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Checklist to Prepare for an Inspection Incident Investigation Guideline

Checklist to Prepare for an Inspection or Investigation

Assign personnel to assist with the inspection or investigation Determine how many inspectors there will be and the extent of the inspection so appropriate personnel will be prepared and available to accompany each inspector. Review document control procedures Ensure that employees and inspectors know the policy for transmitting documents to inspectors. One approach is for all document requests to go through the assigned document control manager. Have supplies readily available (cameras, notebooks, video equipment, copies of regulations) It is appropriate to take photographs of whatever the inspectors photograph. Take duplicate samples or perform duplicate testing alongside inspectors. Train employees on regulations, protocol, and their rights Employees should be reminded to answer questions concisely, directly, and truthfully giving only the facts, not opinions or conclusions. Have a logistical plan for the movement of the outside agency while in the facility A plan will help ensure that the inspection does not unreasonably affect business or the inspectors time. Ensure that paperwork is in order Self pre-inspect to ensure compliance with regulations. Review self-audits, insurance audits, previous recommendations, and follow-up actions.

(See Chapter 12)

2003 AIChE - CCPS