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Published in thisseries: H.G.Widdowson: Linguistics George Yule: Pragmatics Series Editor H.G.Widdowson Pragmatics George Yule OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS (Oxford aires ress | ‘WaoaSuet Oxford oxs coe ford New York ‘hes Asclid Bango Hopes Bombay for Maryann Boens Aes Caleta, Cope Tow Date Sse Det Pence HongKong lanl Karc Kes Lumpur Madras Made Meboure Mex iy Navobt Pars Singapore “Tape Tokyo Torom sn cited comp in i Todas coxronp andoxrono excite ‘rade a of Oxford Universi ose © Oxiord Use Pree s996 est pblihed 996 Seta inten 1996 Nownautared photocopying Alleigha reserved. No par of is pbliton ‘Bey breeedcn edna esa yten of ‘Tawney form or by anymeati eon, | ‘mec phocecopying coding octerwi, | thou the rir ween ermson of Ona Urivesty res This bookisoldsbjec tothe conden att | Shallne byway of rade or teri, belo, } ‘esol: hie ator cere ceased whut ‘Be pba pr cana any os of ein rcoreroserthantatowhchtipubiahelaad srchoat ainda onion clei codon Tag ponedon he eeqcm pce Seely Wyvern Typing Ld ito Prive in Hong Kong Contents Preface Survey Definitions and background ‘Syntax, semantics, and pragmatics Regulacty ‘The pragmatics wastebasket Delis and datance Person deixis| Spatial deixis| “Temporal deinis Deixisand grammar Reference and inference Referential and atibutive uses, Names and referents The role ofcotext ‘Anaphorie reference Presuppostion and ontalment Presupposition ‘Types of presupposition ‘The projection problem Ordered entailments Cooperation and impicature ‘The cooperative principle Hedges

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