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The Poor Mans Peanut Butter Sandwich By Anthony J. Fejfar, B.A., J.D., Phd.

Perpetual Copyright and (P)Patent (2012 C.E.) by Anthony J. Fejfar and Neothomism P.C. (PA) And the American People as a Public Domain Copyright and Patent George Washington Carver, a creole black man from Georgia, is credited for inventing the Peanut and Peanut Butter. Peanut Butter is simply made by grinding up roasted peanuts. A Great American Delicacy is the Peanut Butter Sandwich. Of course the English Lord, the Earl of Sandwich is credited with developing the Sandwich by putting cooked beef between two slices of bread, but neither Sandwich himself nor the English were able to make conceptual leap to the Peanut Butter Sandwich; this of course, was left to the American cousins. Now, to make a Peanut Butter Sandwich you must first spread peanut butter with a knife onto a slice of bread, and then, close the sandwich with another slice of bread with the peanut butter stuck in the middle. There are various types of supplemental filling

that can be used in to make an even better peanut sandwich, which are: 1. Peanut Butter and Sweet Butter Chip Pickles 2. Peanut Butter and Sweet Gherkin Pickles 3. Peanut Butter with Strawberry Jam 4. Peanut Butter with Lettuce 5. Peanut Butter with banana slices

The Peanut Butter Sandwich makes a great snack for kids and adults and is a great Sack Lunch Sandwich as well. We need to get Washington to get Grocery Stores to lower prices on Peanut Butter. The cost of producing Peanut Butter appears to be about 10 cents a pound, but it is selling in many Grocery Stores for the unreasonably high price of $4.00 per pound. I believe that the United States Department of Agriculture subsidizes peanut butter production and this is another good reason that the retail grocery store price of Peanut Butter should be much lower than what it has been. Call or write your Congressman for help with the issue.