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Procedure: Creating forms: Forms are used to display data in required formet by displaying tables informs We can navigate

as required,we can delete modify or add new data to tables. Step1:To creat anew form choose forms option and clic onNew button Step2:Choose the table name or query name that you want to use forms and click on ok button Step3:form window will be displaed in design view.In that window be have to drag the required fields to the form fields list Step4:Apply required font size.Font colour,and font setting apply required back ground colour alsi Step5:To run aform click on run button or press the function key pc. Step6:We can navigate to required record using the barbelow the window. Step7:We can place required buttom on the form for various operations.To place abutton on the from click on command button option on the tool box. Step8:Place it on the form. Step9:When a button is placed on the form a window will be displayed which shows various,oprations and sub operations. Step10:Choose a operation and sub operation and click onNEXT button. Step11:Completed the dilog box and click on FINISH buttom. Step12:To retrieve data form more than on tables retrieve data to queries and pass these qyeries to form.