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RENEWABLE ENERGY TECHNOLOGY (Focusing in general views)

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Wind energy Water power Wind Turbine (Vertical Axis) Wind Turbine (Horizontal Axis) Microhydropower Water Turbine (Hydroelectricity ) Solar energy Solar cell system Geothermal energy system Biomass (solid and biogas) Biomass (Liquid Biomass) Energy Storages: - Electrical Energy Storage ; - Electrochemical Energy Storage - Kinetic Energy Storage ; - Potential Energy Storage - Compressed Air Energy Storage Energy Storages: - Chemical Energy Storage ; - Thermochemical Energy Storage - Magnetic Energy Storage ; - Thermal Energy Storage *)Design and construct of prototype in selected topics (DCP) *)Design and construct of prototype in selected topics (DCP) *)Design and construct of prototype in selected topics (DCP) Presentase hasil DCP Site Visite to the Instalation of Renewable energy Technology Papers Renewable energy issues Penyerahan (Respond paper of any journals/media issue in renewable energy technologies and storages )

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Note: 1. DCP dapat dipilih: (1) instalasi kincir Angin penghasil energi listrik, (2) Instalasi Turbin Air penghasil energi listrik, (3) Instalasi energy surya penghasil energi listrik, (4) Instalasi penghasil energi sesuai pilihan, etc. 2. DCP, dapat berupa model fisik atau model animasi Pembina Matakuliah, Dr. H. M. Alfian Mizar, MP (0818535771/082140554007)

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