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Aim:Creation of Power Point Presentation Step1:Start a new Presentation by choosing new option new the file menu Step2:Choose

side layout from the displayed layout window Step3:Type the main title and subtitle in the available boxes i.,e (welcome presentation) Step4:Apply font size, colour, styles Step5:Apply required background colour by choosing back ground option from the formation menu Step6:apply required animation for slide by choosing slide transaetion from slide show menu Step7:Set animation option from slide show menu and set required animation for each object on the slide Step8:Set animation speed & other effects Step9:Choose new slide option from insert menu and choose the required from slide layout Step10:Choose main heading and points with bullets layout from the displayed layout window Step11:Type the required text and sub points Step12:Apply font colour, size, style, options Step13:Apply slide transeation & custom Step14:We can change slides order by choosing slide sorter view Step15:We can delete or copy slides in this view Step16:We can record timing by choosing rehansetimings option from the slide fonter view this recording helps in displaying slides automatically