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Lenin Garcia Per 2 1\14\13

About Me
Three things about me I love Yaoi I love making sonic characters I love Vocaloid Three things about my family My dad is a musician My mom is a singer My sister is a jerk >:3 Three goals for this semester To get As Bs and Cs NO Fs Pay Attention and Do my Homework

I love sonic Yaoi. I think shadow the hedgehog is awesome. My talent is drawing sonic OCs. My favorite thing to draw is my sonic characters like Phsy, Moroxide, and Zalick. One thing on my bucket list is to make a bucket list. I also like an anime called Vocaloid. My favorite characters from Vocaloid are Miku, Teto, Rin, Len, and Kaito.

A lot of my family members are musicians. My dad works in a recording studio and has worked with Jenny Rivera. He also did music for a sonic game. My mom is a singer. She has made discs with music that she writes. My sister is a nurse, not to mention A JERK!!! She has a 6 month old baby.

For this semester, I want to get As, Bs, and Cs on my report card. NO Fs!!!!! I will also pay attention in class and listen to my teacher. I will try to do all of my homework FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE!!!! I should leave the drawings for after school.