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Amelia Earhart was born in 1898, the daughter of a Kansas lawyer. Like the other children of the U.

S Middle West, Amelia's life followed a set pattern. But unlike other girls her age, she showed passion for unconventional fields, like photography or motor-car repairing. Then, in 1920, when Edwin Earhart took his daughter to her first air meet, in California, Amelia discovered her destiny. Amelia received the Federation Aeronautique International license in 1923. She was the first woman to soar to fourteen thousand feet, and one of the first American filers to experiment with air-cooled engines. Two years later, Amelia received a phone call that made all her dreams come true. The phone call was from George Putman and he was inviting her to join a crew of three members in a transatlantic flight. In June 17, 1928 on her flight aboard the Friendship Amelia spurred interest all over America. Millions of people stayed close to their radios in that memorable Sunday. Everyone wanted to know who was that brave, reckless girl. After that,the Aeronautics industry embraced her and Amelia had soon become a celebrity all over the world. Men admired her femininity and women were charmed by her spirit of adventure. Soon after, Amelia's transatlantic solo secured her a permanent place in the aviation archives. A flight around the world was her final challenge with nature. That plane never landed and Amelias body was never found. Brave, noble and dignified the spirit of Amelia Earhart lives on in every individual's desire to reach for the skies.