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009

floor. Moving and sweating to the help in weight-loss by adjusting the negative calorie diet is that it is rich in
rhythm of dance aerobics helps in body’s fat-burning machinery. It is vitamins and minerals. Negative
strengthening your body and raise said to change the efficiency of calorie foods that you must include
energy levels for the day. Dance weight-loss by favouring fat burning in your diet are the orange, apple,
combines the best of two very rather than fat storing. Dairy sources carrot, watermelon, tomato,
energised forms of burning calories of calcium (the low fat variety) is strawberry and grapefruit.
— dance and aerobics. By more effective in weight and fat-loss
performing highly aerobic activity, than fortified calcium food and Pop an anti-obesity pill:
you increase your aerobic enzymes supplements. Rimonabant stifles hunger cravings
which help in burning fat. by targeting the endocannabinoid
Welcome protein diet: David system, which plays a role in
Keep your sense of humour Cummings of the University of regulating weight. Cannabinoid
alive: A belly laugh can help you lose Washington found diets high in receptors are thought to stimulate
weight. It has been found that a daily protein may be the best way to keep cravings, rimonabant blocks the
chuckle can burn up to five pounds of hunger in check. Researchers looked receptors, knocking out cravings. Be
fat a year. A really raucous laugh at the effectiveness of different careful, if you lose weight and stop
uses about the same energy as nutrients at the suppressing appetite- treatment, it will bounce right back up
walking more than half a mile. It stimulating hormone ghrelin. Fats again. Scientists have discovered a
works on many muscles and makes suppressed ghrelin poorly. Proteins new anti-obesity pill of alpha lipoic
the heart beat faster. You have 10-20 were the best suppressors of ghrelin acid. This pill would free dieters from
per cent higher energy expenditure in terms of the combination of the all eating restrictions and also help
during episodes of laughter than depth and duration of suppression. slow down the ageing process. This
during rest and 15 minutes of pill may ‘lock in’ the benefits of
chuckling daily could lead to a weight Abstain from the comforts of air dieting, allowing dieters to return to
loss of just over 4.5 pounds in a year. conditioner: The AC limits calories normal eating without putting on
burned from sweating. It keeps us in weight. The research indicates that
Maintain a diary : Devote some a temperature range in which we do by following a calories restriction diet
time each day to record what you not have to regulate our body heat. for six months and then taking the pill
have eaten and how much, your Scientists suggest that when people while eating normally, fools the body
hunger level prior to eating, and any are out of this zone they lose weight into behaving as if it was still on
feelings or emotions present at the whatever diet it was following before
time. A food diary can provide a large Don’t dismiss Ayurveda as the supplement.
amount of self-awareness. It can unscientific: Ayurvedic weight However, simply adding the
identify emotions and behaviours reducing treatments consist of certain supplement to the diet has no effect.
that trigger overeating, foster greater panchkarma procedures which Furthermore, a tiny pill that swells to
awareness of portion sizes and facilitate better results of medications the size of a tennis ball in the
help discover your used at a later stage. Various guggul stomach is being touted as a cure for
personal food triggers. preparations and phaltrikadi qwath obesity. The pill contains an
are the best medicines for obesity. absorbent substance which expands
Cultivate the Similarly, the well-known by more than 1,000 times when
habit of consu- arogyavardhini vati along with combined with water-making, makes
ming calcium- triushandi lauh, shila sindoor, triphla dieters feel full. The team behind this
rich foods: qwath and Mahamanjishthadi qwath research is from the Institute for
Recent studies are the foremost anti-obesity Composite and Biomedical Materials
suggest that medicines. Ayurveda prohibits at Italy’s National Research Council.
bone-forming excessive sleep and day-time
calcium can napping for persons suffering from Shrink your stomach through
obesity. surgery: When all methods fail to rid
oneself of morbid obesity (BMI
Negative calorie foods make the 40kg/m 2), bariatrics surgery is the
battle of the bulge easier: Negative vital way out. The two most common
calorie foods are foods that contain procedures involved in the surgery
fewer calories than it takes to digest are gastric banding (reducing
them. For instance, if you eat a fruit stomach size by creating a smaller
that contains 50 calories but your upper stomach or ‘pouch’) and
body uses 65 calories to digest it, you gastric bypass (creating a pouch and
will end up burning 15 calories just connecting it to a shortened section
by eating. The good thing about a of the small intestine).
Reducing the size of the stomach the British Association Frequent body weight
decreases the food intake and of Aesthetic Plastic change hurts your
bypassing the upper part of the small Surgeons found that boobs: Breast size
intestine reduces digestion and operations had risen becomes the causality in
absorption of caloric foods. Further, a almost fourfold in the process of losing or
silicon balloon inserted into the 2007. You must think gaining weight. Frequent
stomach with an endoscope can long and hard before gaining and losing weight
make you feel so full that you eat just going in for implants. forces the tender skin of
a quarter of what you normally do. Remember, augme- your breasts to expand and
Now, don’t feel confident with a ntation through surgery contract over and over
curvy waistline alone. It has to be is fleeting and the only again. The result is red or
coupled with yummy breasts. A constant thing that is white streaks on the
perfect combination of a curvy here to stay is inner breasts. When you lose
waistline and gorgeous breasts gives bliss and satisfaction. weight, fat is also lost from
a new meaning to your sexiness An implant may the boobs giving them a
quotient and makes you truly increase your commer- sagging appearance.
cosmopolitan. cial value, but it is not
going to make your Check up your top
Don’t have inhibitions. Keep boyfriend love you collection regularly: A
your breasts sizzling: For most more. According to FOR MOST bra used few times a week
women, breast size is an important survey, 66% of men for, after several months, it
part of feeling good, desirable and said they would prefer WOMEN, becomes shapeless. A
normal. If you are not satisfied with that their girlfriends not BREAST SIZE IS loose top can cause the
your breast size, go for enhancement undergo any plastic ligaments and fibrous
through bra, gels or exercise. surgery. AN IMPORTANT tissue in your twins the
Wearing the right-sized bra helps you PART OF stretch, resulting in pain
get the wheels moving and in fourth Tips to spice up and even premature
gear. Go for wearing a bra that fits your pair: Understand FEELING GOOD, sagging. Further, during
you perfectly. It will not only prevent the meaning of normal DESIRABLE AND summer, the area around
back pain and provide much-needed healthy breasts your breasts traps sweat
support, but will shape your bust to Always keep in mind NORMAL. and triggers the growth of
look fabulous. Holding your bust up that a normal, healthy HOLDING YOUR zit producing bacteria and
with proper support via a good bra breast comes in many yeast. Stop this by wearing
can make you look a lot slimmer too. different shapes and BUST UP VIA A thin and breathable tops
Couple your healthy diet with sizes. No breasts are GOOD BRA made of cotton.
exercises such as push-ups or use the same. Your nipples
the chest press exercise machine. It may not match either. CAN MAKE Inspect and feel them
works to firm up the pectoral This is normal, so don’t YOU LOOK A once a month: During the
(chest) muscles beneath worry about it. week after your period,
your breasts. This Asymmetry probably
LOT SLIMMER when breast tissue is at its
causes breasts to look isn’t a health danger. TOO. least dense, stand in front
firmer. If you are not The easiest way to of a mirror and slowly glide
inspired with your correct the minor asymmetry is by your fingers over each breast and up
breast size even placing a pad on one side of your bra. into each armpit. Note any bulge,
after exercise, they rash or puckering. Feel each part of
may need surgical Keep your breasts clean and your breast with light and then firm
intervention. hydrated: Washing them every day pressure, pressing into your flesh to
Today, it is not with a gentle soap helps prevent detect any lumps. If you detect a
uncommon for a breakouts which are caused by lump, note exactly where it is and
woman to undergo bacteria. Keep in mind, frequent have your gyno examine it.
breast implantation. application of soap can make the skin
It is the insertion of dry. Get your breasts examined: Visit
an artificial implant Prevent the skin on and above your gyno once a year for clinical
which is a balloon- your twins from becoming itchy by breast examination. Sonography
like structure in the keeping them hydrated with an oil- and/or mammography is useful for
breast to increase free moisturising lotion after your breast cancer screening. If you have a
its size. A study morning shower and again before family history of breast cancer, you
carried out by going to bed. can be tested for a genetic marker. We
Because winter ost of us are well aware of

what damage the summer
can be harsh, here’s can do to our skin but
forget the toll winter can
how to soften it. take on our face, arms
and legs. Cold weather
By Dr Geetanjali Shetty can be the catalyst for
some worrying complexion
complaints, and can leave
the skin looking less than
its best all over along with your hair
and nails. So now is the time to start
thinking about staying one step
ahead at this chilly time of year by
taking preventative action against
the cold.
During winter,
skin tends to be
dry, itchy and scaly.
Dry skin is always prone to be more
tanned and turn darker, therefore the only thing you can do to treat dry
extra care is needed during winter. skin in the winter. Taking a hot bath
With a little change in your skin care and lathering on the moisturising DURING WINTER,
regime, you can fight winter woes
and sail through the season in style.
cream is an easy and quick start to
healing and preparing your skin for
the cold elements that it will face for DRY, ITCHY AND
Some of the best types of
Change your cleanser: Dry skin moisturisers for winter weather are ALWAYS PRONE TO BE
is another winter woe to be tackled. ones that contain oils in them just MORE TANNED AND
And this is aggravated with the use of because your body isn’t producing
soaps and detergents. Cleansers the oils needed to have hydrated TURN DARKER,
containing salicylic acid and benzoyl skin. Lanolin, vitamin E oils, and THEREFORE EXTRA
peroxide can be particularly drying, avocado oils are perfect for
especially if you are using them in absorbing moisture and retaining it in CARE IS NEEDED
conjunction with other acne treatment the skin. Protein from milk is a great DURING WINTER.
products. Use a mild face wash with way to soften skin that is dry or
moisturisers. Look out for those with wrinkled. Honey is also a great pull on a pair of socks before going to
aloe vera. Use mild toners in the moisturiser that is completely natural sleep and you will wake up to find a
place of astringents since they have using nutrient-rich moisturising cream beautiful pair of feet looking at you.
a drying effect on the skin. is the most important remedy for
You should take a short bath or winter-beaten skin. To reduce the Exfoliate: Winter is a season
shower (no more than 10 minutes) appearance of fine lines and wrinkles when dead and dry skin gets
only once in a 24-hour period. For while evening out natural skin tones, accumulated very fast; one is
adults, showers are generally better apply moisturising creams three required to exfoliate the entire body.
than baths. While longer baths or times a day to maintain a smoother, Exfoliation will allow the skin to soak
showers, especially in hot water, can softer, younger looking, more radiant up more moisture and remain
be quite relaxing, they will also complexion. moisturised for a long time. There is
increase the loss of natural oils from The best time for a moisturiser is no production of oil from oil glands of
the skin and worsen skin dryness. after a bath, which helps seal in the skin in winter. This is because of the
The bath or shower should be in extra moisture in the upper layers of low outer temperature and central
warm rather than hot water. Soap the skin thus making it soft and heating. In this condition, there is
should be used minimally and only supple. Importantly, make sure you more loss of water from the skin. This
when and where needed (for moisturise the knees, elbows, calves might result in premature wrinkled
example, under the arms, the groin and heels well – these areas are skin. All these conditions can be
and genitals, the feet, and the face). prone to dryness since there aren’t avoided by skin exfoliation but should
many oil glands here. To soften be restricted for just once a week in
Moisturise: Moisturising is about cracked feet, rub in a rich body lotion, this season.

Protect: The sun’s damaging rays

can affect your skin even during the
winter months, so use a sunscreen.
Since you’re usually bundled up
when outside in the wintertime, you
don’t need to lather sunscreen all
over yourself. Try to wear make-up
or moisturiser with SPF 15 on your
face throughout the winter.


Dry, cracked and chapped lips are
a common winter complaint, and
severe cases of chapped lips can be
very painful, not to mention
unattractive. What’s worse is that
lipstick makes cracks stand out even
more instead of concealing them.

44 Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009

CARE OF THE HAIR IS Almond oil makes for a great lip
heating appliances on your hair like
straightening irons, curlers, etc.
AS ESSENTIAL AS THE Simply apply some almond oil to Expose your hair to natural drying.
SKIN. USE A MILD your lips before turning in for the
night. Avoid licking your lips and don’t
Keep away from blow dryers this
SHAMPOO DURING bite the skin on the surface of your
THE WINTER. DON’T lips. Lip balms are nowadays
available commonly and some with
OVERDO THE an SPF factor as well to protect users RIGHT FOOD
SHAMPOO REGIME from the harmful rays. Lastly, during Water is important no matter what
time of year it is, but it is extremely
the winter months, it would be wise to
SINCE IT WOULD stay away from the lipsticks that important in the winter. You should
REMOVE ALL TRACES claim that they are long lasting. drink plenty of liquids in the form of
Often, they can dry your lips out and water (at least eight-10 glasses a
OF NATURAL OIL cold weather will do that fast enough. day), lime or lemon juice, tender
LEADING TO DRY HAIR, Instead, look for creamy formulations. coconut water and other fruit juices to
replenish the water lost from the
DANDRUFF AND HAIR winter air taking it out of your skin. A
LOSS. ALSO, MAKE WINTER HAIR CARE good night’s sleep is also a good step
Care of the hair is as essential as to take. While you sleep at night, your
SURE YOU WASH YOUR the skin. Use a mild shampoo during body is replenishing itself and
HAIR WITH LUKEWARM the winter. Don’t overdo the shampoo preparing itself for the oncoming day
regime since it would remove all ahead, whether it be hot or cold. If
WATER SINCE HOT traces of natural oil leading to dry you aren’t getting enough sleep at
WATER MAKES THE hair, dandruff and hair loss. Also, night, your body as well as your skin
make sure you wash your hair with will not be healthy and glowing.
HAIR DRY. lukewarm water since hot water In the winter we regularly eat a lot
makes the hair dry. Intensive hair more than we do in any other
conditioners help combat dryness season. This is good as long as we
caused by cold weather. Conditioners are eating the right foods. Foods that
are a must after every wash are full of antioxidants help your skin
especially for dry and thick hair in this to fight off inflammation and protect
weather. Since the cold weather the cells of the membranes from
causes your hair to dry, massage being destroyed by the elements.
your hair in aloe vera juice for a few Drinking green tea or eating foods
minutes. This will restore its softness. with omega 3 are other great ways
You can also treat your hair with an to help. These are rich with
oil massage once or twice a week. antioxidants. Taking a multi-vitamin
Olive oil can work wonders in is also a great way to help your skin
reinforcing moisture to your hair. along. Those with dry and damaged
Avoid exposing your hair to skin must have vitamin A in their diet.
frequent colouring, streaking or the dietary sources of vitamin A are
ironing as they can rob your hair of its carrots, papaya, spinach, coriander
moisture and it is advisable to avoid leaves, drum sticks, pumpkins and
animal foods such as butter, curd,
egg yolk, liver, fish liver oil, fish and
whole milk. Evening primrose oil in
the form of capsules helps in
replenishing the lipids in the stratum
corneum (uppermost layer of the
skin), thus maintaining the moisture
content of the skin.
Lastly, if you have a skin disease
due to dry skin (such as psoriasis,
atopic dermatitis, eczemas, etc.)
which are known to aggravate in this
season, please visit your
dermatologist. We
QA &
unboiled milk on a cotton wool to
lightly rub the area. Or opt for the
dyed hair comes from the clorine of
the swimming pool water. While
skin whitening creams that work different hairdressers might use fancy
overnight. products to diminish that effect a
simple homemade paste could be of
baking soda and water. Apply it to
I was gifted a skincare product that the hair and leave for 10 minutes.
said ‘organic’. What does that mean Rinse, shampoo and always
and why is it better? I have noted that condition as appropriate.
this suited me a lot better than other
products I was using earlier.
When any beauty product says I want to do my waxing at home. How

‘organic’, it means that the ingredients can I make good wax at home?
are all natural. They would use herbs, Making wax at home is not always
floral extracts, essential oils, etc. economical or easy. Even parlours
These products avoid any chemicals purchase wax from a readymade
and pesticides kind of harsher supplier. Use one cup of honey, 3/4
I am 18 and have a regular problem products. They are natural and hence cup of molasses, 1/2 cup sugar, and a
with blemishes after a pimple. What leave better results if you have no little juice from a lemon.
can I do to lighten the area again? specific problem to address. Also, if Be sure to heat it up enough to
Use a thick slice of potato and your skin is ‘hypo allergic’ these are where its not too hot. Stir, apply to
tape it in place with medical tape so it good products. the area you want to wax and remove
stays there for a minimum of 20 it with linen strips. Alternatively buy
minutes. Then remove and wash the ready wax and heat it either in
area off. Do it every day. Consult a I use papaya in summer with yoghurt microwave or in a container of hot

dermatologist who might suggest in a facial. Can I use the same in water and it will still be cheaper than
something precise for skin lightening winter too as it seems too cold? My going to a parlour.
as well. skin is normal with an oily T zone.
Yes, papaya can be used in winter
too. Make a mask with pulped I have facial hair which I bleach. I
I recently turned 45 and find that papaya and mix in a couple of notice that when I use heavier make-
pigmentation on my cheeks is getting spoonfuls of oatmeal. Add honey to up the hair looks coated and stands
darker. What can I do to combat it give it sticking power and apply for out in the light.
as, otherwise, I look much younger 20 minutes. Another wonderful winter What should I do? What am I
and am quite fit physically? ingredient can be two teaspoons of doing wrong?
Hyper-pigmentations occur due to orange juice. You should apply the foundation
excess of melanin and this is linked from forehead and centre, veering
with hormonal fluctuations – some- towards the sides. Where there is
thing to be expected around the age My younger teenaged sister has dyed facial hair, go against the hair to avoid
of 45. You can ask for topical creams her hair blonde. The trouble is when streaks and traces.
to suppress the production of melanin she goes swimming it turns a tinge The brush should blot and absorb
which is best prescribed by a of green and she looks like a monster the excess oil of the skin as you apply
dermatologist. until she goes to the hairdresser. Is the foundation. To get the perfect look
This would lighten the dark patch. there no home remedy? with foundation, the key lies in
From your kitchen you can use The greenish tinge for blonde blending well.

Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009 47

Stoles and fashion
jewellery most sought-after
fashion accessories amidst the
womenfolk worldwide.

Multihued dreams:
Metallic necklace with
stones, beads and pearls
for the chic look!
Cool blue:
jewellery with
blue stones and
beads to adorn
your neck.

Necklace of
Beaded beauty: Beads in
stones and
different hues and sizes
beads in hues
beautifying this metallic
of green for
chain to accentuate your
that extra
slender neck!
Blue beauty: This one with
encrusted patterns and
tussels for girls who want
to be in spotlight.

Earth enigma: Beat the

winter chill by wrapping this
one in warm earthy hues
beautified with encrusted
border and tussels.

Charming cream: Cream

stole fabricated with patterns
in black and tussels.

Ivory illusions: Soft stole in

ivory white embroidered all
over in white.

Pearl possession: Pearls are

enhancing the appeal of this stole in
hues of tomato-red colour edged
with fur adornments.

Warm appeal: Red stole

having a border beautified with white
and copper stones and tussels.

Fringe benefits: Pink stole with sequins

encrusted in big triangular and small
circular shapes. The fringes add to the
modernised looks.

Dresses: Bizarre
New Delhi. Ph: 011-41757166-77

The Love Messages

SMSs that conveyed wrong ideas. By Neelam Chandra

anika was working as an area sales she learnt that they had a daughter who was her
manager in a big pharmaceutical company age. She welcomed Kavyaa with open arms and
and had a hectic life schedule. She had just they became the best of pals despite their
completed her last meeting at 5.30 p.m. and differences in nature.
rushed to Nagpur airport to catch the 6.30 While Kanika enjoyed studying, Kavyaa hated it.
p.m. flight to Mumbai. She had another She enjoyed singing all the time and knew all the
important meeting scheduled at Mumbai next songs of Mohammed Rafi and Lata Mangeshkar,
day at 9 a.m. who were her favourites. After the twelfth class,
She finally relaxed when she sat on her window Kanika decided to pursue B. Pharm, while Kavyaa
seat in the plane. She opened her shoulder-length had no desire to study further. Since her parents
hair and removed her bangles and earrings. She were forcing her to study, she took admissions in
simply wanted to relax just now and hoped that the BA.
person who sits next to her would not be a talkative

person since she had no energy to carry out the ne day, Kavyaa happily came to tell Kanika
formality of talking. She just closed her eyes. that somebody was coming to see her and she
She felt a lady come and sit next to her, but she was very excited about it. Kanika was
did not even open her eyes. But soon she could hear shocked. She asked her, “Kavyaa, you are just in
the lady sobbing. She looked at her to find her fair the first year and only 18 years old. Do you want to
cheeks bathed in tears. She looked at her face again get married now?” Kavyaa, replied, “Why not? You
and a faint sign of recognition flashed in her mind. know, Mangesh is very smart and handsome, an
She was her neighbour and childhood friend MBA and working in one of the best multinationals.
Kavyaa. She tapped her shoulders and Kavyaa also He has a bright future. If he says yes, I will marry
recognised her immediately. him.” Since she had already made up her mind,
Amidst tears, Kavyaa squeezed Kanika’s hands there was nothing Kanika could say.
and said, “I am so happy to see you, Kanika. So Mangesh did say yes to Kavyaa, but he was
sorry for my tears.” Kanika asked her, “Kavyaa, you ready to marry her only with a condition. They
were crying so hopelessly. I cannot believe that the would get engaged now but get married only after
ever-chirping Kavyaa will have tears in her she completed her graduation. He wanted
eyes!” his wife to be at least a graduate. Kavyaa
This made Kavyaa cry all the more. The first one did not like the delay, but Kanika started
Kanika just held her hands and let her cry. read, ‘I am respecting Mangesh.
After she had calmed down. Kavyaa told missing you’, Kavyaa and Mangesh got engaged
Kanika, “I am divorcing Mangesh. I am the second one soon after and they had a lovely courtship
going to Mumbai to get back my things.” said, ‘Please period. They would not sleep without
Kanika was shocked to hear this. Her mind rush to 303, talking to each other and he would come
took her down the memory lanes. Hilton to Kavyaa’s house at least once a month.
Kanika was staying in a palatial Towers’ and After B.Pharm, Kanika went to Mumbai
building. She was the only child and her the third one for her MBA. Meanwhile, Kavyaa’s
father would normally be on business read, ‘I love parents had shifted to their own house at
tours. She would always feel very lonely. you for what Nagpur. Kavyaa specifically invited her
She was overjoyed to learn that a tenant
you have done for her marriage and Kanika attended it.
would be occupying the first floor soon. After her marriage, Kavyaa also shifted
And her happiness knew no bounds when
today to me’. to Mumbai, but Kanika’s life in college

50 Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009

had become too hectic and she rarely found time. was feeling really bad for her and asked her if she
After her MBA, Kanika took up a job in one of the had met Susan, her husband’s heart-throb. Kavyaa
leading pharmaceutical companies in Nagpur and got annoyed at the suggestion and said, “Why
lost touch with Kavyaa. should I meet that bitch, the destroyer of my family?”
Four years later, she was meeting Kavyaa now in Kanika slowly convinced her that there was no harm
this state. She asked her what had driven her to this in meeting her. Since Kanika’s meeting would get
extreme step. Kavyaa replied, “Kanika, you won’t over by 11 a.m. and she had the full day to herself,
believe it, but Mangesh is having an extramarital she offered Kavyaa to go with her to meet Susan.
affair with his boss Susan. Kavyaa reluctantly agreed.
After Kanika’s official meeting, she and Kavyaa

had doubted it for long and had also heard started off together for Mangesh’s office to meet
rumours about their closeness. But things became Susan.
clear last week. I just happened to see his mobile They first decided to go to Mangesh’s room. His
and started reading his in-box when I came across room had a partition and was shared with another
these messages from Susan. You know what they colleague Suyash Pathak. Mangesh’s computer still
were? The first one read, ‘I am missing you’, the had the desktop photo of Kavyaa. When Suyash
second one said, ‘Please rush to 303, Hilton Towers’ realised who they were, he invited them in. He was
and the third one read, ‘I love you for what you full of praise for Mangesh and surprisingly asked
have done today to me’. How can I stay with such a Kavyaa what had made them arrive at this decision.
person? When I confronted him and asked him to She told him about his extramarital affair.
explain, he simply said that I am overdoing things Suyash was shocked to hear this. He told her that
and if I keep thinking like this, we’d better separate. this is simply impossible, since no one in the office
I was so angry and Immediately came back to my had seen Mangesh even flirt with anyone. He further
parents. I just cannot stay with a husband who is added that the best thing for them would be to meet
having an affair right under my nose.” his boss Susan, who was closest to him. Kavyaa had
By that time it was announced that the plane is not named the person with whom Mangesh was
approaching Mumbai. Kanika asked her where she having this affair.
would be staying at night. She was not so sure Kavyaa gave the ‘Did I not tell you
and hence Kanika invited her to stay with her look’ when Suyash talked about
in Hotel Marriott where she had booked a closeness with Susan. While they were
room. going to Susan’s room, Kavyaa kept
Kavyaa kept crying the full night. Kanika muttering, “See how he was talking
about Mangesh’s closeness to Susan?
I am going to really kick her on her
face.” Kanika quietened her since
they had already reached Susan
Gonzales’s chamber. Kavyaa
whispered in Kanika’s ears, “I
am not going in as Kavyaa,
but Kavyaa’s sister
They knocked at the
door and heard a “Come
in”. They went inside and
Kavyaa introduced herself
as Divyaa and Kanika as
her friend. Susan was
sitting with her back
towards them since she
was working at the
computer at the back.
She had short curly
hair and was looking
quite glamorous in
her magenta
sleeveless top.
Upon hearing their introduction, she meeting since I was really missing his
turned towards them and they were surprised I had SMSed ability to convince people and handle
to find that she was quite an old lady. Her this message to them diplomatically.
age was more than 50. Kanika could see the Mangesh “The second message was ‘Please rush
surprise on Kavyaa’s face also. From what during this to 303, Hilton Towers’. Well, I was at
she had told Kanika, she had assumed meeting since Delhi as I told you and another important
Susan to be a much younger person. Susan client turned up at Mumbai. There was a
I was really
seemed quite happy to meet them and mess-up in dates and we had expected
immediately ordered sandwiches and coffee. missing his him the next day. Upon reaching India,
She began by praising Mangesh a lot ability to he gave me a call. Since I was not at
for his efficiency and intelligence. She convince Mumbai, I asked Mangesh to rush to 303,
added that she wanted to get in touch with people and Hilton Towers, where the visitor was
Kavyaa since she had heard about their handle them staying. Mangesh had a three-hour-long
impending divorce and told them that she discussion with him and finally clinched
would like to help them if she could in any the deal, despite stiff competition from five
way. other firms. I was too happy to know this,
but since my meeting at Delhi was not yet over, we

ivyaa (or rather Kavyaa) told her that Kavyaa were exchanging messages only and I sent him the
had doubts about his extramarital affair. third message saying ‘I love you for what you have
Susan started laughing. Divyaa told her about done today to me’ — since it was basically my work
the messages from Susan which Kavyaa had read to meet this client.”
on his mobile. Now Susan was serious and said, “At She continued, “From my end, please apologise
times, when messages are read without any context, to Kavyaa. I am really sorry that my messages have
they are bound to create confusion as they had done caused so many problems for everybody. Mangesh
now.” is like a son to me. Both my sons are in Canada and
She went on: “In fact these messages were sent Mangesh’s presence around me makes me feel that
by me only to Mangesh. The first message was ‘I am they are near me.”
missing you’. Well, on that day, there was an All of Kavyaa’s doubts had been cleared and
important meeting in Delhi and Mangesh has there were tears again in her eyes. Whether these
expressed his inability to come since it was his were tears of happiness or a feeling of guilt for
engagement anniversary and he wanted to organise misunderstanding Mangesh, Kanika could not make
a surprise party for Kavyaa in the evening. The client out. They came out of Susan’s room and Kavyaa
with whom we had this meeting was a very tough took a taxi straight for her home. Kanika could see a
one. I was finding it very difficult to handle him. I fresh glow and determination on Kavyaa’s face as
had SMSed this message to Mangesh during this she wished her goodbye. We


Honey is used as a food weight, energy and appearance. want to slim? Take a spoonful of
supplement or as a medicine. It is It has been proved that two honey in lime juice. Or mix a spoonful
good for health because it contains tablespoons of honey contain as of honey with milk every night.
mirerals like sodium, calcium, much energy as a large farm egg. If you get pain in the throat,
potassium, magnesium and iron as Honey is used in post-surgical immediately take a spoonful of
well as some vitamins of the B group treatment for wound dressings honey. The pain will simply vanish.
and vitamin C. For centuries, honey containing honey hastens healing. Are you suffering from chronic
has been considered a wonder food Honey draws out the moisture from cough? Make a paste of a spoonful of
in many countries. In ancient Greece the wound and the bacteria quickly honey and woodapple, eat it every
athletes took large quantities of dies in the dry atmosphere. night and get relief. A teaspoonful of
honey while training for the Olympic It is also effective in keeping the pure honey every morning with water
games. Even today, honey is taken lungs, kidney and skin remarkably enlivens nerves and provides
by cricketers and swimmers to free from diseases. daylong freshness. But do not smear
increase their endurance. Just add a spoonful of honey with honey on your hair, since you will end
Children who are given honey pomegranate juice and drink – your up with a white wig!
regularly, improve their blood count, cold and flu will be gone. Do you – Ram Babu, Vijayawada.

54 Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009

Evolve your personal style of beauty naturally
from the perfect strokes of make-up. Wear make
up in a way that you look flawless and amazing.
Use antique gold and fire-red colour from
Without make-up. Dab loose powder from Coloressence to Coloressence Pearl Eye shades palette for
set the concealer. Blend it well. the evenings to brighten up the face.

Apply Coloressence Face

& Body Illuminator FB2 on
the T-zone for the
illuminating effect.

Dab copper gold shimmer

(Coloressence SS-3) is applied on top of the
eye-shadow for an extra glamour.
Now apply Concealer
Coloressence palette to
conceal and highlight.
Bride, so
Sweep beautiful!
on the

Use Champagne colour from

Fill in lips Coloressence Pearls
with Deep Eye-Shade palette to enhance the
Maroon lip eyes. Apply carbon black from
colour from Coloressence Black Cake eyeliner on
Coloressence the outer corner of eyes. For the
lip palette. luxurious effect on lips, apply peaches
pink lip colour.

Apply deep Radiantly

pink blusher ravishing
to contour with
your cheek subtle
bones. make-up.
Highlight it
with gold
blusher from
Wow – it
gives you a
Make-up: Nature’s Essence, Suneeti Soni,
L-17A, Malviya Nagar, New Delhi. Ph: 26673045/65
Mob: 9899801623
Always keep a close
regular watch by sticking with
the basic necessities of the
budget, to avoid any
deviation. This will save many
blushes during turmoil.
By Suman Bajpai

inancial planning is about the

right mix of financial
strategies to meet your life
goals; a good place to start is
clarifying what's most
important to you. It could be
saving for an education,
buying a home, planning for
'what if' situations, dealing
with a significant life change
(e.g. marriage, new baby, loss or
change of job), or something else.

Make a budget: So, you’ve

splurged on party, gifts, holidays and
fun… Now the party’s over, New
Year has begun with new hopes and
home renovation vacation in some
hills station or new car this year?
dreams. With new ventures and These things cause wealth ‘leakage’, YOU THE SOURCES
opportunities, make a habit to save
in the beginning so that you will be on
so think carefully about taking them
track when the years end without any If you don’t have time to enjoy TYPES OF
regrets. Getting your financial affairs your possessions because you’re EXPENDITURE. PREPARE
in order may demand much more working hard to pay off the mortgage,
than just a tightening of the what’s the point? You want A REALISTIC BUDGET
household budget. happiness but not on terms of debt. CONSIDERING YOUR
A budget shows you the sources Excessive holidays, beauty
of income and types of expenditure. treatments and shopping sprees can INCOMES AND
Prepare a realistic budget be a major drain on your purse EXPENDITURE. A WELL-
considering your incomes and power. While you don’t have to
expenditure. A well-planned budget completely deny yourself, there’s a PLANNED BUDGET
shows you how to manage cash flow. compromise to be made – less SHOWS YOU HOW
While forecasting cash inflows spending on temporary treats will
always be conservative as its best to give you greater long-term TO MANAGE CASH
underestimate than overestimate. satisfaction and happiness. FLOW.
Write down your financial position One reason people fail at
(total salary, assets, liabilities, etc.), budgeting is because they have
list your spending and work out unreasonable expectations. A better doesn’t make you feel deprived.
where you can save. For a start, strategy is to establish a realistic Start by listing your necessities –
simplify your needs. How much is budget – one you can live with housing, food, kid’s education, and
enough? Do you really need that because it isn’t overly strict and utilities and so on. If you have money
left over, then budget a modest for the family's future but the savings
amount for the occasional luxury – will also prove to be handy on a rainy
like dinner out once a month, or trips day. After all, women are considered
to some nearby place. Set to be better savers than men!
reasonable limits on these latter
categories, but don’t feel compelled No credits, no cards: The
to completely slash them from your mistake people make when using
budget. That way, you’ll be able to credit cards is that they use them for
stick with your budget over the long indistinct purposes and within an
haul. indistinct time-frame. You should
never use your credit card like cash!
Make a list: Everyone has certain The benefit of credit cards is that you
fixed incomes and expenses each can make a major purchase and then
month. However, it is important to set pay for it over a short period of time.
aside money to save for big If you can't pay off those bills on a
purchases, like the down payment on monthly basis, don't shop. Credit
a house, emergencies like card debts will kill your long-term
unexpected medical bills, and of financing, will create a bigger and
course retirement. Anything bigger financial burden, and will put
left after that becomes your more pressure on your marriage
disposable income. Planning relationship. It is important to
your lifestyle so that you priorities your payments. Start with
spend no more than that paying your investments first, then
amount every month is one of the credit, then yourself.
the keys to financial success. Don't carry too many cards.
The first thing you need to do Multiple cards make it easier to rack
is make a list of where your up debts because it's harder to keep
salary goes. Along with the track of your spending. Having lots
major payments such as rent, home of cards isn't necessarily bad for your
loans, car loans, education costs, credit, but misusing them is. Limit
insurance premium, etc., you also your cards so that you can manage
need to list down all the small and carefully: one card for major
big expenses regards to food, purchases and one for short-term
travelling, entertainment, shopping, purchases that you can pay off every
and other household expenses. month.
After you have made this list, you
need to check where you can Savings account: Set up a
cut down on your spending. separate savings account. If you
Most people don't realise that mingle your savings with your regular
they spend a lot of money on checking account, you'll almost
things that don't really excite certainly dip into your savings and
them a lot. Cutting down on may never pay them back. Having
such items can help you to your savings in a separate account
save some big bucks for is a constant reminder that these
things that do matter to you. funds are earmarked for your future,
Try to put away about 10 to and watching the balance grow is not
20 per cent of your take-home only rewarding and motivating - it's
pay for savings or investing. downright exciting!
Having extra money gives you Decide on a percentage of your
more twist room in your gross income to designate as
financial plan and more control savings. Ten per cen is a good
over your financial life. Apart starting point, but if you've developed
from working women, a budget and have analyzed your
homemakers too should take to spending and you honestly can't find
investing. They can save from a way to set aside 10 per cent for
the monthly allowance they get your future, then start out with eight
to run the house. Not only will per cent, or five per cent, or whatever
this enable them to plan better you're able to do with perhaps a little
bit of discomfort but without great living for a year? Have you saved for
sacrifice. your kid’s education?
Create emergency funds. Before diving into the equity,
Normally, it should be three months’ bond, property or offshore markets,
expenses. Increase the amount if ensure that you have an emergency
your job security is low or you have fund — three to six months’ worth of
many dependents. Keep putting fixed expenses saved in a money-market
amounts into a joint account, account. If that’s covered, start
operable by either or survivor, till you investing. Think about tax-saving
reach the target. If you need a large changes you can make this year.
emergency fund, you could park a
portion in short-term liquid funds of Be happy : Both money and
large and successful schemes, which saving both are important parts of
can be encashed easily and which your life, but don’t you want to start
earn a higher return. Do not touch your life once again with the sunlight
funds for emergencies unless there of the New Year with a happy beat,
is one. do things you enjoy? Simple
enough! Being happy is easy when
Reconsider financial goals: With you're doing things that make you
the beginning of the year, evaluate smile. It could be anything from
what you are trying to accomplish. knitting, and gardening, to dancing,
Do you have an emergency fund in reading or watching a movie. Start
place? If you are without your regular a new project or continue one that
income from next month, will you be you’ve been putting off. Click here
able to maintain your standard of for fun ideas to enjoy life! We
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Feminine feel:
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QA &
QMy boyfriend and I cannot get
married for at least four years since
it will take that long for us to finish
our studies, get jobs and establish
ourselves. We have also decided
if oral sex when a woman sucks a
man’s penis, is safe.
It appears that your boyfriend
broke your hymen and yes, this
means that you are technically no
not to have sex until we get longer a virgin. But since you are
married. But we touch and pet a lot. going to marry this man, it shouldn’t
A few days ago, my boyfriend put cause a problem.
his fingers into my vagina (he often Oral sex is safe in the sense that
does that but this time he did it you cannot become pregnant, but
deeper than usual) and I began to remember that any heavy petting
bleed. I am now scared. Am I no can lead to a loss of control and
longer a virgin? Also please tell me you could end up having sex.

I am 27 years old and I had a love- marriage six years

ago. Though I love my husband, I have a lot of problems.
My husband is an absolute mother’s boy and cannot
stand up to his mother at all. I want to continue with my
studies now because my in-laws are rich and I don’t have
to do any housework and so am bored at home.
But my mother-in-law thinks that too much studies
makes women haughty and difficult and so has ordered
me to discontinue my distance education programme.
My husband refuses to discuss the matter with his mother
and says that I just have to obey her.
Another thing is that my husband has a problem with
sex. He did not touch me for the first two years of
marriage. After that he had sex with me for about two
months and during this time I became pregnant. He has
not touched me after that. I need sex and this is a big
problem for me.
I have a three-year-old daughter whom I love very
much. I want her to be happy and have a stable
upbringing. But I feel as if I am going mad. I am lonely,
have nothing to do and am physically unsatisfied. What
should I do?
It is really sad that a love-marriage should have turned
out like this. It is also surprising that you did not get to
know your husband better during your courting days. As
you talked didn’t you realise that he was tied to his
mother’s apron strings?
You could even have got an inkling of his disinterest in
sex from the way he treated you. I presume, again
because it was a love-match, that your husband didn’t
marry you unwillingly and that he isn’t in love with another
Now you mustn’t let the situation drift but should talk
frankly to your husband about two matters. Tell him that
he needs to see a doctor/sexologist, and ensure that he
does so. Also, tell him that you will not give up your
studies and that it is up to him to sort things out with your
mother-in-law. You can also talk to her yourself or have a
sister-in-law, your father-in-law or some other older
relative intervene for you. Be polite but firm. Assure them
that you will not become haughty or difficult and prove
that to them.
I am 26 years old and am very upset
because my breasts are very small.
has a lot of information on magazines
and publishing houses you can send
QA &
fear so that you can lead a normal
life. Remember that most men are
Earlier I didn’t feel so bad, but your work to. decent and you are in no danger from
nowadays my friends tell me that no If you lack confidence in your them.
man will want to marry me as all men language skills, you can do a course But it is better to be over-careful
are turned on by big breasts. No in creative writing. These are offered than to be too care-free. So be
clothes look good on me either. So I by many universities and institutes. cautious and alert and do not put
have developed quite a complex. But this course is not necessary for yourself into awkward situations. For
Are there any exercises I can do to becoming a writer. this you should follow certain rules.
increase the size of my breasts? Script writing is a specialised kind First of all, do not speak to strangers,
No, there are no exercises that of writing and to learn it, you could especially those who accost you in
increase the size of a woman’s do a course in scriptwriting offered the street. Of course, this does not
breasts. However, you can have a by a media institute. Then comes the mean that you should ignore an old
surgical procedure and have silicon difficult part – getting a TV channel or man who is lost and asks you for
implants put in to make your breasts director to accept a script you have directions. You should always use
bigger. But you should have this written. For this you have to use any your common sense!
done by a good surgeon whom you contacts you have and do the rounds As far as male colleagues are
have checked out. of channels, studios and the offices concerned, you cannot afford to
Also, take into consideration the of directors. Once you become totally ignore them because you have
fact that occasionally the implants known, you could be given stories to to interact with them in your work and
give trouble by “leaking” and then turn into scripts. will need their cooperation. So be
causing pain and discomfort. friendly and helpful, but maintain your
Implants can however be removed if distance. If you have to work late, try
they give trouble or you change your I am 24 years old and I have just and see that a girlfriend also stays
mind and want smaller breasts again. finished my studies and got a good back. If that cannot be arranged try to
But you should not be so job in a BPO. But the BPO is in postpone your work to the next day. If
influenced by what your friends say. Bangalore which is far away from my you can’t do that either, make sure
One’s body is important, but more native town. So I will have to stay that the security officers/peons/your
important is the kind of person one alone there. superiors know that you are working
is. People like and love us with whom I have got a room in a working late. Make sure that the office car will
we are close and not just our looks. women’s hostel and so my parents see you home or, if that is not
So there is every chance that you will are okay with sending me so far possible, you leave while the streets
find someone who will love you for away, but I am very nervous about are still crowded.
yourself and not just for your breasts, my safety. It is better if you never accept a
your eyes or some other part of your This is mainly because I have drink from a man who is not a very
body. never moved closely with men other good friend. Get your water/soft drink
than close relatives and I will have to yourself. Also remember that there is
do so in my new life. So I find myself safety in numbers. So go out with
I am interested in becoming a writer. I worrying about hypothetical situations girlfriends or in a mixed group as far
want to write articles and stories. I and wondering how I would keep as you can. If you are generally
would also like to write scripts for TV myself safe in them. sensible and not gullible, you will
serials and films. Please help me and What if a man accosts me in the remain safe. You should not get
tell me how I can achieve my aims. street? What if I have to stay late in paranoid about your safety either.
If you want to become a writer, office and am the only woman to do You could also do a course in self-
you must start writing! Write articles so? What if male colleagues plot to defence and carry a pepper spray in
and stories and send them to give me something mixed in a soft your handbag when you go out.
magazines and newspapers to be drink or even water so that I lose
published. Be prepared for rejection consciousness and they then rape Have you a personal
slips and don’t get depressed if me? These are only a few scenarios problem of any nature,
manuscripts are returned. Once your that are giving me sleepless nights. which you hesitate to discuss
manuscripts are accepted, printed Please advise me on how I should with your family or friends?
and paid for, your confidence will deal with them. Share it with us.
increase. You seem to over-reacting to your WE will try to help you.
If you want to write a book too, situation. Did something happen to Address your letters to:
you should just plan it and start. you when you were younger and has
Once it is completed, you should that made you so afraid and wary? If
E-3, Jhandewala Estate,
send the manuscript to publishing there was such an incident in your
New Delhi-110 055.
houses for publication. The Internet past, you should try to get over your

70 Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009

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Chicken spinach and peas quiche

Relish great

Winter is a time when
you can allow your
in the New Year
taste buds
the treat they
Sift the flour, salt, ajwain and

demand. Pies, SPINACH AND mix in the butter and mix with your
fingers to resemble bread crumbs.
puddings, pastas – PEAS QUICHE Add just enough water to form a
stiff pliable dough. Roll out the
just about everything For the crust:
dough or into a ‘chapatti’ which is
bigger in size than the greased
looks good and 300 gm of maida pie dish that you are going to use.
140 gm of melted butter
tastes even more 1/ tsp carom seeds – ajwain
This is because you want the
crust to cover the sides of the pie
heavenly with the salt to taste or baking dish. Line the dish with
touch of ingredients For the filling: the pastry and keep aside.
11/2 cups of cooked chicken – To prepare the filling: Heat
available during the shredded into strands or cut into the oil and fry the chicken pieces
small pieces adding salt to taste for about two
winter months. So 2 tsp of oil minutes. Remove and cool to
let’s party and begin 1 cup shelled peas room temperature. Place in a
1 cup spinach cut into small mixing bowl and add the rest of
the new year by pieces the ingredients for the filling in the
adorning our dining 3 beaten eggs mixing bowl and stir gently. Pour
this mixture into the prepared
50 ml of milk
tables with tasty and 50 ml of cream crust and bake in a pre heated
3 pinches of sodi bi carb oven for 20-25 minutes at 180 C
colourful dishes! 1/ cup grated cheese or until the mixture is set. If you
By Roma Ghosh salt to taste want the pie crust to be a nice
golden brown you could Upside down cheese cake
alternately bake the pie crust in
the oven for 10 minutes, take it
out and then pour the filling and
bake again. Allow it to cool slightly
in the oven. Use a pizza cutter
and serve in slices.

For the pie crust:
250 gm of maida
150 gm of butter
salt to taste
fingers to resemble bread crumbs. are small you will have to divide
For the filling: Add just enough water to form a the pie crust into portions
1 cup chopped spinach leaves stiff pliable dough. Divide the accordingly. Line the dish with the
or peas dough into 5 portions. Roll out the pastry and keep aside.
1 cup flour dough or into a ‘chapatti’ which is For the filling: Mix all the
1 tsp of baking powder bigger in size than the greased ingredients together and mix well.
pepper powder to taste small sized pie dishes that you Add all the liquid ingredients in a
1 cup cream are going to use. This is because mixing bowl and then slowly add
3/ cup of grated cheese
4 you want the crust to cover the the maida to ensure no lumps
salt to taste sides of the pie or baking dishes. form. Divide this filling into the
METHOD If your pie dishes are bigger or number of pies you have chosen
Sift the flour, salt, and mix in you want to bake only big pie you to make. Pour the mixture half
the butter and mix with your could use one dish. If the dishes way through each of the pastry
cases and keep in an oven to
bake at 160 degree C for 15-18
minutes or until the mixture has
risen, is set and a light golden
brown in colour. The one which
you are using spinach will look
much darker than the peas one
once it is baked. Serve as
individual pies.

200 gm of paneer – grated
120 gm of sugar – ground to a
1/ tsp of cinnamon powder
150 gm of hung curd
21/2 tsp of gelatine soaked in 1/2
cup of luke warm water for 10
Vegetable pies

76 Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009

METHOD sweet lime juice Now mix in the gelatine, and the
Grind the biscuits in a mixer 11/2 tsp gelatine – soaked in 1/2 grated paneer, and the musambi
and mix in the oil a little at a time. cup of luke warm water for 10 juice and blend once again to
Use this mixture to line a pie dish minutes obtain a smooth batter. Pour this
– preferably a non stick cake dish batter over the prepared cheese
For the bottom layer:
so that it is easy to over turn the tin.
300 gm of dark chocolate
cheese cake. First grease the Cover with a foil and keep in
bottom of the dish using your the fridge for at least three hours
4-5 tbsp of melted butter.
finger to spread 2-3 tsp of oil on for the cake to set well. You could
the base of the dish. Now line this METHOD also use a spring cake tin for
with the prepared biscuit mixture Grind the biscuits in a mixer preparing this cheese cake. It is
and flatten with your fingers. and mix in the oil a little at a time. easy to unlock the spring tin on a
Leave this in the fridge till you Use this mixture to line a pie dish serving dish so that the two layers
prepare the mixture for the with the prepared biscuit mixture are easily visible.
cheese cake. Grind the sugar in and flatten with your fingers. The
the mixer and then add the hung layer should be one eighth of an
curd and blend well. Now mix in inch in thickness or more so that
you can see the layer clearly
the gelatine, cinnamon powder
and the grated paneer and blend when the cheese cake is ready. IN MINT
You may need to increase the
once again to obtain a smooth
batter. Pour this batter over the quantity of the biscuits depending TOPPED WITH
prepared cheese tin. Cover with on the size of the dish you are
using. Leave the biscuit layered
a foil and keep in the fridge for at
dish in the fridge till you prepare INGREDIENTS:
least three hours for the cake to
the mixture for the cheese cake. 1 big head of cauliflower –
set well. Loosen the sides of the
Grind the sugar in the mixer and weighing around 700 gm cut into
cheese cake with the tip of a
then add the hung curd and blend flowerets
knife. Run the top of the knife
well. Now mix in the Cream 1 cup of oil
along the edge of the cheese 1/ tsp of haldi powder
cake. Place a plate on top and cheese and blend once again. 4
overturn the cheese cake
Dark bottomed cheese cake
immediately. The cake if set well
should turn over very easily
because of the grease at the base
of the non stick pan. Cut into
slices and serve. You could also
use silicon cake dishes for
freezing the pie. It is easier to
overturn the cake from the cake
cases made out of silicon.

200 gm of cream cheese
200 gm of hung curd
200 gm of grated paneer
150 gm of sugar or as per taste
3-4 tbsp of musambi juice –

78 Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009

Cauliflower in mint topped with poppy seeds

Savory Canopies begin to change colour. Lower

the heat and mix in the green
chillies. Now mix in the green
chutney and cook for a further 2-3
When the preparation is dry
and all the water is absorbed from
the chutney put off the heat and
sprinkle the poppy seeds. Serve
with parathans.

12-14 ready made pastry cases
or you can make canopy cases
at home
For the filling:
1 cup of mixed sprouts
1 tsp of chaat masala
2 chopped green chillies 1 chopped red bell peppers with
1/ cup of green chutney
2 Wash the cauliflower and drain the seeds
prepared from mint and 2 tsp of lemon juice
out all the water. Sprinkle salt and
coriander leaves 1 small sized onions – finely
haldi on the cauliflower and set
salt to taste chopped
aside for 10 minutes.
For garnishing: Heat the oil in a non stick pan For the home made
3 tsp of poppy seeds and fry the cauliflower flowerets, canopies:
salt to taste covering with a lid till the flowerets bread slices

80 Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009

or if you are making the flaky Sweet canopies
ones then the following will be
200 gm of maida
80 gm of butter
100 gm of butter for spreading
on the dough
salt to taste
If you are making the canopies
with bread all you need to do is
cut the bread slices with a round
cutter or a katorie. This round
shape should be slightly bigger
then your muffin case in which
you are going to bake the
canopies. Cheese tarts
If you do not have muffin trays
put the bread slices into a katorie
or just leave it in a pre heated
oven to bake at 160 degree C for
5-7 minutes or until a light golden
If you want the flaky canopies,
then mix the maida and the salt
and the butter and knead into a
You should need little water
to knead the dough.
Gently roll out the dough in a
round circle.
Lavishly spread the butter on
the dough and start ‘pleating’ the
dough as you do for parathans.
Roll out once again and cut out
circular pieces with a katorie. Line
a muffin tray ensuring that the
round pastry piece is as big as the
muffin case to cover even the
Choose small muffin cases and
place a circular piece of dough so
SWEET 2 tsp of chopped and sweetened
fruit peels – used in cakes
that it folds inside the muffin tray CANOPIES fresh fruits of your choice
to cover it from all sides inside. METHOD
Bake at 150 degree C for 10 Mix all the ingredients for the
12-14 ready made canopies
minutes and then reduce the filling and fill the cases just before
For making canopies at home
heat and cook a few minutes serving. Instead of the sweetened
follow the recipe given above
further till crispy and golden cream try using shrikhand and mix
brown. For the filling: the other ingredients with it. It gives
Allow to cool in the oven. You 2 cups of sweetened thick cream a delicious taste when put into
can store these cases in an air 1 cup of dried fruits or 1 cup of crispy shells. An easy to prepare
tight container. pomegranate seeds sweet dish but excellent in taste.

Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009 81

CHEESE TARTS use. Line each of the muffin
cases with the pastry and keep
2 tbsp of maida
1 tsp chillie flakes
INGREDIENTS: aside. salt to taste
Pour the prepared mixture half METHOD
For the pie crust: way through each of the line
250 gm of maida Break the broccoli and
muffin cases and bake in a pre cauliflower into flowerets. Scrape
150 gm of butter heated oven at 160 degree for
salt to taste the carrots and cut into cubes or
atleast 12-15 minutes or until the pieces as per your choice, string
For the filling: crust begins to attain a light the beans and cut into one inch
1 cup of grated cheese golden colour. Pieces. Heat the olive oil and
1/ cup of cream cheese
2 saute the vegetables till just
1/ cup of grated paneer
2 tender but still crunchy and not
3-4 tbsp of milk
blend all the ingredients for the
WINTER over cooked. Lower the heat and
cover and add salt to taste. Also
filling and keep aside VEGETABLES IN mix in the chillie flakes and the
For the tarts: Sift the flour,
salt, and mix in the butter and mix BASIL basil. In a small mixing bowl, mix
2 cups of water with the maida
with your fingers to resemble INGREDIENTS: and stir to obtain a smooth paste
bread crumbs. Add just enough 300 gm of broccoli ensuring that there are no lumps.
water to form a stiff pliable dough. 200 gm of mushrooms Add this paste to the cooked
Divide the dough into 10-12 100 gm of carrots vegetables and stir constantly so
portions. 200 gm of French beans that the paste does not become
Roll out the dough or into a 1 small head of cauliflower lumpy. Stir and cook for only 1-2
‘chapatti’ which is bigger in size 1 tsp dried basil powder or 7-8 minutes more. At this stage if you
than the greased tart trays or fresh basil leaves feel you need extra gravy then
muffin cases you are going to 3 tsp of olive oil add some more water but ensure
that you keep stirring so that the
Winter vegetables in basil maida does not turn into lumps. If
you have basil leaves, then
garnish with basil leaves and
serve with dinner rolls.

1 kg leg of mutton – bone
2 tbsp of ginger garlic paste
1 tbsp of green chillie paste
1 cup of curd
3-4 twigs of fresh green pepper
1 cup of oil
For garnishing:
fried onions
potato wedges – optional
Try out this mutton recipe
during winter time when fresh
Peppery roast mutton

green pepper is available in South Place the mutton and the months use these flowers to make
India . potatoes in a pre heated oven at a interesting delicacy
Keep the mutton pieces in 180 degree C for atleast 45
large chunks. With the tip of your minutes or until the meat is 300 gm of drumstick flowers
knife, make insertions in the tender. After every 5-6 minutes green chillies chopped
mutton so that the marinade brush the mutton pieces with oil. 2 tsp of ginger garlic paste
seeps well into the mutton. Mix Continue to do so till all the oil is 2 tbsp of browned onion paste
the curd, salt and ginger garlic used up. 3 tbsp of tomato puree
paste and chillie paste to obtain Just before the mutton is 1/4 tsp of haldi powder
a marinade. tender and soft – when it is 90 1 tbsp of coriander – dhania
Marinate the mutton pieces percent cooked throw around the powder
with this marinade and salt to fresh pepper and turn the mutton 1 tsp of jeera powder
taste and leave it aside for atleast pieces so that the pepper mixes 4-5 tbsp of oil
6-7 hours (preferably over night) with the mutton. salt to taste
Cook the marinate mutton with Allow to cook for 6-7 minutes
the marinade and 2 cups of water more and serve hot with dinner METHOD
in a pressure cooker till the rolls. You could have variations to Boil the flowers in salted water
mutton is half tender. Remove this recipe. for 2-3 minutes and drain out all
from the pressure cooker and If you want you could not use a the water.
retain any gravy or juice that may pressure cooker and roast the Discard the water. Heat the oil
remain. mutton on the oven or the grill and fry the onion and ginger garlic
Tear the mutton into long from minute one. Also once the paste. Add the flowers and
pieces or bite size pieces as per mutton is ready you could heat 2 continue to fry over low heat,
your convenience. tbsp of oil and then fry the mutton stirring from time to time.
Grease a oven tray and place pieces with the fresh pepper. Add the spices and salt and
the mutton pieces with the continue to cook over low heat for
remaining marinade or gravy from another 3-4 minutes.
the pressure cooker. At this stage DRUMSTICK Add 2 tsp of water and cover
with a lid. Allow to cook further for
you may also add the potato
wedges which have been peeled FLOWERS 2-3 minutes and serve hot with
and salted. Available during the winter rotis.

Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009 83

FISH IN the leaves
1 tsp of red chillie paste
11/2 tbsp of besan mixed in 1/2
cup of luke warm water
SAFFRON 3-4 tbsp of olive oil
salt to taste

SAUCE AND For the sauce:

Blend all the ingredients for the
sauce in a mixer with one cup of
FRESH GARLIC strands of saffron soaked in half
cup of luke warm water
water and keep aside.
Sprinkle salt on the fish pieces
INGREDIENTS: 1 cup of curd ad keep aside for half an hour.
12-15 pieces of fish – with or 1 cup of cream Heat the olive oil in a non stick
without bones 2 tbsp of tomato ketchup pan and fry the fish pieces,
3 tsp chopped fresh garlic with 3 tsp of garlic paste turning so that the fish is golden
brown on both sides. Remove and
Drumstick flowers keep aside. In the same pan add
the blended sauce. Lower the
heat and add the fish pieces.
Allow the fish pieces to simmer in
the sauce only till the sauce
comes to a boil. Put it off
immediately. Garnish with the
chopped fresh garlic and serve
with pasta or rice.

multi-grained loaf
2 tbsp of green mint chutney
2 tbsp of butter
2-3 boneless chicken or left over
cooked methi chicken
2 tsp of oil
Fish in saffron sauce and
fresh garlic few slices of salami
slices of tomatoes
Cut the loaf into two halves.
Slit each horizontally and butter
the inside of the loaf. Then spread
a layer of the mint chutney. Heat
the oil and fry the salami pieces
for 1-2 minutes. Remove from the
oil and add the chicken pieces
which have been shredded. If you
are using the methi chicken it will
give a different taste and look to
the sandwich. Add a few tomato
pieces and maybe a few green
chillies if you like.
Desi tandoorie chicken sandwich

Pasta with olives and paprika

1 large round brinjal weighing
around 250- 300 gm
2 tbsp of oil
salt to taste
For the sauce:
500 gm of tomatoes
1 tsp chopped chives
1 tsp basil leaves
2 fresh red chillies
salt to taste
To prepare the sauce: Drop
the tomatoes in hot water for 2-3
minutes. Remove with a slotted
spoon and remove the skin. Cut
PASTA WITH 12-15 olives
3 tbsp grated cheese – optional
into halves and then quarters and


remove as many seeds as
possible. Heat half cup of water
PAPRIKA Heat the olive oil and add the
pasta and fry for 2-3 minutes. Add
and add salt to taste. Add the
chopped tomatoes and the chives
3 cups of pasta boiled in salted the paprika and continue to stir and basil leaves and cook this
water and toss for another two minutes. mixture over low fire till the
2 tbsp of olive oil Add the grated cheese if you are tomatoes are mushy. While
2 tsp of coarsely ground paprika using and serve at once with cooking keep mashing the
– red chillies vegetables in creamy sauce. tomatoes with the back of a

Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009 85

wooden spoon. Put off the heat
and keep aside.
the sides get cooked and attain a
golden colour. Add the prepared GRILLED
Cut the brinjals into circles.
Sprinkle salt and haldi powder
sauce and allow the brinjals to
simmer in the sauce for 2-3
and keep aside for 5 minutes. minutes. INGREDIENTS:
Heat oil in a non stick pan and fry Serve garnished with chopped 5-6 small sized red peppers
the brinjals on medium flame chives. Goes well with rotis or 5-6 small sized green peppers
turning the brinjals so that both even a pulao. 3-4 tsp of olive oil
salt to taste
Grilled capers METHOD
For the filling: Boiled mashed
potatoes or mashed vegetables or
any non vegetarian left over
chicken, mutton or fish.
Add whatever spices like
chillie, garlic paste, jeera powder
to give the filling a good taste.
You can even use left over rice
and mix it with a few methi fresh
leaves and add some spice and
use it for the filling.
Remove the seeds and use the
filling to stuff the capers.
Grill on a grill or even a
sandwich toaster adding oil a little
at a time.
Grill and serve hot. We

Brinjals winter style

Some valuable tips on how to make your place green and colourful.
By Sheela Ramakrishnan

How to make your place green and colourful

Plant large groups of Never water on a windy day.
contrasting flowers next to each Water in the early morning or
other to create a spectacular effect. late afternoon to avoid evaporation.
Plant shrubs and individual Try introducing or attracting
ornamental grasses in groups of odd lady bugs, prying mantis, and the
numbers so as to balance out the non-stinging Trichogramma wasp to
visual aspects of your flower garden. your garden for natural pest control.
Don’t clutter a small space Try gardening with plants
with a large number of plant species. that will attract birds and bats which
Limit it to just a few so that your will eat up insect pest species in
efore setting up your garden, flower garden does not become an your garden. We

have clarity about the type of eyesore.
flowers you would like to Keep your flower garden
grow in your garden – viz., properly maintained. Prune your trees
perennials, annuals or and shrubs to maintain appealing
biennials, the mainstay of the shapes. Deadhead your flowers and
flower garden. cut back old, frayed growth.
Perennials are plants that Lawns are much easier to
survive for many years. Some take mow if they aren't broken up with a
more than one season to mature. few flowers here and there.
At maturity, perennials will produce If you want to plant flowers
fruit or flowers and seeds. There under a tree, make sure the flowers
are two types of perennials: will do well in the shade.
Herbaceous perennials that Be careful not to dig up any
die to the ground after each roots when planting flowers under a
growing season and grow back tree. Plant flowers under trees by
digging a small separate hole for Use a creamy soap for extra
each spring. suppleness in your skin.
Woody perennials that each plant. Add a few drops of oil to the water
survive intact from season to Avoid putting new structures that you are using for bath to retain
season. They enter dormancy in or plants where they will damage the moisture lost when bathing.
colder climates. Trees and shrubs existing landscape features. Pamper your skin with a little
come under this category. Plant in curves for better coconut oil before bath to heal
dryness and chaps.
Annuals are plants that visual balance, not straight lines or Moisten your skin with a good
complete their life cycles perfect circles. moisturiser or a creamy lotion or
(germinate, flower, produce seed Make sure that your flower cold cream.
and die). Some annuals grow back garden slopes away from your Use of sunscreen is must in
from dropped seeds, otherwise house. winters also. So apply 20 minutes
before your step out.
they must be replaced every year. Adding mulch to your
A proper nutritious intake helps in
Biennials are plants with a life- finished flower garden will help hold rejuvenating the skin from within.
cycle that spans two years. During moisture. In addition, deteriorating
year one the plant germinates and mulch will add organic matter to your
grows. The second year it flowers, soil. Some mulch, such as shredded
produces seeds and dies. bark, can be quite attractive.
Your garden can also have a Use drip-irrigation systems to
combination of all the above to water individual plants and save
have year-round feast to the eyes. water.

Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009 87

Oh so hot!
A stylish red
patterns on
the sleeves
worn over a
top, is paired
with red

Colour me
red: Lovely
A collection of
red full
dress for
the vetements for the
night. coming New Year!
A short-
pleated and
skirt enhanced
with a trendy
belt is teamed
with a black
velvet top
beautified with Sensuous skirt:
zig-zag lace. An off-shoulder
yellow top with a
lovely border is
matched with a
red silk skirt
edged with broad
golden tissue
border encrusted
with mirrors.
Flirty fur:
An off-shoulder
pinafore is
beautified with
fur on the top.

Colours of night: Heavily embellished with

sequins, the ensemble in dark and light hues
of black looks captivating.
Warm charm:
Short top in
hues of warm
dark wood
colour is
coupled with
denim jeans.

Dark purple
dress for
the New
Year party.
Dresses: Bizarre
New Delhi. Ph: 011-41757166-77
When I was
When there was more fun off the cineplex screen than on it!
By Archana Sengar

am not one for family outings. There is too wonderful – all that music, and Farhan Akhtar has
much preparation to be done, too many things sung so well! Ammamma will love it.”
to be checked, too many doors to be locked “But, girls, don’t you think it will be better to wait
before one sets out. When I was a kid I for the DVD.” I tried to reason with them. You know
dreaded Sunday picnics because it meant your ammamma can’t watch a movie at a stretch. If
being pulled out of bed horribly early by my we had the DVD, she could continue watching it
too enthusiastic brother. He was two years after she wakes up and not miss anything.”
older to me, but acted like a baby, jumping up and “No, acha,” they said together as if they had
down while yelling in my ear, ‘Picnic, picnic!’ I rehearsed the statement thoroughly. “The DVD will
always wondered what would become of him; take ages, and anyway, this movie can only be
thankfully, he grew up into a fairly sane man. Now, enjoyed on the big screen. By Monday the whole
if he ever gets up early on a Sunday, it is only class will be discussing it, and we don’t want to feel
because he has to go to his office to complete some left out. We must watch it on the weekend.”
unfinished work.

However, I have been blessed with a wife who o that was it, the cunning angels! But you know,
has shades of my brother’s childhood excitement. it’s true that daughters are a father’s weakness.
Though she does not jump up and down when I could not refuse them outright. However, I tried
planning an outing, I am quite sure her feet are another trick.
itching just to do that. It is only the thought of our How will ammamma climb all those steps in the
teenage daughters that prevents her; after all, cinema hall? You know she has a knee problem.”
parents have to maintain their dignity. I only wish “PVR Priya has a Star class,” pat came the reply.
my parents were as thoughtful. “It’s ground floor. Ammamma won’t have a problem
My father, though 80, still cheers the Indian going there.” I could almost hear them wondering
cricket team with whistles and shouts and follows all how many years had passed since I myself had
its matches on the TV. If it wins, he talks of nothing entered any cinema hall.
else the whole day. If it loses, there’s always another I sighed and gave up. I managed to get tickets for
day to hope for. He also loves to watch all the Saturday evening show. The most
the major football and tennis tournaments, difficult part was leaving the office in time
and during the Olympics it is impossible to My father, to reach home, but I managed that too
unglue him from the TV. though 80, somehow. We had a quick tea and left for
My mother on the other hand, is still cheers the movie. On the way I was informed that
extremely fond of movies, even though the outing would be incomplete without a
since she turned 75 she has been prone to the Indian meal at the adjoining McDonald’s, after
fall asleep in the middle of one. Faith and cricket team the movie. I managed to smile. I didn’t
Joy, my daughters, adore their with whistles want to seem more backward than I was.
grandparents. When their grandmother and shouts If the price of the tickets had given me a
(they call her ammamma), had her 78th shock it was nothing compared to the
birthday on the Friday Rock on! was and follows sensation of being frisked. I wondered
released, they decided she deserved a all its how people could take it so coolly. Finally,
treat. matches on we entered the hall and were led to our
“You must book tickets for this movie, seats by a smart usher. My mother took the
acha’” they cajoled me. “It is simply
the TV. aisle seat.

92 Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009

commotion, tried to pacify them. down. Suddenly, Rachel jumped violently; the
“He was speaking of our house”, he explained packet in her hand flew into the air and popcorn
helpfully. A middle-aged lady who seemed to have rained down like a shower of meteors. With a
come alone to the movie turned and stared at me. trembling hand she pointed to the screen and I
“Your house is on fire?” she asked, sounding caught a flash of ‘Conserve Water’ before it was
puzzled. replaced with ‘please switch off your mobiles’.
“No, it is not,” I answered firmly, hoping people “What?” I asked, puzzled by her reaction.
wouldn’t begin calling the fire brigade. “But then – Whether or not she agreed with the message there
where is the fire?” she persisted. I hastened to was no need to panic, even though scientists would
assure her there was no fire anywhere. She turned have us believe that potable water on our planet
back, looking dissatisfied. Rachel whispered again, was going to finish any day now.
sounding slightly sheepish, that now she came to “I forgot to switch off the water motor,” she
think of it, she was almost sure she had switched off croaked. “There was no water in the tank when I
the gas. My mother, who had been sleeping was cooking, so I had switched it on, thinking I
peacefully all the while the hullabaloo had lasted, would switch it off before leaving. But I
woke up with a start, perhaps due to the sudden now it must be overflowing, and the alarm must be
silence in the hall. Even the scene on the screen was shrieking itself to death.” I tried to console her, but
one of those ‘quiet’ ones where nobody is speaking. she rushed on without listening to me. “If the motor
“Is it intermission yet?” she demanded. “I have to keeps on running it will burn itself out, plus all the
go to the toilet.” neighbours must be wondering what the matter is.”
‘Shush, Ammamma,” whispered Joy, “speak She stopped and turned to me. “Please go home
softly, the movie is still on.” and switch off the motor. It is not too far.”
“It’s not that near either,” I protested. “I will miss

s if to prove her wrong, a large ‘Intermission’ the whole movie.”
appeared on the screen just then. “See, I was “Is the movie more important than the motor?” she
right”, declared my mother triumphantly. The asked, unmindful of the people glaring at her.
lights overhead grew brighter, and she got up and “You can always watch it later on, on the DVD. If
moved away slowly. “Acha,” said my daughters in only you had taught me how to drive...” A deep,
unison, “please get us some popcorn.” heartfelt sigh followed this statement.
“No need”, said Rachel, “we are having burgers

after the movie, aren’t we?” would have liked to point out that watching it on
“But popcorn is different,” pouted the girls. “We the DVD was precisely what I had advocated in
always have it when we come here with our friends. the first place, and also that I had got her
And there is still an hour to go before we get those enrolled in a driving school before we had the kids,
burgers, and we are starving.” It was amazing how but she had never bothered to use her learning
much unity they could display at the hour of need, so licence after completing the course. That would have
to speak. I got up reluctantly. resulted in an explosion louder than the various
“Oh look.” exclaimed Faith, “Ammamma is trying blasts that had occurred in the city lately. I tried to
to open the exit door. But the toilet is not that way. I think of a solution.
had better go and help her.” She rushed away, and “Can’t you call one of the neighbours and ask
I went to the snacks counter. There was a them to switch it off for us?” I suggested.
long line already, and the menu prices Our flat was on the ground floor, and the
were sky-high. I sighed for the good old “You can motor switch was located right besides the
days when we could buy packets of always watch bathroom ventilator. A tall man could
roasted groundnuts from a kiosk outside it later on, on easily reach inside and switch it off. Okay,
the cinema hall before entering the hall, the DVD. If maybe not that easily, but it could be
and munch through them at a leisurely only you had done. After all, what are neighbours for?
pace. Then I ruefully recalled line in front “But all the numbers are in my
of the lone men’s toilet on the rare
taught me cellphone, and I have not brought it with
occasions I had visited it, and its far from how to me,” she answered .
pristine state, and decided that PVRs were drive...” “Don’t you have a neighbour’s number
a better bargain. A deep, on your phone?”
When I returned, the movie had not heartfelt sigh “Of course not,” I replied, affronted at
begun, but the screen was showing social followed this the idea that I used my phone to chat with
messages such as “Speed thrills but kills”. I the neighbours.
distributed the popcorn packets and sat statement. “Even if you don’t have your phone, you

96 Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009

must remember a few numbers. Especially the “All is well,” she said, smiling. “Preeti’s parents
upstairs Kapur’s. You call her at least four times a are not at home”, (I almost dropped the mobile.
day.” What had she been chattering about then?), “but
“Don’t exaggerate,” she rejoined with dignity, “I there is no power, so the motor won’t be working
don’t call her more than twice a day. Anyway, who anyway. The lights went off barely 10 minutes after
remembers the number when all you have to do is to we left the house; there’s something wrong at the
punch ‘find’?” sub-station. They are repairing it, but it will take
I admitted she had a point. In the older days them a while to fix it.”
people at least dialled the number on those old She finished her piece and turned her attention
fashioned phones. It helped the brain retain the back to the screen. I sagged back with relief, trying
digits. But what was the use of thinking about that not to think of my wasted talktime.
now? The movie was soon over, but we decided to get
Joy must have heard us arguing (with the rest of the food packed instead of having it at the
the audience!), for she came to the rescue restaurant. For one, it was too crowded, and also
unexpectedly. we could not rely upon the inefficiency of the
“I have Preeti’s number, acha,” she volunteered, minions of power company indefinitely. But today
adding (when I looked clueless), that Preeti was the the gods must have been smiling upon us. The
Kapurs’ daughter. I gratefully handed over my power came back only after we had reached home
mobile to her. For someone who claimed to have and switched off the motor.
never touched it, she operated it with surprising “Thank goodness for friends”, exclaimed Joy.
familiarity, whispering and giggling into it for a time “Thank goodness for power cuts”, intoned my
that seemed unnecessarily long to me. I fidgeted in wife.
my seat, not daring to interrupt. Finally, she switched “Next time we go on a family outing, I will stay
it off and gave it back to me. home”, I promised myself. We
Little kids
with a giant leap
Kids all ready
to take over Trendy trio:
Trendy and
the world in a smart
dresses to
plethora of attire the
innocence of
designs and your children.

Three is a
Capture the
days of their
childhood clad
in wonderful

Dresses: Sweet n Sour

New Delhi-110 015, Ph: 09212690324
About the Artist
Name: Puja Sharma
Date of birth: 24 November 1959
Qualification: M.Phil (English), MA
(Drawing & Painting)
Diploma in Art and Craft
AIFACS – Greater Noida, Wisdom
show, Lalit Kala Gallery, ‘Kala
Kumbh’ – Aifacs & Bikaner, Creative
artist group, Bhagidari Mela New
Delhi organised by Delhi Govt,
Exhibition Groups, Delhi, Wisdom –
Annual Show 2004, All India woman
exhibition at AIFACS Delhi and
Hyderabad by Wisdom Society
2005, Kala Mahotsave All India Art
Exhibition organised by Wisdom
Society; All India Senior Artist
Exhibition at AIFACS; 1st Exhibition
Wisdom show at PSK Delhi, May

2005, 2nd and 3rd Wisdom Show at
PSK Delhi Nov. 2005. Group show
at Lalit Kala Academy, 2006. Group
show at Greenwood Art Gallery,
New Delhi, 2006. Group show at
Army & Navy Building Art Gallery, “My paintings are my personal
Mumbai, Nehru Art Centre Mumbai-
2006. Art Mall.
diary of life’s many joys,
Camps: observations and experiences,”
Demonstration Trildor Colman,
AIFACS, Artist day camp at the says the artist. By Subhra Mazumdar
Platinum Jublee at AIFACS 2005,
f art is considered to be a active member of several artist

Senior Artist camp at Amritsar,
organised by AIFACS, 2005. Senior journey, then there can be no groups who make their art a means
Artist Camp at Rani Jhansi Road, better example of such art than of bonding and exchanging art-
2004; organised by AIFACS 77th the works of artist Puja Sharma. related ideas and creations.
Annual Art exhibition at AIFACS, A painter with a yen for painting Excerpts from an interview:
March 2005. All India Woman Artists the outdoors, not just through the
Camp at Kud, Jammu, organised by technique of paint and brush, but Your current works are abstract
Tourism Deptt. Jammu and Kashmir. with inputs of the heart and mind forms with a centric emphasis.
Deptt. 2005. National Art Camp, alongside, her works are marked What is this centric form of
Hyderabad 2005, Organised by by a steady progress of brilliant colour meant to signify?
Tourism Deptt. Hyderabad, 2005. remarkable milestones. With each I was sitting in a garden
Maharani Bagh New Delhi, In stage of this onward journey Puja surrounded by flowers, at the Bhimtal
Bhusawal Maharashtra,06. Sahitya Sharma’s artistic endeavour has Garden, the hill station of Nainital.
Kala Parishad, New Delhi, Asoka examined a new dimension, so that The effect of the sun and shade,
Hotel, New Delhi, Art Mall 2007. her body of work wears an innate made some parts of this dense flower
Conducted summer childrens’ freshness, a growing maturity and a cluster appear dark, while elsewhere
workshop of Sahitya Kala Parishad as pronounced technical excellence. it was bright and colourful. From my
an ‘expert’. Dhumimal city gallery Though she dismisses this growth seat on the grassy lawns, I
2008. DPS Srinagar 2008, State factor simply as ‘ ‘I’m growing old’, immediately began to make sketches
Orissa Lalitkala Academy, 2nd the truth is far from such simplistic of the shade and sun dappling effect
National Arts camp 2008. explanations. A teacher of English at and when back home, in my own
Awards: one of the capital’s prominent garden, the image of that Bhimtal
Award at 71st Annual Exhibition schools, Puja spends every hour of Garden began to converge and the
Amritsar 2005. her time at her easel. She is also an painting you see, came alive.
Memories rebuild – another try to HOPE.

Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009 101

and then , they seem to lose their
magic. There seems to be a
silent conversation flowing
between me and the sight, and
that is what I express through the
creations on my canvas.

Can you point to the most

emotive of paintings from your
point of view?
It was a painting that I had
done on my recent trip to
Srinagar. We had gone to
Gulmarg and that day, the sun
was bright and clear, after it had
snowed the previous night. The
sight was breathtaking. The hills
above were snow-covered and
down below, the river and
countryside were a bright blue.
Do you generally paint flowers Nagarjuna Sagar dam site in Andhra My imagination took the better of
in abstract formations? Pradesh. I could see the geometric me as I watched the local people with
I have always loved painting stretches of rock formations their herds. I decided to create a
flowers, as part of my overall love for extending out far from where I was narrative on the canvas, rooted to
painting nature. Earlier my flower seated. There was even a tree line that scene. This abstract work is
paintings were markedly realistic and on the horizon and then another really divided into three linear
I even went on to create a series that fringe of trees running across from divisions of white tones, blue tones
was displayed in one of Delhi’s the other side. The place was and dark tones. The blue tones have
galleries. Later, I chose to take the covered in sunlight and below, the a faint play of figures, particularly an
flower paintings to the sight seemed to be in old woman who has two parrots on
next level and painted the shadow. I sat her shoulders. It is a fantasy about
them in the abstract. there in the open and old memories of childhood that are
What amazed me was began transmitting in now free to enter and exit her mind
to see how closely colour just what I as she basks in the sunshine.
viewers to the gallery could visualise before The nebulous figures is a deliberate
identified with these me. I sat there till late stance to convey that one links
abstract flower creations in the evening and as with the past while being in the
and nothing gave me the shadows length - present.
greater pleasure than to ened, my painting
see the smile on their took on more sombre Do you come back from a place
faces as they viewed tones. The trees and paint pictures based on your
these bright formations. became more wispy experiences?
and distant and the I like to store away fond memories
In some of your rocks became promi- and events. When I take up the brush
recent abstract works nent. The painting it seems I can recall these incidents
there is a palpable was later displayed at with more than average hindsight and
division of the canvas the Andhra Pradesh as I paint, I seem to know the exact
into linear divisions? State Academy of Art. brush stroke that will be needed to
Is this a further, or make that incident come alive. I know
earlier stage of your Do you always exactly why I have put a certain
artistic development? carry your canvases colour, or a certain stroke, in a
Perhaps, you can call on your trips? certain place on the canvas. In that
it an earlier stage or you Well yes. I find the way my paintings are my personal
can call these paintings outdoors seem to lend diary of life’s many joys, observations
site-specific. The series themselves to imme - and experiences, making each of my
was painted in a near diate treatment on the canvases a way of relating to my
realistic form as I was canvas. Unless I past, my present and perhaps my
seated on top of the record the sights there future. We

102 Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009

MIRACULOUS Have the benefits of
POWERS spices ever remained in doubt?
By Golden Reejsinghani

pices that we use in our Fenugreek (methidana): Fenugreek treats urinary and digestive disorders.

daily cooking are full of is a leguminous plant. Its seeds are ● Heat saffron paste in milk and
healthy antioxidants which bitter and yellow in colour. It is used apply it around the nose and
kill the free radicals. They in curing diabetes, flatulence, forehead. It relieves cold.
also remove diseases from diarrohea and enlargement of the ● When saffron is pounded with
the common to the most spleen and liver. ghee, it is highly effective in diabetes.
dangerous and keep our ● One teaspoonful of fenugreek ● Soaked in water overnight and
bodies healthy and happy. powder mixed in one cup of milk taken mixed in honey, it helps in free
Here are some common daily helps diabetics in reducing sugar. passage of urine.
spices which help us in our ● To cure constipation, one Turmeric (haldi): Turmeric is an
daily battle with disease. teaspoonful of fenugreek powder appetiser and aids digestion. It is
Asafoetida (hing): It is used for should be taken daily in the night with carminative and antiseptic and is
relieving stomachache, indigestion water. used in diabetes.
and colic. It is usually taken in the ● To get immediate relief from ● Put one small teaspoonful of
rainy season mixed with jaggery. It flatulence, heaviness in the chest, turmeric powder in milk and boil it.
makes the body free of cough, cold burning sensation in the throat, take Drink this milk while still hot. It
and other respiratory ailments. one teaspoon of the powder with a relieves sore throat and cold.
Cardamom (elaichi): There are little black salt and water. ● Turmeric paste applied before
two types of cardamoms: the small Cloves (laung): Cloves, besides bathing clears the skin. We
cardamom which is light green in being used as a
colour and the large cardamom which seasoning for sweet
is dry and black in colour apart from and hot prepara -
being used for flavouring. Cardamom tions, are a stimu-
has curing properties too. It is very lant and carmina -
good for curing digestive ailments. tive. Clove oil is a
● If you eat one cardamom with very good mouth -
one tablespoonful of honey it will not wash and also
only improve your eyesight but will cures toothache.
also strengthen the nervous system. Cumin (jeera) :
Garlic (lasun) : Garlic has Cumin corrects
prophylactic and curative properties digestive disorders
and is very effective in reducing high and stimulates the
blood pressure and curing heart appetite. It has
ailments. Garlic also renews tissues, carminative and
cleanses blood and improves digestion. simulative proper -
Cinnamon (dalchini): It is highly ties.
fragrant, not too pungent and acts as S a f f r o n
an astringent. Cinnamon is good for (kesar): It is used
curing acidity, colic and rheumatism. to treat fever and
Cinnamon oil is a very powerful local enlargement of the
stimulant. liver and spleen. It

Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009 103

A lovely line
blending romance
and nostalgia with
a futuristic
element brings
with it understated
luxury and style...
Wow, a perfect
synergy of
elegance and
sensuality dipped
in a colour palette
of jewel tones!

f light
A pleated dress
in plum colour
coupled by a
fitted bodice
punctuated by
A sensational
scarlet cape
with a large satin
bow and stones
on the neckline
is coupled with
dress in black with
satin belt and bow
to accentuate the
slender waist.
A stylish dress in
walnut grey and
plum with puff
sleeves reminicise
the romantic era
of yore!
A delectable
gown in emerald
green with sensuous
silhouettes is
beautified with
stones on the
neckline. The satin
belt and bow
enhance the beautiful
feminine form.
A knee-length
strapeless dress
with sharp
silhouettes in
hues of sapphire
blue clinched at
the waist is
accentuated with
a satin belt.

Designed by: Urvashi Kaur

New Delhi. Ph: +919811432936
About the Artist
Name: Manjit Singh
Ph: 9873918532

Art shows (Solo)

November 2005 on Sikhism at
November 2006 on Swami The artist creates images of words and
Ramdev and Vedic Renaissance
August 2008 Press Club Art depict them on canvas. By Our Correspondent
Gallery, New Delhi Kamayani,
Ek Nisarg Kanya
September 2008 Open Palm
Court, India Habitat Centre, Lodhi
Road, New Delhi. Kamayani ke
Rang, Chintan Se Anand.

Group Shows
AIFCS in 2007
Epicentre, Gurgaon in 2008
Arpana Art Gallery, Siril Fort in
November 2008
Nehru Centre of Art, London 2007

Upcoming art exhibitions

Urvashi of Ramdhari Singh Dinkar
February 2009.
Group show Jehangir Art Gallery
Mumbai February 2009.
Nehru Bal Samiti Award
Sankar’s International Children
he heart perceives, the mind going to be repeated thoughtfully

Painting competition
soaks up and stores, an recreating the images of words and
Durga Pooja Samiti awards
artful metamorphosis begins then putting them on canvas for a full
Lucknow Chitra Kala Parishad
– the journey becomes view of his current work on Urvashi of
Award 2008
soulful through the aesthetic Ramdhari Singh Dinkar, thereby
Nominated for Asian Peace Award
path paved by poetic giving new dimensions to Hindi
2008 by Artist Academy,
thoughts that overflow onto poetry too.
New Delhi.
the canvas, their true Son of a Bengali mother and a
essence recalled and Sikh father, he believes that he’s a
reflected in splashes of human being first with a secular
colour. A mix of a cascading medley approach. A multilingual who knows
of concepts and figures emerge from Bengali, Tamil, Oriya, Urdu, Hindi,
feelings and thoughts as artist Manjit English and Punjabi, Singh holds
Singh thoughtfully immersed into women in high esteem and looks
Kamayani , the modern Hindi epic, upon Shabana Azmi and Kiran Bedi
written by Jaishankar Prasad (1935) as the epitome of women
so well that he was successful in empowerment.
getting the right fragrance when he A chat with this artist who is a
gave an enriching visual experience Hindi poet also and has unique trait
on his canvas. of creating images of words and then
Having worked on such a great putting them into forms, colours and
work expanded his horizon of textures as per views of prof Shiv
aesthetic senses. The feat is again Harit, the art critic and Chairman
Utensil vendor at rest: A beautiful piece of art (acrylic on canvas) in hues of ochre. Picking up the theme from real
life, the artist Manjit Singh has captured some moments of the routine of utensil vendors.

Management Committee of Sharda She felt so proud when my works stepping stones to success that
Ukil School of Art... were selected by Finland govt. incident laid the foundation stone to
Excerpts from an interview: (smiles). But down the memory lane my career of an artist.
... I still reminicise one incident when
A self taught artist you are! But I was studying in standard V. Our How do you develop an idea for
how did you actually venture into tenant was a good artist. Once he a composition?
this field. started painting a mythological I capture the themes and ideas
I owe my entry in this field to character on a plywood. I liked it so from real life and then depict them.
Savitri Srivastava, Head of Creative much that I actually took his colours
Art, Bal Bhawan who taught creative and brushes and tried to complete it. Every artist has a personal
art to me. She is retired now but still But, alas! Rather than making it, I creative process. Explain yours.
keeps on guiding and inspiring me. spoilt it. But as they say failures are My initial thrust is to expose the

Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009 111

material and, of course,
the better media
coverage. There’s a
boom in the art industry
like never before and
people are purchasing it
for investment purposes.
Even the budding young
artists are very talented
and full of energy. Art is
a pyramidical evolution.
No art of any era is bad.
Every artist has an
individual style so one is
free to paint.

an artist’s emotions. He actually Any dream you chase?

paints his soul. Commercialisation to I dream to reach moon and create
some extent is fine if the quality of a rational society where mind is
the work is not affected. If the without fear... where man is not
essence and tenderness of art is not fighting over the trifle issues of caste,
lost, then commercialisation is just an religion etc. I actually want to give
honour for an artist that yes he’s manifestation of my own desire of
recognised for his work. bridging all the barriers of hatred.
aesthetic beauty of Hindi poetry
through paintings so I painted the Are you influenced by other How far is your family’s role
Kamayani of Jai Shankar Prasad and artists past or present or do you significant in making of artist
now Urvashi of Ramdhari Singh stand alone in your vision? Manjit Singh?
Dinkar. I’m impressed by MF Hussain and I give the credit to my wife
Subroto Kundu but don’t copy their Gurmeet Kaur. At her insistence, I
What was the reason that you work. once made a painting. The work was
portrayed Hindi poetry? Wasn’t it not actually of my satisfaction so I
an arduous task to understand the Your comments about Indian art tore it into pieces. It was my wife who
spirit? in present times. Any difference then didn’t let me lose heart. She
This is my way of paying homage from the past? collected those pieces, arranged
to our National language Hindi and There’s no denying the fact that them and got the work framed. The
India. First, I read the literature to there are better techniques, better same painting won a lot of
reach the basic theme and plunge appreciation.
deep before painting. It’s difficult no That very work gave birth to my
doubt but my sensitivity to literature own individual style and the incident
and poetry as well as painting made paved the way for me to create more
it possible. I add tints of my own and more.
imagination and fancies in the poetry Even my sons, Parminder Singh
so that it may evolve into a and Jasminder Singh encourage me.
masterpiece. And now, my work is Though they are pursuing CA and
not restricted to Hindi poetry I’m MBA respectively, they love to paint.
going to widen my horizon and now
studying one or two poets from each An artist with a passion to delve
state of India. Gradually, I will reach into depth of life and express his
out to the other parts of the world. revelations through paintings. Always
learning and looking forward, he’s
Your relationship with art? already on a pursuit to capture the
Art is very sacred for me, so it’s essence of the thoughts of
my meditation, my worship. Harisvansh Rai Bachchan. It’s a deep
desire and long wish of the artist to
What would you say about the get the inauguration of the show by
commercial impact on art? Amitabh Bachchan, the legendary
Art is the outcome of a gamut of son of the poet! We

112 Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009

Aakriti Khajuria of Presentation
Convent School, Gandhi Nagar, J&K
and Atishay Jain of Mother Teresa
Public School, Preet Vihar, Delhi.
There were 10 consolation prize
hampak Creative Child winners who were awarded a bronze

Contest ‘On the Spot Story medal each with cash prize of Rs
Writing and Painting 1000 each and a certificate.
Competition’ evoked great The winners were gifted Champak
interest when children from mementos and all the participants
all over the country spent were gifted bag of goodies with
their Sunday showing their participation certificates.
creativity. The contest was Environment’s Children: Talking
organised in two phases. to children at the prize distribution
First round received around The first prize of a gold medal, Rs ceremony in the evening Chief
more than 20,000 stories from 10,000 cash and a certificate went to Guest, former Cabinet minister
children of 12000 schools across the Dolly of DAV International School, Maneka Gandhi said that global
country. Out of these 125 children Amritsar, Punjab. warming has become an issue of
were selected for the second and the Monika Tayal of Sarti Devi serious concern for mankind. She
final round which was an ‘On the Rajaram Public School Shamli, Ketki emphasised the need of shunning the
Spot Story Writing and Painting Godsey of Parachute Regiment use of plastic to save pollution and
Competition’ held at Rail Museum, School, Bangalore, Karnataka and environment. She also made them
Chanakyapuri, New Delhi. Yash Chadda of Ahlcon International, aware of the hazards of the use of
Achievers Gallary: Children Mayur Vihar, New Delhi won the plastic and children’s responsibility
enthusiastically wrote a story giving second prize with a silver medal, Rs towards saving the earth.
them a theme and drew a painting on 5000 and a certificate. Guest of honour at the function
the spot. The Principals of DPS, East Five third prizes of a bronze were mountaineer Padmashree
of Kailash, Dolly Chandana, DPS medal, Rs 2500 and a certificate Santosh Yadav, and famous
International, Ameeta Mishra and each were won by Disha Gupta of cartoonist Padmashree Sudhir
representatives of Modern School, Evergreen Public School, Vasundhra Tailang. All the participants got a bag
Humayun Road, Manju Mehra and Enclave, New Delhi, Subhangi of goddies and certificates which
Sanskriti School, Chanakyapuri, Srivastav, Police Modern School, boosted their spirits and memorable
Shuchi Khanna did honours to the Lucknow, Shreya Jain of Sophia Sr sweet memories of Champak, past
competition by coming as guest judges. Sec School, Bhilwara, Rajasthan, and present. We

Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009 113

RESOLUTION ike millions in this country, I

do make a new resolution to
initiate a new beginning.
Some refresh their resol -

THIS utions that they had taken last

year while some try to figure

out what should be the new
resolution in 2009. Albeit the
resolution that I took about
writing a book on human
happiness in the wee hours of 2008
is still incomplete. Still, I think I have
to refresh that resolution once again
Get rid of terrorism in since the bulk of the work remains to
be done and I am not sure whether it
all its forms and manifestations. would be completed by December
2008. It was not that I did not try. But
By M Shamsur Rabb Khan how could I write about human
happiness when the country
witnessed spate of sorrows due to
terror attacks? This, like the one I am
going to request all my fellow citizens

114 Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009

to take, is not a one-year resolution in expressionless. Since he was the talk resolution?” His was a tragic voice,
fact. But before that, I would like to of the office for all the inefficiency his eyes welled up with tears. I was
share some real-time examples. that he brought from the US and UK nervous for a while, as if I had put
I asked one of my friends who (he had studied in both the my hands into a beehive with million
work in the real estate sector in Delhi, countries), we were flabbergasted at bees ready to sting simultaneously.
who had vowed at the beginning of his work output. More than that, he Gathering courage, I invited him to
2008 that he would work hard to get confuses more when he my room. I wanted know if he needed
a new job with a salary hike of at communicates with us, and always a resolution more than anyone else
least 30 per cent. He was happy to comes up with an idea or solution or not.
see his resolution realised in just 10 which has no definite conclusions. So, what is your problem?” I was
months’ time. Now he plans to repeat But I tried again. This time, when adamant. He read my face for a
this feat in 2009 as well. Will he be almost all my colleagues were gone, I while, lowered his face and said: “I
able to do that? With real estate went to him and asked about his can’t sleep these days. I have
facing a tough time, this seems highly extra silence and alien attitude. dreams of bomb explosions and I
unlikely, yet he is optimistic. Good Looking shy and introverted at the carry the load of terror attacks every
luck to him. Terror and economic age of 30, the man raised his face time wherever I go. The other day I
recession are the two brutal realities and said, “Please leave me alone. I was at Chandpole (a market place at
of 2008. And, unlike the US, India want loneliness.” He was married to a Jaipur) where the bomb ripped apart
has been a victim more of terror than beautiful wife and had an equally many innocents this May. When 9/11
recession though terror itself brings pretty one-year old baby girl. Evading occurred, I was in New York, when
an economic halt to a great extent as his response, I asked, “What is your the serial blasts occurred, on 13 May,
it did show some downfall in the New Year resolution this time?” I am here. Next, it was in Delhi,
inflow of tourists in Rajasthan and “Nothing in particular. In fact, I Ajmer, Ahmedabad, Mumbai…Where
Maharashtra. never had one.” do you think I should go and live in
One of my colleagues has been “Have you read this?” I asked, peace? I am too scared.”
failing in his professional duties all pointing to a saying of Dhirubhai So, that was the reason for this
through 2008, due to which he has Ambani hung right on a wooden young, bright professional to be so
been reprimanded many times, and board at his workstation, which read scared to work properly, proving one
since the organization wants to get “I keep revising my dream, only when of the five needs of Maslow’s
rid of him, he is all too depressed and you dream it you can do it.” He just Hierarchy of Needs right that
melancholic. The other day when I nodded his head, with dishevelled professionals are supposed to work
tried to intervene, he grew reserved. hair hung on his face. in a safe and secure environment?
For, a while my intimacy got a halt, a “My life is a living hell. How can After a brief pause, I told him that my
the serene-looking man looked so you talk about a New Year wife had made frantic calls from Delhi
he said his mouth was sour. More opt for a New Year resolution as per
WE ENJOY than that, I found him very disturbed their plans and commitments, one
PLEASURE ONLY in his sleep that night, restless, common resolution that we, as
WHEN INDIA IS whispering and agitative. This was
the reaction of a child who has
citizens of this country, need urgently
to make is that we will not allow any
SAFE AND SECURE; watched the devastation on TV. Can more terror strikes on our land. No
AND WE we imagine the traumatic horror of
those who have experienced terror
explosion, no merciless killings, no
suffering, no pain, no irreparable
CANNOT ENJOY IT strikes on the personal level, loss.
WHEN HUNDREDS especially children – losing a father, a
mother, a brother or a husband and
This common resolution is the
greatest need of the hour as we can
OF FAMILIES ARE survive only when India
WEEPING FOR survives; we enjoy pleasure
only when India is safe and
THEIR LOVED ONES secure; and we cannot enjoy
WHO HAVE BEEN it when hundreds of families
are weeping for their loved
KILLED BY THE ones who have been killed
MINDLESS by the mindless menace of
terrorism. How can we enjoy
MENACE OF a picnic dish when hundreds
TERRORISM. have tears to swallow?
So, what should be our
resolution this New Year?
We can take a solemn
pledge to fight terrorism as
we had fought for our freedom
decades ago, as freedom from terror
is freedom from fear. And without
fear, there is no joy, no picnic trip and
no party.
The people’s collective voice can
be a tremendous power that must
reach the hidden, unknown and
heinous criminals in India and
abroad. We can pledge to create
more bravehearts like Major
Unnikrishnan. We can pledge to be
more vigilant. And we can pledge to
be more responsible and accountable
Unlike individual resolutions,
on 13 May when Jaipur was targeted. wife? Perhaps terrorism is India’s collective and common resolutions
I was a few furlongs from one of the biggest problem today. And a bigger can be more effective and lasting,
blast sites. I was lucky, unlike those threat too. This is a ‘new age terror’ and it would be a good idea to have a
who died or those who received that has been taking a heavy toll of common, collective resolution this
serious injuries. India seems so this country. It hampers our New Year that could benefit all the
unsafe these days: railway stations, economic, social, religious and citizens of the country.
malls, crowded markets, temples and individual growth. Which is why I like But how? Protests, processions,
hotels, etc., Besides, air, water, and my countrymen to go for a collective, writings, opinions, and awareness
land – all need to be put under common resolution this New Year. generation are some of the means
surveillance. From the personal to the national whereby we can warn the hidden
On 26 November when terrorist level, the resolution shows a well- enemy as well as put pressure on the
struck Mumbai, I reached home and thought-out plan that gives a whole government machinery to be
found my son so scared. He was new direction as well as dimension prepared. Above all, we can pledge
constantly watching the disaster live to self-development. But is self- to weed out corruption from public life
on TV. And then he did not take his development possible without that allows what we hear as ‘lapses’
dinner. So, emotionally surcharged, national security? While many may and ‘insider help’. We

116 Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009

How often do you see your crush?
a. Often, not as much as you can, a few
times a day.
b. Rarely or never.
c. Every once in a while, maybe once a day
d. Every single day, as much as possible,
multiple times a day.

How often do you talk to your crush?
a. Very often
b. Rarely or never
c. Whenever you see him/her
d. If you get the opportunity you might try
to talk to him/her

Have you ever wanted to kiss
your crush?
a. Oh yea baby, give me some sugar.

b. Sometimes.
c. Not really.
ARE YOU IN d. Yes, I dream about it all day and night.

Have you ever kissed your crush?
Maybe once, on the cheek, just a hello kiss.
Yes, maybe on the lips, maybe on the cheek.
d. Yes, on the lips
This is a basic quiz, based on
experience, to determine if you are
really in love. Note that this quiz is
mostly for guys.
d in the
entries will be publisheera
Sforelethccteomd ing issue of Woman’s . Look ou
for the 15 February 2009 issue
t &
Answer the questions win a grand prize...

Last date for sending entries: 31 January 2009

ur friendfor a better
ch a photograph of yoma
of fea tur ing in Wo n’s era

W in a

Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009 117
5Q 10Q
Have you ever imagined having sex Do you like the same movies,
with your crush? books, TV shows, etc?
a. Not really. a. Yup, I’m pretty sure.
b. I have; but I don’t let it abuse my complete b. I don’t think so.
view on him/her c. Maybe a few, I’m not really sure
c. All the time; it’s too bad I can’t get any though.
d. I guess a few times d. For the most part; yes; and even if
there are a few that we don’t agree

Have you ever had sex with your on, we’ll still watch them for the sake
crush? of each other.

a. No, but I want to.

b. No, and I don’t want to. Do you talk about your crush to
c. Our relationship is all about sex, I always your friends?
need more, but I don’t know if he/she
a. Of course, I’m confident enough
wants more.
with him/her that we can easily
d. Yes, but we only have done it on rare
talk about each other to friends.
occasions to show our affection towards
b. Possibly with the best friend or
each other.
c. Yes, he/she is so hot!

What physically do you like about d. Nope, I am too afraid to, say.
your crush?
a. I’m not sure, I can’t explain it.
b. Body
The hair or eyes.
Scoring Terms and Conditions:
Don’t you hate those artificial quizzes that

Do you know each others’ parents? only have one obvious right answer? Since we don’t
a. Yes, but I’m not sure how’d they act know about your personal life, these questions could
together. work out, depending on one’s personality and
b. Not well. interactions. And you could probably come up with
c. Yes, both of our families get together better answers!
d. Not at all. Prove that you are aware of this trivia.
Send us the coupon with your photo along
with the correct answers.

Have you been on a date with
your crush? Name
a. Never. Age
b. Yes, but not many times. Address
c. Once.
d. Yes, more than one, multiple places.
Phone: E-mail

Winner Occupation

of Don’t forget to attach a photograph

Friendship 1. Mark the answers and send us the cutting of

Quiz this quiz along with this coupon. The last date is
31 January 2009. So hurry up and post it now.
Contest - 66 2. The decision of the editor will be final. 3. Depict
your true self only. 4. Send a photograph of your
Rishi Soni own. It may be printed in Woman’s Era, along with
A-84, Shivalik, the results. Send to: Woman’s Era, Delhi Press,
New Delhi. E-3, Jhandewala, New Delhi-110 055.
anaemic. So, balance your diet in influences (oestrogens and tiny
such a way that your energy require- amounts of testosterones). After
ments are met. You can also pop a ovulation, the production of andro -
multivitamin tablet daily to guard gens declines while levels of the
against any nutritional deficiency. female hormone (progesterone) rise.
So rest assured. There is nothing
abnormal in it.
I am 35 years old, married and the
mother of a young teenager. Of late,
lethargy has set in, though I I am 35 years old and married.
apparently do not feel any problem. Lately, I have started having a
Please help. tingling and numbness in my hands
There can be a number of causes and feet. Often, there is a feeling of
which range from the physical to the the falling asleep. I do not know what

emotional. The physical causes can it is. Please advise.
include poor functioning of the thyroid, I would not like to dismiss your
anaemia and variations in blood problem lightly. There can be a
sugar levels. Besides, the factors of number of causes for your problem
disturbed sleep, anxiety depression like pressure on the nerves, diabetes,
and undue stress can also be vitamin deficiency especially of vitamin
responsible. You should consult your B. Sometimes, calcium deficiency can
doctor in this regard who can be able also cause this problem. So it would
to treat you after investigation. be better if you are investigated on the
above lines and treated accordingly.
I am 35 years old and the mother of
two kids. My problem is that whenever I am 28 years old and a young
I laugh a few drops of urine comes out mother. I take regular exercises but, I am a 28-year-old housewife. I was
and spoils my underwear. This is of late, I find that it is exhausting me. feeling exhausted, so I went to my
every embarrassing. Please help. Please advise. doctor who diagnosed it to be
In some women who have had It may look strange but exercising anaemia. I am surprised since I take
repeated pregnancies there is a either too little or too much can tire a a good nutritive diet.
weakness of pelvic muscles which is person. It may look intriguing to write It does look surprising to find a
responsible for your problem. Streng- that too little exercise can be person who is taking a good diet and
thening of pelvic muscles is what is exhausting. This is not because of not suffering from any apparent
required. For this you should do pelvic anything but for the fact that the body illness having anaemia. There can be
floor exercises which strengthen the requires energy to keep it functioning. a number of causes for this. These

part of the pelvic floor muscles which So, if you do little exercise the body include worm infestation where there
support the bladder, womb and does not function properly. On the is a daily loss of blood. Similarly, you
rectum. For this you may take advice other hand, excessive exercise will are losing blood during menstruation.
from your doctor. produce chronic fatigue. This can be Hidden loss of blood may not be
avoided by interspersing an exercise detected in an early case of piles. So
programme with periods of rest. At it would be better if you are investi-
I am 28 years old and slightly the same time in any young woman, gated on these lines and treated
overweight. I am on diet. Though I the problem of nutrition as well as accordingly.
am losing weight, at the same time I menstruation irregularities have also — Dr S. N. Khosla, MD.
am feeling exhausted all the time. Is to be looked into.
it because of dieting? Please advise.
You are absolutely right in
Readers are invited to send in any health
assessing your problem. Dieting can I am 30 years old and married. Of and medical queries they would like to
not only cause fatigue but also late, I have noticed that almost in the be answered. Woman’s Era will provide
exhaustion. But this does not mean middle of the month I get heightened answers to your questions and offer
that you have to discard dieting. It is sex desire. I do not understand it. solutions to your problems. Individual
the radical reduction in calories which Please advise. replies cannot be sent. Address your
letters (neatly written on white paper) to:
produces metabolic changes in the This is absolutely normal. Many
body leaving it with less energy. women enjoy heightened desire WOMAN'S ERA,
Prolonged dieting is going to leave round about ovulation and then again E-3, Jhandewala Estate,
you with poor nutrition. At the same a day or two before their periods. New Delhi-110055.
time be sure you are not getting This is as a result of hormonal
QA &

very nice guy. But I am awfully
worried because, earlier, I had had
I am getting married next month to a

an affair with a college mate. It is all

intercourse with your husband. Many
times, there is no bleeding too, so
your husband may not suspect
anything. Since you intend to be a
over now, and I am going to be fully faithful wife, stop feeling guilty over

devoted to my husband. But will my your past and look forward to a
I study in a girls’ school. I have a husband find out that I am not a happy future. Confessing the earlier
close friend of many years with whom virgin? I am 19 years old. affair too is uncalled for.
I share confidences. We are both 15 Your bridegroom may or may not
years old. Recently, to my shock, she find out about your earlier I am a pretty, 16-year-old girl but my
revealed that she has fallen in love involvement. If you have had face is full of pimples. Even my
with me! She suggested that we have intercourse earlier, perhaps there will forehead has ugly bumps. My friends
a lesbian relationship and later live be no bleeding with your first tell me that my non-veg diet is to
together. I am repulsed by the whole blame for my condition. Will cosmetic
idea. I like her but not in this way. I surgery help? Is the treatment costly?
told her this and she accepted my I am a 17-year-old Please advise.
decision. But now, our friendship is girl who belongs to During puberty, hormonal changes
ruined and I try to avoid her. She an atheist family. I in the body are the main culprits. A
begs me to return to our old status have fallen in love non-vegetarian diet does not play any
but I just cannot do so. Can I help with a very nice boy, significant part in this, though a low-
her become straight? Please well-educated and fat, non-greasy diet could clear your
advise. from a reputable skin to a certain degree. Keep your
During puberty, when there is a background. But his people are face oil-free with frequent washes
sudden spurt of sex hormones in the very religious-minded and want with a medicinal soap. Don’t finger,
adolescent’s body, she or he thinks him to marry a girl who will blend in scratch or pinch the pimples as this
amorously about even people of the with them. All this time, I am could lead to infection. Drink at least
same sex. Especially too, when they pretending to be a believer, and eight glasses of water in a day.

are in single-sex schools where they even accompanied my boyfriend to Cosmetic surgery cannot help to cure
do not meet members of the opposite temples. I am afraid to tell him the your problem but can help to deal
sex. In due time, however, their truth as it will mean the end of our with the pits and scars left by severe
sexual preferences usually become relationship. What should I do? acne. At present, you should consult
normal, and they cease to feel such You cannot build a strong a good endocrinologist who will start
homosexual inclinations. relationship on pretences. When treatment to heal and contain your
Having such juvenile crushes on your boyfriend finds out that you ailment.
teachers and classmates is common have been living a life of lies, he
will be terribly disappointed and
at this age. It is a passing phase and
disillusioned, and will surely not
in all probability, your friend will lead
want you to be his wife. This column is especially for
a normal life after a time. teenagers. Adolescence can, we know,
Your shock and revulsion is You have to face reality. Tell be a trying and confusing time. There
pardonable, but do not be judgemental him the truth and accept the are so many questions which seem to
consequences. You could promise evade solutions. A wrong decision, or
or disapproving. You should try to an indiscreet move, can spell disaster
put the whole thing behind you and not to restrict him in any way and ruin a life. Share your problem,
continue with your friendship. You although you have different worry or doubt with us and WE will
opinions. If his love is strong , he help you find a way out — to a
could also have a boyfriend for happier, healthier and more successful
yourself and get another for your may try to convince his family into adult life. Send your problems to:
friend so that you will be a foursome. accepting you. WOMAN’S ERA
If, however, she is genuinely gay, you But definitely do not deceive E-3, Jhandewala Estate,
them into thinking that you are New Delhi-110 055,
will not be able to transform her. You
will have to accept her as she is. something you are not.

120 Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009

Anand Goswami
Qualification: B.F.A. from Govt.
Institute of Fine Art, Indore.
Solo shows
LKA, New Delhi-02, 04, 05, 08
Ayya Art Gallery, Chennai, 2008.
Joie Gallery Lalit Kala Academy 2008
Group shows
Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai,
1991, 2003.
Deolalikar Art Gallery, Indore, 1992.
Bharti Bhavan, Bhopal, 1992.
Deolalikar Art Gallery, 1994, 95.
Indian Habitat Centre, 2004.
Himachal State Museum,
Shimla, 2004.
Two-man Show Habiart Gallery,
Lalit Kala Academy, 2004, 06, 07.
Urasvati Art Gallery, 2005.
Doon School, old Boys Society, 2006.
Travencore Art Gallery, 2006, 08.
Young Hearts, Bhubaneshwar,
Gymkhana Club, New Delhi, 2007.
Shri Dharani Art Gallery,
New Delhi, 2008.
Open Plam Court Gallery IHC 2008.
Art Melang Gallery Art Farrago,
Gurgaon, 2008.
E-paintings canvasindia ISH
London, 2008 IMBIBED

Artist Camp Gurgaon 2005.
Artist Camp Kasauli, 2006.
Artist Camp Gymkhana Club,
New Delhi 2007.

ICICI Bank Mutual Fund Asia Head
Office, Singapore.
Digvijay Singh, Former C.M.
Madhya Pradesh.
Muffins, Janak Puri, New Delhi.
An artist who brings planets closer by
Chairman, Petro and Chemical Sadhana – extreme height of meditation...
Reliance Uppal’s Orchid.
Lalu Prasad Yadav (Minister of By Puja Sharma
Railways, Govt. of India) n idol seated deep within a one gets startled to see the amazing

Himachal State Museum, Shimla. dark cave, a shrine to sit in scenario within the walls of a temple
Gymkhana Club New Delhi. front of you with emotions gaining a soothing satisfaction at
Rural Electrification Corporation Ltd. bringing your heart open heart. Its all brought about by people
(Govt. of India Enterprises) before someone – like Anand Goswami, an artist from
Many other private collections within almighty; figures super - Madhya Pradesh who got a super
India and abroad. natural, sculptures so chance of painting a mural of Shiva in
Award attractive – all placed well oil for a temple when he was just in
Indore School of Art 1992. decorated according to the class VII. His work was appreciated
environment and value – by all and followed by another series
of murals during his school days. It is
a matter of high imagination of the
artist as such that one’s heart gets
attracted towards those idols which
hold place in temples and places of
Anand’s paintings for temples
went for quite some time and he
started painting stainglass. Later, he
joined Indore School of Art for a
proper education and guidance to
improve upon his creations.
Anand’s belief that art comes from
his ‘ inner voice’ combining with
devotion to the Supreme, can be
observed strongly with a blend of
‘spirituality’ in his paintings. A person
who is a lone rider, going along the
road of one raas and one rasta. His
works show simplicity in style
figuring, single piece ‘Shakya Muni’
with expressions, through his eyes
prominently conveying the feelings.
His hazy and blurred abstract form
comes out from a brilliant and soft
texture but with vibrant colours. The
use of yellow and red or yellow and
blue merges to give a complete
different tone which are serene and
peaceful. His monochromes invite
strokes of one colour overlapping
The figure in Anand’s painting
seems to be very symbolic by the
looks, full of emotions. It comes out
prominently from the brilliant texture
– a product of many transparent
Excellent art and expression of
creativity are not a thing of the past
when it comes to Anand Goswami.

Excerpt from an interview:

In all your paintings you have
painted one figure which is
abstract, and not truly visible.
In some of my paintings, I painted
‘Shakya Muni’ who was a preacher
of Shakya Tribe. His path of ahimsa
and peace left a deep impact on my
mind. In another series it is Buddha
who has all the same preachings. I
have brought him out through the
artistic and fascinating mystery.

Do you have a concept before

you start painting?
I do not plan before I paint. My
imagination guides me as I start my strokes. I portray my
dreams of night which I remember so well in the morning. I love
oil colours and the use of gold and Indian yellow. These colours
bring out a certain harmony in Planets’ reflection on earth in my
work. I depict a process of meditation which heals the mind of

It’s true you clash with planets. Do you really have a

knowledge of astrology?
Well, I am a trained palmist and an astrologer from
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

According to you what is the philosophy of art?

Our mind is the observer and this receiver of one follows the
mind, he can create a better piece. I work according to it.

Say something about the theme of your painting?

Hindu mythology – The Creator – I am painting ‘deities’ and
soon would be painting Ramayana and Mahabharata and not
only Hinduism but the Hindustani touch in it, the Hindustani
culture in truth – old themes and so on.

As an artist your credit goes to whom?

I never had my parents hand over my head but as I was
alone I was blessed by the Almighty that I got little jobs in
temples which carved a fine artist out me at an early age of life.

How do you react towards criticism?

I welcome the comments as these help me to think over
and improve my work.

Do you paint for arts’ sake or commercial sake?

Well, I paint for my own sake, I paint for a prize’s sake not
for labour but an appreciation must be there from others,
otherwise there is no use without cheering up.

Where do you want to see yourself in 10 years from

I want to be a celebrity person – very famous and admirable.

Say something for the up-and-coming artists.

Practice makes a man perfect. One should never be
satisfied. If he wants to be successful he should keep on
practising, creating new works in the field of art. An artist must
never work in groups. Art line is search, you must stay aloof –
single – then only you will be successful as Art is a Worship –
Sadhana – highest place of worship. We

This mural Collection by Manish Kumat architect Indore.

Katrina Kaif plays a
musician and the beloved of
Salman Khan in Yuvraaj.


USICAL GIANTS T series and their eldest brother, Anil Kapoor to

M legendary showman Subhash
Ghai’s Mukta Arts celebrated the
share their inherited property left by
their late father. The father in his ‘will’
success of Subhash Ghai’s musical had left the entire property worth
extravaganza Yuvraaj at Whistling billions to his eldest son Anil Kapoor,
Woods. The musical celebration of who is mentally challenged for his
this multi-starrer saw the entire cast age, and is a tough nut to crack. The
and crew of the film descending at leading lady Katrina Kaif is a
the venue. musician and the beloved of Salman
Subhash Ghai, Krishan Kumar, Khan in the film. She plays the
stars Anil Kapoor, Salman Khan, catalyst in this family drama through
Katrina Kaif, Zayed Khan along with the echo of her music.
A.R. Rahman, Gulzar, Sonu Nigam To mark the event Katrina
and Shreya Ghoshal spoke about the presented Salman with the
magnificent music in the film. musical instrument. On
Humour ruled the roost with return Salman gifted a
wisecracks from Salman, boosted by painting by his good friend
Ghai, Zayed Khan and Anil Kapoor Rouble Negi to Katrina.
who played along sportingly. Katrina
looking gorgeous answered Sidharth HABINA KHAN is the
Kannan’s cheeky questions with
S costume designer for
Lamha starring Sanjay
Set in Prague and Vienna, this Dutt and Kunal Kapoor.
musical extravaganza tells a story of Insiders say, “Sanjay
two brothers Salman Khan and
Zayed Khan who are in desperate Kunal Kapoor plays a
need of money, and have to woo Pathan in Lamha.
plays an undercover cop in the film. ERY FEW know that
Shabina has given Sanju a new look,
that’s absolutely stunning. Dutt looks
V Jiah was a UNICEF
ambassador. A close
raw-rough and tough just like the way friend of the actress
undercover cops look.” The source revealed, “Jiah first
added, “Kunal Kapoor plays a Pathan modelled for UNICEF
in the film. Shabina has stylised his when she was barely six.
look and costumes accordingly. She became a UNICEF
Shabina did a lot of research on the brand ambassador once
Pathans also with the kind of look again when she was 12.”
that Kunal has, Shabina’s costumes The friend said at the
gel very well with his personality.” tender age of six Jiah had
no idea what charity was
IRECTOR SUDIPTO Chattopadhya all about. By the time she
D who is currently making Pankh
for Whitefeather Films with Bipasha
turned 12 she felt very
strongly for charity work
Basu is pretty nervous. Pankh, with and thus chose to be
its bold theme of gender identity, has UNICEF brand amba -
already created ripples in the film ssador once again.
industry. To calm his frail nerves,
Sudipto had a special screening of
the rushes of Pankh for a select
few from the film fraternity and he
heaved a sigh of relief when his
guests stepped out of the preview
theatre with a smile on their faces.
Sudipto said, “I was glad that the
audience could easily connect to
the main protagonist emotionally. Nandana Sen – full appreciations for her
The theme of Pankh touched their role in Rang Rasiya.
hearts and that itself was a “Jiah has always believed in doing
triumphant moment for me. charity work and has even made
Everyone who saw the scenes was short film on child abuse. Jiah feels
full of praise. It was heart warming.” very strongly about the issue of child
abuse and aims to take active steps
Jiah Khan very sensitive on issues to put an end to it permanently”, she
of child abuse. added.

ANDANA SEN who held a

Bipasha Basu
in Pankh. N special preview of Rang Rasiya
recently has been receiving
compliments galore for her
performance in the film. A close
friend of Nandana revealed, “Her dad
(Amartya Sen) loved the film. It was a
great feeling for Nandana when her
father congratulated Ketan Mehta
several times for making a film that
puts across a strong political
statement so relevant in today’s time.
He also felt proud of Nandana and
said that it was worth flying down
from China to watch the film.
Meghnad Desai who was also
present noticed Nandna’s
performance very minutely and
complimented her on the finer
nuances and expressions that she

Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009 125

gave in the film. Meghnad’s detailed Celina was recently at ‘Hoyts La
remarks took Nandana by surprise. Premiere’ in Auckland (New
She was truly touched.” Zealand) for the Red Carpet
Rang Rasiya also had a Premiere of her first international
screening at Galle, Sri Lanka, where film Love has no Language along
Nandana got a standing ovation for with Australian co-star Ben Mitchell
her performance. and Rugby star Monty Beetham
who apparently was quite taken by
ERENA WAZEIR, the actress Celina’s Indian beauty!
F from Rang Rasiya beautiful not
just by looks but also by heart,
The actress seems to have had
a lot of fun shooting with her Kiwi
volunteered for the Graffiti Ball fund co-star Ben; she also underwent a
raising charity event which was held 20-day training in New Zealand
at sofitel London Heathrow. She was and Australian accents and has
one of the guests of honour and received good reviews for her
walked the ramp for one of the best characterisation of a Kiwi Indian
international designer’s in the world. girl.
The dress was put up for the highest The movie is about a Kiwi Indian
auction at the event... girl, basically a second generation
Ferena is making her debut in Beautiful Ferena Wazeir with a Indian girl born and brought up in
Ketan Mehta’s movie Rang Rasiya, beautiful heart. New Zealand. Marina Roy (Celina
which is being produced by Deepa fun shooting the cover together. As Jaitley) is torn between the Indian
Sahi. The movie is based on Raja she was from Brazil, Sammir took values of old Indian traditions and the
Ravi Varma’s life. ND Ferena plays time off to show her around fact that she is actually a Kiwi girl
the role of a journalist and the third Mumbai... and she has promised who has never been to India. A Kiwi-
woman in his life. Ferena has also Sammir a warm welcome if he visited Aussie boy of Maori (Ben Mitchell)
recently landed a three-movie deal Brazil. origin falls in love with her and the
with a major studio in Bollywood. She Now that’s an invitation which story follows how she plans to avoid
is also starring in Sadiyaan , a Raj Sammir can never turn down it. the marriage set up by her parents
Kanwar movie with Luv Sinha with an Indian boy... who is actually
(Shatrughan Sinha’s son). Co-stars AJA MENON’S controversial film gay!
include Rekha, Rishi Kapoor and R Barah Anna starring Tannishtha
HE TAJ may have been built over
Hema Malini. Ferena will also star in
a Hollywood movie with Danis Anodic
(Oscar-winning director for No Man’s
Chatterjee, who’s also known as
queen of parallel cinema, dares to
put across the other side of India. It
T 350 years ago but it took Akbar
Khan to resurrect it with his director’s
Land ).. She also has a movie with shows the insensitive wealthy cut version of Taj Mahal – An Eternal
Tania Chandra and Soni Razdan. Indian’s discriminatory attitude Love Story is making waves the
The Graffiti Ball aims to raise towards his domestic staff. Raja globe over now. When contacted at
£100,000 to support the work of the Menon’s Barah Anna is being Damascus where Taj was
Consortium for Street Children compared to Booker Prize Winner showcased at the opening ceremony
(CSC): the only global network Aravind Adiga’s novel The White of the Special Indian Night, Khan was
promoting and protecting the rights Tiger. “Tannistha’s performance has excited about the accolades and
of street children across the world. drawn immense attention because acclaim that the film had won there.
she plays a central role in the film,” Earlier, PM Dr Manmohan Singh
AMMIR DATTANI who shot said Raja Menon. Talking about who saw the film with his family
S glamorous photographs with a
Brazilian model for a magazine
Barah Anna Menon said, “My film
takes a brutal look at how the poor in
presented a print of this films to the
former president of Pakistan. Taj has
cover, has swept the model off her Bombay, a teeming metropolis full of also been adorned by two Indian
feet.. she was completely bowled extremes, cope with their everyday National Awards for best costumes
over by Dattani’s boyish charm. problems.” and art direction besides being
Sammir on the other hand found the selected by Dubai International Film
model to be hot and sexy. “She is too ELINA JAITELY is one lady who Festival committee for a world
hot to handle,” Sammir said grinning.
The sizzling cover promises to spark
C does not believe in resting on her
laurels! After the amazing response
premiere on 11 December. Recently,
the film was invited by the
off rage on all levels – national and to her latest Bollywood movie Government of Abu Dhabi for a
international. Golmaal Returns, Celina is all geared special screening at the Al-Dhafra
A close friend of Sammir revealed, up to impress international audiences Theatre of Authority for Culture and
“Sammir and the Brazilian model had too! Heritage. – Sudha Hariharan
Mosh, a professional
fetish model, poses for
attendees of Dr
Sketchy’s anti art
school drawing session
in New York’s East
Village. The school
offers to art students
an alternative from
traditional drawing
classes, giving the
class to a burlesque
atmosphere in which
artists share their
creations with friends,
nothing short of the
bohemian art world.
Anti-establishment art
Beauty pageant
Exhibition of Luxury

A woman wearing
body paint, poses
for photographers at
the Millionaire Fair
in Moscow, Yachts,
private islands and
even an Irish castle
are on offer at
Russia’s well
attended exhibition
of luxury goods and Miss Russia Ksenya Sukhinova (C) crowned 58th Miss world,
services. Miss India Parvathay Omanakuttan (L) first runner-up and Miss
Trinidad and Tobago Gabriel Walcott crowned second runner up
wave at the 2008 Miss world pageant held in Sandton
Back to Christmas Convention Centre in Johannesburg, South Africa.
The Kremlin and Red square are
reflected in a Christmas tree ball in
central Moscow.
Vijay Solanki (R) and Sanjuben Solanki (2-
R), parents of the quadruplets, pose with
their babies and Dr Himanshu Bavishi (L)
in Ahmedabad. The quadruplets were born
or November 2, 2008.

A pedal-power taxi with two women in the back moves through

central Sydney. A novel transport feat, indeed!

Happy with quadruplets

Australian pop singer Kylie Minogue arrived

at Earl’s Court in London ahead of the Brit
Awards 2008. She will be paid $ one million
to perform on the sound track of an up
coming Bollywood movie. Minogue had
agreed to lend her voice to the film ‘Blue’
and will travel to India to record the song.
Pint-sized pop princess

Pedal-power taxi
Meal in space Endeavour and
International Space
Station Expedition
with 18 crew
members share a
Thanksgiving meal
on the shuttle’s
middeck on
November 27.
Shuttle landing

Here is the US Space Shuttle Endeavour atop its 747 carrier aircraft on
December 12, 2008 as they are towed into the ramp after landing at the Shuttle
Landing Facility at Kennedy Space Center, Florida to complete the shuttle’s
three-day return from California.
The doctors at invitro fertilisation treatment centres
are using new technique for freezing embryos, which results
in successful pregnancies. By Sudha Hariharan
r Hrishikesh Pai has been in new human being. A baby then is a ensuring a better survival rate

the field of IVF for the last sense of our own vision of ourselves resulting in successful pregnancies.
14 years. He is a consultant carrying on our love, work and life Using a technique called vitrifi -
gynaecologist at the Lilavati into the future, eventually to be cation, first successfully conducted in
Hospital Bandra, honorary passed on by him to his own children. humans in Japan, the embryos are
gynae colo gist at the Kurla Conceiving and bearing a baby mixed with a freezing media and
Bhaba Municipal General presents for most families no suddenly plunged into liquid nitrogen.
Hospital, hon professor at problems at all. Medical advances The super-high concentration of anti-
the D Y Patil Medical have been such that pregnancy, in freeze and rapid drop in temperature
College, Univer sity of itself a normal process , is more never lets the water inside the cell
Mumbai. He is the administrator of comfortable and safer than ever turn into ice. Due to this sudden drop
Pearl Family Welfare Hospital, which before.There are couples ( one out in temperature the entire embryo is
is one of the leading family planning of 10) who have trouble conceiving. turned into a glassy state, avoiding
hospitals in the country. He is the Modern science has found several the ice crystals which are known to
scientific director of three IVF units reasons for this which are equally damage embryo survival.
The Babies and Us Fertility IVF and divided between husband and wife. This is good news for the patients
ICSI Centre at Opera House and the Sometimes, it may be a simple, as the woman does not have to
Advanced Fertility Centre at the easily corrected anatomical defect in repeatedly undergo removal of eggs.
Lilavati Hospital, Bandra, and at one or the other which prevents the According to doctors, they usually
Fortis Hospital, Delhi. He is one of sperm from reaching the egg. take out 10-15 eggs but put back only
the pioneers in the field of micromani- Sometimes, it is a defect that causes two or three. The rest of the
pulation in India. He has also been the husband’s sperm either not to developed eggs are stored by
instrumental in establishing the first develop at all, or to develop in freezing, wherein vitrification is
assisted laser-hatching unit in India. numbers too small or in quality too showing better results.
The unit delivered one of the first few poor to make fertilisation possible. Assisted reproductive technology
laser-hatched twins in India in the Whatever the cause, medical has undergone significant advances
year 1999. Dr Pai has established the science has made it possible for and embryo freezing has become a
advanced assisted reproductive more than half of the apparently widely used routine procedure that
technology unit at the Batra Hospital, infertile couples to achieve may contribute to increasing cumul-
New Delhi. pregnancy, provided their problems ative pregnancy rates from every
Dr Pai has been installed as the are properly diagnosed and correctly cycle of a successful oocyte recovery
President of MOGS (Mumbai treated. and transfer.
Obstretics and Gynaecology Society) Doctors in Mumbai say that their
for the year 2008-2009. experience over the years has shown
Of all the topics of special interest A RAY OF HOPE that there is an ice crystal formation
to families, none holds a more In what should come as a ray of which damages the eggs in the
important place than a baby. A baby hope to couples unable to conceive process of slow freezing. However,
in a happy, healthy family means that naturally, doctors and technicians at in vitrification, there is complete
two people who have joined their Invitro fertilisation treatment centres recovery of embryos after the
lives together in love and respect are increasingly using a new freezing process.
have created out of their devotion a technique for freezing embryos, The technique demands higher

130 Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009

technical skills at the clinics. Several degrees C per minute making it
doctors who initiated the technique 70,000 times faster. At that speed of
in Mumbai were trained in Japan. In a cooling and at that concentration of
recent national conference on antifreeze, ice crystals simply cannot
gyanaecology in Bhubaneshwar, form.
vitrification was discussed and the
cases debated. Why are embryos plunged into
liquid nitrogen?
The process of IVF or ICSI : The In vitrification the embryos are
process of IVF/ ICSI involves mixed with the freezing media and
production of many eggs which are are suddenly plunged into liquid
subsequently fertilised in the nitrogen. Due to this sudden drop in
incubator. This results in the temperature the entire embryo is
formation of many embryos. turned into a glassy state without the
Generally 1- 3 embryos are put back formation of water crystals (which
into the womb. The remaining occurs in slow-freezing technique
embryos are classified into good and and which are known to damage
bad embryos based on their embryo survival).
appearance under the microscope. cent for three attempts) with
The good embryos are frozen and availability of good freezing the What are the advantages of
stored in liquid nitrogen containers. gynecologist also tends to put lesser vitrification?
The bad embryos are discarded as embryos back, thus reducing the Vitrification has many advantages.
they cannot withstand the freezing problems of twins and triplets. It does not need a freezing machine.
process if the patient does not There are two types of freezing, It is also a very efficient system and
become pregnant after transfer of the namely slow freeing and vitrification. the embryo survival of eight cells day
fresh first-cycle embryos. These The slow freezing is the traditional three, embryos and 150 cells day
frozen good embryos can be thawed method of freezing. It is in existence five, blast cyst embryo are better than
and replaced into the womb with a since the 1980s – in this the slow freezing. This results in more
very good chance of pregnancy. temperature of the embryo is slowly number of embryos available for
With transfer of three embryos lowered from room temperature to embryo transfer following thawing.
many patients land up having twins minus 40 deg centigrade per minute This in turn increases the cumulative
and triplets. The multiple pregnancies and then the embryos are stored in pregnancy rates in IVF as compared
have problems of miscarriage or liquid nitrogen gas whose temper - to those with slow freezing. It is also
premature babies. Hence many units ature is minus196. The problems with very effective in freezing oocytes and
worldwide are putting back one or slow freezing are many. Firstly, it day one embryo called pronuclear
two embryos instead of the standard needs a machine which takes up to embryos or zygotes.
practice of three embryos and nearly two hours to freeze embryos
freezing the rest of the extra-good of one patient. Secondly, it is not a Are there any other benefits of
embryos. very efficient system as many overall freezing?
Also, every time one wants to try embryos are lost during the thawing Other benefits of overall freezing –
for a pregnancy with frozen embryos process. This in turn hampers the either slow freezing or vitrification are
three to four embryos are thawed at a pregnancy rate. It is also not very as follows:
time and if these embryos withstand effective in freezing day five mature a) many times the lining of the
the freezing process they are put into embryos called Blast cyst. uterus or womb is not ideal for
the womb. If this fails to yield a A new method, more efficient in pregnancy in the first fresh cycle. If
pregnancy they try again with a few these aspects, is the technique of this is the case one can freeze all the
more frozen embryos, doing this till vitrification. Dr Pai answers a few embryos and transfer them in a
they either achieve a pregnancy or questions to shed light on the new subsequent natural cycle when the
all the frozen embryos are finished. In technique. lining is ideal for implantation.
recent times with more efficient ways b) Also, sometimes a patient may
of freezing, the pregnancy rates per How is conventional slow produce a lot of eggs and embryos
freezing attempt has gone up to 30 freezing different from with resultant swelling of the ovaries.
per cent. Thus with availability of an vitrification? This is called hyper stimulation
efficient freezing programme the In conventional slow freezing, the syndrome and in such situation it is
cumulative success rate (success temperature of the embryo goes best to avoid transfer and freeze all
rate in the first-fresh cycle plus down at precisely 0.3 degree C per the embryos. The frozen embryos are
success rate in the subsequent minute. In vitrification, the then thawed and transferred in the
frozen cycles has gone up to 80 per temperature is dropped at 23,000 next cycle. We

Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009 131

About the artist:
Name: Arup K. Biswas
Qualification: 1992 B.V.A.(painting)
Rabindra Bharati University,
1994 M.V.A. (Painting) with first
class Rabindra Bharati University,
Kolkata. The artist is engulfed
Solo Exhibitions
in the curiosity to
Solo Exhibition ‘Quest’ Open Palm move on the journey
Court India Habitat Centre will be
held 1st to 6th January 2009. of the marathon of
Solo Exhibition “Unending Quest” quest. Once
The Open Palm Court India Habitat
Centre Delhi, 2008. achieved, it becomes
Solo Exhibition, Gallery Lamere,
Kolkata 1995
a new starting
Tagore Art Gallery, point, to chase the
Kolkata Airport 1992.
Group shows
endless process.
The 7th Northern Region Art By Our Correspondent
Exhibition/ Chandigarh 2007

Painting Exhibition of Junior Artists
Camp at AIFACS, New Delhi 2006.
76th Annual All India Art Exhibition
All India Fine Arts and Crafts
Society, New Delhi
rup K. Biswas’s captivating order to refresh his own value. And

(State Award) 2004.
10th All India Exhibition of Art State creations bearing a this quest is to remain unending. For
Lalit Kala Academy, UP 2004 physically expanded space as long as man exists on this earth,
75th Annual All India Art Exhibition, or upper stratosphere with he will remain in a deeper search
All India Fine Arts and Craft some tiny human figures in other than the foraging for food and
Society, New Delhi 2003. some works are really sustenance. This search is actually
Two Friends, Shridharani Gallery, curious queries of mankind to search for meaning to make sense
New Delhi, 2003. measuring its self, against of mortal life. Yes, a higher
Two friends, Nehru Art Gallery, an impersonal cosmos. consciousness is troublesome, it just
Mumbai, 2002. This one particular self doesn’t let the human creature rest
Open Air Exhibition Air Force acrobatics in zero gravity, as it were, for long according to Keshev Malik,
Auditorium, New Delhi, 1998. so to gain its worth by unusual or the renowned art critic.
Group Exhibition, Birla Academy of complex acts. Man needs to go far
Art and Culture, Kolkata,1997. from his material or modest self in
Two Friends, Tagore Art Gallery,
Kolkata, Airport, 1992.
State-Academy Exhibition,
Kolkata, 1991.
Junior Art Camp Organised by All
India Fine Arts and Crafts Society,
New Delhi, 2006.
Art Camp organised by All India
Arts and Crafts Society,
New Delhi, 2004.
Delhi State Award- 76th Annual
All India Art Exhibition. All India
Fine Arts and Crafts Society,
New Delhi, 2004.
A piece of art from Arup K. Biswas’ series ‘Unending Quest’ The painting makes an impact by purely
visual means by contrasting the macro world against the micro.

Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009 133

This is, in fact, the core thrust minimised. I have imparted a 3-
of Delhi-based, artist Biswas’ dimensional effect in my
craft. He works purposely without paintings with same special
becoming overly heavy as materials. There is an effect of
abstruse, make an impact by installation also in my work! I
purely visual means by want to get connected to a
contrasting the macro world common man through my art. I
against the micro wide spaces, want him also to understand my
inhabited by magnum bodies art, perceive it through his
and complemented as if by senses and appreciate. You’ll
speeding forward pathways, carry observe a content in the space
the burden of the artist’s theme in my compositions. That’s my
of unending quest more patently. USP.
Excerpts from an interview
with this talented artist in whom How do you develop a
art is mingled in his blood right concept?
from his childhood: When I think of a particular thing, I
keep on pondering and work on it
Personal themes and ideas that until I have it all planned out. The
you like to depict and put forth. whole process requires a lot of brain
Life itself and the common man’s work since I need to reach to the
search to find the essence of life, I depth. I want to get a vivid picture of
am on an unending quest. This quest my own thinking process and
is the curiosity to move forward and imagination before depicting it on
forward and hence it’s endless. canvas.
There’s no vanishing point, because
from the same there will be the What would you like to
emergence of a new starting point comment upon the Indian art and
again. Indian artists in the present
Your art seem to be affected by Well, every artist is free work with
changes in social science and full freedom. He has his own thinking
technology? Why and How? but yes Indian artists are getting
Certainty in its outward apparel. worldwide acclaim these
It’s surely for this that art works now So this means art can days. Thanks to artists like
come in unusual and unfamiliar really change unrecogni- Jogen Chaudhary and MF
forms. Easel paintings, etc. have been sably. Hussain who have given a
pushed aside to give way to video art Well – so long as the good platform to Indian art
and the Installation, etc. mortal remains mortal, as at the International level.
a human subject, he is
prone to feel his In the successful
environment; so is the making of artist Arup K.
need for art. Art’s inner Biswas, whom will you
core remains for all time give the credit?
provocative of deep meanings. I pick Certainly, first of all to my mother
up my themes from the common for being the source of my inspiration,
man. my father for being a support, my
teacher Parthapatim Dev who was
You sound really philosophical! HOD of Art in Rabindra Bharati
Maybe but the same applies to all University, Kolkata. for sowing the
of us. We all are on an endless seeds and now my wife and
journey. We are in search of that 9-year-old daughter Akanksha. Last
terminating point and we don’t find. but not least my friends for always
being with me. The artist’s next solo
Do you think you are different? show titled quest will be held from Ist
How! January 2009 – 6 January 2009 at
Yes, earlier I used to do figurative Open Palm Court India Habitat
but now my composition is Centre, New Delhi. We

134 Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009

As the green movement has hit rends keep changing in

jewellery but it is a personal
the jewellery world in a big way, there will choice of every woman what
she wants to wear. Indian
be an increase of natural beads and gold jewellery is famous for
its beautiful designs all over
stones adorning all types of jewellery in the world. The intricate
designs for all kind of gold
the New Year. By Suman Bajpai jewellery are the result of the
best craftsmanship. Gold
jewellery is sophisticated and refined,
and is a divine and precious metal
that is perfect for all occasions. That
is the reason gold jewellery never
goes out of style.
What 2008 brought new in terms
of jewellery trends also holds true for
2009 as well. Unconventional pieces
can make you and your outfit stand
out from a crowd by bringing a note

Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009 135

of uniqueness, simplicity and style. textured links, alone or combined
Since the unique and colourful with polished links. And don’t
aspects have been covered, bear in hesitate to clip a charm to
mind that what you're wearing should some of the links in
also be big, as large items of your necklace – that's
jewellery are a must the next season a trendy look for
– rings, bracelets, necklaces, 2009 and beyond.
earrings, all the things a woman may Stacked bracelets
use to accessorise are boldly and necklaces continue to be
oversized. a popular jewellery trend. Mix
Certainly, gold jewellery trends up metals and other materials.
today are more evident than ever Wide-cuff bracelets are an
before. More and more people are option if you don't like to wear
turning their heads to the glow of the multiples on your wrist. Big
precious yellow metal which is earrings are back – especially in the
available in various contemporary form of large gold hoops. Concentric
designs and patterns suiting every circles floating in the centre of an combination with precious metal and
class of people. Gold jewellery is outer hoop are trend. Bigger, bolder hardwood. The dominant style in
subtle, stylish, rich and attractive for and brighter diamonds are being chokers has a middle piece in which
people of every age-group. used as well as black and brown, the clasp is concealed. A choker
Gold chains are among the most champagne, cognac diamonds. around the neck emphasises a
popular accessories in gold jewellery. Hoops can come in a variety of woman's personality. Spirals, hoops
They can be worn formally as well as different materials, such as gold or or netting lay the foundation for
casually. There is huge variety and silver. attaching diverse pieces of jewellery
designs for gold chains available in or charms.
the market. Box chains, Snake
chains, Robe chains, Link chains,
POLKI AND DIAMOND The new year sees a lot of new
trends and this time it's the polki and
Figaro chains and Valentino chains JEWELLERY diamond jewellery in kundan settings
are some kind of gold chains. The tendency towards opulence is that will be a hit. While the charm for
Chunky chains and necklaces unbroken in this year's styles. ‘Big is traditional charms remain, people are
made from large, open links remain beautiful’ is one principle. This is slowly drifting from the very
popular for 2009. More necklaces are underscored by large cocktail rings, traditional ornaments. People don’t
layered, with links bound together long necklaces and wide bracelets. want that Jodha-type jewellery any
into stacks that surround your neck. This year, we will see a combination more. They are looking for pieces
Some are long enough to wear as a of unusual geometric forms or that are contemporary in look out but
single chain or to wrap a couple of materials such as a gold-silver have a tinge of traditionally-crafted
times for more depth. Look for more choker in trapezoid shapes or in jewels.
Apart from natural yellow and
white, white and pink/rose gold, gold
with beaten, sand blasted, and
grained finishes will be in vogue.
“The unusual will make a style
statement this year as the trends are
changing, women want jewellery
which is customised to their needs,”
says designer Lina Shah. “Chunkier
jewellery will set a trend this year as
women would like to stick to a single
piece of jewellery and would want it
to be noticeable and make a
statement,” adds Lina.
Design trends for the year are
pink and yellow gold jewellery,
chunky stones in unusual settings,
large cocktail rings with multicoloured
stones in white or yellow gold,
enamel jewellery and collages of
gem-set jewellery. Also, diamond and

136 Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009

jewellery traditional but in a appeal. Gemstones of lively colours
PEARLS ARE ALSO contemporary way to suit the current matched with diamond accents are
MAKING A BIG tastes.
Pearls are also making a big
becoming the popular choice. Gem
stones like – marbonite, aquamarine,
SPLASH. WHETHER splash. Whether they are worn in tanzanite, tourmaline with rare
THEY ARE WORN IN long loops or wrapped into a choker
around the neck, pearls will be seen
shapes and cuts, rubies in marquise
and pear shapes, emeralds and
LONG LOOPS OR in abundance during 2009. While unusual stones of larger sizes like
WRAPPED INTO A traditional ivory is still the most
popular colour of choice, there will be
green amethyst – will be seen.

CHOKER AROUND many other options to choose from.

THE NECK, PEARLS These will include pale peach, pink,
gold, champagne, bronze, chocolate, RUNNER-UP TO GOLD
WILL BE SEEN IN grey and black. Expect to see lots of jewellery
ABUNDANCE One of today's hottest pearl styles made from yellow gold mixed with
is to wear multiple strands of pearls. deeply coloured gemstones like black
DURING 2009. To take your look from demure to onyx and lapis lazuli. The green
dramatic, layer on the pearls! Multiple movement has hit the jewellery world
coloured gemstones studded in strands of pearls work for both day in a big way. We will see an increase
natural yellow gold jewellery with a and evening. Multi-strand pastel of natural beads and stones adorning
focus on single colour. Innovative freshwater pearls in multiple colours all types of jewellery this year. Look
designs that are bold and striking yet with a large silver clasp are perfect for natural gemstones such as jade
lighter in terms of weight and summer evening wear. Pearl and turquoise to be a hit along with
Indian/ethnic motifs interwoven with a chandelier styles are perfect for wood, bone, and freshwater pearls.
play of colours by way of enamel evening and long, geometric pearl The large, unadorned cuff-bracelet
work or use of coloured stones in earrings in white and yellow gold makes a statement on its own, cuffs
gold jewellery will rule the fashion sprinkled with stones and jewels of
scene. all types are also fabulous. These
Women are picking up white, rose bold-statement pieces will take your
and pink gold jewellery. Coloured wrists from ordinary to extraordinary
alloys such as nickel, palladium and without spending a fortune.
copper are added to the precious Silver continues to be popular as
metal to craft intricate patterns in well. With the rising price of gold,
coloured gold jewellery. In gold much silver is becoming a close runner-up
more of the heritage look is very – in the jewellery market. Sterling silver
like kundan polki is in big way. Gold bears the promise of perfect purity all
jewellery stylises with the fusion look. over the world. Silver earrings,
Mina kari work is used to make bracelets pendants and rings in
desirable designs stand out in its on
have become the look of choice for genre.
daytime. Sensuous, shoulder- Silver jewellery is really classic
sweeping pearl earrings create a instead of being very flashy like gold
feeling of glamour like nothing else! and can be worn on any occasion
Gemstones in classic settings and from morning till night. Silver stylised
vintage designs are also the hot jewellery pieces are for those who
fashion trend this season. The latest are always young at heart. Costume
trend in gemstone jewellery is jewellery adds style and beauty to
cabochons, which are available in you and your ensemble. Costume
unusual shapes such as tongue, jewellery is made out of a variety of
sugar loaf, bullet, double cab and materials, which can be pure silver,
various outline shapes. Gemstone glass beads, kundan, semi-precious
jewellery is also being paired with stones, metal, etc. There is another
pink gold these days, and new trend this season – beads. Beaded
combinations of coloured gems are jewellery is at its highest peak and
also more common. the sunny summer days are an
In addition, traditional designs, excellent opportunity to reveal your
especially for bridal jewellery, have a individuality, creativity and versatility
classic look with their timeless with the wide possibilities. We

140 Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009

o you want to start 2009 security. This is why our country “So, the jewellery industry will not

looking good and feeling alone accounts for 24 per cent of the be affected by the financial crisis that
great, not worrying about total world demand for gold!” has the world in its grip today?” I ask
your savings and The speaker is G.R. the urbane, articulate and extremely
investments? If you do, go Ananthapadmanabhan, the elder of polite and gentlemanly Mr
out and buy gold – if you the two sons of G. Rajendran who Ananthapadmanabhan who has
haven’t done so already! started the first GR Thanga Maligai studied gemology at the Gemology
You can not only wear it and jewellery shop in Chennai in 1964. Institute of America and has a
feel thrilled and elated, you Today, the family presides over an graduate Jeweller and gemologist
can also be sure that you empire. It has four huge and degree.
needn’t worry about the Sensex, the impressive GRT outlets in Chennai
Nifty, the Nasdaq, the price of crude and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that
or bank rates! Stock exchanges may the GRT shops dominate the gold THE EXPLANATION
crash, the price of oil may fluctuate, market in the city. GRT also has He explains that no country and
interest rates on FDs may fall and outlets in Tirupati and Hyderabad industry can be completely immune
EMIs may sky rocket, but your gold while another in Bangalore will be from the effects of the chaos in the
will retain its value! inaugurated shortly. world financial markets because of
“Yes, the people of India realised Mr Ananthapadmanabhan goes all the interconnections between
how stable and dependable gold was on to give other advantages of countries and industries. So there will
much before the rest of the world did holding savings in gold. Gold has definitely be a ripple effect. But he
and that is why gold has always held high liquidity because it can be adds that India is lucky. It isn’t too
centre stage for us. Individuals held encashed easily and quickly. It is dependent on exports and has huge
and still hold much of their savings divisible and so is a flexible domestic demand for most
in gold and, through the ages down investment in the sense that you can commodities.
to the present day, the yellow metal buy as much or as little as you want Coming to gold, he goes on to say
has provided our families with and can similarly sell part or all of that even if consumer demand for
your holding. And, he adds with a gold ornaments goes down slightly
naughty smile, the women of the because of a tight money situation,
house will be happy when the family the increased demand for gold on the
savings are in gold. There is, after part of people who want a safe
all, no other form of savings that one investment will compensate for that
can flaunt by wearing it on one’s fall. “There is less hype these days,”
body, adding, in the process, to one’s he says. “But the monthly averages
status! are about the same.” But Mr

Gold is arguably the best
investment you can make
and you can revel in the
pleasure of wearing it.
By Kasturi Rangachari
Govt. Approved Valuers


SINCE 1937
G.F. - 10, JMD Kohinoor Mall, Savitri Cinema Road, Near Masjid Moth,
G.K.-II, New Delhi-110048 (INDIA)
Certified Ph.: 011-29211955, 32019555 E-mail:
From left to right G. R. Radhakrishnan,
G. Rajendran and G. R. Ananthapadmanabhan.
customers. That and theft mean
instant dismissal!”
Mr Ananthapadmanabhan went on
to talk about how they run their
business. As he talked, his passion
for his work came through loud and
clear. “We buy gold though banks,”
he informed me, “And we source
jewellery from all over India and from
countries like Italy and Turkey as
well.” Most of the 18-carat gold we
sell is imported.
“Each part of India has its
specialities in jewellery and we
bring them all together for our
Ananthapadma nabhan warns customers to choose from. To give
that gold prices are not just a few examples, Kerala is
scientifically fixed and so famous for its light jewellery,
fluctuations are inevitable. “Gold Chennai for its closed setting of
should be bought as a long-term stones and Kolkata for its
investment. Speculation in gold by exquisitely detailed work. So we
lay people is not advisable,” he source these from these three
emphasises. cities. Much of our jewellery also
The GRT empire is very Ethnic jewellery is very much comes from Mumbai. In this way we
professionally managed and yet the the rag now. get the best work of skilled craftsmen
personal touch is very much present parking. We try to be professional and from all over India.
in each of the outlets. As a result, at the same time, to give our “There is also the fact that we
while the family has diversified into customers personal attention. have a variety of customers from all
hotels and resorts and also runs a “And of course, we emphasise over India whom we have to satisfy.
school (though that is more to give that the quality of our jewellery is Some of them want fashionable new
something back to society), both Mr unquestionable. We work hard to designs and don’t mind paying extra
Ananthapadmanabhan and his maintain the highest standards and for them. Other are attracted to more
younger brother G.R. Radhakrishnan our 916 gold is recognised for its No. traditional styles. Yet others have
make it a point to be present in their one purity. In fact, based on the quality value for money as their prime
two flagship shops in T. Nagar every of our gold, we have been certified as consideration. We have to satisfy all
day. South India’s No. one jewellery store these different people, but by having
“The jewellery business is based by the Bureau of Standards.” a wide array of pieces from all over
on trust and a hands-on approach And, when you remember that 40- India and from abroad, we are able to
with customers is essential,” Mr 45 per cent of the country’s demand do that.” He smiled as he said
Ananthapadmanabhan says. “Our for gold comes from South India with earnestly, “Our motto is to give our
customers must have total trust in Tamil Nadu leading the way, this customers the maximum choice at
GRT to be comfortable buying such a certificate means a lot! the best prices.”
high-end product as jewellery from I had noticed that every member What kinds of jewellery are
us. They must never have any doubts of the staff of GRT was friendly, polite popular now? What trends does he
about our products. But this isn’t and patient and I asked Mr see emerging in 2009?
enough. We have to also make the Ananthapadmanabhan about this. “Young professionals have a lot of
buying experience such a very “Yes, we train the staff to serve disposable income today,” he said.
uniquely pleasant one that they will customers well,” he replied. “After all, “Why, new engineering graduates
want to repeat! We have to provide where would we be without their have starting salaries of Rs 35,000
them with an ambience that is patronage? My father frequently when they get into the IT industry!
reassuring and our services must reminds us that everything we own, And these young people are
make them feel comfortable. even the clothes we wear, are educated and have had exposure to
“For instance, they shouldn’t even courtesy our customers! So we the world. They wear not just saris
have to worry about finding parking constantly tell our staff that we will and salwar kameezes, but western
space – which can be a terrible do all that we can for them – and clothes as well. They are fashion-
headache in T. Nagar – so that they their children and grandchildren too! conscious and know exactly what
enter our shop in a relaxed mood. So – but that we won’t tolerate any they want. We have targeted this 20-
we have our own parking lot and valet complaints about poor service from 40 age-group with a special range of

146 Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009

jewellery which we have called girls appreciate. “Look, I am not boasts of an entire floor exclusively
Stylus. saying that platinum will replace gold for diamonds. This showroom has
in India or any time in the near future, won the best diamond showroom
but we are trying to promote platinum award given by DTC-De Beers for
THE DAYTIME WEAR as part of what a customer buys. If he four consecutive years.
“Stylus is light and is perfect for is planning to buy ten sets of “People often buy diamonds for a
daytime wear. It is trendy and can be jewellery for his daughter’s wedding, bride as part of her wedding
worn for office, for coffee with friends we suggest that he buys one in jewellery. So we have a fantastic
and even to college. Young people platinum. If a smart young range of wedding diamond jewellery,”
love to accessorise and so Stylus professional comes in to treat herself explained Mr Ananthapadmanabhan.
comes in many colours and designs. to some pieces of jewellery, we show “We have four themes for bridal
To sum up, Stylus is affordable and her some platinum ones too. diamonds. Timeless has traditional
wearable! This trend for light, day- “Platinum has a price spread of designs, the Regal theme brings
wear jewellery is definitely here to Rs1500-Rs1900 per gram, so many about a elegant royal aura, the
stay!” in India can well afford it. And many Vibrant theme brings flashes of colour
Mr Ananthapadmanabhan is also people are finding out – it is just not into traditional designs, while the
an ardent advocate of platinum. true that platinum suits white-skinned Blossom theme has a contemporary
“India is discovering the virtues of Westerners better! So today platinum feel while being intensely feminine.
platinum,” he says in an excited tone. is doing very well indeed!” “Diamond jewellery is the ultimate
“And today it is doing very well. It is Thanks to this positive attitude, jewellery. After all, diamonds are
pure and rare and eternal. It is GRT has been declared to be the forever!” Summing up, gold is an
eternal’ because it is stronger than largest platinum retailer for the last extremely good investment. It is a
even gold! Platinum jewellery is four years. And this year GRT’s solid one, as events of the last six
classy! It looks sleek and is very platinum section received the award months have proved. So, all of us
trendy. It has a fantastic future in for the best platinum showroom in should park at least some of our
India!” “But don’t Indians have a India too. If lightweight jewellery is savings and investment in gold.
passion for bright yellow gold popular with young people for day Buy a car and it has depreciated
jewellery?” I asked. wear, chunky jewellery is also 30 per cent by the time you drive it
“Traditionally, they did and to a popular with them and with everyone out of the showroom! But buy gold
good extent they still do. But that else for evening wear, functions and and it will probably appreciate over
does not mean that platinum cannot weddings. A chunky piece is the the years – and it will never collapse
become popular. In fact, I will go as perfect counterbalance for a demure, and lose its value. And to add more
far as to say that it has a very bright understated outfit but, if the wearer cream to the pudding, it is an
future in this country. People are chooses instead to go over the top investment that women can enjoy!
travelling abroad a lot and are seeing with an extravagantly elaborate, rich Should you buy gold biscuits or
women wearing platinum. They note and colourful one, chunky jewellery pieces of jewellery? The difference is
how good it looks and so they are suits that too! “The ethnic look is also only in the making charges and so it
potential customers. in and so is antique jewellery,” Mr doesn’t matter too much from the
“There are also many people with Ananthapadmanabhan told me. “So investment point of view. But buy
NRI children. When they want to buy we have the Vintage Collection which jewellery and you can revel in the
for their daughters and daughters-in- is a mixture of both. The designs are enjoyment it will bring you even as
law gifts, they often go in for platinum ethnic ones and feature stones of the investment works for you!
jewellery because that is what the various colours. The pieces are What pieces should you buy? You
This trendy lightweight This white gold piece treated with a special should go to a shop like GRT and
stylus piece weight just six has a pendant that makes process that makes buy a piece that appears to have
grams! it very special. them like antique been personalised for you, one that
jewellery. The result is reflects your personality. Buy light
a retro look that is very pieces for day wear and create outfits
popular with around them! Buy heavy, chunky
customers.” pieces for special occasions and wear
The gemology them with panache! Take a serious
course that Mr look at platinum too – and you will
Ananthapadmanabhan probably find that you like it and that it
did in America suits you. Then add a platinum piece
concentrated a lot on to your jewel box. Finally, pamper
diamonds and GRT’s yourself with diamonds – but make
newest showroom in sure that you can afford them! If you
Coats Road, T. Nagar, can’t, save up to buy them! We

Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009 147

Designer Diamond Jewellery
Bikaneri Kundan Jewellery
Jewels as pure as your emotions


K-47 A, Lajpat Nagar-II Main Road Central Market, New Delhi - 110024
Tel.: 011-29842095, 29846535 Tele Fax: 91-11-29820933
E-mail: Website:
This year’s
trends in sparklers
will rule women’s
By Suman Bajpai

DIAMOND here's no better way to add

style and elegance to an

outfit. Eye-catching jewellery
can give an outfit that extra
edge and turn it into a
marvel. The fascination for
jewellery in women is


herself with jewellery is an

ELEGANT endless desire. Jewellery is an

expression of each one’s own
personal style and attitude.
As with clothing, jewellery trends
come and go. The necklace or
earrings style that's hot one year can
look outdated the next. That's why
it's a good idea to reassess your
jewellery on a seasonal basis and fill
in the gaps with some trendy new
If gold jewellery is traditionally the
most popular pick of the season then
diamond jewellery is not very far

150 Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009

behind. With nice cuts and various
designs, diamond jewellery is luring
people all over the world. The sparkle
in a woman’s eyes can only be
complemented by diamonds.
Women today want fashionable
jewellery; they follow not only
fashion’s runway trends, but also
their fashion icons. Women want
versatility in their jewellery. They
want anything that gives them a
feeling of change from day to night
or that they can colour-coordinate
with different outfits. So, whether it is
a ring, earring, bracelet or necklace,
it is all desired as long as it is
accented with diamonds, stones or THIS YEAR,
This year, diamonds with colour EARRING
stones and crystals will be hot selling JEWELLERY MAY
items. Yellow, pink and black With so much emphasis on the
rhodium on rubies and emeralds will neck, pendants are making a BE MOVING
rule women’s hearts this year. comeback and they're bold and TOWARDS
Coloured diamonds in warm shades dramatic like the necklaces they
of brown, yellow and dangle from. Necklaces will be in SLINKY, LINEAR
yellow-orange vogue and are designed to make a DESIGNS, BUT
give jewellery a bold statement. Look for an
sophisticated abundance of multi-strand necklaces THE OLDER
edge. The sizes and a layering of strands to create a STYLES ARE STILL
of the diamonds look that will take even the most
have gone up. ordinary outfit from fine to JUST AS HOT AS
Designs are coming divine. EVER.
with minimalist diamonds but the Look for diamond-studded,
basic forms are exaggerated in a medallions and gemstone linear designs, but the older styles
simple way. Vivid colours and bold pendants to add to your are still just as hot as ever. Dangle-
designs dominate the trend this collection. The latest trend earrings and chandelier-earrings are
season. Jewellery designs and in fashion jewellery trends that entered the market a few
colours are luxurious, feminine, and necklaces is the bigger, years ago and are still holding strong,
sensual. the better. The Hip-hop while classic studs and pearl earrings
This year, designers are using a culture has had an influence display a timeless beauty that will
lot of open spaces to create in the fashion marketplace never go out of style.
elegant diamond jewellery. It with thicker, heavyweight pieces The wrist will take on new
appears in a variety of motifs gaining popularity. importance this fall and winter and
from simple diamond Pendants, as well, are hot what better way to flatter an
pave swirls to more commodities but in multi- appendage than with a bold cuff
intricate diamond pave stone configurations bracelet. Not to be overshadowed by
lattice-work and diamond with an organic feel. necklaces and pendants, the bracelet
orbs. Enduring jewe - Although super- is a terrific fashion accessory.
llery icons from large pendants Diamond tennis bracelets remain
nature continue were empha- the most classic and popular style
to enchant in sised in all the and their versatility is endless. It can
new variations. fashion runway be worn by itself or as part of a
Diamond-intensive shows, there's still a matching set that has become all the
brooches shaped place for smaller, more rage this season. According to
hearts or butterfly delicate pendants if bold designer Sahil Kohli of Bhagatraj.S
designs with lots of diamond isn't your style. jewellers, “This year, the new trend is
pave will also be on top priority This year, earring jewellery tennis bracelets. They are fancy with
of the jewellery trend. may be moving towards slinky, modern designs, and flexibility is the

Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009 151

Only D to H colour, VVS clarity, certified diamond jewellery


Chowk sarrafa, Meerut City, Ph : 0121-2516760, 2518062
B-81, Defence Colony, Bheeshm Pitamah Marg, Above Axis Bank, New Delhi Ph.: 011-41755005
DIAMONDS the woman at work, at a party or at a
ceremonial gathering.
The consumer today is no longer
satisfied with the status quo; they
HAVE BECOME THE Today, the trend of wearing a don't want just the round white
PREFERRED CHOICE diamond ring on the right hand,
instead of the traditional left hand is
diamond or the round white pearls.
Diamonds are being colour-treated to
FOR MOST fast catching up. Diamond solitaire come in blue, green, pink, yellow,
WOMEN AND engagement rings remain popular,
but lots of buyers are choosing three-
brown and black. They are being cut
with names like the asscher cut,
ESPECIALLY FOR stone rings featuring a large centre cushion cut, radiant cut, criss-cut, lily
SPECIAL stone flanked by a pair of smaller cut.
diamonds. And, often these stones This season, the ‘bold look’ is in
OCCASIONS LIKE are quite big – no minimalist looks fashion, everyone wants to wear big
ENGAGEMENTS here because it’s show time when pieces that they can flaunt. Hence it
sporting three-stone rings It’s time to is the time to show off. What is really
AND WEDDINGS. be different. It’s not time to wear a catching on in the Indian market is
classic, colourless diamond again. the concept of fusion jewellery. In this
specialty. Women are going for Now, it’s time to wear fancy colour kind of jewellery, the core design
fusion in jewellery pieces also. We diamonds, especially a yellow concepts are Indian, but the styling,
will see a lot of coloured stones as diamond. the finish and the metals used are
she wants everything to match with Women today are opting for Western. The preference for
her dress.” alternative semi-precious stones set diamonds studded in white gold, for
Precisely. Rings are not the only around diamonds, rather then going instance, is on the rise. Fusion
hot trend in diamond jewellery this for the traditional pricier, precious jewellery, for instance, is more
year. There are also some great stones. Sales of the traditional popular for casual or informal get-
things to be said for earrings. When it sapphires, emeralds and ruby stone togethers or even formal ones. If you
comes to making a fashion statement jewellery have plummeted and have still want to go traditional, now-a-days
with jewellery, women prefer to sport been replaced by the colourful semi- there are plenty of designs in
a glittery diamond or two. Diamond precious stone jewellery. traditional patterns as well.
rings, pendants, bracelets et al are The trend today is on different
available in various designs to adorn cuts like baguette, marquis and the
princess cut apart from the rose cut
which is very happening. Instead of
the typical long necklaces, ‘round the
neck’ pieces are in. As far as rings
are concerned, the solitaires are in
and the pacheli diamond bangles
with enamel work are popular.
Diamonds have become the
preferred choice for most women and
especially for special occasions like
engagements and weddings. The
diamond engagement ring is the
most sentimental piece of jewellery
a woman will own in her lifetime.
Besides being the ultimate symbol of
eternal devotion and the singular
representation of a man’s adoration
for a woman, a diamond engagement
ring is truly distinctive because each
diamond is different, like the woman
who wears it.
Bridal diamond range of jewellery
consists of necklaces studded with
diamonds with south sea pearls,
diamonds with emeralds and
diamonds with rubies. This fusion of
diamonds with precious stones is the
latest trend in diamond jewellery. We

154 Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009

Chit - C h a t
through Europe, Latin America
Greater Noida might be far for Jas Jhally is a name to reckon
Delhi commuters but if the with when it comes to haircuts
attendance at the exhibition was to and hair colouring. He helps
be believed, it was not a deterrent to students further their careers and
either the participants or the visitor. enhance their creative edge.
With foreign as well as Indian Make-up and hair is big business
participation, there was everything and this annual event has earned
from skincare products to make-up itself a space for professionals
goodies. and for the consumer to know the
Though it was meant to be a trends and styles in vogue
business gathering with partnerships internationally. The India Cup
being forged there were Open 2008 hair and beauty
demonstrations of make-up as well. competition had various categories The Kamilarov string Quartet performing
Models were decked in make-up of including Henna Art! mesmerising music.
latest styles and fads and went A Lifetime achievement award String Quartet did not change their
around the stalls. There was hairstyle was bestowed upon June Tomkyns arrival plans. The Austrian Cultural
competition as well organised by from Kolkata for her outstanding Forum together with The Claridges
Wella and various stylists like Javed contribution to the hairdressing organised a mesmerising afternoon
and Sylvie were judging the work. industry. The next edition is eagerly at the hotel. The guests first met and
This was the third annual event awaited as it seems to get bigger and were introduced to the performers in
and the grand Finale show ‘Vintage better each year. the beautifully kept front gardens of
glamour’ offered an amalgamation of the hotel. Then we shifted to the
beauty, style and there was ballroom where the group performed
entertainment too. John Bailey is an CLASSICAL MUSIC in the company of diplomats, hot -
internationally known name among With many invitees and per - eliers and Delhi’s lucky few who were
make-up artists. He holds a degree in formers feeling insecure about invited for the Matinee. It was a
Theatre Arts from Florida State travelling to India at this time, it was special Sunday that no invitee would
University. He lectures on make-up really heartening when the Kamilarov be able to forget. The three-piece
band performed the well recognised
works of Mozart, Joseph Haydn and
Josef Lanner. The pieces in
sequence were ‘Salzburg’. ‘Kegel -
statt-trio’, ‘Trio Andante Cantabile’,
and ‘Viennese Landler’. The charm
of a live performance is far more
touching than the best quality music
system playing but a CD. With the
Ambassadors of Germany, Nether -
lands and of course personnel from
Austria, Lufthansa India, more than
a hundred people enjoyed the
musical afternoon and then exchan-
ged pleasantries by the poolside with
the signature good food of the hotel.

Models decked in make-up of latest

styles in front of a stall.

156 Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009

Swiss participation the very quantum
of work it must have required
deserves a full and honest round of
standing ovation.
It was definitely an ambitious
scale at which this effort was
mounted. Getting people from such
diverse divisions as government
departments, politics, business,
diplomats, and of course academi -
cians is a daunting task. The Festival
was conceived on a model of public
private partnership and no less than
65 partnerships with leading
agencies and apex bodies like Lalit
Kala Akademi, Sangeet Natak
The Japanese Women’s Association teaching Indian cuisine to Japanese women. Akademi, Directorate of Film
Festivals, National School of Drama,
INDIAN COOKING FOR cooking, hot stove and
almost exciting as the
kitchen seem
cold weather
Directorate of Film Festivals,
Children's Film Society, to name a
JAPANESE WOMEN sets in. Maybe, the next few, were forged. As Arshiya Sethi
Expatriates of any nation, while demonstration would be teaching said, ‘To stand with such agencies
living in India get to try our cuisine at Indian women how to do the on a shared platform is a big honour
its most authentic and are then Japanese dishes! in itself. Working with so many
enamoured with the flavours and experts in the various fields of the
spices. It is but natural that they
should then try to learn how to cook
DELHI INTERNATIONAL arts was a learning experience for me
and I am indebted to all these
it. The Japanese Women’s Associ - ARTS FESTIVAL "teachers".’
ation made such a move and Almost a month-long event, This is barely the second year
combined it with the charming bringing different kinds of arts – and the brand DIAF is here to stay. It
gesture of raising funds for the shows, talks, performances, will definitely bring international and
underprivileged in India. The exhibitions, even films, and more the best national talent on an annual
Executive Chef Ravi Saxena along were brought together under this basis. The almost month-long event
with Executive Sous Chef, Chef banner. And not just arts and artists had more than 300 events of cultural
Neeraj Tyagi demonstrated Indian of India, but from all over the world significance in different venues. The
recipes like butter chicken, baigan ka through their different embassies and spirit was probably best showcased
bharta, shrimp biryani and various other forum like Helvetia for the on the evening perfor mance of
Indian breads to a group of over 100 classical Oddisi dancer Rekha
Japanese ladies. They were excited Tandon.
and overjoyed to learn these recipes For the evening the music was
and surely will woo their own guests provided by Hans Koch who is a
when they cook all of it somewhere recognised classical clarinet player
else in the world. but he has now turned non-
Ms. Hisaka Tamagawa, member traditional by being an innovative
of the Japanese Women reed-player. His sounds are
Association, said, “Such events help unique as modern has mixed with
build strong relations between traditional and the evening began
different cultures. There are more with a video of the mundane
than 300 Japanese families in India uplifted to sublime with his music.
and it is very exciting to learn Indian Rekha has just returned from a
dishes and to learn about Indian residency in Switzerland
food.” (facilitated by the Swiss Arts
After the cooking demonstration Council) and her dance was a mix
and sharing of the recipes was of classical Odissi style
complete the ladies relaxed in the
sun with a lavish buffet including Hans kock, Michael Weston
what they had learnt how to cook. with Rekha at Delhi
Winter is a great time to learn International Arts Festval

160 Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009


QUALITY 22/22 KT i.e.
Gujranwala Jewellers
ACCORDANCE TO (BIS) PH: 91-11-41546096, FAX: 91-11-28751604
STANDARDS e-mail: Website:

100% Hallmarked Jewellery Show Room

incorporating postures and mudras by the British High Commission to
of Yoga to make it contemporary and showcase how to use British beer in
yet totally traditional. Michael Weston cooking, and she demonstrated the
is a musician from the pop world of same at the High Commission to a
London and in India he has promoted selected invitee group. Then there
and documented Orissa adivasi was Jagdesh Kaur, Business
culture, particularly the music. Development Manager of Honeytop
Together these three brought magic Speciality Foods, India. She is the
to the select audience of Delhi. woman who is selling Indian breads
(all kinds of naans and other curries
IFE – THE as well) to the whole world. While
Sharwood is an old name in England
INTERNATIONAL supplying such goodies, Jagdesh
FOOD EXHIBITION wants to woo the local market in India
This annual event in Delhi, with its by making these same breads in
international partici pation, is India. Fruit juices, chocolates, all
becoming very popular with the other kind of long-shelf life items
importers and the general public too. were sampled and surely a few deals The tourism board of Italy comes to
Despite quite a few cancellations this were struck too. These trade shows Indian metros annually promoting
year the event took place and had a bring the different people involved in Italian tourist destinations.
fair presence as well. If there were the world of food together. And most
energy drinks from Australia there importantly it shows the local
were the antipasti and other delights population as to what is happening
from Italy. Other European the world over, giving business
countries including France opportunities to those who are
showcased their food and interested.
However, the real joy were the
two Indian-origin women, both
settled in England and both of them DESTINATION
fully immersed in the world of Italy is a land rich in natural beauty
promoting Indian cuisine in as well as man-made architecture
European world. Manju Malhi is a and arts. It is said that more than half
chef who has written books about of the world’s art treasures are
Indian food recipes. She was invited housed in Italy. The Tourism Board
Ms Jagdesh Kaur of Indian origin, of Italy brings an annual road show
settled in England, at the International to India’s main metros.
Food Exhibition. With a tagline of ‘Italy – where
dreams come true’ – they have much
to offer to not just the tourist but to
even film-makers of Mumbai who
have been going to Italy for shooting
of various blockbuster films these
days. Well-known regions of Italy
including the Veneto, Campagnia, etc
are increasingly becoming popular
with Indians even for holidays and
the romantically inclined honey -
Travel agents and airlines are
promoting European destinations to
India and Italy definitely leads the
way. Over an Italian lunch in the
mezzanine floor of Shangri-La hotel,
everybody enjoyed the information
exchange and hoped to do more
business with the Indian traveller.
– Sona Sharma.

164 Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009

She augurs ow Saina Nehwal (born 17 as runner-up at the 2006 BWF World

March 1990) needs no Junior Championship, where she lost
good news introduction. She
already announced her
has a hard-fought match against top seed
Chinese Wang Yihan. She did one
for badminton arrival by becoming the first
Indian to win the World
better in the 2008 by becoming the
first Indian to win the World Junior
Junior Badminton Cham - Badminton Championship by
in India. pion ship. This is not the defeating ninth seeded Japanese
By Shivendra Kumar only first in her badminton Sayaka Sato 21-9, 21-18.
career. Recently, she
hogged the limelight by becoming the
first Indian woman to reach the
singles quarterfinals at the Olympics. FINALS
Currently ranked number 11, Sania became the first Indian
Saina is toast of a billion lives now. woman to reach the quarter finals at
In 2006, Saina appeared on the the Olympic Games when she upset
global scene when she became the world number five and fourth seed
first Indian woman to win a 4-star Wang Chen of Hong Kong in a
tournament, the Philippines Open. three-game thriller. In the quarter-
Entering the tournament as the 86th finals Saina lost a nail-biting three-
seed, Saina went on to stun several games to world number 16 Maria
top seeded players including Kristin Yulianti. In September 2008,
Huaiwen XU before defeating Julia she won the Yonex Chinese Taipei
Xian Pei Wong of Malaysia for the Open 2008 beating Li Ya Lydia
title. The same year also saw Saina Cheah of Malaysia 21-8 21-19. Maria

166 Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009

Yulianti had earlier lost her quarter- schedule, Singh eventually decided SAINA IS THE REIGNING
final match to Pia Bernadet, Saina's to move closer to the stadium in
semi-final opponent, thus denying 1999. This, however, didn’t end the UNDER-19 NATIONAL
Saina a rematch. travelling ordeal as Saina was asked CHAMPION. ALSO A
Saina is the reigning under-19 to attend evening training sessions
national champion. Also a regular in as well. With the extra training REGULAR IN THE SENIOR
the senior circuit where she lost to sessions, travelling expenditure rose CIRCUIT WHERE SHE LOST
former India number one Aparna phenomenally. Added to the cost of
Popat, Saina created history by the equipment including shuttles, rackets, TO FORMER INDIA NUMBER
winning the prestigious Asian shoes and gutting, expenses rose to ONE APARNA POPAT.
Satellite Badminton Tournament over Rs. 12,000 per month.
(India Chapter) twice, becoming the In order to keep up with the rising
first player to do so. cost of her training, Saina’s father 2005 she was spotted by the Mittal
Born at Hisar in Haryana, her withdrew money from his savings and Champions Trust.
foray into the world of badminton was provident fund. The tight-rope walk Previously coached by S. M. Arif,
started by her father Dr Harvir Singh, continued until 2002, when sports a Dronacharya Award winner, Saina
a scientist at the Directorate of brand Yonex offered to sponsor is the reigning Indian national junior
Oilseeds Research, Hyderabad, and Saina’s kit. As her status and champion and is currently coached
her mother Usha Nehwal, both of rankings improved, the sponsorships by Indian badminton legend Pullela
whom were former badminton increased. In 2004, BPCL signed the Gopichand at his academy in
champions in Haryana. rising star onto their payroll, and in Hyderabad. We
In December 1998, Saina's father
took her to meet coach Nani Prasad
at the Lal Bahadur Stadium in SAINA’S CAREER SCORE CARD
Hyderabad. Seeing potential in the
girl, Prasad asked Singh to enroll Event Year Result
Saina as a summer trainee. Czechoslovakia Junior Open 2003 Winner
Harvir Singh and Saina, who was
eight years old then, would wake up Commonwealth Youth Games 2004 2 silver
at 6 every morning and head to the
Asian Satellite Badminton Tournament 2005 Winner
stadium which was 20 kms away.
After two hours of practice, Singh World Junior Badminton Championships 2006 Runner-up
would drop Saina to school on his
way to work. Saina would often fall Commonwealth Games 2006 3 bronze
asleep on these journeys which
Philippines Open (Badminton) 2006 Winner
prompted her mother to accompany
them for the next three months. Asian Satellite Badminton Tournament 2006 Winner
Travelling nearly 50 kms a day in
order to accommodate the training Indian National Badminton Championship 2007 Winner
National Games of India 2007 1 gold

Yonex Chinese Taipei Open 2008 Winner

Indian National Badminton Championship 2008 Winner

Commonwealth Youth Games 2008 1 gold

World Junior Badminton Championship 2008 Winner


Opponent Result Points
Ella Karachkova 2-0 21-9, 21-8

Larysa Gryga 2-0 21-18, 21-10

Chen Wang 2-1 21-19, 11-21, 21-11

Maria Kristin Yulianti 1-2 28-26, 14-21, 15-21

Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009 167





PH. 011-32602574, 32527175, 42542102
Deepika suspected that her ex-colleague had poisoned her husband’s
mind against her. But had he? By R. N. Sharma

ver since Deepak had returned from the airport “Yes, you are right... She is Nutan,” Deepak was
after seeing off his friend Krishnan, Deepika quick to intervene. “As my sister’s name is also
had found him in an unusually quiet mood. As Nutan, we decided to give this Nutan a new name
his wife of 6 months, she knew him now and chose to rechristen her Deepika... Deepak’s
sufficiently well. She had never found him in Deepika, you see, and we are still coping with the
such a low spirit. Just his presence at home name confusion for the last 6 months!”
would make the atmosphere lively and Deepak had a hearty laugh in which Deepika
electrifying. He would joke around, chat with his also joined. But Krishnan responded only with a
parents, have heated discussions with his father, smile.
Dawarka Das (on Indian politics and politicians), a “So you know each other,” Deepak added.
pet subject for his father, tease his college- “Yes, we were colleagues in an NBFC
going younger sister, Nutan, or talk about in Mumbai,” Deepika said.
her studies or friends, boys and girls or As theirs was Again Krishnan responded with a warm
just walk into the kitchen to see what was smile and a murmur of “Yes.”
being cooked, look around for some an arranged Deepak remembered that Krishnan had
namkeen to munch or sweet to nibble. Or marriage, worked in Mumbai awaiting the clearance
surprise Deepika by grabbing her and Deepak’s of his work permit and the visa for the
stealing a kiss. request had USA.
Deepak had taken a day off to be with Deepika had resigned her job because
Krishnan, who was on his way to Chennai come after Deepak wanted her to be a housewife,
to meet his parents. As he had a stopover their parents though she could have got herself
for about 6 hours in Delhi, he wanted to had transferred to Delhi. Her income would
spend some time with Deepak and his have been an asset to oversee the studies
family. He was very particular to meet of Nutan and meeting the heavy medical
Deepika because despite his best efforts, everything. bills of his ailing mother, Naina Devi,
he could not attend Deepak’s marriage. suffering from arthritis and Dawarka Das, a
Instead of whiling away the time at the chronic asthmatic — and even regular
airport, Deepak had brought Krishnan to the house. household expenses.
But the moment Deepika saw Krishnan she had

recognised him. He was her colleague in a non- ut, as Naina Devi and Dawarka Das needed
banking financial company (NBFC) in Mumbai she constant attention, Deepak had requested
had worked after doing her postgraduation in Deepika to resign and she had willingly
commerce. sacrificed her well-paid job without dithering for a
“So it is you, Krishnan, Deepak had been talking moment, endearing herself not only to Deepak but
about ever since he received your telephone call that his parents also, by her gesture.
you would be stopping over here,” Deepika greeted As theirs was an arranged marriage, Deepak’s
him. request had come after their parents had formalised
“But... Nutan...!” a surprised and somewhat everything.
shocked Krishnan exclaimed. As Deepika got busy in the kitchen, Deepak and

170 Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009

Krishnan got time to exchange notes on the
happenings in the intervening period. They were
meeting each other after a gap of about 6 years.
it was dinner time and
everybody was waiting
for him to join them.

They were batchmates at the postgraduation Though present at the dining table,
business management institute. Krishnan who had Deepak was not his usual self. He had
always dreamt of going abroad, had decided to go always enjoyed every moment at the dining
to the USA. To get the green card, he had married table. He would talk about a particular dish
an American girl and decided to settle there. which he had not taken for some days, a
Deepak, on the other hand, had never thought of recipe about which he had read in a
leaving India, though he did get a couple of good magazine, a TV serial or even a latest
offers from abroad. But he got a very good opening movie. A glum face or a mouth shut could
with an MNC in India itself. never go well with his personality.
But Krishnan’s stony silence had really surprised “Don’t quarrel with your food,” snapped
Deepak. He had known Krishnan as a very witty Dawarka Das as he saw Deepak breaking a
and jolly man. small morsel of a chappati and then putting
it back in the plate. “If you are not hungry or

eepika brought coffee and snacks and invited not feeling well, better go and take rest.”
Deepak and Krishnan to the dining table. Deepak kept mum.
Deepak’s parents and Nutan also joined “Have rajma chawal, your favourite,” Deepika
them. suggested.
There was not much talking. Only Dawarka Das Deepak looked at her but ignored her request. But
and Nutan had made some casual queries to he silently admired the way she had picked up the
Krishnan about life in America. But it seemed like right notes about his tastes, likes and dislikes and
Krishnan was not involved in what was happening also of other family members, in just 6 months’ time.
around. His replies reflected his indifference. Nutan’s liking for aloo-ka-paratha, Dawarka Das’
It was time for Krishnan to depart. Deepak was to preference for arhar-ki-dal and rice and Naina
drop him at the airport. Devi’s weakness for gajar-ka-halwa — Deepika
“Do visit us, if you are taking your return flight loved cooking all these at home.
from Delhi,” Deepika said. “Your dad is right, Deepak,” Naina Devi said.
“Yes,” Deepak seconded her. “If you are not well, go and take rest and take
“Let us see,” was Krishnan’s cursory some tulsi tea before you go to sleep.”
reply. Deepak excused himself by saying that he
By the time Deepak was having a slight headache.
returned from the airport Deepika returned to the bedroom
with a cup of tulsi tea after she was
through with the kitchen chores
and other daily routines. Also, a
hot cup of milk for Nutan, leg-
massage to Naina Devi and
medicine to Dawarka Das.
“Here is your tea,” said
Deepika as she came
into the room, but was
surprised to find both
TV and lights off —
something unusual.
Deepak always
returned to the
bedroom with
a cup of tulsi
tea but was
surprised to
find both TV
and lights off –
which was
unusual in
their daily
Encourage your child to go green.
By Lesley D. Biswas
with cauliflower, radish, and peas. cheese; butter for lining the baking
For peas and cauliflower parathas, dish and half a cup of sauted
saute finely chopped/grated vegetables that could include peas,
vegetable with a little salt and garam beans, carrots and onion. Beat the
masala powder. Use this to fill in the eggs with salt, and add cheese. Mix
dough and roll out parathas. Fry your in the sauted vegetables and pour
veg parathas and win your child’s into a greased dish. Bake for 15
approval. For the radish paratha, minutes in an oven at 120 degrees.
grate radish and let it stand for an You can also fry the egg mixture
hour with a little salt to drain the leaving out cheese and adding
f feeding your children vegetables water, then follow the same method. chopped tomatoes.

is a daily test of your patience…- Boiled potatoes can be mashed and
don’t despair, with a little creativity kneaded along with flour with a little Sweet delight: Desserts are a
you can trick them into enjoying a salt, no water. Roll medium balls into child’s favourite dish and your best
healthy meal of greens without parathas. bet to get them to down veggies like
them even discovering the pumpkin and carrots. Finely grate
contents. Puree veggies: Another fabulous pumpkin/carrots, heat some refined
way to get children to eat veggies is oil/ghee in a thick-bottomed pan, fry
Hidden delight: Children often to puree them. Add pureed the grated vegetable for a couple of
turn up their noses without even vegetables to chicken soup. You minutes or until the water evaporates,
sampling green vegetables. Hide could dabble with spinach or carrots. add sugar to taste and cook with milk
veggies so that they are lured on by Another healthy soup children do not till done.
the taste rather put off by its mind is mixed vegetables and As parents, our main concern is if
unattractive sight. Gram flour is an chicken soup. Take 2 medium our child is eating healthy. To make
interesting way to hide spinach, tomatoes, one-inch whole ginger, veggies fun to eat, apply these useful
pumpkin, brinjal and green coriander. couple of peas, a few French beans tips:
Make a thick batter of the gram flour. and 100 gm of chicken. Boil together ● Tempt children with dips.
For batter, take one cup of besan and for 15 minutes. Separate vegetables ● Add veggies to fried rice, chow-
a pinch of sodium bicarbonate and and puree keeping the chicken mien, marinade and soups.
add salt to taste. Use this batter to whole. Add together and put back on ● Use as toppings in pizza.
lavishly coat vegetables of your low flame. Now add half teaspoon of ● Mince and stuff in burgers and
choice. Now deep-fry the pakoras as cornflower diluted in half a cup of patties.
a tasty snack served with sauce or water to the soup, and salt to taste. ● Cut vegetables in creative
an appetising dip. Your nutritious soup is ready. shapes and present as a salad.
Kids are selective about the
Yummy parathas: Dough is Egg delicacies: Children usually vegetables they eat. These tricks are
another medium you could tweed in love eggs. Using egg as a base, sure to lure even the most rebellious
your favourite vegetables. The usual prepare a vegetable omelette. For vegetable eaters into sampling some
aloo-ka-paratha can be substituted this you need 2 eggs; 1 tbsp grated of the delicacies. We

178 Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009

Small, easy-
ideas to

make a big
difference to
your life.
By Monidipa


f each day, you feel you can’t before other meals. If you’re not a

muster enough vigour to get fruit fan but want the benefits of
through the day, you are not eating fruit, you can start eating fruit WONDER WHY
alone. Millions of people the
world over, are managing full-
by squeezing out fruit juices and
drinking it fresh.
time jobs, parenting responsi -
bilities, looking after elderly
parents, hobbies and social lives
4 Try a power shower: Tried a
power shower yet? Finish your
on everyday basis. We are morning shower with a one-minute
frazzled bunch — and we need blast of cold water. You may shiver a FEELING WHICH
novel ways to fight fatigue and feel little at first, but this improves blood
energised all day long. Here is a list circulation and leaves you feeling CAN LAST UP TO
of simple tips for feeling vibrant and tingling fresh. It uplifts you and 12 HOURS FOR
energised every single day. invigorates you with the essence of
1 Jump-start your day: Being an
life. Give it a go, you will undeniably
feel more alive. HAS A SCIENTIFIC
early bird has countless benefits. The
first advantage is the extra time
gained in the day. The extra hours
5 Eat more green stuff: You know
green veggies are good for you. Try
may be used to work out, meditate, to consume as much as possible
read or pursue a hobby. Waking up every single day to make sure that RELEASES
early usually means that your day you get plenty of vitamins, fibre and ENDORPHINS
gets a great start. As an added antioxidants. The human body needs
bonus, you may catch a glimpse of roughage, so eat up. THAT MAKE YOU
the sunrise or gaze at the morning
sky while drinking your cup of tea, to
jump-start your day.
6 Feed on fruit: Fruits make the
perfect snack — they’re both easily REFRESHED AND
2 Stretch out: Stretching is relaxing
and helps ease your shoulders, back,
accessible and very tasty. The
majority of fruits are also loaded with
fibre and vitamins. For a quick energy DAY.
hips and legs. The health benefits? boost, try this simple recipe for
Greater comfort and flexibility with fatigue: Slice a washed, cored apple
your own body. If you stretch into small pieces. Place them in a
properly, you will feel immediate bowl and pour one cup of boiling
benefits both physically and mentally. water till the apples are fully soaked.
As a plus, stretching improves Let the bowl sit for a while. Add one
balance and stability and enhances tablespoonful of honey and stir well.
your posture. Eat the apple and then sip the

3 Juice up: Drinking fruit juice is

leftover liquid for an instant energy
almost as healthy as eating a piece
of raw fruit. The best way to consume
fruit is with its skin on. Try having it
on an empty stomach 15 minutes
7 Just do something: A sedentary
lifestyle saps your energy, but taking
action empowers and recharges you.
The more interesting and exiting your energised all day. Brisk walking is flowers and other things of beauty is
life, the more alive and energetic you another way to feel alert and undoubtedly going to lift your spirits
are likely to feel. So live it up. energised. The more physically fit and fill you with joy.

8 Go get moving: Do you ever

you are, the less fatigue you will feel.
So, workout regularly to keep fit. 13 Wear comfortable shoes: People
wonder why you feel great after a
long run? That euphoric feeling which
can last up to 12 hours for some
people, has a scientific explanation.
9 Exfoliate your skin: Have you
ever wondered how movie stars get
need to choose shoes that fit their
feet, not make their feet fit the shoes.
But in our fashion-conscious world,
that glowing, youthful skin? many women choose to hobble
Exercising releases endorphins that Exfoliation is the magic word. No around in ridiculously high heels. The
make you feel alive, refreshed and matter how well you wash your face, results: your feet are killing you
if you do not exfoliate, dead skin cells before the day is through. Seriously
will build up. When this happens, — why walk through your life feeling
FRESH, RIPE your skin will appear dull and lifeless. uncomfortable? Always choose
BANANAS ARE A You already know that you feel great shoes that look smart but are easy
when you know you are looking to walk around in.
great. Exfoliation makes a major
difference. Just try it. 14 Say yes to joy: Aim to create at


10 Catch a catnap: Catnaps are
good for you. However, there’s a
least 3 joyful treats in your life every
day. A treat isn’t necessarily food; it’s
anything that you can look forward to
major difference between a “nap” and and something that nourishes you
BOOST. IF YOU a “power nap.” The nap time that physically or emotionally: a stunning
WANT A QUICK seems to give the greatest benefits sunset, a huge bowl of chocolate, ice
and can keep you energetic all day is cream, or an evening spent with good
FIX FOR FLAGGING right there in the 10 to 20 minutes friends, all create joy in your
ENERGY LEVELS, range. So how about you? Are you a everyday life and let you going.

11 Just stay hydrated: To keep

15 Sip green tea: Is any other food
or drink reported to have as many
fatigue at bay, try to drink at least 8 health benefits as green tea? If
THAN A BANANA. glasses of water a day. Drink even you’re really craving a cup of hot
more water if you exercise. If you stuff, have some green tea. Now the
can’t drink plain water, add a dash of key, experts say, is to drink high-
fresh lemon or lime juice and drink up. quality green tea regularly for these

12 Buy yourself flowers: The sight

and fragrance of exquisite flowers
health benefits.

16 Go nutty: Keep small bags of

can perk up even the most stressful nuts and dried fruits (like cashews,
of days. Instead of waiting for raisins or dates) in your bag. The
someone to buy you flower, why not healthy fats and fibre in this snack
pick up a beautiful bunch for yourself will sustain you longer than a candy
and inhale the multi-hued fragrance bar when hunger pangs strike
of life? Surrounding yourself with suddenly.
17 Get a banana boost: Fresh, ripe
bananas are a super source of fruit
too hard, take regular breaks. Stop
your task, take a deep breath and JOKES
sugars and can give a quick energy stretch. Lack of movement creates
Rajani: I’m sure you will like
boost. If you want a quick fix for fatigue, but brief breaks keep you
Mohan. He’s a fine young man.
flagging energy levels, there’s no clear-headed and fresh.
Her father: Has he got any property?
better snack than a banana. A
banana gives an instant and
substantial boost of energy.
24 Detox with salt: A simple way to
draw toxins out of the body after a
Rajani: Oh, you men are so
curious. Mohan asked me the same
thing about you.

18 Munch on chocolates: Every

once in a while treat yourself to a bar
hard day of labour is to take a hot
Epsom salt bath. Simply massage
Epsom salt into your wet skin when in
* * *
Rahul: What did you get your wife
of high-quality dark chocolate. the shower. Afterwards, rinse
for her birthday?
Always sit down and eat it slowly, thoroughly.
Kalyan: She reverses more
relishing each mouthful. Enjoy the
feeling of the chocolate melting in
your mouth. This combination of taste
25 Unwind your mind naturally: To
release tension in your mind and
decisions than the Supreme Court and
she should dress accordingly.
and texture makes chocolate a body, lie on the floor or your bed and
preferred form of “comfort food.” relax. Inhale and exhale as you tense
* * *
Raju: Who was that you were

19Try out something new: Learn a

new skill or eat something new that
and release your muscles one at a
time, starting with your toes and
moving up your body to the top of
talking with outside for a whole hour?
Wife: Oh, that was Swarupa. She
did n’t have time to come in...
you’ve never tried before. Try a new your head. Let go of the tensions,
exercise class. Making slight stress and anxiety you felt throughout
changes in your everyday routine the day.
* * *
Rani: What made you lose your hair?
removes mental cobwebs and gets
your energy flowing. 26 Revitalise with a foot massage:
Divya: Worry.
Rani: What about?

20 Look at the bright side: A

positive attitude, positive thinking and
After an exhausting day at work, or a
hectic weekend of shopping, relieve
the stress and pain with a foot
Divya: Closing my hair.
– Suvarchala, Hyderabad.
optimism are known to have many massage. A 15-minute foot massage
A sex expert was once asked
positive life benefits. If you find can help you sleep better, get
whether a rape was possible while
yourself fretting about an uncertain recharged, and be ready for another
future, take 5 minutes to imagine that hectic day at the work.
“No,” he replied without
it will have a positive outcome.
Worrying saps you of energy
whereas a positive, optimistic attitude
27 Show yourself some love:
Whenever you find yourself brooding
hesitation. “A woman with her skirts
up can run faster than a man with his
pants down.”
towards life will definitely keep the over past mistakes, make a list of all
spring in your step all day long. the people who love and respect you.
* * *
21 Chill out more: Spend time
outdoors every day. You don’t have
Remember all the things you have
achieved in life, and the road ahead.
Remember to count your blessings
Sangeeta had her first set of
triplets. She told her friend with a lot
of pride that this happened only once
to go outside for long. Just take 10 and give thanks for the good life you
in every two hundred thousand times.
minutes to breathe fresh air, enjoy already have.
“My, my!” said the friend surprised, It
the weather, and listen to the birds.
Getting in touch with nature will
invigorate you.
28 Catch some Zzzs: Get regular,
good quality sleep to ensure that your
beats me how you found time for any
other work!”

22 Breathe away stress: When

you’re frazzled, take a few deep
body has time to recover and heal
itself. Try taking a hot bath and then
retire to bed with a cup of hot milk
* * *
A second-grade teacher was telling
her pupils about different wild
breaths to relax yourself to soothe and a good book. Just try it. A good
animals. In order to test what they had
your nerves. You can do it any time, night’s sleep keeps fatigue at bay all
learnt, she asked, “Now, who can tell
and it becomes even more effective through the next day.
me the name of an animal that has
with practice. If you need to relax, set Once you have tried out a few of
horns and is very dangerous for us to
aside a few moments a day to these suggestions, consider
get near?”
practise deep-breathing to calm making them a permanent part of
Little Prashant piped up
yourself down. your life, they will help you feel
enthusiastically, “I know, teacher. It’s

Take time out: If you are working
energised and refreshed every day.
Good luck.

Woman’s Era ●

January (First) 2009

a truck!” – W. Jacob, Pune
A low-key romance
of high-voltage
By Gulrukh B. Irani
heila’s mother was an

extremely practical person.
She never shied away from
giving honest answers to
any of her questions. Sheila
would bombard her with
innumerable queries during
her teens, adolescence and
youth. By then she had been
given all the information she
needed to take on life as a buxom
and reasonably attractive young girl.
Much before she reached puberty,
Sheila was aware about childbirth
and all that happened before and
after it. In fact, girls in school would
use her as a ready reckoner on these
topics, probably because not many
adults would oblige by answering
their curious queries.
All this was due to her mother, curbed Sheila’s list of favourites over work hours. Just like the other men
who was a strong believer in ‘honesty the years to just a handful of boys. he too ogled her but was discreet
is the best policy’ and who never Sheila grew up. about it.
hesitated or hee-hawed like other Fear and pain of childbirth had His name was Suresh and he was
parents whenever Sheila asked an always held Sheila back from pretty much overqualified for his job
embarrassing question. committing to anyone. But her mother but he didn’t seem too much in a
She was her friend! had reasoned with her telling her that hurry to reach the top of the
Then came the age of falling in if childbirth was so painful, then there corporate ladder.
love resulting in innumerable wouldn’t be so many human heads Being complacent in life was not a
crushes. Initially, when Sheila fancied in this world nor would there be the sin, nor was it an unattractive trait for
one boy, but very soon liked another fear of a population explosion. It was a man who could be at the top of the
boy better, she would feel pretty a fact of life that one could take in ladder but who chooses to stay on a
guilty for liking more than one boy at their stride towards survival. lower rung. One of the other bosses
a time. But fickle in love was not what Matchmaking didn’t work for once asked him in jest, “Suresh, why
she was. On approaching her mother Sheila! don’t you try for a higher position?”
with this inconsistent liking of boys After having gone through so Suresh had promptly replied with a
one after the other, her mother many crushes over handsome pleasant smile, “I don’t want to. If I
promptly made Sheila feel very neighbours, to classmates to did, I am sure to get that position but
comfortable. celebrities, it was about time Sheila then in my books it results in bonded
sought her partner on her own. labour. Because, you see, when you
During the course of work or are paid so much, you are expected
HUMAN NATURE social gatherings, many of the male to be here first and leave last to
Explaining to her, she made her gender would gravitate justify your salary in the
daughter understand the basic towards her because of eyes of the big bosses, and
human nature and that it was normal her ample assets on the But then she if I did that, then I would be
to keep looking and liking and physical front but only a reasoned on left with no time to live my
choosing to prefer one boy and then few would try to befriend life, have fun and find
very soon prefer the next one. Sheila her for her intelligence or retrospection romance,” he said looking
came across many. It wasn’t being other character traits. that he at Sheila.
promiscuous! It was a fact, that most Sheila was quite Now that was bold,
of the times the current favourite was disillusioned with men in
probably thought Sheila. Making
not even aware of Sheila’s existence, general. needed an such a statement pointedly
let alone knowing what lusty thoughts One morning, a new opening to looking at her. Blushing
she harboured for him. regional officer was with embarrassment at the
So it was just harmless infatuation appointed at work in her let her know blatant intention he had
and Sheila was free to indulge in it. department. She had to that he found voiced whilst looking
Self-realisation and maturity correlate with him during directly at her, Sheila was
her attractive
pleased that he found her
without attractive but embarrassed
being crass that he had voiced it with
keen observation. But then
about it. she reasoned on
retrospection that he
probably needed an opening to let
her know that he found her attractive
without being crass about it.
How sweet!
Next day at work there was a
farewell party for a senior member of
the staff and everyone had
contributed the gift and party that
they were going to give the retiring
member. Sheila had had a
particularly nice rapport with this
member of the staff. Even though she
had joined the company as his
superior, he had helped her along in
finding her shipping at the job she

188 Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009

Sheila was a little stunned with his
short speech and asked.
What are you trying to say,
“Well, hee-hawing is not what I do,
so I shall come to the point. I like you
very much. In fact, I like you so much
that I would like to propose marriage
to you. You can take your time and
give your answer, but do make it in
the affirmative, because I not only
like you, but I also love and respect
you for the person you are. I know I
may be rushing you, but if you are
willing I would like to court you and
woo you till you say yes.” So saying
he looked at her expectantly for her
“WHOOSH” thought Sheila. She
did like him, and found him extremely
attractive. He did belong to
was appointed to do. And, over the taking him on a part-time
I too like you, the same background as
few years that she had worked with basis to help us in she had. He was educated,
him, he had always guided her attending to crucial find you earned well and, to top it, a
without hesitation if she faltered. matters. None of our attractive and good human being.
So, when it was time to give a qualifications can ever am more than So here it goes!
farewell speech, after Suresh had replace his on-hand Suresh had been
a little in love
said his piece, Sheila put up her hand experience.” observing the play of
to request some silence. Being Hearing this Sheila’s with you emotions on her
honest about voicing her thanks mood lightened and she myself, let’s expressive face and was
came naturally and fluently. Everyone gave Suresh a tremulous give ourselves waiting for her reply.
listened in silence and at the end of smile, which conveyed to a chance and “Well, Suresh, I don’t
her bit, Sheila had a sheen of him how glad she was to believe in hee-hawing
moisture in her eyes. The retiring hear him say what he had. date for a either. Honesty is the best
staff member thanked everyone and “You are a good person, while. We can policy. Let me tell you that
left the office immediately. The rest of Suresh. I am so glad that decide on you have taken me by
the staff continued with the party. you are not an marriage if surprise but, since I too like
inconsiderate corporate you, find you attractive and
boss like a few I have had everything am more than a little in
DATE WITH MATE the misfortune to know. I works out love with you myself, let’s
Sheila was too disturbed am also pleased with the right! give ourselves a chance
emotionally to enjoy the joviality that good rapport you have and date for a while. We
the others seemed to take for developed with the rest of the staff in can decide on marriage if everything
granted. On the verge of leaving the so short a time. Not often do we works out right! Is that fine with
room, Suresh caught her elbow and come across good people in our field you?”
said softly for her ears only, “Come, I of work, or our life for that matter. I Suresh’s face beamed with
shall take you home.” may sound presumptuous when I say happiness and he had a pretty big
Sheila did not protest but followed please don’t leave our organisation grin on his face. He wanted to hug
meekly. for greener pastures very soon. her but it might be too early to get
He sat her in his car and got into Everyone likes you as a boss.” physical. And it was inconvenient in
the driver’s seat without commenting “Thanks for your vote of the car, so he just shook hands with
any further. He took her home but, confidence, but I will be more her.
just when Sheila was about to thank impressed if I know whether you like Sheila thought this was as good a
him and get out, Suresh said, “You me enough to consider me as your moment as any to invite him to her
seem to have fond memories with friend and confidant. Sheila, I have house and said, “Would you like to
your working time with Mr Das who liked you from day one and would like come in for coffee and meet my
retired today. Don’t be so sad. He will to further our camaraderie to the level family?’
come and visit us often. I do plan on of close friends.” Suresh accepted her offer! We

190 Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009

n the field of ornamentation,

perhaps embroidery alone can
match jewellery in splendour.
People seem to have a craving
for embellishing a given material

or object to make it more
decorative. In India embroidery
has a hoary past, for there is
mention of needles in very
ancient books.

OF HARYANA Excavations have revealed bronze

embroidery needles dating back to
2300-1500 BC as also figurines
A peep into the fascinating wearing embroidered drapery. Similar
embroidered textiles can also be
world of decorative needlework. seen in the ancient Buddhist stupa
By Kusum Mehta Indians use all the embroidery
stitches known to the rest of the
world but with local variations and
innovations. In India embroidered
fabrics still retain the old social
values, for they are amongst the
treasures given to the bride at the
Though certain basic embroidery
stitches are common, each area has
its own special styles largely
determined by the environmental
The Haryana phulkari is of a
spectacular nature. The word means
“flowering” and it creates a flowery
surface. Strangely enough the stitch
itself is simple darning like the
damask, done from the back, either

196 Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009

Desire of every ®



nidco ®

A Complete Tonic for the WEL B

SHAKE djsa

Woman of Today vPNhrj

With kesar and &
many valuable herbs Tablets
and Minerals Gives
Improved Glow
Relief from Painful Periods
Vitality to overcome the daily Stress

Mfd. by : Mktd. by :
An ISO 9001:2000 & G.M.P. Certified Co. 46- Dispensary Road, Dehra Dun - 248 001 (INDIA)
46-A, Dispensary Road, Dehra Dun - 248 001 (INDIA) Ph.: 0135-2654884, Website :
Website : , E-mail : E-mail:
by counting the threads or with the
help of a thread line. This has to be
done with unusual care for a single
miss can throw out the whole pattern.
In the traditional phulkari , the
patterns are dispersed at intervals
over the cloth. The bagh (garden)
style has the entire surface
ornamented by a connected pattern,
with skilful manipulation of the
darning stitch, numerous varieties of
intricate designs are contrived
through horizontal, vertical and
diagonal stitches, each with its own
character based on the motifs it
represents, as also tonal variations
in colours.
There are several kinds of baghs
like shalimar bagh, chand bagh, thread, though occasionally
mircha bagh, duniya bagh as also cotton threads in white and green
satranga (seven coloured), are introduced, and sometimes
panchranga (five coloured) and so even woollen. A peculiarity of
on, each splendid in its own way. The phulkari is that the fabric itself is
third kind is chope where the edges used geometrically as an inner
are embroidered with stylised motifs decoration so that the
of flowers, fruits and birds, along with medallations, diamonds, etc., are
geometrical patterns. not just patterns sewn on but
become an integrated
combination of colours yellow
LOTUS FOR THE CENTRE and madder brown. Such a demanding craft can only
Originally, the designs seem to This is only possible where be a leisure occupation, done with
have been predominantly geometrical absolute accuracy in thread counting devotion and earnestness. As
but the phulkari now being produced is observed. In bagh work the stitch is phulkari was part of a girl’s trousseau
for sale has often a lotus for the so refined that the embroidery as also worn at a particular wedding
centre and stylised animals and birds becomes the fabric itself. The quality ceremony, she had to work on it from
worked harmoniously with flowers. of the workmanship is measured by a very early age. In fact, her
Like other embroideries, some the smoothness at the back that can proficiency in this seems to have
jewellery patterns are also included. only result from the evenness of the added to her eligibility as a bride.
The stitching is done with silk stitches. Madder brown, rust red or indigo
are the usual background colours.
The stitches are mainly in golden
yellow or white or green. A few bright
colours are introduced in the borders.
The best work in phulkari is found
in Gurgaon, Karnal, Hissar, Rohtak
and around Delhi.
Embroidery done in metal wires
by kalabattu – or zari as it is
popularly called – is in class by itself.
The manufacture of real zari threads
was once a big and important
industry, which has declined with the
advent of synthetic material.
Haryana also produces crochet
items, but they are more
pronouncedly local in designs like
elephants, horses, flowers, trees,
swastiks, etc. We

198 Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009

stage to gain the maximum from the properly and thoroughly, can avoid
unfathomable potential of the benign most of hysterectomies.
homoeopathic medicines. Being truly
holistic, Homoeopathy considers the Homeopathy in cosmetic or
mental and emotional health, along beauty treatment: Most obstinate
with the physical, an integral part of Dandruff, worst kinds of Acne, Dark
complete or perfect health. Hence Circles or bags like puffiness under
irritable & restless infants who tend to eyes, Eczema, Psoriasis, Alopecia,
Family: A family means members cry a lot when kept on the bed and partial or offensive sweating, affections
of all age groups living together. Non- want to be carried all the time, who of nails, etc. Uneven size of eyes in
toxic and non-addictive Homoeopathy pass green stools, bang their head growing children, find satisfactory
is par excellence to help you face against the floor, or bite, hit you, treatment in Homoeopathy.
chronic problems like – Migraine, throw things or are too fearful, afraid
Sinusitis, Arthritis, Rheumatism, of darkness, night, lonely places, Spine: We started giving money
Asthma, Hypertension, Diabetes, can dogs, etc. all become typical cases back guarantee on spinal treatment,
help CRF (Kidney failure) patients for us with curable symptoms. Apart about five years ago (only to
improve life & at times even quit from improved handwriting and encourage people try and benefit
dialysis, Hyperacidity, Chronic eyesight children can escape the from the wonderful healing powers of
constipation, IBS, Depression, torture of surgical removal of Homoeopathy in spinal troubles and
Anxiety, and Insomnia, Nightmares tonsils adenoids, styes, etc. and the result is that more people come
(bad dreams), Premonitions. Or for overcome embarrassing problem of to us for the treatment of spinal
the routine management of acute bedwetting. diseases than for anything else. We
conditions like all types of fevers, once claimed to make Gurgaon the
diarrhoea, vertigo, vomiting, etc. or For females or in gyne troubles: Mecca for patients with spinal
to eradicate the tendencies to get Puberty to pregnancy to menopause, troubles. And having avoided spine
one or more of these troubles every new stage brings its own surgeries in Patna to Dubai and
repeatedly and frequently. peculiar challenges and California we feels we have made
complications in a woman’s life. What good progress in that direction.
For children: Constitutional is not commonly known is the beauty PHC is an ISO 9001:2000 certified
treatment is a term often used in of homoeopathy in tackling these clinic and specialises in distance
Classical Homoeopathy; literal problems. From handling menstrual healing through classical
meaning of the word constitution is discomforts, Or PMS, to other Homoeopathy. The best part is you
the construction or formation of menstrual irregularities (without using can enjoy the best of Homoeopathy
something. Hence a constitutional any artificial hormones and hence sitting at home anywhere in the world.
treatment is supposed to treat or cure freedom from side effects) Polycystic Panacea Homoeopathic Clinic
the flaws that date back to one’s ovaries, uterine fibroids, Unwanted H.O-L-22/7, Phase II DLF City,
formative days, i.e. childhood or even hair growth or other signs of Gurgaon-122002, B.O.-73,
prior to that i.e. the hereditary hormonal imbalance, Osteopenia & Huda Market, Sec-22, Gurgaon.
problems or predispositions. Osteoporosis, hot flashes, Ph: 91-0124-4037136
Naturally, childhood or the formative Leucorrhoea, Freckles, etc. Mobile: 9718373737, 9990449900
years are the best or the most ideal Homoeopathy, if taken and given,
Statement Purple
Feminine sari with
Indian floral motifs
on black
apparels – border for the
beautiful you.
certainty the
statement to
the world...
Go green:
Beautiful green
sari enhanced
with embroidered
spherical shapes
all over look
Bubbly beauty:
Encrusted brocade
kurta in hues of
pink and blue with
georgette sleeves
is matched with
crushed dupatta
and plain pink
An ethnic
embellished kurta
churidar in lovely
combo of red and
green with
matching dupatta
ooze elegance.

Dresses: Sakshi Emporium

New Delhi. Ph: 011-28755729
Lofty Dreams
A mother discovers that her overprotectiveness has only nudged
her beloved son towards robotdom. By Smita Shenoy

indu tossed and turned in her bed. No matter country's top medical college?"
how hard she tried, sleep had been eluding Ravi had looked up from his newspaper and
her for the past few nights. She had tried hot replied coolly, "I just want him to be happy in
milk, sleeping pills, relaxation techniques and whatever he does."
practically everything else. She would fall into This had broken her remaining control and she
a restless sleep for a few hours and then had shrieked, "What do you mean by that? Don't
suddenly wake up in a cold sweat after a few you think I want the best for my son too? His results
hours in the middle of the night. are due in a week's time and I am anxious that he
She looked across the bed to where Ravi was does his best."
sleeping peacefully. Men!, she thought scornfully, Ravi got up from the breakfast table and before
just give them a bed and a pillow and they leaving it, said, "If you are frank enough
would snore away through the night. How "Why would you will admit that you are worried more
could he afford to sleep so calmly when you want to about beating Karuna than about your son
Akash's medical entrance examination slog for some doing well."
results were due in a week? Akash was newspaper or Leaving her open-mouthed, Ravi took his
their only son and all their hopes were other? Look at briefcase, adjusted his tie and was out of
pinned on him. They had spared no your sister. In a the house. Soon, she heard the car start
expense in sending him to the most few years’ time, which signalled that Ravi had left for
expensive school, the costliest and the best she will be office. But what he had said opened the
coaching centre. She had even taken earning in lakhs Pandora's box. She sat motionless in the
voluntary retirement from her high-paying while you will chair with her thoughts flying back to her
job to coach him and help him personally. be getting a past.
For the last year, the family had had pittance," her Karuna was older than she by three
practically no social life. All her free hours father had years and was her parents’ favourite.
were devoted to Akash's studies. pointed out. Bindu could still hear their comments when
Ravi had not been involved in all this she had stood second on the school in
except for making routine enquiries about class VII and Karuna had topped the
Akash's progress. His attitude angered Bindu very school in her Class IX exams.
much and she confronted him about it at the "You will still be second best to her, Bindu. She
breakfast table the next morning after Akash had left has topped while you have only managed second
for his tutorials. place," her mother had said cruelly.
"How can you be so detached about Again, when they picked their streams of studies,
Akash's future? You hardly take any interest in his the same disparaging comments had been evident.
studies. Do you not want him to top in the entrance She had gone for a course in journalism while
exam? Don't you want him to get admission in the Karuna had taken up medicine.

206 Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009

"Why would you want to slog for some
newspaper or other? Look at your sister. In a few
years’ time, she will be earning in lakhs while you
dismissed Akash's
chances of getting a
better job without giving

will be getting a pittance," her father had pointed him a fair chance. She had always
out. personally taken care of his study schedule
and made sure he topped his class. And

indu had swallowed her tears and now she was determined that he pass the
disappointment. She had vowed to prove her medical entrance with flying colours and
worth. She studied like a woman possessed. become a doctor like, or even better than,
She had met Ravi in the journalism college and it Karuna’s son.
was love at first sight. He was her senior at college. Bindu was jolted out of her thoughts by
With Ravi's encouragement she had topped every the sharp ringing of the telephone.
exam at the university and won accolades Reluctantly, she got up and picked
and medals for her articles. The thing she up the receiver.
longed for, however, still eluded her. Her “Why do you "Hello, Bindu memsahib,"
parents' praise and encouragement were not realise that spoke a frightened and shaken
all reserved for Karuna. It was always I have my voice over the phone.
"Karuna this" and "Karuna that", never "Yes, who is this?" she asked.
once "Well done, Bindu.” Not even when individuality "Memsahib it is me, Shantabai. Karuna
she was employed by the nation's leading and my memsahib is sitting like a statue in front of
daily. ambitions are the computer for the last half hour. I cannot
So she was not really surprised when different from get her to move at all. Could you please
her parents disapproved of Ravi as her yours. Oh, by come over?"
choice for partner. the way, you "Of course I will be there immediately,"
"Trust you to choose a journalist as your said Bindu and shoved the phone down.
life partner. Why could you not choose a can say no to She got ready in a hurry and scribbled a
doctor like your sister did?" the girl that you note on the fridge to let Akash know that
The comparisons had continued and have selected. she would be back soon.
had now trickled down to their children. She took the other car from the garage
Karuna's son Ajay had completed his mechanical and started out for her sister's house. Karuna lived
engineering course from a top university with flying only 15-minutes drive from Bindu's house but they
colours and was working in the USA with a leading hardly met. It was Bindu who avoided meeting her
automobile company for the past six months. Karuna sister because she was tired of listening to her
had also selected a girl for him to marry when he sister's continuous praise of her son Ajay's
came to India in a month's time achievements. At first she had been
on his holiday. genuinely proud of her nephew's
Her parents had feats but now it irritated her to
keep on hearing about them.
Soon, she was at the house
pressing the doorbell
anxiously. Shantabai hurriedly
opened the door and Bindu rushed into the study unwind, play, chat and catch up on movies. All the
where the computer was. Indeed, Karuna was sitting friends I had were those pseudo-intellectuals
immobile in front of it with a shocked expression on handpicked by you who saw nothing beyond their
her face. Bindu and Shantabai managed to lift study books.
Karuna from the chair and made her sit on the sofa. “I tried hard all my life to please you, mom. I even
Bindu fetched some water and forced Karuna to took up a subject I loathe. I wanted to be a top
drink it. Slowly, the colour returned to Karuna's face journalist like Bindu aunty or Ravi uncle but you
but she still sat without moving or speaking. Bindu forced me to take up mechanical engineering
told Shantabai to make a cup of strong coffee and because it would make you proud to have a son in
bring it. Shantabai rushed out to the kitchen at once the USA. I did everything to make you happy but
to prepare coffee. Bindu went to the computer to your demands kept on growing. You had the support
switch off the PC when her eyes fell on the screen. It of nana and nani in all this. Their never-ending
was a mail from Ajay. She sat down to read it ambitions made me sick. They kept on driving a
because she was sure that that was what had wedge between Akash and me by constantly putting
caused her sister to be in the present state. The mail him down, whereas the truth is that he is a brilliant
read: boy.
“Mom! I hope dad and you are well. I really do “Now you are making Bindu aunty like you. The
not know how to write this but I have to, I guess. I rare occasions that I speak to Akash or mail him he
will never be able to say this to your face because I says that he is petrified of disappointing her by
am totally scared of you. I had thought of avoiding doing badly in the medicals. But his heart is not in
this e-mail but now, on knowing that you have fixed becoming a doctor. He wants to become a forensic
up a girl for me without even letting me see or speak scientist. But I guess Bindu aunty may not allow it
to her, I have decided to write and let you know my because she has her heart set on making him a
feelings. cardiologist. Just like you wanted me to get this
“Mom, you have never tried to be a loving mother present job.
or even a friend. You did not even let dad and me “Why do you not realise that I have my
bond properly saying that it was a waste of time to individuality and my ambitions are different from
have idle chit-chats. You always controlled my life yours. Oh, by the way, you can say no to the girl
deciding on everything right from what I eat, what I that you have selected. I have met Deborah and we
wear down to who will be my friends. In fact, I are in love. She is Chinese and we are in the same
hardly had any true friends with whom I could office. It is just a matter of time before we marry and
settle down. I will send you the details once the date
is fixed. And I don't know when I will be coming
down to India. Maybe in another
three or four years. Who
“Give my love to dad
Bindu sat still on the chair
for some time, almost like
Karuna was a little while
ago. Is this how their
children viewed them – as
some demons trying to
control their every breath?
Come to think of it, that is
what the two mothers were
doing – was it not? It took
this harsh mail from Ajay to
open her eyes to the fact
that she was dominating
her son's life completely
and in a negative way.
"Bindu," Karuna
spoke feebly. Bindu
immediately shut off
the PC and went and sat by her sister's side. “Dear Diary,
"I think you should rest now. Do not speak," “I do not know what I will do if I get poor marks
Bindu said with concern. in the medical entrance. I have tried my best but I
Karuna brushed aside her objection, am afraid it is not what I want to do at all. I want to
"No, Bindu, let me speak. Let me feel for what I have become a forensic scientist and assist in solving
done. Right from childhood I have been jealous of high-profile and baffling crimes so as to help my
you." country in reducing corruption. But if I do not clear
Bindu looked at her in shock. "Yes, it is true," my entrance it will shatter mother. I cannot bear to
Karuna continued. "I always felt envious of the see the dejected look in her eyes. I would sooner
freedom you got in choosing your career, your life end my life than see her going through
partner, etc,. while our parents were always over- disappointment. She has a right to expect this from
protective of me and deciding what I should study or me. She is my mother, after all.”
who I should marry. But, unfortunately, instead of

realising this and letting Ajay decide for himself how indu could not read beyond this as her eyes
he should lead his life, I totally dominated his were wet with tears. All this, while she had
decisions. Deep down, I was anxious that he should been selfishly thinking of how to upstage her
always stay ahead of Akash and, in the process, I sister, and her son was thinking of how to please his
did the same things that I resented my parents for mother! When had she become such a monster?
doing. I must have subconsciously known that Ajay's Ravi had been right in saying that whatever pleases
patience would wear thin one day and he their son would please him.
would react this way. But to actually see it She heard the doorbell, replaced the
in writing still came as a shock. Nothing Her mind was diary and ran down to open the door.
had prepared me for this, I must confess. I Akash was back from his tutorials. Poor
think it is too late for me to make amends. in a whirl as she thing, he looked ill with all the dark circles
But for you it is not. Akash still has time to drove back under his eyes and the weight he had lost.
decide his stream. Let him become a home. Oh She smiled at him and said, "Get
forensic scientist if he desires. Do not stop goodness! refreshed and come down. Then we will
him, Bindu. Do not make the mistake I What had she go through the Internet to find out about
made." been about to the leading colleges offering forensic
This long monologue obviously tired sciences as a subject."
Karuna out. By the time Shantabai came do? What Akash looked at her, bewildered, for a
with the coffee she was fast asleep. Bindu Ajay had said long time. Then his face cleared up as if he
told Shantabai to let her sleep and went to was completely understood without words that some change
inform jijaji. true. had occurred. He did not want to question it
"I have to go home now. You stay with but knew it was a change for the better.
her till Jeejaji comes home. Call me if you "Sure, I will be down in two minutes,"
need anything," she told Shantabai before getting he said, his face lit up with such pure joy that it tore
into her car and driving off. Bindu's heart. When was the last time her son had
Her mind was in a whirl as she drove back home. looked so radiant?
Oh goodness! What had she been about to do? "By the way, any college degree should be
What Ajay had said was completely true. She had enough," he continued. "But I want to do this the
robbed her son of his capacity to think and decide. right way. I want to make you and dad proud of me.
She had turned him into a robot that did only her Oh, dad has already got some details on this. I will
bidding. And all this for what? For a few words of bring them down. We can go through this together
praise from her parents which, after all her efforts, and decide." Saying this, he bounded up to his
may not have come at all? They might have found room, climbing two steps at a time.
some fault with him still. So Ravi had an idea of his son's objectives and
aims while she had been selfishly wrapped up in her

he reached home and found out that Akash had own dreams. Bindu decided she had interfered
not returned. She went up to his room and enough in her son's life. She would be a silent
opened his cupboard and took out his personal supporter from now – letting him pursue his goals,
diary. Normally, she never would have read his only offering advice if and when Akash needed it.
personal jottings but now she was anxious to find She would also get her career back on track. She
out if he had voiced similar thoughts as Ajay. She had learnt an important lesson before it was too late.
flitted through the pages till she came to the last Nothing mattered except the happiness of the ones
entry dated the night before: you truly love. We

212 Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009

little girl walks up to her father What is it about women and

A and says, “I want to grow up

and be rich!”
“Really... why?”
money? While women are excelling
in every field, the subject of money
still floats on shaky waters. Women in
“Because I want to buy everything India are taught from a young age
that I can possibly buy in the whole about being financially independent,
world with my own money!” she says but are thrown off guard when it
triumphantly. comes to growing wealth. While on
“Your money?” the one hand, women are told that
“Yeah!” she says positively. money does make the world go
“Wouldn’t it also be your round; on the other, they are told that
husband’s money?” he quizzes. money is what you are given to
The little girl is confused, “No it maintain the family.
would be my money, but I could Although cosmopolitan cities have
share it with him if he needs it.” seen women come out of their
“You have a bad attitude... you will houses and do their thing, they are
have a bad marriage if you keep few. There are pockets in society
thinking this way! Besides, we will where women are still living in
give you enough when you grow up. conservative set-ups where marriage
We will marry you into a family where and domesticity take precedence
your needs will be taken care of.” over everything.
The girl walks away confused... Sharmila, a lawyer says, “We are
“Was being rich a bad thing?” she brought up with the mentality that
wonders women take care of the house and

216 Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009

Forget traditional
biases – women are
more practical
money wizards than
many men.
By Puja Goyal

men take care of financial matters. more affluent families where it is not
There are some women who grow up considered relevant for women to
in a broad-minded set-up but it’s rare. bother about finances. They have
We hear a lot about empowerment servants who take care of everything
and independence, but it’s all a feel- while they participate in kitty parties
good factor. When I go to my friends’ and social events.
houses I find that things have rarely The case is quite different in
changed... the society is such that it normal, middle-class families
plays upon a family-structures where it is considered
mentality.” proper and polite for a girl
If you take a count of the number to finish her education
of graduating girls and compare them and get married to a well-to-
to the ones who finally find financial do man who is able to provide
independence, it is small. “Most of the basic necessities and
my girlfriends graduating with me are comforts.
brilliant. Radhika is just back from a Most societal rules
fashion designing course in London. superficially imposed on a
But she got married after the course family, make it almost sinful for
and is now settled with a child. Her a girl to even think of being
husband takes care of everything rich, successful or wanting to
including the finances while she hold a position of authority.
dictates the household,” says a For example: What will
surprised Seema. society say? How will I find a
This is especially happening in more accomplished match for
her? Wouldn’t it cause ego clashes the mother who is familiar with local necessary for her to sustain herself.
with her husband if she earns more? markets, and the needs of her The question is: are girls really
A woman should always earn less children, can take care of household interested in money? On this,
than her husband, maintain a position expenses.” Sharmila says, “Well, look at how
lower than her husband... and, most An indirect social pressure on girls women and men communicate. Men
importantly, not try to know her causes them to have a very stunted talk about growth, but women are
finances because it is the man’s job. growth in terms of self-development always talking about television
There are several superficial and they, therefore, grow according shows. Men will socialise for
societal barriers a woman needs to to what they are supposed to grow networking, but women socialise for
deal with but, more importantly, the into instead of what they should grow bonding. I’m more secure talking to a
eternal question is: “What will people into. So, why is it a sin if a girl wants man for financial advice because he
say?” to be rich? will know more. Women hold a
Shankar tries to throw light on the I am sure most women nursing the secondary status in these issues...”
psyche of the society, “Men desires to be rich – and reading this So does a man know more
sometimes get insecure about their article right now – have at some point because it comes naturally or
spouses becoming more successful encountered the statement, “Oh, but because he has been trained to think
than they are; it’s all about what why do you want to be rich? Don’t we on those terms? Is money-making a
they’ve been taught, instead of provide you enough?” Any direct skill that cannot be acquired?
teaching men to take it in good spirit, answer to this without inciting an Raheem adds, “Money-management
women are taught that it’s better not uproar is not possible. is not a gender-based issue, it is a
to be ambitious about money and This causes most girls to do away skill and can be acquired by anyone
concentrate on so-called domesticity; with the prospect that they can also with correct training. Children whose
I know it sounds cocky but that’s the accumulate wealth and be rich. It is parents have given them enough
way society works. Parents think it’s as if it were a crime to even think of freedom with money in their
more feasible to teach their it. In such a case, wanting more than childhood and corrected them
daughters to fulfil domestic commit- what is necessary is like blasphemy. appropriately, will turn out to be
ments and not step into the man’s Women who want be rich are better money-managers, irrespective
shoes. Besides, if you remove the scorned. of their gender.”
father-daughter relationship, he is When you think rich, you become
after all a man and he knows what
another man wants; her mother in the
rich. As materialistic as it sounds, the
truth is that money is power, and the
end is also trained in the same right investment can make money TEACHING
manner. They have different dreams grow. We do come from a society Shubhaprada Alse, who is
for their daughter and son.” where money is a man’s turf and any presently studying gender differences
invasion there is not welcome. When in her MA first year says, “Westerni-
I speak to my father about finances, I sation of teaching has led to the
STRIKE A BALANCE still get the same response, “You subordination of women in India. It
Raheem Darediya, on the other don’t have to know everything.” was not that bad before colonisation.
hand, thinks there should be balance Being raised in an Indian family, I think that larger differences find
and every member of the family I’m independent in my endeavours, their roots in smaller differences and
should work together to run it. “I think but there is more interest taken in the some of them started from religion.
both parents should control money financial developments of my Both men and women are equal.
matters. The father, who has a better brothers – reason: money-making is What was considered as a division
exposure to the outside world, can not a girl’s turf and it is enough for of labour for the proper running of the
take care of bigger expenses, and her to earn only that which is family has turned to negation of the
work done just because it has no
money value attached to it. All said
and done, I think women are doing a
lot, and it’s much better now... they
Maintenance do have some say in some money
family matters now.”
allowance. Women from the outset are taught
to grow emotionally while men are
taught to grow financially; we pass it
off as a natural, biological chore.
What is it that is stopping women
from growing rich? Maybe it is that
somewhere down the line we are told
that being rich is not a priority for us; assuming that it is a pet peeve which Women are not making full use of
as a result, we are more comfortable will last only a few days. this opportunity and are pursuing this
playing various relationship roles and There are various websites like new-found independence in full
leaving money matters to men. “sharekhan”, “moneycontrol” and swing. They are not only getting into
Besides these, women face inner “ICICI”, etc. that allow you to open investment but also creating wealth
inhibitions, which curb their skills of accounts and trade in stocks and buying properties. Many women
creating wealth. In the end, women fictitiously and provide financial now prefer to go to women financial
believe that, maybe, they are not cut information, before you can start real consultants because they feel the
out for it. The point is that if you’re investment. Such sites are a good women consultants are going to
not taught or encouraged to think way to start learning because you understand them better.
about money, then you will not don’t lose anything. Taking short “The kind of consultancy and
acquire the skills to make it. Money- courses and reading books also help. expertise that a female consultant
making is not something one cannot You could even start off by filing your gives to female client is more personal
learn and acquire, and it does not own income tax returns. Find out and catering to her emotional, physical
require some sort of gifted what aspect of finances you enjoy and mental needs. Women are more
development. What it does require is a and work on specialising in them. sensitive and can understand where
great deal of financial planning and the client’s fears and wants are
financial thought. coming from. There is a feeling of
The more women I speak to, the NEED FOR MORE SKILLS comfort,” says Surekha who is
more I realise that women in general Times are changing and it has presently studying finance. “On the
are not great financial risk-takers. become vital that women learn more other hand, women are also known to
They would accumulate wealth in than just basic survival skills. The be more careful and take calculated
fixed deposits and gold rather than truth is that this realisation has come risks. They do their homework and it
take risks in stocks and shares, etc. across in the minds of many only doesn’t feel like they are just doing it
Most women say, “But there is no after experiencing the necessity of it to get their commission. I think it could
one to tell us.” Although they get – instead of coming across on be due to the feeling that women
approval from their family members, discovering that it is important for want to prove themselves more
they are not told what to do, everyone to grow. competitive,” she concludes. We

driver and came into the house A major catastrophe seemed to be

presuming that I had carried his averted, at least for my parents.
luggage. Light dawned on us when he – Dr Gayathri N. M., Chikmagular,
asked for his bag after the pleasantries Karnataka..
were over. His suitcase had remained
in the taxi.
My parents became frantic. They
sent my brothers in search of the taxi
but they returned after a futile search Has something
of two hours. By then it was almost happened in your
one o’clock. My husband retired to bed life that has left an
Honest cabbie indelible impression on your
requesting my brother to buy him a mind? Some experience that gladdens
I had just been married for 15 pair of inner clothing for the next day. your heart or which makes you
days. After visiting relatives, my My mom and dad couldn’t sleep a shudder with pain or embarrassment
husband and I were returning to my wink as they felt that my negligence even after years! Why not share your
mother’s place. In those days, a would be a black mark that appeared experience with the readers of
Woman’s Era? All published incidents
honeymoon almost meant visiting so early in my married life. My will be paid Rs 200. Please type or
relatives and friends. When we husband refused to talk to me. write neatly on white foolscap paper
arrived at the bus station, it was 11 When I woke up the next morning, and send it to:
o’clock at night. We got into a taxi I heard loud voices outside. I came out MY MOST UNFORGETTABLE
and reached home. I was overjoyed – lo! – Our suitcase was sitting right in EXPERIENCE AS A BRIDE
to see my parents. I caught hold of the middle of the room. The taxi driver
my bag and rushed inside. Dumping who had gone home after dropping us, E-3 Jhandewala Estate, New Delhi-110055.
it in a corner I greeted everyone. I had noticed the bag in it only in the
was oblivious to this world as I morning and realising it belonged to Name:
eagerly began talking to my family us, had brought it straight back to us! Mobile:
members. My husband paid the taxi We could not thank the driver enough. E-mail:

220 Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009

Complete your
A collection of ties, scarves, wallets and
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Wrap yourself in warmth,

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A must for
cold weather in
this soft, long,
grey checkered
scarf, fringed at
the ends.

Adorn yours
shirts with Bundle up in style with this casual
cuff links for cold weather scarf.
the formal

Courtesy: Alvaro Castagnino

Delhi. Ph: 011-27224009
Count sheep?
Play mind games?
Wash your feet?
There are many
things you can do to
try and fall asleep,
but first, find out
why you can’t sleep!
By Dueep J. Singh

INSOMNIA t's true that even the healthiest of

people occasionally have "white
nights" when it is quite impossible
to get to sleep. I recently had a
night like this because my
peaceful slumber was interrupted
by a wrong number at midnight
when a lady called Raj wanted to
speak to her daughter, Pushpa.
What Raj had been doing all the
hours of reasonable ringing-up-your-
daughter time, I do not wish to
conjecture upon.
Anyway, it had hit me for six. Ten
minutes had been spent trying to
explain to her how to dial a number
properly. The next night I was
interrupted by someone who wanted
to know at 11 o'clock, why I had
given her a missed call at seven
o'clock! I had to waste 15 minutes How many types of insomnia Here, you do not sleep for weeks and
persuading her that she had dialled are there? weeks. I want to tell you that there is
the wrong city code. As trying to get There are different types of often an underlying cause for chronic
back to sleep after such a discussion insomnia, insomnia. For that you have to check
was futile, there followed another  Transient or temporary up with your doctor to see if you
white night. insomnia: Transient insomnia is a suffer from depression or anxiety.
Sleep is the cheapest beauty disturbance in sleeping patterns  The long-term use of sleeping
treatment one can give oneself but which continues for a few nights only. pills and alcohol, or a very heavy
go 48 hours without sleep and, The cause can be jet lag, excitement, meal loaded with proteins before
instead of looking bright, fresh and stress, illness or a change in sleep going to sleep, can also lead to
relaxed, you look like a wet sponge schedule. Those with transient insomnia. Sometimes, shift work also
— haggard and irritated. You do not insomnia soon return to normal. If disturbs one’s sleep pattern and one
look your age, for you immediately you have a crying baby around or becomes a chronic insomniac.
gain 10 years of distinguished some construction work going on Medical problems such as chronic
maturity without make-up. when you are trying to sleep, you will pain or an overactive bladder and the
Your skin, looks like a used tissue suffer from temporary insomnia. ageing process can also disturb
paper, wrinkled and dry. Above all,  The second type is short-term one’s sleep pattern.
because your resistance level is so insomnia. This can be a bit more
low, you find yourself falling prey to serious because it continues Can insomnia be
small infections like a cold or slight for two to three weeks. Here, Since falling caused by diseases?
fever. the main causes are mental Insomnia is often a
Forty-eight hours without sleep and psychological, like worry asleep is a symptom of another
and I had to get a medical check-up about finances, change of passive condition rather than a
done to get my driving licence location or job, and, in India, condition on its own. If
renewed. So I took the opportunity to worry about children! Sadness process that insomnia is caused by
ask the doctor about insomnia, and about an emotional loss can medical or psycholo -
how to get a good night's rest. cause you to lie awake at requires the gical conditions, its
Excerpts from interview with night and grieve. This will lead body and treatment will have to
Dr Anjana Mehta, MD. to short-term insomnia. focus on those under-
Doctor, what is a sleep  The most worrying type mind to be lying conditions. Only a
disorder? As far as I know, of them all is chronic doctor can tell you if
insomnia means difficulty in insomnia. But this is very rare! relaxed, your insomnia is due to
sleeping, doesn’t it? strategies such conditions as
As the name heart disease, epil -
suggests, a sleep which calm epsy, pregnancy,
disorder means that you menopause or arthritis.
have some difficulty in both the mind It is not advisable at all
sleeping. Falling or and body are to medicate yourself
staying asleep, going to with your own gharelu
sleep at unusual times, very helpful in nuskhe or some herbal
sleeping much longer medicine because you
than what is normal and managing can get addicted to
other such abnormal insomnia. them.
behaviour related with In addition, medi -
sleep, all come under cations prescribed for certain health
sleep disorders. condi tions such as high blood
pressure and even asthma may
Can you please tell me, how adversely affect sleep. You
many hours of sleep I really need should also identify any psy-
to keep healthy. chological factors standing in
Eight hours is what an the way of your rest. Since
average adult needs. But some of falling asleep is a passive
us need 10 hours (“Me!” I squeak. I process that requires the
like my sleep...) Children need eight body and mind to be
to nine hours and babies need even relaxed, strategies which
more. However, there are some calm both the mind and body
people who are perfectly healthy, are very helpful in managing
sleeping for about six hours. insomnia.
If I do not get my daily quota of My grandmother advocated that brushing your teeth, and getting into
relaxed sleep, how will that affect we wash our feet before we go to bed with a relaxing book. The
my health? sleep. How does that help? moment you begin to feel sleepy,
The important word here is Apart from the fact that the sheets switch off the light, and forget about
“relaxed”. You might have eight hours remain clean longer, washing your your book.
of sleep interrupted by waking up feet before you go to sleep is a sort No three pages more! Stimulus-
with a jerk and dropping off again. of sleep-inducing trick. Absolutely no control therapy is what is needed
That is not healthy, relaxed sleep. coffee or chocolate before going to here. The bed is for sleeping and not
Relaxed sleep is dropping off in sleep. In fact, insomniacs should stop for preventing yourself from going to
seven minutes after your head hits drinking much tea or coffee. In a day, sleep by keeping awake to finish your
the pillow and waking up the next your quota should be not more than book.
morning at your regular time. five cups, do not drink either of these
beverages within three hours of your How about going out for a walk
Doctor, sometimes, sleep just bedtime. So no consuming caffeine, after dinner?
doesn’t come. Can you give me nicotine or alcohol too close to A gentle walk is always
some tips. I tried counting sheep, bedtime. Do not watch television right recommended after dinner, but no
but I had to give it up, because it before going to bed either. vigorous exercising! Exercise has a
was making me feel even more direct, beneficial effect on several
tired. I don’t think it’s stress and Is it better to rush to bed and factors that affect insomnia. It
there is no question of my try to go to sleep or is there any reduces the effects of stress,
suffering from heart disease, tire-yourself-out routine, which improves mood and deepens sleep.
arthritis, etc. But I am still am can make sleep easier? Regular daily exercise completed at
deprived of sleep. What can I do? (Anjana shook her head). In fact, least four hours before bedtime
Well, if you have been sleeping both of us know that anybody who is usually improves sleep performance.
badly, and you do not know any not completely tired out before he or
obvious reason for this, like a major she goes to sleep, is going to have Sometimes, even if my bed is
change in your life or some serious quite a whale of a time, counting very comfortable, I cannot get to
disturbance and worry, it is sheep. sleep. What should I do then?
necessary to begin to look at your Actually, there should be a pre- Buy a mattress which is not too
lifestyle. Are you eating late? Are you sleep routine, which we call soft. Discard lumpy mattresses. See
stressed out? Are you missing your unwinding. That is, you need about that your pillows are plump enough
meals? Are you hurrying around in a half an hour to 45 minutes to get to support your head.
chaotic manner? Well, remember not ready for sleep. That is a time when
to eat much after nine o'clock. If you you can go through your nightly Sometimes, my back aches
want to have something, have a drink beauty routine of moisturising and when I go to sleep. How do I
of warm milk. cleaning your face, having a bath, prevent this?
That is a common problem. Sleep
with an extra pillow supporting your
Relaxed sleep is dropping back where it aches. It should be
off in seven minutes hard and not spongy. If you have a
lot of back problem, try sleeping on a
after your head hits the hard surface. With an extra-firm
pillow and waking up the No wonder our ancestors were so
next morning at straight-backed, sleeping on the
ground or on wooden planks!
your regular time. Try it out, it helps. The nawaar or
rope charpoy bends itself to the
contours of the body without giving it
support when and where necessary.
So you need a plywood phatta!

Sometimes, it happens that

there is something very important
scheduled for the next day and it
is absolutely essential for me to
get some sleep. And my brain
chooses that time to begin acting

228 Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009

thoroughly active and not relaxing patient who is in pain, only to find out naps, not drink coffee, make sure
at all. What do I do then? that he or she has become addicted that my bedroom is calm and quiet
For a long time, we doctors to them even after the pain has and dark, no alcohol or smoking at
advocated mental relaxation tricks disappeared. It also happens that all at night, (not that it applies in my
but you can try some physical continuous use of these medications case!). and eat some light
relaxation tricks. Close your eyes and make the body build up resistance to carbohydrates before going to bed.
tell yourself that you are not going to them, lessening their efficiency, due That all right in the general sense.
open them at all. Breathe in very to which some people begin to take So let us see what homoeopathy has
deeply, counting up to 10. Hold your higher doses in self-medication. to say about insomnia.
breath to a count of five, and then Excerpts from the interview with
breathe out, up to a count of 10. This So I got my medical certificate, Dr (Captain) Siddhartha Garewal.
is a simulation of deep sleep and you saying I am fit to drive. But I am BHMS. Hey, even the Indian defence
will drop off very soon. just this teensy-weensy bit sleep- forces believe that Homoeopathy is
You can also begin to relax all deprived. So what's new, pussy a genuine medical science!
your muscles by clenching them and cat?
then letting them go loose. Start with What I have found out from this First of all, doctor tell me,
your feet, clenching them, and then exercise is that before trying to go to before we get to insomnia, how
relax. Then work up your body, then sleep, I must exercise a little, not take does homeopathy cure a person
your arms and hands and last of all naturally?
your shoulders. That should loosen Actually, homeopathic remedies
up any tense muscles. are prepared from natural substances
so that they can stimulate the
Sometimes, I am so tired that I body's own power of healing itself.
cannot sleep. What do I do then?
Try relaxation techniques and if Do you mean that I can be
they do not work, get up and wash cured permanently by homoeo -
your face with cold water. Drink a pathy?
glass of water too. You can also Yes, homeopathy has a better
brush your hair, if you want to. Sit up record of offering long-lasting to
for a while, go back to bed, make it permanent cures, because the
afresh and then try to go back to disease is being treated from its root.
sleep again. Actually, we believe that there is
some affliction of the mind and
What do you think of sleep body which disturbs the whole
medications? organism.
Definitely no-no! These So we have to provide one
medications have side-effects like constitutional remedy. Instead
high blood pressure and nausea and of treating all the body parts
suntans. It has happened that separately, the disturbing force has
doctors have prescribed them for a to be treated. We

Many a times I have come person will become ideal for you. yourself an ideal person – and be
across this question. Who is an I had learnt this from my past compatible to your partner – and
ideal match for you? Or how will you relationships and my marriage that then you will slowly notice that your
describe an ideal match for the person with whom you are partner is also changing
yourself? Parents search for "An related/married to, can be very accordingly, and will become an
ideal match" for their daughter. So, different or simply opposite of you. ideal match for you.
who is an ideal match? Then after having a relationship, if Don't load yourself with bundles
The simple answer to this you discover that this person is not of expectations, because coz it will
question is that there is no ideal your type, life can become horrible only lead to depression. So, to have
match for anybody. Surprised? But because it's not easy to break a healthy relationship – and an ideal
it's the truth. The only existing ideal relationships. The simplest way to partner, become an ideal partner
match is "U" and nobody else. If you solve this problem is to give time to and understand your relationship
can make yourself an ideal for your marriage/relationship, and and I can assure you, you will have
someone, then automatically any have patience. You have to make a wonderful life. – Shilpi Signodia

230 Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009

The Bridge
that United Hearts
It was not a material connection but a Faltu child that
brought them together. By Nalini Sharma

riven by intense desire to witness the don’t you sleep quietly and let others do so?”
gorgeous snow-clad mountains Nandini was “That is what we have been doing since we
prompted to take a fortnight’s leave in the arrived here... sleeping and eating,” she retorted.
month of January from her college where she “You can sleep as long as you wish. For your
was working as a lecturer. Braving the chilly information, it is nine o'clock. time to get up...”
cold of winter she joyfully undertook long saying which she jerked her shawl free from his
arduous journey from Agra to Fakhruhi, a grip.
small, hilly place nestling in the valley among the “I won’t allow you to go out in such inclement
treacherous terrain of Himachal Pradesh where her weather...” he growled.
husband’s eldest brother was recently posted. “Inclement, weather?” Nandini shot back. “I
Since her arrival there, severe blizzards kept came here only to enjoy such weather and...and to
raging forcing her to remain indoors. The white witness snowfall and picturesque bewitching natural
snow flakes rained incessantly from the heavens beauty. Remember?”
above. Even windows could not be opened He began to wriggle out of the loads of
for fear of them getting inside. Hardly had quilts. Before he could, she quickly made
Occasionally, she would peep out through her exit. The moment she stepped out the
Nandini scaled
a narrow chink in the window pane and sky above greeted her by showering white
marvel at their pure white ethereal beauty. a hillock when flowers upon her. The whole atmosphere
How she longed to go out and bathe under she heard exuded a divine aura, serenity and
the snow shower! But that was not to be. Rahul’s voice, tranquillity that held her spellbound. In
Aware of her intense longing to enjoy such “Wait, awe Nandini gazed at the snow-clad
freakish weather, Rahul, her husband, kept Nandini, I am peaks that outlined the horizon far away,
a strict vigil on her movements thinking that magnificently giving her a mute, irresistible
she was bit queer. He would lie snug
coming. You call. Though it was a time for hectic
buried under quilts smiling smugly at her won’t find morning chores with people running
discomfiture while she listened greedily to your way back. errands all over the place, not a soul was
the sound of the snow storm howling All the hillocks visible save one or two orderlies or
outside lashing against the window panes look alike...” maidservants who scurried past her
that was sheer music to her ears. hurriedly hidden under woollens with their
Eight days departed one by one leaving eyes peeping through headgear.
her short of precious time that she had wished to

spend on sightseeing. Weather still hostile, giving ardly had Nandini scaled a hillock when she
her no respite, was a great hindrance in fulfilling her heard Rahul’s voice, “Wait, Nandini, I am
mission. As the ninth day dawned, she peeped out coming. You won’t find your way back. All the
as usual. To her wonder there seemed to be a lull in hillocks look alike...”
the howling of the chilly wind though the snow flakes Nandini turned her head to see Rahul hurrying
still poured in profusion. Promptly covering herself towards her.She called back, “Rahul, you need not
from top to toe in woollen garments, she decided to come. I won’t lose my way back. Rest assured...”
steal out quietly before her husband woke up. But, unheeding he bounded up beside her in
As she unbolted the bedroom door, Rahul woke leaping strides with bouncy steps. Dusting snow
up. Catching hold of her shawl, he cried, “Why flakes off his body, he looked around. Shrugging his

232 Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009

Since 1919

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shoulders indifferently, he asked, “What is there to
see here? Only bare tree stumps devoid of leaves
and flowers! Dry twigs and pale leaves groaning
greedily playing hide
and seek as snowflakes
melted slowly into dew

under our feet! Just hear the crunchy sound with drops. The icicles hung like pearls from the
every step you take. This uninhabited, dry stretch of bare branches of the trees sparkling in the
land and ugly mounds give me the creeps. I don’t golden glow of the morning sun. Feasting
see any beauty here. If I stayed here for a few her eyes on colours, she stared at their
seconds more, I would either go berserk or suffer beauty as if in a trance. It seemed that
from depression...surely...” nature was adorned with pearly white in
Saying it in mock depression he twisted his neck obeisance to divine power. The ground
sideways in a dramatic manner. Nandini burst out under her feet lay littered with pebbles,
laughing at his antics. potato-shaped, small, smooth stones and
“You have the gift of the gab,” she taunted, “You big boulders – reminder of landslides long
will go on orating non-stop and...and I am well ware ago. Nothing could ever fill her heart with
of your concept of beauty. The green colour of bank so much joy.
notes is the most beautiful sight for you, their scent is “Beautiful! Marvellous! What a
the sweetest fragrance and nothing is more magnificent sight!” she exulted.
melodious to your ears than the sound of crispy, new

currency notes.” ahul stopped short on hearing his wife’s
Letting out a hearty guffaw he looked deep into exclamation. But looking around, he cried in
his wife’s eyes before commenting, “Had I not been dismay, “Where? I don’t see anything
a lover of beauty, I would not have married you.” beautiful...”
His compliment made Nandini blush adding to Pointing to the branches of trees adorned with
her joy in that charming surrounding. exquisite white icicles glittering in different hues in
Shivering with cold, he took hold of her right the sunlight, Nandini exclaimed exuberantly, “Look
hand and began to drag her down the hillock. At here! Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder...” She
that very moment the sun emerged from behind the turned his face with both her hands in that direction.
range of mountains producing a star-like effect Crosshead: Appaling discovery
lighting up the horizon. An unusual sight greeted Hardly were the words out of her mouth when
Nandini’s eyes – the shadow of the hills silhouetted something soft struck her toes. Instantly, she bent
in the clouds created by the morning sun. The down to see what it was. One look at it made her
sunlight began to filter through the hills and through shriek in horror, “Faltu! Bhaiji’s son? Here?”
the thick growth of bare trees in its purest pristine Both of them were violently jolted at this sudden
glory. turn of events and cried in unison as if asking the
Standing in awe of the majestic panorama, she mute trees and hills, “How did he come here? This
drank in the beauty of shimmering sunbeams year- old tiny tot could not have tottered up there on
the hillock on his own!” But their voices reverberated
in the hills.
Instantly picking up the wrapped
tiny bundle, Nandini cradled it in her
arms. Faltu’s lips had turned blue in
the freezing cold and he looked
deathly pale. He lay still with
no movement. Putting her
fingers to his nostrils, she
checked its breathing but she
could not feel any. Then,
holding him close to her
bossom, she began to rub his
tiny feet to warm its frail, limp
Man’s evil designs had
Rahul slapped Nandini so hard
that it sent her reeling against the
wall. “How dare you teach Bhaiji”? he
shouted at the top of his voice.
marred nature’s beauty. It was evident that someone Sobbing hysterically she hiccupped incoherently,
had thrown him there not without some ulterior “ Nandini found... him... on ...on the
motive just before Nandini and Rahul reached there. hillock...”
Had Nandini not gone to that hillock that morning, With fear-stricken face and tear-filled eyes, Lata
Faltu would never have been found. The euphoria of silently implored Nandini to tell him where she had
sightseeing evaporated in an instant. Rudely found Faltu. In response, Nandini gestured to her
awakened from her blissful reverie to ugly reality, husband to divulge the truth, but he kept mum as if
Nandini’s spirits sagged and, with a heavy heart, he had lost the power of speech. Nandini was
she quickly retraced her steps back home while aware of the fact that Rahul, being the youngest one
Rahul trailed behind her dejectedly. was in awe of bhaiji, his eldest brother, and never
opened his mouth in his presence. Not succeeding

ack home, Rahul joined his two brothers in the in evoking any response from him, Nandini gave
drawing room while Nandini went straight to him a nudge but she failed to make him open his
Lata, Faltu’s mother, in the kitchen. Putting the mouth.
tiny tot in her lap, she asked, “Where did you leave Crosshead: Truth unforheads
him, bhabhi? I found him lying on the top of the Unable to contain herself any longer, Nandini
hillock under a tree... in this freezing cold...” blurted out the truth, “We found Faltu lying
“On the hillock?” Lata repeated like a moron not unconscious on top of the hillock under a tree when
comprehending. After a few seconds, as the impact we went for sightseeing... a little while ago...”
of Nandini’s words hit her mind with Again she looked at her husband to
tremendous force, she let out a high- back her statement up but he averted her
pitched painful shriek. Stunned, she looked gaze.
up at Nandini in utter disbelief with her at this Stunned at this revelation, bhaiji asked
big beautiful eyes swollen due to long revelation, in a rasping voice, “On the top of the
crying. bhaiji asked hillock? How did he reach there?”
“He was missing since morning,” she in a rasping Rahul’s silence was getting on Nandini’s
hiccupped between sobs. “He was not voice, nerves. On top of that, bhaiji’s silly
asleep in his cot when I went to feed him. I question irritated her no end. “This one-
“On the
searched for him everywhere in the house year-old,” she spoke up bluntly, “would not
but he was nowhere...” top of the have walked up there, would he?
Lata’s face was washed with tears and hillock? Obviously someone had taken him
her kameez wet with milk. She looked a How did he there...”
perfect picture of sorrow. Instantly, she reach ”Why?” he barked.
squeezed the limp body of Faltu under the there?” There was grave silence. No one dared
kameez to her breast to feed him. The answer his question. Anyone with a little
warmth and scent of his mother’s body intelligence could deduce the ulterior
made the tiny tot snuggle closer to its mother and he motive of the person who left Faltu in the desolate
began sucking milk that made Nandini jump with place in the freezing cold but not bhaiji. Only a fool
joy. Lata kept wailing loudly while feeding the little could ask such a silly question.
one. Since her arrival there, Nandini had been
Soon, the sound of her wailing reached the ears immensely grieved to see the ill-treatment meted out
of her husband whom everybody addressed as to Lata and her son. She was already seething with
bhaiji. He arrived at the kitchen door with his two rage. Now, bhaiji’s silly ‘why’ fuelled her anger all
younger brothers in tow – Raman and Rahul. Seeing the more.
her husband, Lata’s wailing pitch rose even higher.

When bhaiji saw his son at his wife’s breast, his xasperated no end, her suppressed fury erupted
face lit up with joy. in words all of a sudden, “Bhaiji, Lata bhabhi
But puzzled out of his wits at her non-stop crying, didn’t come to this house on her own. You
he asked, “Lata, where did you find Faltu? Didn’t I brought her here and... and you brought Faltu into
tell you that he would be here buried under some this world. You should protect them from... from...”
quilt?” Even before Nandini could complete her
But in reply Lata kept sobbing hysterically. He sentence, her husband standing like a mute statue so
repeated his question again and again but met with far, suddenly turned mobile with a jerk and slapped
the same response. Unable to control his mounting her so hard that it sent her reeling against the wall.
rage, he thundered, “Cut your miserable melodrama “How dare you teach bhaiji?” he shouted at the
and answer me. Where did you find him?” top of his voice. “What he does is none of your

236 Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009

business. Just eat two meals a day and sit quietly in in any respect. There is a great disparity between
a corner with your mouth shut... till you are here a you two. You will never be able to bridge the
few days more... or else... I would...” intellectual and cultural chasm. You are highly
He left the sentence unfinished menacingly. Tears refined with great aesthetic sense. Your life will be
welled up in Nandini’s eyes with humiliation and sheer misery with You have only seen his
righteous indignation. Rahul’s sudden aggressive handsome exterior but you don’t know the real man
behaviour towards her shocked her immensely but behind that charming facade. He has charmed his
more shocking than that was the vulgar display of way into your heart with his fluent, smooth and
his manliness in the presence of his mother and persuasive talk because he is shrewd businessman
brothers. Yet her husband turned into a coward and and... and a glib salesman. He never reads the
developed cold feet in dread of them. How she books he sells. Being an avid reader, you are well
despised his craven behaviour! The pain of being informed but he is an ignoramus. The moment you
the wife of a coward was more than all the see the seamy side of his life, you will repent your
humiliation heaped upon her. Even at the age of, 38 decision of marrying him. He is uncultured and
he didn’t have the guts to relate a simple fact he had highly materialistic. A man is known by his roots and
been witness to – to speak the truth. he can’t shake off its influence.
“Seeing you hell-bent upon marrying him, I paid a

his incident revealed the ugly facet of his quick, surprise visit to his parental home without
character – that he was a man of straw, a mere your knowledge. I am sorry to say his people are
puppet and a puny weakling under the thumb uncultured brutes lacking taste, refinement and
of his elders but could fly into a nasty temper to manners. Their language and manners are crude. I
subdue his morally correct wife at the slightest have seen their seamy side. What a sordid life they
provocation. A feeling of emptiness engulfed lead! Their ignorance and crudity will make you run
Nandini distancing her from her husband. She no away in disgust. Coming from different
longer felt the same warmth for him in her heart. This backgrounds, you will not be able to interact and
incident turned her into an unemotional robot – cold adjust with each other. Don’t get carried away by
and detached from him. She loathed being his wife his deceptive appearance. You are inviting disaster.
and didn’t feel a sense of belonging to his house. I will die of shock if you come to any grief. It is not
Totally detached, she withdrew to a corner. love but mere infatuation that will soon evaporate
Cross head: Papa’s warming like camphor...once his true character is revealed.
Her father’s words rang in her ears, “Nandini, for “It beats me how you, an intellectual girl with
goodness sake, forget Rahul. He is not worthy of you tremendous reasoning power, got influenced
by...that man... Strange are the ways...” he added
stifling a sigh and left the sentence unfinished.
Crosshead: The nightmare begins

ut Nandini had refused to heed his sane advice
and stood her ground. She was smitten with
Rahul so much that she married him much
against the wishes of her parents. The very first night
her father was proved right. She had shock of her
life when Rahul had pounced upon her body like a
beast saying, “I was waiting for this moment for
Miffed by his crude approach, she had
wriggled free of his grasp. Annoyed, he had
snapped at her, “Nandini, what is the
matter? Come on. You are my wife, aren’t
you? Let us celebrate our wedding night...”
With tear-filled eyes, she had managed to
mumble, “Yes, I am your wife, not your

Nandini was shocked to see the ugly

facet of her husband’s character,
which pained her more than the
humiliation heaped on her.
prey. I don’t like your beastly approach. You should who had wrongfully usurped their home and father.
be gentle...” The house, no longer a sweet home, was turned
“Pooh!” he had exclaimed in disgust. “That is into a virtual battlefield. Savage fighting took place
what happens if you marry a teacher. Instead of between the two warring parties – one of Suresh
making love, she gives me a sermon. Serves me and Mukesh, the other of Amit and Sumit. Suresh
right!” and Mukesh would go to any length to cause the
Something had snapped inside her at that very others injury or humiliation and promptly hide in the
moment. She felt a deep void in her heart. His protective arms of their loving grandmother ever
rough, unsophisticated, brutal approach had ready to cover up their follies and nasty deeds.
completely put her off and turned her cold. She had Hapless Lata was too terrified of her mother-in-law to
gone into silent mode after that. even hug her own sons, wipe their tears or heal their
At that very instant he had labeled her frigid. On wounded psyches with a kiss.
another occasion, he had jeered at her, “You are If she was ever seen doing so, her mother-in-law
like a beautiful statue with no life – fit to adorn a would scold her angrily, “Woman, my son brought
museum...not a home.” you here not to sleep with but to be a mother to
Her marriage was an utter fiasco from the very these two motherless children. Keep away from
start but Nandini kept up the facade before the those lazy parasites you brought with you...”
world of happy married life not to cause pain to her

parents. How hard she tried but she could not be aman’s wife, burdened with the Herculean task
normal towards Rahul. His crudity repulsed her. of managing the house and two spoilt brats all
Their turbulent marriage was a love-hate alone after the death of bhaiji’s first wife
relationship. But now his behaviour in bhaiji’s home heaved a sigh of relief on the arrival of Lata and
had revealed an even more unbearably ugly facet of promptly washed her hands of the whole
his character so far unknown to her. responsibility and retired cosily to the sanctum of her
Nursing her wounded psyche, she began to travel bedroom.
down memory lane. Lata would get up at dawn when everybody was
Crossroad:Bhaiji’s background asleep. She would do the cleaning, wash clothes,
prepare tea and breakfast, tiffin for school, lunch,

he remembered just three days after her and then the evening meal. After slogging hard the
marriage, bhaiji first wife, Rama, had died of whole day like a slave, at 11 p.m., she would drop
meningitis leaving two sons, Suresh and dead tired on the mat on the kitchen floor. That was
Mukesh, in the hands of Raman’s childless wife. not enough; bhaiji was there invariably on the dot
Their grandmother doted on them. She pampered seeking her service in bed. Daily, this inhuman
and indulged them so much that they became spoilt routine was repeated. In addition, she and her two
brats – aggressive, self-willed and wayward. After sons suffered indignities and torture at the hands of
remaining two years without a wife, bhaiji secretly family members. She was made to pay for the sins of
married Lata, a young widow of exquisite beauty bhaiji. She suffered silently and never complained to
and a mother of two sons, Amit and Sumit by her fist her husband about the ill-treatment meted out to her
marriage, without consulting his mother, brothers for fear of incurring their wrath, further aggravating
and sons. Everybody was aghast at this behaviour her suffering. She bore her misfortune courageously.
and hated him for his remarriage but Bhaiji, blissfully oblivious of her plight,
nobody dared to oppose him openly. If she was ever enjoyed heavenly bliss of marital life.
Bhaiji was a dictator who ruled the house Nandini’s heart bled to see Lata’s
with an iron rod by creating a fear
seen doing so, unending misery.
psychosis. Consequently, Lata and her two her mother-in- One day, she asked her, “Bhabhi, don’t
small sons had to bear the brunt of their law would scold you think that you are paying a very heavy
anger. Suresh and Mukesh were her angrily, price for wearing a pinch of sindoor on
aggressive, ever ready to fight while Amit “Woman, my your forehead? Widowhood was much
and Sumit were meek, humble and always son brought better than this living death, wasn’t it?
on the defensive. Suresh and Mukesh you here not to Weren’t you happier then?”
despised Lata for taking their mother’s sleep with but Hearing her question, Lata’s fair face
place, refused to call her mother and to be a mother clouded over. Letting out a deep,
always addressed her in a derogatory anguished sigh, she replied, “Nandini, you
to these two
way – ‘that woman’ – and invented are educated, earning and self-reliant. You
imaginary excuses to bash her sons up. motherless can’t imagine the agony and hellish
They considered the trio as trespassers children. suffering of an illiterate young widow with

240 Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009

no support and means of livelihood seeing One day, she became extremely tense. No one dared to
her kids starving. And...and it is a man’s asked her, complain to bhaiji. After all, he was solely
world, isn’t it? Without a man around, a “Bhabhi, don’t responsible for the spoilt home
woman’s beauty becomes her worst you think that atmosphere. For the first time, Nandini had
enemy. Wily wolves in sheep’s clothing you are paying dared to speak the truth in the presence of
hover about ever ready to pounce upon a very heavy bhaiji, but in return she was rewarded with
her, taking advantage of her misfortune. price for a slap.
She needs a roof over her head and a wearing a Crossroad: Back to the present
pinch of Shedding tears, Nandini sat brooding
husband to protect her from other lecherous sindoor on your
guys. My life may look burdensome to you forehead? over the events since her marriage.
but I feel safe here and earn my living Widowhood Suddenly, her chain of distressing thoughts
respectably by doing household chores...” was much was disrupted by the voice of the
Nandini stared at her speechless. Lata better than this maidservant, the silent spectator of this
was right in her own way. She slogged living death, family melodrama, “Saab, on my way to
hard like a slave for a living and a wasn’t it? Arora’s house, I saw Suresh and Amit
respectable roof over her head. Bhaiji was holding Faltu in the cold outside...”
her meal ticket for life. Nandini’s educated, Hardly were the words out of her mouth, there
independent mind was in utter confusion. She was a thunder that shook the whole building.
cherished nothing more than freedom and self- “Suresh...Amit...!”
respect. She would have preferred widowhood, an All hell broke loose. Nandini feared the worst.
independent life, rather than getting chained to Bhaiji’s eyes were red like live coal. He was frothing
abominable drudgery for selfish brutes. at the mouth with uncontrollable rage. Hardly had
the echo of his voice died down when Suresh and

year after her marriage, Lata gave birth to a Amit shot out like a bullet from inside the house and
baby boy – bhaiji’s son – thereby adding to running at top speed, began to scale the hillocks.
her misery. The news was a bolt from the blue Rahul had no nerve to stop them. Raman made a
and came as a terrible shock to all the members. futile bid to go after them but bhaiji bellowed, “Stay
They were completely taken aback by the here, Raman. No need to go. Hunger and thirst will
unwelcome surprise. Nandini’s mother-in-law drive them back home... then I will give them a bit of
spewed venom in a loud, angry voice glaring at the my mind...”
newborn disapprovingly, “Faltu.” And he left for work as if nothing had happened,
“The house is already teeming with unwanted Nandini’s mother-in-law wailed at the highest pitch
children. Throw this faltu worthless fellow away this beating her breast in the most disgusting manner
very moment, for you have already burdened us with and hurling choicest obscenities at Lata and cursing
two good-for-nothing brats,” she commanded Lata. Faltu, “Why don’t you die, both of you? Bad luck
The name faltu stuck. Thus the newborn was will befall us if you stay here... any longer...”
named Faltu by the old hag with beady eyes who Hungry Faltu began to cry. Hardly had Lata
was as autocratic as her eldest son. Hapless, Lata picked him up for feeding when the old woman
dared not give the newborn a proper name. thundered, “No! You won’t. Let it die...”
The little one had inherited the beauty and

irresistible charm of its mother. Soon, it became the ata dropped on the floor in a dead faint with
centre of bhaiji’s attention. He doted on him like a the tremendous shock. When became conscious
man possessed, ignoring his two sons by his first she resumed doing her chores like a robot while
wife. Before going to and after coming back from Faltu sobbed to sleep. Unable to bear the cruelty,
work, he was seen pampering the baby. Nandini put a milk bottle to the lips of the sleeping
The two warring parties stopped fighting baby.
suddenly as if a ceasefire had been declared, and Her mother-in-law glared at her and roared,
got united against a common enemy – “Faltu the “Didn’t you have enough for the day from your
newborn tiny tot. They would sing in unison husband for poking your dirty nose into our affairs?”
derisively, Faltu, Faltu, Faltu,” causing intense agony Keeping mum, Nandini stared at her angrily. The
to his mother. They took delight in pinching and whole drama had made her brazen. No more afraid
pushing the little one. They would snatch the milk of these uncivilised brutes, she prepared to depart
bottle from his mouth or drop it roughly on the floor from there as early as possible, cutting short her
from its cot while the old woman smiled smugly with visit.
evil glee. She mounted her tirade against Lata and The hours ticked by and the day wore off but
cursed Faltu all the time. The home atmosphere Suresh and Amit had not returned. It was dusk when

242 Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009

bhaiji came back from work. As he picked up Faltu contention with you and turn him into an educated,
in his arms he remembered the boys. He cultured, self-reliant person like you...”
commanded Raman to summon both of them to his Crosshead: Faltu rechristened
presence – pronto! Only then did he come to know In reply, Nandini picked up Faltu, and hugged
that Suresh and Amit had not returned. His forehead him lovingly to her bosom, deliberately ignoring
creased with worry lines, he sent his younger Rahul’s disapproving glance expressing her silent but
brothers to search the boys in the pitch dark of the firm consent. Then she asked, “bhabhi, What about
thick jungle on the chain of hills. Three hours’ search bhaiji? Will he allow it? He dotes upon him...”
bore no fruit. After 12 hours, at 9 p.m., the police “Oh, that is no problem,” replied Lata.
were informed. It was too late. They combed the

entire area, but the boys had completely rue to her word, she succeeded in persuading
disappeared. They could not be found dead or alive. her husband, who was completely bowled over
A grave-like hush fell on the house. Occasionally, by her bewitching, irresistible charm to let
it was broken by the heart-rending wails of Nandini take Faltu with her for his proper
Nandini’s mother-in-law cursing Lata and Faltu. upbringing. In spite of Rahul’s repeated vehement
Rahul hissed in Nandini’s ears, “It is just because of protestations, Nandini stood her ground and
you... Had you not gone there for sightseeing we brought Faltu with her to Agra. The very next day
wound not have come to this grief...” after her arrival, she arranged a namkaran samskar
His words befuddled Nandini. Shocked at his ceremony and named him Praveen. Keeping a full-
blame game, she kept quiet. The mental impotency of time ayah to assist her in child-rearing, Nandini
Raman and Rahul, their inability to think sanely, blind resumed her duty at the college and the rest of the
obedience to their elder brother and refusal to see time she devoted to Praveen distancing completely
things in the right perspective, had cost them two lives. from her husband. She was happy with the tiny tot
Weary of Rahul’s false accusations against her while Rahul was seething with anger.
again and again, Nandini shot back angrily, “Had I One day, erupting like a volcano, he snatched
not gone there for sightseeing, Faltu would have Praveen from her arms and cried, “Enough,
died...” Nandini, enough. I have had enough of your wilful
“So what?” he cut her short, “His mother Lata behaviour. You are too obstinate, determined to
bhabhi is alive. She can produce another Faltu have your own way. I can’t allow this bone of
again but Suresh was the son of our dead bhabhi... contention here in my house any more. He is
He will not come back...” creating a rift between us. You have drifted apart
from me since you brought him. It is high time that

mit, Lata’s son was not mentioned. Rahul’s we pack him off to the place where he belongs...”
senseless reply horrified Nandini. Only an “This tiny tot is creating a rift?” retorted Nandini,
imbecile could think of such an answer. “You are an expert at blaming the wrong person.
Nandini cringed in fear from him. Her father was You are making me drift away from you, not this tiny
right. They had reached an impasse. There was no tot. Your ignorance, your cowardice, your
congeniality in their relationship as she and her thoughtlessness and your uncultured behaviour are
husband were as different as chalk and cheese. creating a rift between us. You don’t have the guts to
They had no compatibility with different interests and speak the truth. You are incapable of sane thinking.
dispositions. It was impossible to live with Your timely action could have saved two
him. Rahul was an ignoramus. His lack of precious lives....If you wish to win me
knowledge, education, experience and Weary of again, set your thinking right...”
culture became evident with every Rahul’s false “How dare you find fault with me?” he
sentence he uttered. His brothers and accusations cut her short rudely, “And how dare you
mother were all barbarians. Their thinking against her teach me? I am not your student. Don’t try
was frighteningly primitive and uncultured. again and to be a teacher at home...”
They were incapable of sane thinking. again, Exerting control over his anger, he came
Each hour passed like an era in that Nandini shot near her. Holding her chin up, he looked
house. Days dragged by. Nandini heaved back angrily, deep into her eyes and asked, “Am I not
a sigh of relief when the day of her “Had I not the same person you loved once? Nandini,
departure dawned. As she bade goodbye gone there for just say yes or no? No sermon...”
to Lata with tear-filled eyes, she put Faltu at sightseeing, “No,” replied she, “Not the same
her feet and implored in a voice choked person I loved...”
Faltu would
with emotion looking at her beseechingly, He pushed her aside gruffly. An eerie
“Nandini, please take this bone of
have died...” silence pervaded the house. Nandini

244 Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009

feared that her marriage would finally fall Seeing Nandini One day, their phone rang early in the
apart. But the little one kept the house devoted to morning. bhaiji was on the line. He said
warm and alive with his innocent pranks. Praveen, a in a whining tone, “Our mother is laid up
His sweet smile erased the frown lines from child born not sick in bed since you left. She can’t get
their faces. At some moments, he made of her own flesh over the loss of my son Suresh. I am
them laugh together at his antics, thus and blood but afraid we might lose her too... Your wife’s
taking away the blues. Time flew in the of his eldest foolhardiness will cost us her life. Had she
joyful company of Praveen. brother, a not gone up the hillock for sightseeing
Crosshead: Realisation dawns sudden that day, things would not have come to a
Seeing Nandini devoted to Praveen, a realisation sorry pass...”
child born not of her own flesh and blood but dawned upon Nandini had picked up the parallel line
of his eldest brother, a sudden realisation Rahul’s mind by accident to listen to what was being
dawned upon Rahul’s mind that he had been that he had said. Now, her heart began to beat wildly
most unfair to her, his gem of a wife. A been most with fear. She waited with bated breath.
feeling of remorse engulfed him. He set about unfair to her. After a few seconds of silence that looked
mending his ways in earnest, hoping to like eternity, she heard the cool confident
redeem her love and respect. voice of her husband, “Had Nandini not gone up
there on the hillock that day, your son, Faltu, would

radually, a change came over him. His have died. Bhaiji, rejoice in the fact that she saved
attitude towards Praveen turned positive. He his precious life. And... and that day we lost not only
began to help Nandini in looking after him by Suresh but Lata bhabhi’s son Amit too because....
carrying out various small chores like a responsible because we made no effort to stop them. Had we
father. To Nandini’s immense satisfaction he seemed seen the thing in their right perspective and taken
to be completely transformed into a new man prompt action, we could have saved two innocent
exuding superb confidence no more in awe of lives. Not Nandini’s, it is our foolhardiness that has
bhaiji. A doting husband, Rahul now often gave her cost us dearly...”
an adoring look that set her pulse racing. He had Nandini heaved a sigh of relief and quietly put
won her love and respect by winning himself over. down the receiver in the other room. Rahul had
Looking forward eagerly to a heart-warming reunion emerged the victor. He had won over himself – his
with him, she nursed a secret desire to settle down fear and diffidence. He had spoken the truth.
peacefully in the bliss of marital life. But a nagging Success had rewarded her courage, endurance and
fear kept gnawing at her guts that, thrown in the perseverance. She had won the losing battle. With
company of his elders, he would revert to his old, the victory of her husband over his weakness, she
natural craven behaviour that she despised. Since was victorious. She realised that Praveen was not a
Rahul was not yet put to the test Nandini dared not bone of contention but the bridge that had united
vouch for his total transformation. hearts torn apart. We


● Clean burnt pans by coating bottom with baking ● To remove grease from inside a oven, put a small
soda and covering with water. pan of ammonia in the oven over night with the door
● Add a generous amount of baking soda to your closed.
hot dishwater to help remove dried foods. ● Clean your blender by filling it halfway with water
● Make stainless steel sinks clean with a little and adding a few drops of dishwasher detergent. Turn
rubbing alcohol and remove spots with white vinegar. the blender on and let it clean itself.
Get a shiny stainless steel sink by buffing with a little ● Clean a microwave quickly by filling a bowl with
baby oil. water a squirt of lemon juice.
● To deodorise your garbage disposal, drop in ● It’s also important to thoroughly clean cutting
some lemon and orange peels. boards, which trap in bacteria and germs. Sprinkle salt
● Use a little toothpaste to remove black scruff on the board. Cut a lemon in half and squeeze half of
marks from appliances. the lemon onto the board. Scrub and clean.
● Use a soft cloth dampened with white vinegar to ● Give your counter tops a new shine with club
remove water spots from stainless steal and wipe dry. soda. – Anju D. Aggarwal

246 Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009

A PET NAME Pet names ost of the Indians have pet

names, lovingly given by
can lead to their near and dear ones,
when they happen to be
embarrassing just babies. While these
names represent the form
of the individual, at that
situations when stage, they really
embarrass most in their
lovely infants adult life. Just take the
names “Gudiya” or “Munni” given to a
become adults. baby girl, and “Munna” or “Babu”
commonly given to a boy, in North
By B. Rukmini India. These names sound apt when
they are babies, but become
definitely discomfiting when they are
called Gudiya aunty, Gudiya nani ,
Munna uncle, Munna chacha when
they are adults, as they sound
ridiculous. But once we get
accustomed to calling a person by a
pet name it becomes difficult, to
revert back to the original name.
Sometimes, we may have to face
a comical situation because of these
pet names. For instance, I was “Pasi” throw her dog at me, possibly for
when I was a baby, which in Telugu disturbing her. As I was stepping out
means infant, but soon my parents, of the gate, a gentleman almost 35
moved to Tamil Nadu. years old came out and requested
After hearing my mother me to come back. Seeing that the
constantly uttering Pasi, one of the dog was nowhere in the picture, I
neighbours asked her, “Why do you went in, and he led me to that part
always say ‘Pasi pasi’? If you are of the house where he saw his
really that hungry why don’t you patients. On the way, I explained to
simply eat something?” My mother him that the old lady had
was flabbergasted, but soon misunderstood me, and called the
understood that pasi in Tamil means dog instead of him. “What do you
“hunger.” After that, she never again mean?” he turned and asked.
called me by my pet name. “Yes, she called, ‘Billu, Billu’ and
Having stayed in Bhubaneswar for your dog came running out,” I
the last 20 years, I know for certain reiterated. He suddenly turned his
that most of the Oriya people face away from me and said, “Oh, but
invariably have a pet name by which Billu is my pet name.” He tried to
they are called even when they sound nonchalant but I didn’t know
become adults. where to hide my face!
I had encountered quite a few
awkward situations because of these
names. Almost a month after we ANOTHER INCIDENT
came here, I asked the girl (she was There was another incident when I
about 13 years old) who was my was invited to a function in my
neighbour, “Does your mama stay neighbourhood. It was an occasion
with you all? You must be close to where the newly married bride was
her, because I constantly hear you introduced to all the relations, friends
calling mama. The girl’s face and neighbours. The lady sitting next
reddened and she didn’t answer, but to me (who was related to the family)
her mother who was close by and was supplying the necessary
listening to our conversation, said information and was telling me “Piku
“My daughter is called Mama, it is her is this” or “Piku is that” in Oriya from
pet name.” It was my turn to be time to time. And all the time, I
embarrassed. thought that she was referring to the
A few months after we came here, bridegroom. Before I finally got up to
I had a mild stomach infection and leave, I went to the bride, and putting
so had to visit a doctor. It so the present in her hands, I naughtily
happened that his residence and told her, “This is for you and your
clinic were in the same building. Piku.”
Unknowingly, I entered his residence “My Piku?” she sounded
and asked the old lady sitting in the incredulous.
drawing room, for the doctor. She “I know your husband’s pet name
started calling, “Billu, Billu” in a loud is Piku, you don’t have to be
voice and immediately a dog came embarrassed. You know, I was only
out, barking so loudly that my senses teasing you,” I tried to sound flippant.
started somer - “But Piku is definitely not my
saulting and I ran husband’s name,” she was emphatic.
almost back to the Her mother-in-law who was by her
gate in panic. The side, informed me that Piku is her
old lady also came husband’s name, in a slightly
out urging me to outrageous tone. Just imagine my
come back in Oriya. embarrassment at that moment! I
I never understood didn’t know how to react or what to
a word of what she say to cover up my folly! I walked
meant, and thought away, without a word.
that somehow she After a few days; when I felt I was
was determined to ready to face them, I went to their

250 Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009

Who is the thief?
I got married in 1962. I had no
parents-in-law even when I got
married. But my husband’s eldest
brother and his wife, both doctors,
acted as parents for us. And I
maintained good relations with my
husband’s relatives throughout,
especially my sister-in-law, the
doctor and I had a very close
relationship and we were like
house and explained the reason Orissa these names are entirely sisters.
behind my assumption on that fateful different from their original names, In this scenario, I once went and
day; and felt relieved when they whereas in most other parts a pet stayed with my baby for a few
laughed at my misunderstanding. name is usually the reduced or days. One day we attended the
These experiences have taught modified version of the original name. marriage of a relative. On our
me to be cautious whenever I have to For example, Manorama is called return, my sis-in-law said she was
encounter a person by his/her pet Mano, Susheela is called Sushi, tired and went into her room to take
name. But that hasn’t stopped me Sheela or Sreenivasan is called rest. She requested me to keep an
from being amused (privately) Sreenu, Dhiraj is called Dhiru, etc. All eye on the servant. I spent some
whenever I read something like in all, a pet name may be given with time in reading the paper and then
“Liki Weds Chikki” at the entrance of a lot of love during infancy but to be went to the room where the servant
a marriage hall or hear comments identified by that name publicly in was mopping. To my dismay, I
like “Puro Sir is really good” and so adult life is certainly embarrassing. It found the servant was holding a
on. is a case of an endearment turning gold chain in her hand. On seeing
My confusion about pet names into an embarrassment! Do you me, she was embarrassed and
was compounded, initially because in endorse my opinion? We handing over the chain to me, she
said, “Chinna amma, this
chain I found on the floor.
Probably peria amma had
dropped it carelessly.”
Later on, after the
woman left, I handed over
the chain to my sis-in-law
and told her what had
Next day, the clever
servant had asked her
mistress whether the chinna
amma (meaning me) had
given the chain to her as
she had ‘seen’ it on the
floor. My sis-in-law told
me about this and we had a
hearty laugh. Probably, the
servant did not know about
the rapport we shared.
– Savithri Viswanathan,
can do
more than
is how.
By Mridula

ike love, choosing curtains to the bright lights of the showroom

accent your home is doesn’t quite live up to its promise
inevitable and exciting but inside your house. At times the right
can leave you disillusioned. curtain is ruined by an unskilled tailor.
Has ‘choosing in haste and After all, such disappointments are
repenting at leisure’ expensive to the pocket and, more
hallmarked your curtain importantly, to the heart since a lot
capers? An informed choice of emotions have been invested in
is more prudent than an choosing the fabric. A bit of
impulsive one and offers homework and a frame of reference
some tips garnered from years of can help you make a more
drapery disappointments. appropriate choice.
Choosing curtains can be exciting
because of the plethora of choices. Purpose: Curtains have a
It is exactly this very reason that multitude of uses besides merely
makes the decision- making a covering windows. They can serve a
confusing and daunting task. Often, decorative purpose, insulate your
drape that seems so devastating in home, divide spaces, or cover ugly

254 Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009

The primary purpose to buy curtains is To choose curtains to match up with the interior furnishing
for protection and primacy. give a cool and cosy ambience.
window frames. Before you purchase overlooks a street or for a bedroom, case, you may want to consider
curtains, first decide what you would concerns of privacy are crucial. purchasing a simple window dressing
like their primary purpose to be. This Naturally, a thicker fabric or with a and highlighting it with glamorous
will dictate the choice of fabric, the lining will be your choice. This will valences and scallops and tassels.
length and style. also serve to block sunlight, create a Many a simple bedroom has been
cool and cosy ambience whilst transformed into a boudoir!
For protection and privacy: No protecting your furniture from fading.
matter where you live you will want to On a hot and sunny day it seems Private and Pristine: Obviously
consider the amount of sun exposure heavenly to enter a well-shaded we may seek multiple objectives.
the room will be getting. If the drawing room. During evenings, with There are times when you welcome
windows are on the east or west side the aid of some befitting lighting, the sunlight and like to see your room
of the home they will be getting the same cosy room can exude class bathed in it during the day but would
most direct sunlight over the course and sophistication. Thick curtains yearn for privacy after the lights are lit
of the year. If you live in a hot area may also cater to a decorative in the evenings. Tie backs for heavy
you should choose window coverings demand. Decorative curtains can drapes will suit you. Or else hang
and curtains that minimise the take all kinds of forms, and can multiple window treatments. You can
amount of heat that comes into the include curtains used for privacy and hang two rods and have sheer
room. This will not only make you light blockage as well. Many people curtains behind a practical set of
more comfortable, but will also cut do not need curtains for these privacy curtains. Tie back the heavy
down on your air-conditioning bills. reasons but would like to add a more ones during the day and let the sheer
For a drawing room window that designer feel to their homes. In this curtains accent the room. A sheer or

256 Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009

The laced curtains give the room a new look. Hanging curtains on rods, trying each in between, brings in sunlight and fresh air.

net curtain is one that is renovation. I love using be a particularly attractive

made from translucent bamboo chicks in summer arrangement if you have tie-backs,
fabric, such as loosely
Many people whereas they seem most so that the curtains can be opened, in
woven polyester voile or choose inappropriate in monsoon. which case, they provide a beautiful
a cotton lace. Sheer curtains over Readymade cotton decorative effect. Again, you will want
curtains allow a majority shades and curtains when alternated to choose a heavy curtain for this
of light to be transmitted other window with lace can also give the purpose, although in this case, the
through the fabric, with room a great summery curtain should be attractive on both
the fabric weave
treatments look. Alternating two or sides, since you will be able to see it
providing a basic level of because of three sets of curtains not from either side.
UV protection while how easy it is only gives you a decor A lined curtain may not be a good
retaining maximum to coordinate makeover, it takes care of idea. You may want to simply
visibility through the them with your spring cleaning as purchase a heavy curtain. If you are
curtain. Sheer curtains well!” She further not pleased with how the other side
are sometimes referred other elaborates that bright of the curtain appears, you can hang
to as privacy curtains in furnishings colours look the best in double panels, so that the decorative
reference to their in the room. cotton. And for special side is facing out on both sides of
screening abilities; during occasions, one can simply your curtain divider. You could also
the day most sheer replace the cotton curtains use strings of shells in lieu of fabric.
fabrics will allow people inside the with silk tapestries and see the room Many people choose curtains over
home to see the outside view whilst taking over a royal elegance. By shades and other window treatments
preventing people outside the home adding a tinge of silver or gold, the because of how easy it is to
from seeing directly into the home. effect can be further enhanced. coordinate them with other
Sheers are a beautiful airy addition Polyester and other synthetics have furnishings in the room. If you have
to a room. You can find sheers that gained ground in the past few years. had your sofa reupholstered, you can
feature beautiful embroidery on them, Self-prints, weave patterns colored choose a complementary fabric for
further enhancing their decorative weaves and patterns are the different your curtains. Those with allergies
appeal. ways in which curtain tapestries are can go in for vinyl blinds.
Climactic variance may also alter adorned.
suitability of fabric. Kavita , an interior Length: The length of curtains is
decorator, advocates the use of two Space Dividers: You may want to also a major decision. There can be
sets of drapes, for changes in use curtains as space-dividers and varied length of curtains used under
season. “That way, I not only get would like to separate your sitting different circumstances.
weather-appropriate blinds, but also area from your dining area. In this ● For instance, sill-length
can bring about a change in the case, you would need rods from the curtains are ideal in cottage-style
decor and that offers freshness and ceiling, and hang the curtains. It can rooms with recessed windows, or

258 Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009

with horizontal windows. Similarly, floor-length curtains
are necessary for French windows.
● Hanging of curtains on rods can also make a big
difference to the overall look and feel of the room.
They should be hung in such a way as to just about
touching the floor – the height should neither be too
high nor too low. Curtains that look like borrowed
petticoats – either too short or sweeping the floor –
look like an apology.
● Curtain rods should be ideal and match with the
overall style of your room as well as the curtains.
Nothing looks as bad in a room as negligently selected
curtain rods that look out of place in the otherwise well-
decorated room.
● The rods with a brass or metallic look gives out a
formal finishing. Similarly, wooden or plastic rods give
out an informal finishing.
● Tacks, headings, valances, swags, tails, linings,
and other accessories all play an important
role in enhancing the looks of curtains.

Different dresses for different places: Some

people choose to leave kitchen windows without a
shade. However, a cheery mood can be ushered in
with cafe curtains in bright floral patterns, lace or even
the traditional checks used as tie-backs with frills.
Tiered curtains i.e. multiple panels with one or two
panels hanging over the top of the two base panels can
help to create a layered look. Since privacy is not an
issue typically in the kitchen, a light curtain is ideal for
the kitchen, being used more for a decoration than
anything else.
In the bathroom, depending on the size of the
window and whether or not there's a privacy issue,
you can choose either to cover the window with a light
curtain on a rod, or with a vinyl shade or half horizontal
cover with lace of floral print. This can be fixed on the
humble spring wire and yet add an old world charm. All
it then needs is a thriving potted plant for company!

From cloth to curtain: Often scrupulous customers

turn callous while choosing the craftsman. Not anybody
who can stitch in a straight line can make drapes. Just
because you know the metric system doesn’t mean
you are suited to take measurements either. Ideally
first get the tailor home to take the measurements, let
him advise you how much cloth you require and then
choose the fabric accordingly. Good tailors also come
home and do the fittings once the drapes are ready. It
also helps to have 4-inch buckram linings instead of
the 2-inch ones on the top so that curtain rings do not
play peeping Tom. If you choose to have pleated ones
do not penny pinch – go for the three pleats not two.
It’s a misconception that pleated curtains require
excess cloth. Instead you benefit from symmetrical and
neat folds. So go ahead, make the plunge – you
deserve to be house proud. Remember, curtains cover
up and hide as much as they reveal about you! We
Delhi’s rising star. By Ramesh Kumar Raja
ircumstances make all the Pakistan and to Kathmandu for albums on her including Maa

difference.” This is how one different shows.” Bhagwati Amba, Jhoole Jhoole
can describe the 14-year- For a teenager who has mostly Nandlal, Jhandewali Maa Sab Tere
old Vaishali Raj, a 9th seen the dark side of life, it was a hi Tera to name a few, there by
standard student of Guru rare honour for her to be invited to advancing Vaishali’s financial
Nanak Public School at the FICCI auditorium as a guest security. Vaishali’s Sai Surbhi video
Adarsh Nagar, north Delhi. performer. She was simply ecstatic album has also been launched. She
All of a sudden, she lost her and on cloud nine. Her next has performed at the AIMIL Jagran
sole breadwinner father in achievement was when she in 2005 and her programme was
2003 leaving the entire participated in a dance competitions aired on DD-1 and National.
family in a financial crunch. Similarly, held at Talkatora Stadium organised Recipient of various awards and
her homemaker mother too lost by the Sindhi Academy. As usual, recognitions, there is hardly any
hope to give Vaishali and her elder she won the first prizes in them. It space left in the shelves of her room
sister a better education. But thanks was followed by a string of to place anything as they are already
to Vaishali’s prodigious struggle in successes. occupied with trophies, medals and
classical dancing and singing, Keeping her winning spree at an certificates.
everything is going on the right track, all-time high, in 2007, Vaishali Meanwhile, immeasurably over -
with an elevation in financial performed at the Diwali Mahotsav at whelmed with her talents, her school
conditions of her humble-background the Talkatora Stadium organised by management on a number of
family. the Sindhi Academy, where chief occasions approached her mother to
Apart from dancing, she is also minister Sheila Dixit was the chief waive her fees but Vaishali herself
very fond of acting, modelling and guest. She awarded prizes to Vaishali categorically declined the offers
drama, which together earned her for her show-stealing performance. terming it unprofessional.
laurels as well as financial help while Says her school principal Dhiren
performing across India and abroad - M. Doshi, “We are wholeheartedly
in Pakistan and Nepal. Interestingly, MANY ACCOMPLISHMENTS proud of intelligent and versatile
showing her humane side as well, Last year, Vaishali was invited as Vaishali to be our student. She is
Vaishali sponsors the studies and a guest artiste by Diamond of also very obedient and generous to
basic necessities of three other Rajasthan (a state-level dance everybody. Despite being the sole
underprivileged kids of different age competition) along with various earner of her house what surprises
groups, one even senior to her in distinguished personalities, where us is her ability to sponsor three
class X, who mostly lives with her in she performed to become the talk of deprived children. Though she
a two-room rented flat at Adarsh the entire event. Giving her longest spurns our proposal every time, we
Nagar. ever performance, she recently are always there for emotional and
Says Vaishali with rare guts at performed for 41 days daily at Jhoole material help.”
such a tender age, “Initially, I started Lal Chaliha Mahotsav, Delhi. Notwithstanding such attainments
performing on the stage with my Besides, she also got a chance to in a short span of time, Vaishali
cousin brother. Then I started meet famous Pakistani sufi singer wants to earn her spurs as a great
participating in dance competitions, Reshma while staging a performance classical singer. “I am still not perfect.
with a major debut performance in with her daughter, organised by the I will always ensure that my effort to
the Tecnia Sur Aradhana Institute in Press Club of India. scale the apex of glory should
2004, where I won the first prize. Moreover, the cassette company continue,” sums up this young achiever
After this I travelled across India, T-Series has already launched with a dream in her eyes. We

260 Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009

Tear this page along the perforated line and send it to the under mentioned address. Winner will be announced in the February issue.

Q1 How long have you known him?

2 weeks to a month
6 to 9 months
2 to 6 months
d. Less than a week
e. A year or longer

How often do you spend at least
3 to 4 hours together?
a. Once a week at least

b. Once a month or less
c. 2 or three times a week
d. Like everyday - we are inseparable.



the questions win a
grand prize...
If you’re young and trying at the
whole relationship thing then you
must have asked yourself this
question on numerous occasions.
Take this quiz to find out if it really
is love or if you’re just a victim of

winners will S
another temporary fling.
elected entries will be published in the
forthcoming issue of Woman’s era. Look out
get the for the 15 February 2009 issue
L ast date for sending entries: 31 January 2008
Attach a photograph of your friend for a better
chance of featuring in Woman’s era

Valued M.R.P $ 22.99


19-Ansari Road, Darya Ganj, New Delhi.

For on line shopping:

Win a prize
Books at discounted price. Free postage world wide
When you’re together in public he...
Always wants to make-out with me.
Holds my hand.
Is nicer of him to be alone with me.
What do you like most about him?
His eyes or smiles
His personality or laughs
His way of thinking – he’s so romantic
d. We’re never together in public. d. His friends
e. Pays more attention to those around me. e. The way he treats me

Q4 How many times have you kissed him?

2 or 3 times
Haven’t yet
If he broke up with you, you’d...
a. Laugh it off – oh well, it happens
b. Cry – what happens now
c. Head for the ice-cream – Not
d. Too many to count being single again!

Q5 How often do you talk about him to

others when you’re apart?
a. Never – He’s kind of a secret
If he suddenly broke up with you,
you’d be...
a. Sad and depressed for a while
b. Embarrassed – what are the friends
b. I’m too shy
going to say?
c. Every chance I get
c. Upset – something must be wrong. He’d
d. Only when someone asks
never just do that
e. Rarely
d. Concerned – where am I going to find the
next hot guy
e. Shocked – How dares he!

Q6 How often do you think about him

when you’re apart?
a. I don’t – out of sight out of mind. Q
How many promises has he broken?
a. 6 to 10
b. Once or twice b. None Ever!
c. All through the day – the concentration c. 2 to 5
levels die d. All of them
d. Not that much e. 1
Prove that you are aware of this trivia.
Scoring Terms and Conditions: Send us the coupon with your photo along
Don’t you hate those artificial quizzes that with the correct answers.
only have one obvious right answer? Since we don’t know
about your personal life, these questions could work out, Name
depending on one’s personality and interactions. And you Age
could probably come up with better answers! Address

Winners of DBS Quiz Contest - 42 Phone:


Don’t forget to attach a photograph

1. Mark the answers and send us the cutting of this
quiz along with this coupon. The last date is
31 January 2009. So hurry up and post it now.
Ajita Ahuja Jaspreet Kaur Aneeta Salaria 2. The decision of the editor will be final. 3. Depict
Room No 9A, 320/71, Mohali, 556-A, 1st Floor, your true self only. 4. Send a photograph of your
MCM DAV College Pin: 160 071 Gandhi Nagar,
Hostel, Sector-36-A, Jammu, (J&K) own. It may be printed in Woman’s Era, along with
Chandigarh. Pin: 180 004 the results. Send to: Woman’s Era, Delhi Press,
Pin: 160 036 E-3, Jhandewala, New Delhi-110 055.
elderly PoW clad in khaki. As he This incident is indelibly etched in
looked down from his window at our my memory while our son, a combat
son, tears welled up in his eyes as he pilot by now, flies his helicopter over
struggled with his emotions. When my the African skies as part of United
husband enquired as to what had upset Nations Peace Keeping Mission.
him, the troubled PoW answered – Usha Dahiya, Ambala Cantt.
incoherently, “Whenever a child was
brought to me for blessings, I always
A rare bond gave him some money. Today, I do not
The PoW train to Pakistan stood have any money to bless him with.” Has something
ready to steam off at Faizabad Hearing this, my husband slowly happened in your life
railway station as I followed my pulled out a 100-rupee note from his that has left an indelible
husband – a captain in the Indian purse and said, “Sir! For the past two impression on your mind? Some
Army. Cradling my six-month-old years or so, we have lived here like experience that gladdens your heart
son in my arms, I tried to keep pace brothers in uniform. Would you please or which makes you shudder with
with him. He was accompanying the accept this humble offer from a pain or embarrassment even after
Pakistani PoWs to repatriate them to brother-officer and give it to the child years! Why not share it with the
their country at Wagah Border near with your blessings?” Wiping his tears readers of Woman’s Era? All
Amristar. A unique joyful silence while trying to unsuccessfully control published incidents will be paid
pervaded the late afternoon air as I his emotions, the PoW took the note, Rs 200. Send your entries to:
fascinatingly beheld the serene faces circled it around our son’s head thrice THE INCIDENT I CANNOT FORGET
peering out of the windows. They and gently folded it in his tiny fist
E-3 Jhandewala Estate, New Delhi-110055.
were, at last, returning to their homes while uttering a faint, “Thank you
after nearly two years of captivity in brother.” Our son beamed the most
our camps. Suddenly, my husband beautiful smile on the departing PoW Name:
stopped midway and taking our son as my husband walked towards his Mobile:
from my arms, walked up to an compartment in the gathering dusk. E-mail:
being. He is also a well-known

R. S. Prakash
screen actor. Dr Alex has been
performing Magical acts for over a
decade and a half and has also
bagged the coveted Guinness World
Record in 2005 for performing the
longest magic show for 24 hours. He
is also an entrant in Limca Book of
World Magic which is based purely
on psychology, mind-reading clair -
voyance and divinity. Mayalogam is
certainly one more feather in Vijay
TV’s glorious cap.

BABU Ganesh, a master of many film

trades, has now taken a giant leap,
aiming to find a place in the Guinness
Book of World Records. In his home-
production, Nadigai, which
deliberates on the life of a screen
actress, he assumed the
substance. P. G. Muthiah is the responsibilities of story, screenplay
debutant cinematographer. S. S. dialogue, lyrics, music,
Kumaran another newcomer is the cinematography, public relations,
scorer. crooning, production and direction,
besides playing the lead role – 14
ONE of the most noteworthy portfolios in all! The film has been
suspense thrillers of the time is made in three languages – Tamil,
Androrunaal, the screenplay of which Telugu and Sinhalese. The theme is
has a perfect blend of action, comedy centred around the deaths of
POO jointly produced by Moserbaer and besides horror. Produced by heroines and the screenplay has
and Nesaki cinemas is one of the Yamini Creations, the film has been been set against that backdrop. The
best films of the season, which has written and directed by M. film has been shot in Sri Lanka too.
been written and directed in a very Arulmurugan. This is his debut
realistic manner. Srikanth, who has directorial venture. Well-known THE Mayajaal entertainment group
staged a comeback through this film producer and distributor “Getup” has come up with yet another
after a long exile, has executed Rajendran is playing an important milestone achievement. The world’s
himself admirably. Parvathi from the role in the film. Rajan P. Dev is also first 2D animation movie called Jai
Malayalam filmdom is the film’s appearing in a vital role. The film has Vigneshwar has been released on
leading lady. Sasi who churned out been shot in locations at Tamil Nadu the first exclusive digital platform in
such hits as Sallamale, Rojakottam and Kerala. Indian is the scorer. India. It is learnt that 150 technicians
and Dishyum , has come up with a were associated with the project
flick that has both style and VIJAY TV has now created a new during its production work. The film is
record of sorts by hosting a magic Mayajaal’s second animation offering
show, Mayalogam, in which Dr and has been handled by James
Alexander, well-known magician and Clifford and Rajni. C. Leo Menezes
also a Guinness Record holder would has extended his expertise as the
perform some mind-blowing acts. animation director. Ganesh Ramanaa
The versatile magician will be is the scorer. The audio and video
performing some extraordinary feats qualities of the films are excellent as
that have never before been seen on the entire project has been done on a
Indian television. He is actually an digital platform. K. Meenakshi
expert in acts of illusion, who can Sundaram, the multiplex manager of
make horses, elephants, cars and the Mayajaal group’s earlier venture,
bikes disappear and appear on the Gulliver’s Travel, a 3D animation film
sets of Mayalogam. One other act is which was shortlisted for Oscar
the cutting of a human body into two nomination. More innovations are in
halves and then uniting them as one the offing, he revealed. We

136 Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009

Discard the
beaten track, for a
change. There is an
enchanting tourist spot frightening spook house, Hang
Glider, Crazy Wagon and
beckoning Boomerang to make the visit even
more refreshing.
you all, which has all When it comes to safety and
the ingredients hygiene, Wonderla maintains the
highest safety standards. Every
of fun and flavour, ride undergoes strict, routine
check-ups twice daily – once in the
spiced with adventure morning before the park opens to
and excitement. public and again at night after the
guests leave. Bureau Veritas
lanning for an excursion? ... Certification (India) Private Limited

Tired of the same old tourist has awarded Wonderla with “ISO
spots? ... Want to discover 14001:2004” certification for its
something new for the New Bangalore, Wonderla has become a environment – friendly operation and
Year? Here’s an action- popular, fun destination attracting OHSAS 18001:2007 for strict
packed alternative to more than 20 lakh people in a short compliance with international safety
celebrate the family span of three years. standards in its land and water rides.
excursion. Recharge your As a living room seems
nerves with an awesome incomplete without a family
entertainment filled with fun SAFETY AND HYGIENE photograph hanging across the wall,
and joy. Celebrate your much- Wonderla is located just 28 km the rides at Wonderla seem
awaited excursion with a flavour of from Bangalore, the IT capital of incomplete without the families
adventure and excitement. India. At Wonderla, excitement enjoying them together at the same
Wondering how all this is comes in the form of high thrill rides, time. Wonderla is an exciting world
possible? We are talking about mellow family attractions, water in itself. For, there are plenty of
Wonderla, the largest amusement slides, wave pools, and awesome facilities and conveniences.
park in India, where everything is indoor shows like the musical All in all, Wonderla is the best
either a wonder or a blast. It’s a world fountain and laser show, virtual place for your excursion. Enjoy
of action-packed adventure along reality show and the extremely unlimited rides throughout the park
with fascinating entertainment popular Rain Disco – a wet and wild, with a single ticket. For further
designed to meet your fantasies with dance floor with intelligent ‘rain’ and details, contact Wonderla on
fashion. It’s hardly surprising why fun laser lighting. Adding to this world of 09945557777; 08113 32441/2/3/4 or
lovers all scream for Wonderla. wonders, the park recently introduced Mail us at or visit
Giving a new definition for fun and four mind-blowing rides – The You can also
entertainment in the Garden City Dungeon Ride known as the book your ticket online. We

138 Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009



R. Prakash

talked about Metro.

Hailing from Manali, Kangana had
an altogether new experience in
Mumbai, not to mention her still
different experience down south
while shooting for Dhaam Dhoom.
Though fine arts was her first
choice, films have been her priority
now. Back at Bollywood, Kangana
has been a lucky mascot, having
signed films that hold a celebrity
status – Madhur Bhandarkar’s
Fashion, Kites opposite Hrithik
Roshan and Raaz 2 opposite
Emraan. “My role in Fashion has
been my dream-role which has
excited me the most, and working
with Madhu was such a fabulous
experience as he would always keep
encouraging me,” she said. Kangana,
unlike the freshers of contemporary
ust treading across the border- characters that are being offered to times, appears steadfast with feet

J line of her teens, Kangana

Ranaut, scouted and spotted by
the late cinematographer-turned-film-
her. Known for her famous curls, this
slim beauty from Bollywood has
virtually swept the audience off their
firmly rooted to the ground.
The unpleasant Aditya Pancholi
episode, the acid-throwing incident
maker Jeeva who had shortlisted the feet in her debut film in Tamil, Dhaam on her sister with whom she lives, the
sweet beauty for his Tamil film Dhoom. rumours regarding her signing up
Dhaam Dhoom, is the most Kangana is full of praise for Jeeva. projects with Yashraj Films or with
happening hot property of Kollywood. Basically being a cinematographer, Aamir Khan – all these have never
Having been on a roll at Bollywood who took up film-making too, he had touched a chord in her and she has
with two major hits to her credit – a lot of creative ideas. “I used to be managed to remain unfazed, though
Gangster and Woh Lahme – Kangana stunned while on schedules by the young in age. Maybe, these qualities
has a couple of awards in her kitty way in which he would mount and are her strong pillars that have and
including a best newcomer award. execute the scenes,” says she. facilitated her to weather tough
As her initial films have offered her Kangana’s first film in the storms on and off the screen. But she
author-backed roles, Kangana is very commercial circuit was Shakalaka is so sure of herself – which makes
conscious about the quality of the Boom Boom followed by the much- all the difference.

when he crossed swords (literally)

THE VERSATILE VILLAIN WHO IS NO MORE with the likes of M.G.R., Sivaji,
Gemini Ganesh, etc., Nambiar was
.N.Nambiar, the greatest During the peak of his career, which treated at par with any of them and it
villain of Tamil cinema, who stretched over several decades in a was he who evolved and initiated a
passed away recently, could seasoned manner, Nambiar was unique brand in villainy, like that of
be best described as a screen-villain actually the envy of many heroes! Pran in old Bollywood.
whom everybody loved to hate! During the fifties and the sixties, In the films of the fifties in which

140 Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009

he shared screen–space with many other movies, he opposed controversies. He did not have any
M.G.R., he was given equal Sivaji Ganesan. Nambiar fought with bad habits and even carried home-
importance and in some films like Kamal Hassan too in such films as food to the sets.
Arasilankumari, etc. he got a better ‘Guru’ and also played a comic Nambiar acted in some
mileage on the screen-sequences character in Mangala Vaathiyam Malayalam movies and some
than M.G.R. himself. Nambiar played again with Kamal. Garjanai, Yejaman television serials too. Born in Ooty,
pivotal roles in films produced and were a few of the films in which he Nambiar took to acting at a very early
directed by M.G.R. – Nadodi co-starred with Rajnikanth. In age and acted in over 350 movies in
Mannan, Ullagam, Sultrum Vaaliban Sridhar’s Nenjam Marapadillai, various languages including Telugu,
and Maduraiyai Meeta Sundara Nambiar’s villainy transverses Hindi, Singhalese. He was also a part
Pandian (which was eventually generations as the theme was about of Jungle an English film. Besides
M.G.R.’s last film before he took over reincarnation. appearing in light–hearted roles in a
as the chief minister). Padigooti Digambara Samiar is one of the couple of films, Nambiar switched to
Aayirathil Oruvan, Needikku Thalai noteworthy films of Nambiar in which character roles in the last lap of his
Vanangu, Meenava Nanban... the list he appeared in 11 different career.
of films in which Nambiar proved his characters. He played a detective in Among the villainous trio of Tamil
might as a powerful villain pitted that, involved in solving a murder films – M.N. Nambiar, S.A. Asokan
against MGR – is indeed never- mystery. and R. S. Monohar – Nambiar was
ending! In all his films Nambiar has Though he was much despised as the one at the top and he remained
had a long and fruitful innings. a villain on screen, off-screen, he so till the very end. It is worth noting
Uttama Puthiran, Lakshmi was quite the opposite. He led a very that Asokan and Monohar are also
Kalyanam Thirusoolam and in so disciplined life and never got into no more.

Mozhi which was

POSITIVE-MINDED PRAKASHRAJ produced by Prakashraj,
was possibly one of the
ne of the most versatile actors Shankar and Manirathnam. most absorbing movies

O of the times is Prakashraj who

has taken up yet another facet
of cinema, that is film-making,
As a matter of fact, it is
appearing in one of the
lead roles in the latter’s
of the times.
performance in that
movie was also widely

besides acting. The best aspect of Iruvar which enabled him applauded. Abhiyam
his eventful journey is that he has to bag the National Best Naanum is one of his
managed to emerge triumphant in supporting actor award. recent films that won
both his chosen tasks – acting and Prakashraj is the hot laurels from all quarters.
film-making. favourite of almost all The film dealt with the
Of late, Prakashraj’s name has directors which include emotional bondage
been in the news, all for the wrong new-generation film-maker between a dad and his
reasons. Both in his private life and Gautham Menon. daughter, with Prakashraj
professional life, he had problems, He is also an and Trisha enacting the
but that in no way stood in the way of accomplished actor in respective roles
his quest for creativity. As an actor, Telugu films. From character roles to beautifully.
he continues to innovate and, as a cameos, Prakashraj covers a wide Mayulu and Inidhu Inidhu are two
producer, he continues to churn out variety of roles, villain roles included. of Prakashraj’s forthcoming projects.
films that are of award-winning class Also, Prakashraj is one actor who The former is a rustic village tale
besides being purposeful. has never got caught up in the image deliberating on superstition. Ilayaraja
Like Kamal Hassan and trap. While in one film he plays the is the scorer for the film. Jeevan, a
Rajnikanth, Prakashraj was also villain chasing the heroine, he plays newcomer, is the director.
spotted and introduced by the her brother in the next and her father Inidhu Inidhu is a remake of the
veteran film-maker K. Balachander in a third – all with the same heroine. Telugu superhit Happy Days.
years ago through his home- Prakashraj still comes up Prakashraj is one person who prefers
production, Duet which was successfully in all the three roles and not to have any goals. He prefers to
Prakashraj’s launch pad. Prakashraj walks away with the honours. take life as it comes and in the
holds Balachander in very high Prakashraj has tried his hand at process give his best. Also, while
esteem. “He is my mentor. I owe all Hindi movies as well. Presently, he preparing for roles, before the shots
my achievements to that great soul,” is doing a film with Salman Khan. He are called, he looks at the situation
says Prakashraj. He has also worked has also done very good roles in with an open mind and just goes
with the other great ones like Kannada too, e.g., Nagamandala. about his job. That’s it! We

142 Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009


DG P.S. Pasricha, Poonam Soni,

Helen Brodie and Asif Azim.
Sudha Hariharan

Lavina Roy, Mor (Avni), Naishi

Choksi, Nisha Bajaj, Saloni, and
Welcome to the new address of A wide range is available here. Zaee (Shamanaz Parakh) are on
haute couture ‘RE’, a multi-designer From traditional fashion to edgy and display.
store located at elite Breach Candy quirky collections by Amber and Falguni is a self-trained designer –
which was launched by Falguni Shah Shirrin, Anupama Dayal, Babita a postgraduate in law, she always
(owner) and Aditi Govitrikar (brand Malkani, Dozakh (Kartikeya and dreamt of having her own high-end
ambassador). RE displays creations Isha), Drashta, Gaurav Gupta, fashion store. She strongly believes
of the most well-known designers Geisha Designs (Paras and Shalini), “if you can imagine it, you can
and also introduces fresh talented Karishma Trehan, Nachiket Barve, achieve it” and she surely did.
designers. The store ventures into Namrata Joshipura, Lotus Sutr
the range of evening, day and festive (Karishma Jamwal), Priya Awasthy, OUR TWIN TOWERS
wear, for both men and women,
making it a fashion haven for people
Rakesh Agarwal, Swapnil Shinde,
Zuber Kirmani, Anushka's, etc. and
with varied fashion sensibilities. the fresh designers like Annie and ACTION
Tastefully done up in gold and Nimmo, Aurum (Sonali), Ayesha, The Taj Trident threw open its
mother-of-pearl, the store displays Delisia, (Half Full)Rixie Bhatia, rooms well in time to usher in
luxury and the high standards of its Christmas and New Year though an
designers. The launch of RE was air of sombriety hung around. It will
graced by eminent personalities – be a while before the heritage wing,
Malika Arora Khan, Neha Dhupia, which bore the brunt of the attack, is
Poonam Dhillon, Supriya Sule, back in operation. The ferry service
Sachin and Sangita Ahir, Dipanita at the Gateway of India has also
Sharman, Anjana Sukhani, Anita resumed service and tourists are
Hasnandani, Vineet Mittal, Raj Shroff, trickling in once again.
Mridula Chandrashakher, Jesse
Randhawa, Sandip Soparkar,
Shamita Shingha, Shweta Salve, PAUSE AND PONDER
Rocky S, Manali Wensarkar, Talat Around 4,000 police recruits who
and Bina Aziz, Rupa Vohra, former had been undergoing training at eight
Aditi Govitrikar, Falguni Shah, Neha centres across the state have been
Dhupia, Poonam Dhillon and Shweta hauled out mid-way and sent on
Salve at the launch of ‘RE’. special bandobast duty to Nagpur
where the winter session of the
Maharashtra Assembly is under way.
According to one source, policemen
on the streets on 26/11 had not fired
more than 20 bullets during their
training and not more than 30 to 40
rounds in their entire career. Many
have never handled or fired from an
AK-47s or self-loaded rifles (SLRs)!


The first phase of the high-profile
and controversial Bandra–Worli
Sealink is all set to open next March.
According to an official source of the

136 Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009

Hindustan Construction Company
Ltd, (HCL), while no decision has yet
been taken on the issue of toll, four
lanes of this eight-lane bridge will be
Dimpy Patange,
operational three months ahead. All
owner and hair
eight lanes are likely to be functional stylist, is showing
by July 2009. the interior of her
Nirav Parekh’s (Main Course
Productions) much-awaited play, Mr
and Mrs Karan Johar opened to a full
house recently. The comedy in Hindi
meant for the entire family viewing
had talented actors like Aman Yatan
Verma, Delnaaz Paul, Nigaar Khan, obliged the photographers.
Kiku Sharda, Sheela Sharma, Gauhar Khan, Rajesh Khattar
Ferdaus Mevawala, Umesh Jangam with his wife Vandana made it
and Richa Singh. Though the play just in time to catch the premier.
had nothing to do with the actual
Karan Johar to its title, it managed to
grab eyeballs! HAIR PLAY a yen for something new and
Delnaaz Paul and Aman Verma Aamir Khan’s funky tatooed hair exciting. Whatever your style
made a cute couple and were more styles in Ghajini have set the statement, the young and energetic
than happy to play Mr and Mrs Karan youngsters in a tizzy. Almost as if to staff of four can deliver beyond your
Johar. Kiku Sharda had everyone in cater to this demand, a new Mecca expectation! Hair Play boasts of hair
splits with his funny antics! With for hair-styling has sprung up in the stylist Sandeep KJ, this year’s
veterans like Dinyar Contractor as a fashionable suburb of Bandra. Not L’Oreal Colour Trophy New
director, music by Kashyap Sompura only can you get as an introductory Generation Category winner.
and written by Suresh Jairam, the offer hair consultation free a trendy Sandeep’s innovative concepts and
play successfully managed to woo hair-cut, and cutting-edge colouring, skill won him this coveted title over
the audience. but also get a hair tattoo at Hair Play hair stylists pan India!
Theatre actors such as Paritosh the four-seater state-of-the art salon.. Dimpy Patange, owner as well as
Painter and Balwinder Singh Suri With a welcoming courtyard where a hair stylist, proudly says, “The time
were the first to walk in followed by one can hang out with friends while has come when young talent is
Rakesh Paul who came in with consulting and a cheerful and bright recognised and appreciated for what
Manisha Khatwani and willingly interior Hair Play invites anyone with they do best! Within only three
months of opening this salon, we
Team of Mr & Mrs Karan. have achieved so much and this is
the beginning. My other stylists Nadia
and Nupur too are gaining loyal
patrons who keep coming back for
more!” Dimpy shares this chic
premise with husband and celebrity
tattoo artist Sameer Patange who
lists amongst his clientele Sanjay
Dutt, Salman Khan, Hrithik Roshan,
Sushmita Sen, Urmila Matondkar to
name a few.

deGustibus Hospitality Pvt. Ltd,
Rahul and Malini Akerkar’s corporate
house that owns and runs the highly

138 Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009

successful Indigo and Indigo India during the year-end. Tiger beer Missy Elliot, Ludacris, DMX, Busta
Delicatessen in Colaba and more along with Rhymes and many more. DJ
recently Indigo Cafe in Andheri, has Tiger gave Mumbai party-goers a Domination mixed some of the best
now launched Moveable Feast. unique experience: for the very first of cutting, scratching and acrobatics
Offering a full-service, multi-segment, time in Mumbai. DJ Domination to give Mumbai one of the most
multi-cuisine experience, Moveable dished out his latest hip-hop entertaining and invigorating
Feast specialises in catering for compilations along with his mastered performances ever!
weddings, institutions, banquets, art at the turntable at Dragonfly.
private parties, or any other occasion Mumbaites set their clocks to 'tiger CATERING TO THE
– big or small.
As Mumbai’s premier catering
time' to experience an ubercool
ambience created by DJ Domination.
company, Moveable Feast is set to The night soared with high levels of INDUSTRY
elevate the art of table service, taking coolness as DJ churned the grooviest Percept Talent Management, the
entertaining to new levels of hip-hop numbers and party goers leading talent management company
sophistication with unparalleled raised a toast to the high spirits of has partnered with Hansa, India's
attention to detail. the city. leading marketing communications
Moveable Feast offers an is India's and services groups research to
extensive and fully-customisable nightlife portal and it caters to every cater to the entertainment industry a
menu which offers a wide range of segment of nightlife from eight niche service. The research provided
speciality cuisines, ranging from premier nightlife destinations of India by them together will be focused on
Indian and pan-Asian to modern (Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, ensuring that the clients get their
European or American. Complete Goa, Kolkata, Chennai and money’s worth by using facts to
with an on-site bakery and patisserie Hyderabad). choose and pay celebrities based on
to provide a wide selection of artisinal DJ Domination, originally from their requirements.
breads and renowned desserts, Miami, Florida, has 15 years of The recent past has seen the
Moveable Feast redefines the art of experience in DJing. His sounds country on the brink of recession. In
event catering by bringing a complete have an influence from hip-hop such a scenario it is practically not
range of services to every customer’s Mughals like Jam Master Jay (RIP), viable to take a decision without
doorstep. Grand Master Flash, and DJ Cash reliable research and aggressive
Money. His uniqueness at the strategies.
IT'S TIGER TIME WITH turntable and ear for good music has
won him performances in over 50
The talent management industry
is on the anvil of a major path-
DJ DOMINATION countries worldwide with some of the breaking concept which will see the
Asia's number one Hip-Hop DJ, biggest names in the Hip-Hop entertainment industry and its ever-
DJ Domination was roped in to burn industry like, Jay Z and his wife rising price demands streamlined and
up the dance floor across five cities in Beyonce, Eminem, Nelly, Outcast, directly correlated to the return on
As early as 2001, brands realised
that a star has an influential power
over the consumer and the utilisation
of celebrities rose from 25 per cent to
60 per cent. As with all new trends
the celebrity endorsement concept
took off in a big way with stars being
paid huge sums of money, but it was
gradually found that the stars may
DJ Domination, not always draw consumers.The
churning out
research provides an in-depth, multi-
grooviest hip-hop
numbers at
faceted understanding of a star’s
Dragonfly. worth all the year round across the
country through an on-going tracking
It is the first-ever large-scale
research that periodically measures
celebrity power on four parameters,
namely, popularity of a celebrity,
media presence, power of persuasion
and image attributes. We

140 Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009

145 Crossword

1 2 3 4 5 6

Tear along the dotted line and mail to Crossword No. 145Woman’s Era, Delhi Press, New Delhi-110 055.
7 8 9

12 13 14 15
16 17
18 19 20 21
22 23 24
26 27

1. The study of the human race, especially of
its origins, development, customs and
1. A large S American snake of the boa
family, that crushes other animals to death
beliefs (12) before eating them (8)
7. A story, play, picture, etc. in which each 2. A system that allows people working in a
character or event is a symbol recording or broadcasting studio to talk to
representing an idea or a quality, such each other without their voices being
as truth, evil, death, etc.; the use recorded or heard on the radio (8)
of such symbols (8) 3. Very strict and difficult to change (5)
8. The mixture of gases that surrounds the 4. Something that decides or limits the
earth and that we breathe (3) way in which something can
10. Great enthusiasms and energy, style and be done (9)
confidence (4) 5. Spoken rather than written (4) Please accept my entry for the
11. A government official who examines 6. Thread that has been spun, used for
reports of complaints against public knitting, making cloth, etc.(4) crossword competition. I
authorities (9) 9. (Of rhythm in poetry) in which one weak
12. An animal or a bird, or a model of one, or short syllable is followed by one strong subscribe to all the rules and
that attracts other animals or birds, or long syllable (6) regulations of the competition.
especially so that they can be shot by 10. A substance that is melted onto metal,
people who are hunting them (5) pots, etc. and forms a hard shiny surface
14. To injure somebody seriously, causing to protect or decorate them (6) Name
permanent damage to their body (4) 13. A soldier who fought for the union
16. A type of beer, usually sold in (= the northern states) in the American
bottles or cans (3) Civil War (6)

17. Chemical symbol for element copper (2) 15. The crime of killing somebody
19. Long piece of paper, cloth, film, etc. that deliberately (6) Address
has been wrapped around itself or a tube 18. A sea creature with a hard shell, eight
several times so that it forms the shape of legs and two pincers (curved and
a tube (4) pointed arms for catching and
22. A small river (5) holding things) (4) City Pin
24. To put something together with something 20. Shaped like an egg (4)
else so as to increase the size, number, 21. Abbreviation for the city of Los
amount, etc. (7) Angles (2)
25. A piece of equipment made of wire or 23. Abbreviation for old age
long straight pieces of metal for receiving security (3)
or sending radio and television signals (6)
26. Very fat, in a way that is not healthy (5)
27. An evergreen forest tree with leaves like
needles, that grows in cool northern

countries (3)

264 Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009

Winners of Crossword - 142

Amruth Raskina, Mangalore. M. Sudhakaran, Nagpur. Prem Dutt Sharma, Delhi.

Deepali, Cha Nirali Asit Mehta, Chennai. Nisha Gupta,

ndigarh. Noida.

Radha Dutt, D Ankit Khanna, Bhilai. Palak Bansal

elhi. , Jagadhri.

Jasbeer Kaur Susmita, Secu

, Ratlam. Seema, Ghaziabad. nderabad.

Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009 265

145 Crossword
O Nof Crossword

- 142

umbai. Shammi, Patiala. h Mehta, Alm
Asha Netto, M Bhagwan Sing

, HQ Imtrai,
on, Allahabad. Madhur Singh, Satna Swapna Nanda
Hemant Tand
C/o 99APO.

th, Bangalore. Rajbir Singh Chauhan, Gurgaon. uyan, Cuttack
Amrita Srikan Itishree M. Bh

ar Chauhan,
Surat. reira, Trichy.
Mahesh Kum Hector Hema Sagar, Hyderabad. Raymond Pe

266 Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009


Winners of Crossword - 142 Rules and Regulations

A prize of Rs 15,000 will
be given to the person
sending an all-correct
solution. In case there are
more than one sender of an
all-correct solution, the prize
amount will be divided
among the first 30
competitors chosen by lot.
Renu Sethi, N
ew O. M. Yoosaf, Kerala. The decision of the manage-
ment will be final and
binding. Entries must be on
the crossword printed here.
Photocopies will not be
Entries must be sent so
as to reach Woman’s Era
by 15 February 2009, by
ordinary post. No corres -
pondence in this matter will
A. Somasunda be entertained.
ram, Pondiche Shamila Alaudeen, Ramnad.
rry. The contest is not open
to the employees of Delhi
Press. Every entry should
be accompanied by the
sender’s family photo. If you
are declared a winner, your
family picture may be
printed in the oncoming
issue. Please send a signed
declaration that you have
no objection to printing your
J. L. R. Mathe Dr Megha Munet, Mandsavr. family picture.
ws, Vellore.

Answers to Crossword-142

n w in
Across: 2. Remit, 3. Blight,
6. Loaf, 7. Soggy, 8. AC, 9. Code,
w i o rd
10. Don, 11. UK, 13. Tarnish,
15. Oral, 17. Kick, 18. Basket,
20. Axiom, 22. Ngo, 23. Oke, n
i ur w
24. Bond
W yo wer
Down: 1.Rel
ocate, 2. Mea
3. Broad, 4. In
ck axe, 14
. H
ob nob,
o n p o
8. Aura, 12. Pi , 19 . Kind ,
. Kook
16. Lotion, 17
21. MO

Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009 267

I am loving, caring romantic and smart Rajkot
HIGH-profile, handsome Christian business-
man 42/166 affluent loving, caring, helpful,
WANTED good-looking, good caste, Hindu
vegetarian girl from six years to twelve years
(Gujarat) based highly educated boy (32) sincere, understanding, strong built having good at studies for adoption for a very good
searching for good-looking, loving, romantic flourishing business, looking for pretty, Brahmin family. Full secrecy assured. Apply
and sincere girl for longlasting and serious educated broad-minded independent lovely with recent photograph and e-mail:
relationship, based on mutual trust and girls/divorcees/widows with/without child for Mobile No.
understanding. My hobbies are music, movies, lifelong relationship, very good loving care 09005915027.
dancing, longdrive, going to sea beaches and assured, no bars/demands e-mail:
hill stations, etc. Interested females can write NEWLY born or unborn infant wanted for
to me at: adoption. Full secrecy and confidentiality will
or sms/call at: 09879741823. SENIOR US citizen, educated, retd. pastor be assured to working or unmarried and
loving, caring, understanding excellent health, widow lady. Sms 00-230-7532533 C/o W’Era
HI, I am Kiran. I am working in Bangalore as a widower living alone, no liabilities, looking for Box No. 1443 New Delhi-110 055.
software engineer in a reputed MNC software educated cultured, caring unencumbered god-
company, I am 5.8”, 26 years fair and good- fearing Christian female preferably nurse, age SURROGATE MOTHER
looking, looks like a model, well settled and between 50-65 years as life partner willing to WANTED women between the ages of 21-33
having own coffee estate, I am a fun loving, settle in the USA, call me on cell no. 469-438- years to donate eggs, and women between ages
moderate, caring, down to earth broad-minded 1028 of send e-mail: 25-36 to surrogate. They should be healthy with
I like music, shopping, Style and fashion no personal / family history of any major illness.
Moderate, reading books, painting. Traditions I am looking for woman/girl, who is looking Preferably they should have had one child. Will
with a touch of western culture, have lot of for a young man (40 age), well educated (PhD), have to undergo blood tests and examination to
family values. I love travelling and appreciate well settled (Heading International Business in a qualify. For details of financial emoluments and
the nature / wild. I am looking for a beautiful Company), healthy, simple, happygoing, fun- Procedure Cell number:-9310663023.
and modern, broad- minded, fair girl for loving, romantic (with a difference), widely
travelled, culturally rich, good ambassador for a WANTED 20-25 years tall beautiful lady as
companionship/marriage. No dowry, caste, surrogate mother. Suitable reward or girl
religion and family, financial status no bar, cause, knowledgeable in beauty techniques like
facial, massage, aromatic therapies, etc. and willing stay lifelong will be preferred.
secrecy assured. Thanks for reading my details or 09899999734.
and feel free to contact me on 9945596311 or having positive look towards life. Professionally
send e-mail:- occupied broad-minded girls/unsatisfied married DELHI-based handsome, tall, highly qualified,
women (even could be housewife)/divorcee can well-settled family seeks tall and beautiful girl
WANTED for long life-term relationship think, just because I am blessed to motivate the as a surrogate mother up to 25 years to stay
broad-minded, educated female, widow, mind, beautify the body, harbour in the heart and lifelong. e-mail:
divorcee any status for 39 years widower, satisfy the soul and eager to pass the joy. One
without children, government engineer near who is based at Hyderabad, interested in serious WANTED a female (Indian/Foreigner)
Delhi dial:- 09423925172. long-lasting relationship, based on the mutual trust widow/divorcee/married, proven fertile 20-35
and understanding and wish to explore the whole years. for egg donation/surrogacy. Delhiites/
new phenomenon of life beyond materialistic N.C.R preferred. Secrecy maintained. Good
comfort may please contact: Ph-9177611549 e- compensation assured. Contact 2 p.m- 4 p.m (Secrecy is on 09211227295.
mutually agreed basis). EDUCATIONAL
HIGH-profile match-making for any families, B.A, B.ED, B.COM, BSC, M.A., M.COM,
professionals, business class, Industrialist, MSC, MCA, Library Course, NTT, DMLT,
NRI. Contact: Dilipji – 9999765557. (Delhi) B.SC.MLT, D. Pharma, B.Pharma. (B.A. Hindi level do in one year). For guidance,
West Delhi College A-1/22 Hastsal Road,
CONTACT Wing Commander N.K.Kaila for Uttam Nagar, New Delhi-59. Ph. 011-
decent reliable status alliances. All castes/- 25376951, 09999176172.
religions/NRI/second marriage, professionals,
LEARN interior designing and Nursery
business class, defence services, doctors,
Teacher Training(NTT) course through
engineers, MBA, CA and merchant Navy.
correspondence. Heights established in year
EC-326, Maya Enclave, New Delhi-110 064.
1995, offering distance courses having
Tel: (011)25120386, 9810843039.
5000+students from India and abroad. Course
ADOPTION compiled in a set of printed 11 self-
WANTED good-looking, Hindu vegetarian girl explanatory books with colour illustrations
from six years and below 12 years, good at and examples. Get diploma and job assistance
studies for foster care or adoption for a good after successful course completion. To get free
family. Apply to Post Box No. 1442 C/o W’Era prospectus contact: Heights Institute, 3rd
New Delhi - 110 055, with recent photograph Floor, P.P. Tower, Main Road, Pitam Pura,
or e-mail:, mobile Delhi-110034 (India) Ph. 09811437000 ,
No.: 09480178686. 9310137111.

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to MAYACHITRALAYA, B-225, 15th
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United Montessori Association, USA.
PAYING guest accommodation for working PLASTIC SURGERY TRAINING
girls,executive ladies in I.P. Extn. Society INCREASE and shape the size of boobs in CORRESPONDENCE courses – detective
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272 Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009

Panchakarma, one of the biggest hospitals in SURE-cure herbal capsule for :-(1). New hair 24x7 9811744262 (Delhi)
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276 Woman’s Era ● January (First) 2009

regionalism in politics as it is not less effect of the global meltdown on the
than terrorism, as both are Indian economy. Although both the
weakening the nation. Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh
– M. Kumar, New Delhi. and the then Finance Minister
P Chidambaram have been at pains
to explain that the Indian economy is
WHERE ARE insulated against the crisis and that
PAROCHIAL LEADERS? Indian financial institutions are all well
“Mumbai 26/11” is a horrifying regulated and their exposure to
reiteration of the very same fact that institutions like Lehman Brothers, etc.
regarding terrorism, India’s political is minimal, globalisation could result
leadership and the higher echelons of in a cascading effect of the meltdown
TERROR INVESTIG has recently acquittedThese
PRACTICAL its policy establishment are guilty of and the financial crises could well
court case.
special POTA Mumbai bomb blast Gateway of
of Children’s
n the occasionCommission (NHRC) states that
Day, Nationala
released A bomb blasts
accused in had taken place at

Jhaveri Bazaar
killing 50
people and
Osman Ladduwala

criminal laxity. Blaming everything on spill over to our country in a big way.
Human Rights report. The report India and Accused years in jail.
children 100 injured. about six
very disturbing to 50 thousand more than la have spent ra, trial of
from 44 thousand to the report, Batterywa of Maharasht is going on.
every year In the past year, according From Hassan another city
missing. In Nashik, others accused face of terrorism
go missing. children went lost. and eight
76 thousand children were Pragya yet another as Hindu
more than more than 11 thousand are never traced has highlighted to be known
Their case has come

Delhi alone, of these children Do these
children India, which weight in
More than
one-third families. , who in carries much arrest spread,
with their ? If kidnapped terrorism. word Hindu
and reunited or are kidnapped Now the the news
of Pragya’s ns stood
simply disappear and why? to these
country. As soon as other Hindu organisatio of the
al answers all Colonel
kidnaps them only hypothetic of a Lt

Pakistan and ISI is a very convenient India too has been witnessing a stock
fate of these BJP and
about the the RSS, The name
There are that the defence. .
can only speculate the doubt up in her highlighted trial had started.
queries. One Nithari confirm some connection is also being weeks now that the . During all
Cases like may have to Army two meanwhile has
children. children diversion It is almost created
nce of Further, their ruled out. has been rist Squad)
disappeara organ trade. cannot be Much confusionthe ATS (Anti-Terropresentation in the
with the illegal and child labour for his or her family. this period, the Sadhvi. On her
first This
world of the eye with great torturing her.
the crime the apple
d the ATS of
A child is in every family family interrogate Sadhvi accused defensive.
is celebrated the assets of a court, the ATS on the more than
Birth of childrenchildren are not Every country has put the India for
accusation has been tormenting consumed in fighting
joy. In a
way, national assets. on the has been many lives
are, in fact, its resources e Terrorism
l part of Much resource bomb blast occurs,

Refer to Editorial
alone. They

option, but it is nowhere near the market crash, acute liquidity crunch
a substantia that they become 30 years. any Many families
of children
so ns to national this evil. Whenever are maimed. Apart from
their contributio many peopleand loved ones. is
and make are lost and ers and time
citizens the generally breadwinn resource
nt. highlights over the
lose their tion, much that ultimately prove
developme of the NHRC nurtured paying compensa ions the past three
But the reportthat we in India have The report also in investigat During
consumed and go on in spirals. have been
callous attitude these national assets. ement ss terrorists
only a few acquits an accused,
of the law-enforcmeans directionle
years towards on the working and order or four decades, when court not, enough
raises questions of the people, law In the end more often than it was
For most person
which there
were, to feel that
agencies. t only.
departmen actuality? If a commonabout his against public begins

Terror investigations
the common

truth. To believe that there were no which has been compelling the RBI
the police in complaint evidence, political
happens to lodge a
But what to his woes. a sham.
A shameless ing
police station will not listen complaint all so in our
of the investigat ing
goes to the the policemen Why is this
only a rough at the working these investigat
missing child, they will lodge the child ce with All political
Or, at the
most, nt of recoveringease at their interferen is seen under great In
the complaina with agencies to confusing.
and console but then go on working always have work becomes round a
agencies their and again
the earliest, place As such,
ce. that took pressure. to go again yoke of an
own convenien an incident manager they seem tied to the
would recall child of an Adobe most cases, like the bullock as if they
Readers was great is formed
years ago. in Noida and there circular path,in the media an image right direction.
two-three the kid. But on into the for the
kidnapped to recover only expeller. the investigati no quick-fix remedy

going awry (December

had been on the police the police not

Indians involved in this ghastly to cut rates time and again and a
taking is certain that
pressure alacrity, , who are ely, there it seems
with superb nabbed the kidnappers Unfortunat current scenario, away from
same In the e is taken