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Altered Comfort: Imbalanced Nutrition: Less than body requirements related to unwillingness to eat Adequate nutrition is necessary to meet

the bodys demand. Nutritional status can be affected by disease or injury state. In the case of my patient, her imbalanced nutrition is due to her unwillingness to eat due to unusual taste. Because of her medical condition, food preparations are changed appropriate for her, but the change in taste is not easily masked by the patient. CUES/EVIDENCES Subjective: Pirme lang gamay akong makaon diri kay dili jud ko ganahan satimpla sa mga pagkaon nga irasyon. As verbalized by the patient Objective Weight loss Lethargic Weak Vital Signs taken as follows: BP = 130/70mmHg Temp: 36.3 degC CHR: 87 bpm RR: 17 cpm Wt: 78 kg From 81.1 kg OBJECTIVES During the extent of After 3 days if nursepatient interaction the patient will be able to demonstrate behavior, lifestyle changes to regain appropriate weight. Specifically the patient will be able to: Verbalize understanding with causative factors when known and necessary intervention Demonstrate progressive weight gain toward goal To promote wellness after interventions INTERVENTIONS INDEPENDENT Assist the patient in demonstrating behavior, lifestyle changes to regain appropriate weight. Ascertain understanding of individual needs Discuss eating habits including food preferences, intolerance and aversion. Promote pleasant relieving environment including socialization Assess weight, measure or calculate body fat Evaluate total daily food intake RATIONALE For education of the patient for appropriate recovery from nutritional imbalance Determines informational needs of the patient Appeals to client tasks, and enhances intake This promotes comfort to the patient and encourages a good eating habit Establishes baseline parameter Reveals possible cause of malnutrition changes that could be made in clients intake. Stimulates the appetite of the client Monitors effectiveness of dietary plan EVALUATION GOAL PARTIALLY MET: Patient was able to partially demonstrate behavior, lifestyle changes to regain appropriate weight.

Encourage client to choose food or have family member to bring food that seems appealing Weight at regular intervals and document results

have been done Refer to home health resources

Consult with dietician and nutritional support team as necessary Refer to homehealth resources

To have an accurate dietary intake for long term needs For initiation and supervision of home nutrition therapy when used