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We, the student of Shrimad Rajchandra Institute of Management & Computer Application, UTU, Bardoli, are conducting survey on the topic To Study of Customers Perception towards Bajaj Bikes. We assure that the information you provide will be used for academic purpose only. We request you to fill up the following questionnaire and help us in collecting the information we need. We are greatly obliged and thankful to you for your kind cooperation.

1) How did you come to know the name Bajaj? a) Friends b) Advertising c) Relatives d) Others

2) Which model did you buy? a) Platina 100 CC b) XCD 125 DTS-Si c) XCD 135 DTS-Si d) Pulsar 200 NS Pulsar 220 DTS-i e) Pulsar 180 DTS-i f) Pulsar 150 DTS-i g) Pulsar 135 LS h) Discover 150 i) Discover 125 ST j) Discover 125 k) Discover 100 l) Avenger 220 DTS-i m) Ninja 250R n) Ninja 650R

3) What you feel while riding the Bajaj Bike? a) Highly Satisfied d) Highly Dissatisfied b) Satisfied e) Dissatisfied c) Average

4) While comparing with other bike the models of the Bajaj bikes is? a) Good b) Need to improve c) Cant Say

5) In what way Bajaj bike is suitable to you? a) Engine capacity d) Comfortable b) Millage e) Affordable c) Stylish

6). Select the attributes of Bajaj bikes as per your preference? ( 1= Most attractive, 2=attractive, 3=Neutral, 4=less attractive) a) Power b) Style c) Price reduction d) More colors e) Free accessories f) Fuel Efficiency

7) What is your opinion on the performance of Bajaj bikes? a) Excellent b) Good c) Satisfactroy d) Poor

8) Rank the Company as per your Preference. (Rank 1 higher to Rank 4 lower)
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Companies Bajaj Hero Honda Yamaha Suzuki T.V.S 1 2 3 4

9) What Mileage is your bike giving? a) 60 Km /Litr and above b) 50-60 km/Litr c) 40-50 km/Litr d) Below 40Km/Ltr

10) How do you rate our delivery performance? a) Poor b) Fair c) Average d) Good e) Excellent

11) How often have you experienced break down of your BAJAJ bike? a) Often b) Rarely c) Not at all d) Very often

12) Do you like to recommend your friends or relatives to purchase BAJAJ Bikes? a) Very likely b) Somewhat likely 13) Is Bajaj is providing after sales services? a) Yes b) No c) Unlikely d) Not at all

Please mark your response to the following; 1. Name: Mr./Mrs./Ms.

2. Age: (in year) a. Under 20 c. 41 60 b. 21 40 d. Above 60

3. Sex: a. Male b. Female

4. Income (Monthly): a. Below Rs. 25000 c. Above 50000 b. Rs. 25000 Rs. 50000