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Having seen the Lana Del Ray album, Born To Die our group have taken inspiration from

it and agreed to liking the natural background and the positioning of the artist being at the forefront of the album. What I like in particular is the big bold font for the artist name being spread across the top of the album. I think it will be great for our artist as Nabilla J is a newcomer, so we need her name on the album to be very big and bold to draw the attention of people walking by.

The above picture is my version of the Lana Del Ray album using photographs we took for our digipack. We took the image using the same camera angle in hopes to get a similar vibe, having also used a big bold font for the artist name. I have stuck to our colour scheme and font. As this is only a mock- up I havent used any effects but this will show you what I am going for when it comes to making my final version.